Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco

1996 film directed by David R. Ellis

Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco is the 1996 sequel to the 1993 film Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. It stars the voices of Ralph Waite, Sally Field and Michael J. Fox.

Directed by David R. Ellis. Written by Sheila Burnford (characters), Chris Hauty, and Julie Hickson.


  • They treat us pretty good here. Three meals a day, a warm place to sleep at night, and all the smelly sneakers you can eat.
  • A cage?! They're treating me like I'm some kind of an animal!
  • [After the plane takes off without them] I wasn't scared. I wasn't scared, not one wee little [pees] bit.
  • So we walked...and walked...and just for a little change of pace, we walked some more. Questions began racing through my mind. Where were we? How were we gonna get home? Who decided a Chihuahua was a dog? And, most importantly, when were we gonna eat?
  • I'd always heard love hurts. I never knew it could hurt this much. It was like getting a bath, missing dinner and going to the vet all rolled into one. I tell you, I was one sad puppy.
  • Jamie? Is that you? Wait, what am I talking about? Of course, it's you! It's really you! I found you! I found my boy! I found my Jamie! Oh, I'm so happy! Oh, I could just lick you for days! Give me a hug!
  • [Closing line, eating pizza] You know, I can't think of a happier ending.


  • [Chance has underwear stuck on his head] Ooh, Chance, take it off! Take it all off! [hums an "exotic dance" tune]
  • [After being dazed by Chance] Oh, I don't feel well...I am going to hurt you.
  • Does the cat always have to be the brains of the operation? Beauty and brains? I never cease to amaze myself.
  • Can somebody tell me why I keep following Dumb and Dumber?!
  • [After the plane takes off without them] That was terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.
  • Cut the mush, get the grub!
  • [Singing] Home, home in the 'burbs, where the cat and the squeak toy can play...where no traffic is heard, and I can maul birds, and sleep in the sunshine all day!


Chance: It's a thing of beauty when Chance is on duty!
Sassy: Speaking of "doody", I thought I smelled something. Yuck.
Chance: Hey, what's your problem? Bad fur day?
Sassy: I'll tell you what's bad, oh fragrant one - I saw suitcases.
Chance: Why is that bad?
Sassy: It means the family is leaving. Though who could blame them, the way you smell!

[Three dogs are commentating on Jamie's baseball game]
Chance: Huh? What's this? Who are you guys?
Sparky Michaels: I'm Sparky Michaels.
Lucky Lasorda: I'm Lucky Lasorda.
Trixie Uecker: And I'm Trixie Uecker, and we're broadcasting here!
Lucky Lasorda: Yeah, so move your tail, buddy.
Chance: You're broadcasting the game? Huh! Sassy tells me to get a life?
Sparky Michaels: [watching Jamie play] All right, here's the pitch. A hard chopper to Seaver. He picks it up and fires to first! Boy, that kid looks great this year!
Lucky Lasorda: He must've been practicing that throw in the off-season.
Chance: Yep, and you're looking at the pooch he's been practicing with.
Trixie Uecker: That's fascinating, really. Now get your tail off the field!

[As Chance rushes into the game and steals the ball]
Sparky Michaels: What's this? It seems that a crazed fan has run onto the field and taken the ball away! Ever seen anything like it?
Lucky Lasorda: Not me. How about you, Uecker?
Trixie Uecker: Never. And let me tell you, it's a sad day for the sport of baseball - and all of canine kind - when something like this happens.
Lucky Lasorda: I am just sickened.
Sparky Michaels: Well, I know none of us likes to hear the "B" word, but that is one bad dog.

[On their way to the airport]
Shadow: Watch your nose, Chance.
Chance: So guys, where do you think they're taking us?
Sassy : I don't know about us, but I know where they're taking you.
Chance: Well, I don't know this much, I mean it wouldn't be any place bad, or they would've given us those dumb tranquilizers.
Bob: Hey Peter? Did you give the animals the tranquilizers?
Chance, Shadow and Sassy: Uh-oh.
Chance: We're doomed!
Shadow: Calm down, nobody's doomed.
Chance: Oh yeah? Well, let me ask you something, old timer - why did they shove those little green kibbles down our throats? If you're smart like me, you can get rid of it.
Sassy: Get rid of it? How?
Chance: Easy. You just work on a nice-sized hairball, and then you think of something...disgusting...like a big [gags]...fluffy...cat! [vomits up what's left of a ball and belches]
Sassy: [disgusted] How pleasant.
Chance: Hey, I've been looking for that ball.
Chance: [singing] 99 cans of dog food on the wall, 99 cans of dog food - everybody!
Chance, Shadow and Sassy: [singing] If one of those cans should happen to fall, 98 cans of dog/cat food on the wall.
Chance: Cats only!
Sassy: Oh, I hate this song!

Sassy: Shadow, that plane left without us. And Hope was on it.
Shadow: So was Peter.
Sassy: So now what are we gonna do?
Shadow: Let me think...They probably don't even know we're gone.
Sassy: [looking at Chance] And guess whose fault it is.
Chance: Oh, so this is my fault? I just saved us from the Bad Place!
Sassy: No, you just got us lost AGAIN!
Shadow: Like it or not, you two, we're gonna have to find our way back home.
Chance: Home? You remember what happened before? Huge mountains, stinky skunks, porcupines - not me, pops!

[In an alleyway, Shadow drags a cardboard box along]
Sassy: Why are you dragging that? I didn't hear anybody shout "fetch".
Shadow: Say hello to your home away from home, Sass.
Sassy: That?! It's filthy! My litter box is cleaner! And I don't have anything to sleep in.
Shadow: What, no cat's pajamas?
Sassy: Oh, you're a riot, Shadow.

Sassy: Canines, the feline's still hungry!
Shadow: We're all still hungry, Sassy.
Chance: Better get used to it, babe. This is the city. Only the strong survive.
Sassy: Well, then you're a goner.

[After Riley's gang save Shadow and Sassy from Ashcan and Pete]
Shadow: [to Riley] That was some nice fighting, stranger.
Ashcan: This ain't over yet, goldie! Watch your back!
Pete: Yeah, your back!
Riley: I hope you're not making threats, Trashcan.
Spike: Unless you wanna wake up at the vet!
Sledge: With a thermometer under your tail!
Riley: [barking] Now beat it!

Delilah: Hi.
Chance: Don't you "hi" me! First, you chase me, then you try to kill me, then you...kiss me? What's the game?
Delilah: Game? I don't have a game. Look, I was only chasing you because your friends back in the alley asked me to, okay?
Chance: My friends, huh? So tell me, what are my friends' names?
Delilah: Shadow and Sassy.
Chance: Huh! Lucky guess. Okay, show me the secret paw shake.
Delilah: Secret paw shake? They didn't show me any secret paw shake.
Chance: Aha! They didn't, huh? Good, because there ain't one. Now explain that kiss.
Delilah: Kiss? That was no kiss. Friendly lick, maybe.
Chance: Friendly? Boy, is that an understatement.
Delilah: Okay, let's try this again. I'm Delilah, Chance.
Chance: Delilah Chance? Wow, your last name is the same as my first name!
Delilah: Boy, good thing you're cute.

[Ashcan and Pete hang out in the junkyard]
Ashcan: [chewing a stuffed rabbit] Mmm! Who said I'm too old for stuffed animals?
Pete: Hey boss, I got somethin'.
Ashcan: Yeah? Too bad there's no cure.
Pete: [lifts a huge bone] Look at this. It must be the biggest bone I ever seen in my life.
Ashcan: Hey, let me see that!
Pete: It must be from a horse. Or a rhinoceros. Or a prehistoric mastodon.
Ashcan: [climbs off the couch and takes the bone] Good job, Pete. You found my bone.
Pete: Your bone, boss?
Ashcan: Sure, I hid it here yesterday.
Pete: Man, just my luck...
Ashcan: Oh, great! You missed 'em!
Pete: You missed 'em?
Ashcan: Ah, shut up.

[Arriving at Riley's abandoned warehouse]
Riley: Well, this is it. Home sweet home. Hey, it's nothing fancy, but the price is right, and nobody bothers us. So you guys can stay as long as you like.
Shadow: Thanks, Riley. You're very kind.
Sassy: Right, if he's so kind, why doesn't he help us find that bridge?
Shadow: We can't leave until we find Chance.
Sassy: Why not?
Shadow: You know you miss him.
Sassy: Okay, I miss his stupid jokes, and his stupid face, and his stupid...stupid-ness!
Shadow: Oh, Sassy, stop it.
Sassy: And I'm "stupidly" starting to worry about him!

Bando: [upon discovering Delilah with Chance] But Delilah, I thought...What about me?
Chance: Who are you?
Bando: I'm her...I mean, I was gonna be her-
Sledge: Ah, Bando, face it. You ain't nothin' but a hound dog!
Delilah: Bando, I told you. You and I are just friends.
Bando: Huh?! But Delilah-
Chance: What? Catch a clue, Opie.
Bando: [growling] Why, you little...!
Chance: [barking] Maybe someone should take you for a walk, pal!
Riley: Bando, knock it off!
Bando: [putting his head to the ground] Sorry, Riley. I wasn't trying to start something. I'm done. I'm calm. [under his breath] Stupid lost dog comes along, tryin' to steal my woman. Homewrecker!

Ralph: What's going on? [sees Riley's Gang, Shadow and Sassy] You'd almost think they're trying to...trying to stop us here.
Jack: Heh. I'd like to see 'em try. [looking through binoculars]
Shadow: Okay, get ready, Sassy.
Sassy: Shadow, I was born ready.
Jack: Run 'em over.
Ralph: Jack, that's about another $100 worth of dog out there-
Jack: Don't you understand what's happening here, Ralph? They're turning against us!
Ralph: What?
Jack: We gotta show 'em who's boss. We gotta run 'em down like the dogs they are!
Ralph: Jack, I ca...I can't do that.
Jack: [takes the cigarette and blows] Show 'em, Ralph! Show 'em who's boss!
[Both Jack and Ralph fight for control of "The Blood Red Van"]

[Chance reunites with Shadow and Sassy after defeating Ashcan and Pete]
Chance: Hey guys, do you miss me?
Shadow : Well, I can't speak for Sassy.
Sassy: Of course I did. [to Chance] Chance, you saved our lives.
Chance: Piece of cake.
Sassy: I'm sure one day I'll regret saying this, but...thank you, [shouting] AND WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!?!?!?!



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