Leopold II of Belgium

Second King of the Belgians
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King Leopold II (April 9, 1835December 17, 1909) succeeded his father, Leopold I of Belgium, to the Belgian throne in 1865 as Leopold II, King of the Belgians, and remained king until his death.


  • The Congo Free State is unique in its kind. It has nothing to hide and no secrets and is not beholden to anyone except its founder.
    • Clive Foss, The Tyrants: 2500 Years of Absolute Power and Corruption, London: Quercus Publishing, 2006, ISBN 1905204965
  • I do not want to miss a good chance of getting us a slice of this magnificent African cake.
    • Thomas Pakenham, The Scramble for Africa: White Man's Conquest of the Dark Continent From 1876 to 1912, New York: Avon Books, 1992, 22.
  • A People which is content with its homeland and which shreds at even the shadow of a conflict lacks the characteristics of a superior race.
    • Congo: White King, Red Rubber, Black Death (BBC Documentary based on Adam Hochschild's 'King Leopold's Ghost')
  • Santo Tomas was based on emigration and was therefore bound to fail, Belgians do not emigrate.
    • Tu ne verras pas Verapaz? (Documentary about former Belgian colony in Santo Tomas de Castilla, Guatemala.)
  • Young trees need stakes to support them, but the stakes must be removed once the trees begin to grow, precisely so not to hinder their growth.
    • Leopold II, King of the Belgians in a letter to his minister, Charles Woeste, dated June 9, 1901. [1]

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