Leopold I of Belgium

German prince who became the first King of the Belgians (1790-1865)

Leopold I (16 December 1790 – 10 December 1865) was the first King of the Belgians, reigning from July 1831 until his death.

King Leopold I of Belgium


  • Take a serious look at yourself. Ask yourself questions about your mood, the way you view the world and people, think about your mistakes and the dangers they unleash. Today the character of a person determines whether he can exercise influence and authority, far more than all the minds on this earth. As you know, this is all the more true in Belgium, and Belgians want to see in their leader the qualities they will never want from themselves. It is very good that you are involved in trade and industry, you understand well how desirable it would be that the Belgians were given the means to do something outside the homeland.
  • It is not for us that we exhort you to learn, but for yourself, because ignorance is an inability, a real disaster, because social positions and protection are no longer there as before, there is a ground for malice and even hatred.

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