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ER (1994–2009) is a long running medical drama, airing on NBC, that follows the lives of doctors and nurses in a Chicago emergency room.

Now What? [10.01] edit

Neela (to Frank): Excuse me. Can you help me, sir?
Frank: You need to find a triage nurse.
Neela: No, I'm sorry. I work here.
Frank: Lucky you.
Neela: I-I'm supposed to start today. Neela Rasgotra?
Frank: Rag what?
Neela: Rasgotra.
Frank: Don't we hire Americans anymore?

Neela: The phone was ringing and no one was around, so I thought I should answer it.
Frank: Big mistake.
Neela: It's long-distance, overseas, for a Dr.Carter.
Frank: 'Course, who else? Take a message.
Neela: (on the phone) Yeah, can I take a message? (to Frank) They say it's important. Someone who's died.
Jerry: Who?
Neela: Someone named Kovac. A Dr. Luka Kovac.

Neela (to Pratt): What's a TWA?
Pratt: What?
Neela: What's a TWA?
Pratt: Where did you hear that?
Neela: The old guy at the desk with the flat head called me a TWA. I don't know what it means.
Pratt: (shaking his head) Third world assassin, TWA.

Abby (when Carter decides to head back to Africa): I don't know. You knew I didn't want you to go, and you went anyway. What, were you trying to hurt me?
Carter: Why would I want to hurt you?
Abby: I, I don't know! I don't know! Why would you want to hurt me?
Carter: It wasn't about you.
Abby: Oh, come on! You weren't even going to tell me you were going! If I hadn't bumped in to you when you were leaving, I wouldn't even have known!
Carter: I wasn't trying to hurt you. I wanted to feel like I was really doing something.
Abby: Did you even think about me?
Carter: Yes.
Abby: Okay, what did you think (pause) What did you think? I don't know why you bothered to come back. (starts walking away)
Carter: Oh, you're just going to walk away?
Abby: Yeah.
Carter: Okay, walk away, Abby. That's what you do best.
Abby: You want to know what you do best? You make this all about my problems, but you know what? You have some problems too. You've got some really big problems.

The Lost [10.02] edit

Luka: I was raised in the church. Catholic. I used to go twice a week with my mother. It was beautiful. I liked the music, the singing.
Patrique: Do you still go?
Luka: No, I stopped when my children and wife were murdered. I couldn't believe in a God would allow such a terrible thing to happen. (pauses, ironically) It's really hard to feel the Holy Spirit's presence on a day like today.
Debbie (to Carter): You really don't like the Dixie Chicks? Everybody likes the Dixie Chicks.
Carter: Everybody?
Debbie: Everybody with taste.
Carter (to the Mai Mai soldiers): You guys burned the clinic to the ground?! You guys... You guys keep burning down hospitals, where are you gonna go when you get shot, huh? Where are you gonna go when your mothers get shot?!

Dear Abby [10.03] edit

Prosthetist (to Romano): I can prepare another letter to the insurance company.
Romano: I've got two letters for the insurance company; "F" and "U"!
Romano: You really are one grade-A bitch, you know that, Kerry?
Weaver: No, Robert, I'm your boss, and as long as I am, you're my bitch. Now get your ass back to work.
Romano (to Jerry): Did you get rid of those nurses?
Jerry: Yeah. They, uh, they went up to nursing administration saying something about hiring a hit man.
Frank: Hell hath no fury like an RN scorned.

Shifts Happen [10.04] edit

Romano (to Pratt): You are a screw-up, Pratt and just to make myself clear, I didn't like you before I knew that.
Cooper (to Pratt): I like your style, man.
Pratt: Oh, yeah? Get your own.
Abby (to Richard): I need a favor.
Richard: Abby, it's 8:00 in the morning.
Abby: Yeah, I know. I don't have a lot of time. I need you to co-sign a loan.
Richard: Why don't you just declare bankruptcy?
Abby: Look, I'm not in trouble, OK? I just need you...
Richard: You want me to support you?
Abby: No. I never asked for alimony, I didn't contest anything in court, I didn't take the damned furniture.
Richard: You could have, if you wanted to.
Abby: Look, you must know how much I hate to do this. I wouldn't do it unless it was absolutely necessary. I don't want your money, I just want your signature.

Out of Africa [10.05] edit

[It's Sam Taggart's first day, and she has just jumped on a hostile patient and stabbed him with a syringe]
Romano: Please tell me she works here...
Sam : Sam Taggart, new nurse!
Romano: So, what's today's excuse for Triage being a stinking, overpopulated cesspool of humanity?
Sam : The healthcare system?
Romano: Yeah, well, if things get too locked up, you can try stabbing some of these deadbeats in the neck. That ought to have them running to Northwestern.
Abby: Well, I never meant to quit med school forever, and it seemed like the right time to come back; I only have one year left.
Susan: Where'd you get the money?
Abby: Begged, borrowed, threatened my ex-husband.
Susan: Good for you! (laughs)
Romano: There's nothing I find sexier than a mute girl covered in blood, so keep your head down and your mouth shut.
Sam : You remind of a guy I used to date. He's dead.
[about Romano ]
Sam : That is some poisonous one-armed midget you've got running this place.

Alex: This your new hospital?
Sam : Yep.
Alex: Looks even crappier than the last one.

The Greater Good[10.06] edit

[Discussing a patient...]
Sam : She needs a little TLC and maybe some Zoloft.
Susan: That makes two of us.

Abby: (about Neela) I'm beginning to hate her.
Susan: She's a med student.
Abby: I'm a med student.
Susan: You know, now that you mention it, she's pissing me off, too. Come on, let's hate her together!

Tara King (to Luka): I could put together some packages for you totake to the Congo. I've heard that's a pet project of yours. Quinamax would be wonderful for all the important work you're doing over there.
Luka: You want me to take your over-priced antibiotic to Africa?
Tara King: It has great coverage for pnemococcus and AIDS flu.
Luka: Why hasn't there been a new drug for malaria in three decades?
Tara King: That's a really good question...
Luka: Because there's no profit in treating poor people! (picks up a trash can and throws all her marketing products in it)
Tara King: My company is...
Luka: Your company spends twice as much in marketing as it does in development! Which is why prescription cost has tripled in the last 10 years! Get out of here. I want you out of here. (walks towards the door)
Tara King: If this is a bad time...
Luka: Frank, I'm gonna go get some coffee. Page me if you need me!
Tara King: O.k. Dr. Kovac if you can... (Luka empties out the trash can in the dumpster) You know, I'll just come back when you're not so busy!

Pratt (to Luka): She was my patient!
Luka: Yes, and if I hadn't treated her, she would still be here. Now she's at home and feeling better.
Pratt: So that's it. This is how I'm supposed to learn? Either I do it your way, or you take it away from me?
Luka: Pratt, I'm trying to teach you that the way you practice medicine here is inefficient.
Pratt: Oh, and letting babies die is?
Luka: You really think you saved that kid today? For what? 24-hours nursing care? He's probably gonna require a life time commitment. Are you gonna be around to give it to him?
Pratt: Listen, I'm sorry I'm not in some mud-hut doing amputations with a pocket knife. We have the technology and expertise to give that kid a chance! What's the sense in having it, if we don't use it?
Luka: That kid has about a 5% chance of having a normal life! You have any idea how many other kids we could have treated with those resources?
Pratt: I do everything I can for my patients! That's how I practice medicine. This is Chicago, not the damned Congo. Maybe you should just go back to Africa.
Luka: Maybe you should go to Africa.
Pratt: I know you didn't just say that to me.
Luka: Maybe then you'd learn that there's more to being a doctor than ordering tests and calling consults for every patient just to cover your ass.
Pratt: Stay away from my patients. From now on, I present to another attending.

Elizabeth: I've been paging you.
Abby:...I was with this patient.
Elizabeth: So I hear.(walks into the room) You convinced the family to donate his organs? (Abby nods) Spending this much time with a patient is a luxury we don't usually have. You missed out on an interesting volvulous repair.
Abby: Well, I just... felt like his wife needed me.
Elizabeth:...You already do this well, Abby. Sometimes, being a doctor is about... distancing yourself from your patient.

Death and Taxes [10.07] edit

Susan: What are you doing?
Sam : He just grabbed my ass. Here, take this to church and have it exorcised.
Romano: That's right, you keep walking! Right up to the nursing director's office 'cause by the time you get there, there'll be a pink slip waiting for you.
Sam : Good! Give me plenty of time to file my sexual harassment lawsuit!
Romano: Do you mind?
Susan: Yes, I do. You can have it back by the end of the day if you learn to behave!
Romano: Give me my damned arm back!

Sam : I've got a rule against ass grabbing.
Susan: That's a good rule.
Romano: Break the rules, Pratt. That's what you're good at.

Freefall [10.08] edit

Corday (about Morris): Is he squeamish?
Pratt: No, just stupid.
Susan (to Chuck): I thought that you were on that chopper.
Chuck: God, no. They brought their own nurse, and that bitch wouldn't let me fly.
Susan: That bitch saved your life!
Mrs. Marshall (to Abby): The nurse never came with my medicine.
Abby: That's okay. I'm your nurse now.
Mrs. Marshall: I thought you were my doctor.
Abby: That was this morning. Now I'm your nurse.
Mrs. Marshall: This is a very strange hospital.
Abby: Tell me about it.

Missing [10.09] edit

Luka: You sent that man up for a pulmonary angiogram?
Neela: Dr.Lewis wanted to be sure before heparinising.
Luka: What's your opinion?
Neela: I'm not sure my opinion matters.
Sam : Luka. You got a minute?
Luka: [To Neela] If you don't think it matters, then it doesn't.

Sam : Dr.Kovac! Tell me you did not put a splint on my kid's arm.
Luka: I'm sorry, but we're busy trying to find a man's finger right now.
Sam : Yeah, and the reason it's missing, is because in stead of studying here like I told him, he's off with you playing doctor.
Frank: What?!
Sam : Not like that.

Luka: I'm sorry about the splint.
Sam : Look. I appreciate you trying to be his friend. I just don't want things to get weird. You're a good guy, I'm sure. But you don't know crap about raising kids. So thanks for the help, but no thanks. I got it covered. (Sam doesn't realize Luka had two children who were killed in the Croatian War)
Luka: [ Nods ] O.k.

Kerry: (to Elizabeth, on the deceased Dr. Romano) He'll be missed... whether we realize it, or not.

Makemba [10.10] edit

Abby (to Frank about Dr. Weaver): Where is she going?
Frank: Home, to wait for the ghost of Christmas past to show up.

Carter (while reading a Christmas card from the ER): Oh my God! Dr. Romano died.
Kem: Was he a friend?
Carter: Umm, no... No, not really.

Carter: (to Kem) I want you to come back to the States with me... I want our baby to be born an American.

Touch & Go [10.11] edit

[ Alex has sown stitches into his own leg ]
Sam : You ever seen a kid do something this crazy before?
Carter: Honestly? [ shakes his head ]

Morris (about Carter): So, what's his story?
Frank: Richer and better looking than you or I will ever be. The end!

Kerry: What are you doing?
Luka: I need to fix my resignation letter.
Kerry: So, you broke into my office?!
Luka: The door was open. I'm changing the date of my last shift.
Kerry: Let me guess: sooner?
Luka: Actually, later.
Kerry: ...You want to be a little more specific?
Luka: No. Not right now, anyway.
Kerry: Well, then let me know when you decide.
Luka: See you tomorrow, Kerry. (walks out)
Kerry: Stay outta my inbox!

NICU [10.12] edit

Pratt: When'd you two start your rotation?
Abby: Five minutes ago.
Pratt: Well, the NICU's great! Intubations, chest-tubes, umbilical-lines. You get to do all sorts of teeny-tiny kick ass procedures.
[ elevator door opens ]
Nurses: Card's is waiting and Raab's is pissed. Wanna give him a pneumo?
[ The nurses, Abby, and Neela roll the baby away ]
Sam : Good luck you two!
Pratt: Yeah, you gonna love it! [ To Sam ] Let's get out of here.
Sam : I hate the NICU.
Pratt: Those guys are screwed.

Dr. Raab: Look, we do the best we can. Some kids will end up hospitalized for life- and some will go to the prom. Neela- there are no guarantees in this work. If you can't live with that, I suggest you become a bank teller. We'll pick up again when I get back. (leaves)
Med Student: Don't listen to her. My cousin's a bank teller- got held up at gunpoint last year.

[a baby Abby has been caring for in NICU has died in surgery; she just informed the family and comforted them, and is watching them grieve]

Abby: (holding back tears herself) How long will it take?
Dr. Raab: An hour, maybe longer. (pause) You helped this family, Abby. They will remember you for the rest of their lives.
Abby:...Yeah. (starts to leave)
Dr. Raab: I'm hoping you'll give neo-natology serious consideration. (Abby turns around, looking angry)
Abby: Are you mocking me? 'Cause it's really, really not a good time!
Dr. Raab: No. (pause) You're one of the best students I've ever had.

Get Carter [10.13] edit

Carter: Hey, would you mind if Kem observes in the hospital today?
Kerry: Yep.
Carter: Um- she has her Master's Degree in Public Health.
Kerry: That's no reason to punish her. (Carter laughs) Give the poor woman a credit card, Carter- let her have some fun.
Carter: I tried that.

Abby: Frank, did any labs come back on the Goram kid? (Frank doesn't answer, he's leaning against the desk looking pale) Frank! You alright?
Frank: I think I'm havin' a heart attack.
Abby: Are you kidding?
Frank: Do I look like I'm kidding?!
Abby: Okay, here- here! (she pulls over a chair) Sit down! I need some nitro- (Frank sits down, lets loose a massive, prolonged belch; Abby fans the air in front of her)
Frank: (sighs, feeling better) Oh, that feels a lot better. You know, I'll bet it was just those breakfast parogies.

[After Kerry Weaver has used the money bequeathed by Dr. Romano to fund a memorial care center in his name for gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender patients and families]

Abby: (looking at the plaque of Romano's face) Is it just me, or do the eyes seem to follow you?
Carter: Was Romano's prosthetic arm destroyed in the accident?
Abby: I dunno. Why?
Carter: 'Cause if it wasn't, it's going to hunt Dr. Weaver down and strangle her. (he, Kem and Abby laugh)
Kem: He wasn't a big supporter of gay rights?
Carter: Ah, no.
Abby: That's too creepy. (she leaves, Elizabeth Corday walks in)
Elizabeth: Did I miss the dedication?
Carter: More like post-mortem payback.
Elizabeth: (reading the plaque in astonishment) Oh, my God!

Sam : What is it with Kovac and his holier than thou healing hands? I'm getting pretty sick of that.
Chuny: Oh, I don't know. Those healing hands have their good points. Right, Abby?
Sam : Did you go out with Kovac?
Abby: Briefly, yeah.
Sam :And Carter?
Abby: Yep.
Chuny: Abby's the ER slut.
Abby: I went out with two doctors in five years that I've worked with.
Lester Kertzenstein: Hey, Abby. Are we still on for tonight?
Abby: Yeah.
Lester Kertzenstein: Great.
Abby: We're studying! And you shouldn't talk, Chuny.

Impulse Control [10.14] edit

Sam : (talking about almost having an abortion) When I finally figured out where the clinic was, I sat in the waiting room and when they called my name I couldn't get up. The second time I went, I was too late. And now I look at Alex...
Abby: The clinic I went to had a Strawberry Shortcake poster. I just looked at that the whole time.

Arnie Nadler: Hi, i want to talk about the incident with Dr. Morris.
Sam : It was no incident, it was a french fry.

Frank: You waiting for Weaver?
Sam : Yeah.
Morris: Well, don't hit her. She's crippled.

Blood Relations [10.15] edit

Corday (while working a trauma with Luka, Gallant, Carter, and Malik): How come there are only men in here?
Sam: Actually, I was thinking. It might be a good time to take a break.
Luka: What?
Sam: You know, just take it slower. You know what I'm saying.
Luka: Uh, no I don't.
Sam: We're not exclusive, right? We're just, like, dating or whatever. No commitment, no strings, no co-parenting. Just keep it casual, OK?
Luka: OK.

Forgive and Forget [10.16] edit

Neela:[to Frank] You know what? You're a horrible man. Do you think it's pleasant being greeted every day by a fusilade of homophobic, xenophobic ranting from a bigot? From now on, I expect nothing from you but silence; blissful silence.

Luka: No, it was fine.
Sam : Because, when I said before... I didn't mean we shouldn't see each other at all. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
Luka: You want things to be casual.
Sam : Right. But if it's a choice between something serious or nothing, maybe serious is the way to go.

[ About Gillian ]
Luka: She has a boyfriend.
Sam : That's nice.
Luka: You said you didn't want to be exclusive!
Sam : I said it four days ago!
Luka: I forgot she was coming.
Sam : You know what, I don't care. It's fine, Luka.
Luka: It's fine?
Sam : You think I really care how many french girls you're screwing? You already nailed every nurse in the ER!

The Student [10.17] edit

Carter: Neela, we were ranking fourth year med students in there. And everybody agreed you're really bright, and we really like working with you.
Neela: Someone spoke poorly of me?
Carter: Well, nobody in particular.
Neela: Was it Dr. Chen? Because she's had it in for me...
Carter: Neela, you have to be more decisive. Okay, you have to be more... proactive.
Neela: They feel I'm too passive?
Carter: Tell you what, for the next four hours, you are a doctor. I want you to carry a minimum of three patients at all times. Start their workups, order their labs and meds, and present back to me only after you've put your own diagnostic plan into action. Today, you're a shark.
Neela: Shark?
Carter: Keep swimming, or you die.

Neela: I don't like working on old people, or children, or drunks-
Gallant: (sarcastically) And what's with all the sick people? They make it such a drag. (Neela rolls her eyes) Listen, he's just motivating you for the match rankings.
Neela: You know what? Maybe they're right. Maybe this job's just too... fast for me, too unpredictable-
Gallant: It's a big hospital! If the E.R.'s not a good fit-
Neela: Then what? The NICU made me want to jump off the roof, Peds is full of screaming brats and anxious parents, and OBGYN is a lifetime of overnights and malpractice suits! I could go into research or teaching, but is that really why I became a doctor?
Gallant:...I'm sorry, were you talking to me? (Neela slaps his arm in exasperation, he laughs) You know, this place is so up and down. You learn to... ride through the rough days. I did.
Neela: You were probably good from the start.
Gallant: You kidding me? I came in young, dumb and scared. At least, you- you're good with the books.
Neela: You really like it here?
Gallant: I wouldn't stay if I didn't.

Gallant (to Neela): You know, earlier, in the ambulance bay, I was thinking of asking you out.
Neela: And I was thinking of saying yes.

Susan: It's so sweet seeing them growing up.
Jerry: Who? Babies.
Susan: No, men.

Where There's Smoke [10.18] edit

Jerry: Oh, hey! Kovac called. He said next time he's gonna have a triple latte first. Does that make any sense?
Sam : [ smiles ] Yeah.
Chen: Are you two living together now?
Sam : No.
Chen: Well, for what it's worth, I think Luka's a good guy.
Sam : Oh, wait. You didn't...
Chen: ...Sleep with him? No, I went in a completely different direction (Chen waves at Pratt).

Gallant (to Neela): I'm being deployed to Iraq. I'm heading for Texas tomorrow morning.
Neela: You haven't finished your residency.
Gallant: Yeah, I know. I'm gonna finish up the last few electives down there.
Neela: They called you up, just like that?
Gallant: Yeah.
Neela: You're a coward.
Gallant: What, what?
Neela: Coward and a liar! I never asked you to do this for me, but you did! And now you're leaving, and I'm supposed to live with the fact that I killed a man, and that you helped and lied for me to cover it up.
Gallant: Listen, Neela.
Neela: No, Michael. Go to bloody Iraq. And tell yourself you've done something noble.
Gallant: I had to protect you and Dr. Carter.
Neela: didn't.

Chen (to Neela): You're not a good doctor until you've killed someone.
Neela: (under her breath) Spoken like someone who hasn't.

Just a Touch [10.19] edit

Sam : Men only care about three things: food, sports, and sex. Dogs are more mysterious. If they ever invent a refrigerator with a wide-screen T.V and a vagina, we're all doomed

Morris: Sounds like he TUBE'd her.
Sam : What?
Morris: TUBE: Totally Unnecessary Breast Exam.
Sam : Morris, you're such an ass.
Kerry: What was that?
Sam: Sorry
Kerry: Not You.
Morris: Huh?
Kerry:What was that term?
Morris: I dunno. I didn't make it up.

Abby Normal [10.20] edit

Jack (to Carter): Milicent dies, you run off half way around the world. Disappears for months. Only to come back like some sort of avenging angel, with a pregnant African girl in tow.
Carter: Her name is Kem.
Jack: Are you back using drugs?
Abby (to Jordan): This is not about me.
Jordan: You want me to tell you things, to trust you, but you don't have to say anything? Is that fair? Don't you trust me?
Abby: OK. I can't follow through.
Jordan: On what?
Abby: On anything. Once something gets in my way, it's like a chemical reaction. I just shut down, and I give up. I'm just looking for an excuse to stop, because in the end it's easier to do that than to risk being hurt and disappointed again.
Jordan: You mean with men?
Abby: Men, my career, my family... pick your poison.
Kem: Oh my God, John. We're having a boy!
Carter: Yeah, I think you mentioned that. What is this? What, you're having a little prenatal jitters?
Kem: You don't think that, maybe we...
Carter: What?
Kem: Rushed into this?
Carter: 'Course we did. But we didn't over analyze it, we didn't reexamine it, we didn't over think it. We just did it 'cause it felt right.
Kem: This is a life that we're responsible for. You and me.
Carter: We're ready. Are you ready? (points at her belly)

Midnight [10.21] edit

Corday (about Carter and Kem's baby): A stillborn?
Chen: Yeah, a true knot in the chord.
Corday: How terrible.
Chen: Ah, I can't even imagine!
Corday: I'll try to get up there after rounds.
Weaver: Poor people. Seven months old?
Chen: Mm... Almost eight.
Morris: Yeah, tough break. (Chen, Corday and Weaver all look at him) What? I was... I was being sincere.

Jack Carter (to Carter): When your brother died, the thing I hated the most was other people's platitudes. There are no words... You don't know how you find the strength, but somehow you do. You can have another child... It was an accident, a tragic, unforeseeable accident.
John Carter: The whole thing was an accident.
Jack Carter: No, it wasn't. You love each other. Everybody can see that.
John Carter: I don't know that she'd wanna have another baby with me.
Jack Carter: Sure she will. Give it some time.

John Carter: Kem? They're gonna come down and take us to our new room soon. And when they come, they're gonna take the baby, and we're never gonna see him again... I don't know what the right thing is to say. I don't know what the right thing to do is (he starts to cry)... It was an accident! (Kem sobs silently) It was nothing that you did wrong, it was nothing that we did wrong. It just happened. I love you, and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. But we have to say goodbye to our son now. I have to help you to do that, and I don't know how to do that. Please help me. Please. (long pause, then Kem nods slowly) Okay?... (he gently picks up their stillborn son, brings him over, and puts him in Kem's arms; Kem bursts into tears again when she looks at the baby's face) He's beautiful. (Carter puts his arms around Kem and cries with her as she rocks the stillborn back and forth) I love you so much.

Drive [10.22] edit

Patient: Um, are you a doctor?
Neela Rasgotra: No, but-
Elizabeth Corday: Yes actually, she's just not on duty now.
Patient: (holds out his injured hand) Oh- well, I got my hand slammed in a car door, and I'm supposed to get another dose of morphine-
Abby Lockhart: Yeah, if you just wait over there I'll take care of that for you in a minute.
Patient: Ok. (he walks away)
Elizabeth Corday: (to Neela) You need to start referring to yourself properly; you'll never gain the confidence of your patients otherwise.
Neela Rasgotra: Doesn't feel quite earned yet.
Elizabeth Corday: Fake it 'til it does.

Sam : We're moving.
Alex: No!
Sam : Come on, hurry up!
Alex: I don't wanna go!
Sam : Ah, you don't exactly have a choice.
Alex: I'm not going!
Sam : Yes you are.
Alex: I like it here.
Sam : Yeah? So did I.
Alex: You're just being a bitch.
Sam : What did you call me?
Alex: I'm sick of moving just because you're screwed up!
Sam : You know what I'm sick of, Alex?! I'm sick of pretending that your dad is a good guy! I'm sick of keeping my mouth shut about all the crap that he's done and all the stuff that he hasn't. And I'm sick of him tracking us down every time he loses a job, so he can come here and buy you enough presents to make you think that he's actually a father. Because he's not! He's a user, and a loser, and I am not gonna let him turn you into one too. Now get your ass in that room and start packing!

Antwan Coles (to Pratt): You gotta back me up, brother.
Pratt: I'm Dr. Pratt, you're under suspicion for DUI. And you sure as hell ain't my brother.

Mr. Gould: (to Abby) Young lady- will you be my nurse tomorrow?
Abby: ...No, I won't. But I will be around. (smiles) Just ask for Dr. Lockhart.