Clive Barker's Undying

video game

Clive Barker's Undying is a first-person shooter survival horror video game developed by EA Los Angeles and published by EA Games in 2001. Noted horror author, the titular Clive Barker, was consulted in shaping the game's plot and background lore and also provided the voice of Ambrose Covenant, a character in the game. Undying follows the adventures of 1920s Irish paranormal adventurer Patrick Galloway as he investigates the mysterious occult happenings at the estate of his friend Jeremiah Covenant.


  • What I have learned must be put into practice.
    • Bethany Covenant
  • Tell Father not to worry about his little Robin, that I've left the nest but shall never leave his heart.
    • Evaline Covenant

Aaron CovenantEdit

  • Reddish leaves swirl in the wind like lost souls in search of rest. Like an open sketchbook focused on my dreams, this land is forever pictured as a comforting Autumn dusk. Replete with a golden sky, with crackling river]] water]] and bubbling marshes that dot the land, it feels like a Romantic artist's canvas. Upon further investigation I have sensed horrendous visions of a gnarled doom, decorated as a picturesque facade in this endless autumn dusk. Spiny trees root deep into the foul earth, licking the ground dry of all that is good.
  • Corners of this malevolent area are teeming with vicious ungodly prey, all whilst the grass stretches over this land twisting together like veins of pulsating sinew, as if the ground were alive, keen of the inhabitants that parade on its back. Beady, black, soulless eyes flash across the air. Tiny, quick winged bats streak through the bright sky, flying razors waiting for the perfect moment to descend. As they swoop by I see sharp, bloodied teeth, a wicked demonic smile. From the darting blurs I hear an ominous whistling that chills my soul. They own the skies here.
  • It is as if the shadows are swallowing the surroundings whole, without a penchant of logic or drop of meaning. It is as if the only reason for this actually lies in darkness itself. Like royalty that rules the black void, entombed in the night infinite.
  • It won't be long before you cross the threshold.

Lizbeth CovenantEdit

  • On nights when I cannot sleep I look out from my bed to the monastery out my window. The reflections of the waters that separate us ripple across my bedroom walls filling the room with waves of moonlight. If it is quiet enough and the wind is still, I can hear them chanting. Their prayers roll across the water and fall upon my ears like a lullaby rocking me to sleep. It fills my body with such a quiet peace. And yet I cannot help but wonder how something that provides so much security could at the same time haunt me. At midnight the chanting stops. The brilliant lights of the monastery go black except for a tiny glow that emanates from the entrance to the catacombs. As I watch that single light I can see the shadows of the monks at the entrance. It is then that I feel a slow creeping of dread rise from my stomach, as if the island somehow has a hold of me.
  • The Lord works in such mysterious ways, but how can a just God allow his own flock to die within sacred grounds? Surely there is another force working among us, one capable of pure evil. A loving God could never allow such pain and agony.

Patrick GallowayEdit

  • Each time my past fades from memory, fate has a terrible habit of reawakening me.
  • Learned men have stated that they believe that man has yet to unlock the full potential of the mind.
  • I know I have the ability to scrye, because of the subtle words I hear calling within me at times, begging me to look deeper into the past, deeper at what actually isn't even in front of me.
  • Often 'where to begin' is the most difficult step.
  • I am always humbled when my course of studies proves truth to legend.

Otto KeisingerEdit

  • Arriving without cause nor invitation at the king's throne would not do.
  • Some connections are made to be discovered, while others should remain unseen. Some lands are best never spoken, as their hell lies in between. ... I will keep watch over this tower until the entrance can be sealed.
  • The words ring in the mind like a dream with irony not lost.

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