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ER (1994–2009) is a long running medical drama, airing on NBC, that follows the lives of doctors and nurses in a Chicago emergency room.

The War Comes Home [14.01]

Abby (to MorettI): You're not lost, are you? If you need directions...
Moretti: No, no. (pauses) You know why we're here? Because of war. Without it, you would be a pediatrician or an oncologist. I'd probably still be losing my mind in the ICU.
Abby: War, huh?
Moretti: Uh huh. Emergency medicine is actually the result of centuries of warfare. It's a field that was defined by doctors and nurses, in bombed out buildings, trying to take care of patients on dirty canvas stretchers. And performing procedures in tent hospitals that were literally hundreds of feet away from where the battles raged. And these people, our predecessors, they had a simple primary focus: survival. And down in the bunkers they dug in deep, to try to save their patients lives and to try to save their own lives. And they ended up giving life to this whole new art form. This great collaborative enterprise, that we still carry on today. That's why we're here.
Abby: (nods her head) You don't get out much, do you?

In a Different Light [14.02]

Morris: Where you girls going?
Dawn: Speed dating at Ike's.
Frank: What the heck is speed dating?
Morris: It's a way for losers to meet other losers fast.
Dubenko: (to Abby) You think after years of doing this you start to get a handle on people. The reality is, everybody lies and manipulates to get what they want.

Officer Down [14.03]

Tony Gates: Hey! What are you doing out here?
Sarah Riley: I figured you'd be home soon, and we could go get something to eat.
Tony Gates: Ok, what do you want?
Sarah Riley: Chinese?
Tony Gates: Chinese it is.
Sarah Riley: Can we go to the movies after?
Tony Gates: (gives her a direct look)... No, after we have Chinese food, I'm gonna take you back to Wisconsin.
Sarah Riley: What?! (Gates nods, pause) You changed your mind, didn't you? You don't want custody of me.
Tony Gates: Yes, I do.
Sarah Riley: Come on, Tony-
Tony Gates: Sarah, sometimes... sometimes, you have to do things you don't want to... so that you can get what you really want in the end.
Sarah Riley: ...What's that supposed to mean?
Tony Gates: Well, I'm trying to make it so that we live together forever- but if you keep running away from your grandparents, that's not gonna happen. You gotta work with me here.
Sarah Riley: ...I guess we should probably call them.
Tony Gates: (nods) I already did. (pause, smiles) Chinese?
Sarah Riley: (smiles) Yeah.

Gravity [14.04]

Sam: (to Abby, after her son Joe is injured and being sedated) I remember, when Alex was three... I took him to one of those bounce-houses at the carnival. Of course, he's in there with five and six-year-old kids, so he gets knocked down, right? And every time he tries to get up, he keeps getting knocked down- and he's crying, "Mommy, Mommy!" And- the attendant won't let me in because he thinks I'm some stupid teenager, right?
Abby: ...So, what'd you do?
Sam: ...I stood there, and I... cheered him on. And, every time he got knocked down, I told him, "I know you can get up!" But... that's when it hit me. (stares directly at Abby) They fall. And, all you can do is be there... and hope they keep gettin' up.

Under the Influence [14.05]

Sam (to Gates): Moretti's looking for you.
Gates: I'm taking this guy to ICU.
Sam: He's in the break room.
Gates: Well he's gonna have to wait.
Sam: He said it's important.
Gates: What the hell does he want?
Sam: Don't shoot the messenger! Jeez...

The Test [14.06]

Harold: (to Neela, talking about his "first time" with his girlfriend): I've never been to the dance. I don't know how to do the mambo or pin the corsage.
Abby: (commenting on Frank relentlessly chasing her down with some information): I think Frank has a crush on me.

Blackout [14.07]

Abby: I didn't go to med school to check boxes and push paper.
Morris: All this wasted energy is severely inflating my carbon footprint!

Coming Home [14.08]

Morris: I will be the keeper of the cheese!
Julia (to Tony): You don't like ballet?
Tony: Not about haunted girls in the woods. I like sugar plum fairies. It's Christmassy.

Skye's The Limit [14.09]

[ Anspaugh announced a temporary Chief ]
Morris:Here we go again.

[Sam gave to Frank an order ]
Frank: I liked you better when you were a blonde.

[when Morris told her to squeeze the exercise balls]
Sam :Archie, you couldn't pay me to touch your balls

300 Patients [14.10]

Julia: Everyone could use a blessing now and then.
Abby: Or a memorial.
Abby (to Luka): I started drinking again.
Luka: When?
Abby: The night Joe got hurt. And I.... (long pause) can't stop.
Luka: I thought when I came back, we just had to get used to being married again. But then things didn't get better and I thought... (long pause) So what do we do?
Abby: I need to fix it. I need to go somewhere, a facility, with professionals, and get better. And I need to believe it this time, and I need you to believe it. (long pause) And I need you to help me. (another long pause) So... so, take Joe... go to Croatia, for your father, while I do that.
Luka: You want us to go without you?
Abby: Yeah, I just...
Luka: But you're his mother!
Abby: I know that! I know that! (pause) But I haven't been a very good one. And I honestly don't think I can be until I deal with this.
Luka: Can't we do this together?
Abby: This is how we do it together! You have to help me do it... alone.

Status Quo [14.11]

Harold: You've assumpted wrong, butthead!
Morris: Bite me!
Jeanie: You're not so bad, Dr. Pratt.
Pratt: I know. Usually it takes people a while, but I eventually win them over.

Believe the Unseen [14.12]

Abby: I know some of you have been wondering and I appreciate the concern. I wasn't in Croatia for the last few weeks after Luka's father died. They left without me and I was in a residential detox facility. I'm an alcoholic.
Abby: I was a bad friend, I was a bad doctor, I was a bad wife, I was a bad mother, uh...
Pratt: No. We see bad mothers come to here, all the time and you do not qualify. We all have flaws, Abby, but how many of us actually work to fix them?

Atonement [14.13]

Dr. Truman: Why? Why would God do that? Why would he have me kill 17 people to save one?
Pratt: We may not understand it, but that little boy is alive because you were there! Now, whatever you need that to count for, it counts!
Dr. Truman: (takes a long pause, then shakes his head and buries his face in his hands) It doesn't make sense.
Pratt: (places his hand gently on Dr. Truman's shoulder) It doesn't have to make sense. That's why it's called faith.
[After Neela injures her hand in a hockey game]
Neela: If I can't operate, you're dead!
Morris: Wuss!
Crenshaw: You hack!
Harold: Beeyotch!
Gates: Who are you yelling at, Harold?
Harold: I don't really know.

Owner of a Broken Heart [14.14]

Abby (to Coburn): I'm going to go! I promise, this time I'm going to go.
Coburn: It's been a week. He's been waiting a week for you.
Abby: I'm not so sure about that.
Coburn: You can't keep putting it off.
Abby: What if it doesn't work?
Coburn: It works, as long as you believe in it.
Abby: I'm not talking about the program. I'm talking about my marriage. I just... I don't know if I can fix it.
Luka: This is my marriage, Janet.
Coburn: Luka, we shouldn't even be discussing this.
Luka: She won't tell me!
Coburn: That's her choice then.
Luka: Okay, I've tried to accept that, because I wanted her to get better, but how am I supposed to take...?
Coburn: I can't talk to you about this and I don't know anything that is going to help you. All I can tell you is if you stay committed to each other, everything can work out.
Pratt (to Brenner): You know, I know this is your first day and I really don't want to embarrass you, but this is a teaching hospital, so that means that you have to actually teach! You see, those guys look up to us as examples... (looks at the medical students in the next room) So this is me, trying to preserve their illusion that you are actually, worthy of the admiration. Okay?

...As the Day She Was Born [14.15]

Neela: (on the phone with the cable company) I'm a doctor and I'm single! All I have is "Project Runway"!
Dubenko (to Neela): I don't care how many babies people have, or how many dates you miss. Very few people could have done what you did today. Hey, hey! You have a gift, Neela. You have a gift. The minute you start comparing yourself to others is the minute you forget you're doing exactly what you're meant to do.

Truth Will Out [14.16]

Morris: Brenner is not so bad. I think he has a refreshing energy.
Pratt: And I think you've got a man crush.
Morris: Don't be ridiculous. Why?
Pratt: I see the way you look at him.
Morris: Just because I can see the appeal of another man... (Pratt raises one eyebrow) Forget it!
Abby (to Luka): What am I supposed to do? I told you the truth and it wasn't easy for me and you know how badly I feel and how sorry I am.
Luka: We're not doing this now.
Abby: What? What do you want? Just tell me. I swear to God I don't care what it is, I'll do it. What do you want?
Luka: Did you think coming to Croatia and apologizing was all it would take?
Abby: No! I didn't.
Luka: You tell me you were weak, you screwed up, you broke my trust, you put our son in jeopardy. What the hell do you expect?
Abby: I don't know!

Under Pressure [14.17]

Brenner: What's the rush, Dr. Pratt?
Pratt: It's a personal appointment.
Brenner: How much is she?
Pratt: (laughing) Luckily your mom gives me a discount.

Tandem Repeats [14.18]

Dubenko: (about Neela's dying patient, Sheryl Hawkins) I know what it's like to be close to a patient, but you're not a little intern anymore and I expect you to handle bad outcomes like a professional.
Neela: What does that mean? That I should stop giving a damn?
Dubenko: No. It means that no matter how much we care, sometimes the people we try to save die.
Neela: Are you actually trying to rationalize this? 'Cause we both know you should never have left that room this morning!
Dubenko: That's enough. Please. There are more patients than there are doctors in this place and I can't be everywhere. None of this should be news to you, this is the job.

The Chicago Way [14.19]

Kevin Moretti: Hi, Dr. Kovač, I heard you were working here, and I wondered if I might be able to talk to you-
Luka Kovač: Well, you really have balls to show up here and ask for anything.
Kevin Moretti:... Look, I'm at a very difficult time in my life-
Luka Kovač: (sarcastically) Really? Me, too.
Kevin Moretti: (nods) I know that. And, I'm sorry for any part that I've played in that. But, I just wanted to tell you that... whatever happened with... me and Abby... was just the misguided, messed-up flailings of two people- two very troubled people.
Luka Kovač: (nods, sarcastically) That's beautiful.
Kevin Moretti: (pause) Look, she loves you. Anybody can see that. And, as somebody who has squandered that kind of thing before, in his own life... I wanna implore you, not to make the same mistake, so...
Luka Kovač: ...Are you done?
Kevin Moretti:... Yes, I think so. (Luka nods, then drops his grocery bag and punches Moretti once in the jaw) Guess I had that coming, huh?
Luka Kovač: Thanks for stopping by.

Abby: (to Luka) Do you know that I love you more than I could ever explain? (pause, then Luka kisses and embraces her) Let's get out of here.

Anspaugh: (during the M&M) Sit down, Lucien! You're out of line!
Dubenko: No. I won't sit down and I'm not out of line, I'm not out of line at all. That's a joke. Wanna know what's out of line? I'll tell you what's out of line: a system so pathetically underfunded that we have a single trauma attending to cover the entire hospital at night. That's out of line. Letting a patient bleed out in the ICU because of a stupid rule; that's out of line. And you wanna know what else? Wanna know what else? Sitting by and watching my resident try and hide the fact that I left her alone in the OR; that's out of line. It's all out of line.

Drunk Patient (while standing on a bed): Listen up, everybody! I'm the last guy you want in the ER. (falls off the bed)