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CatDog is an American animated television series that aired from April 4, 1998 until June 15, 2005 on Nickelodeon. The series depicts the life of conjoined brothers, with one half being a cat and the other a dog.

Season 1Edit

Dog Gone / All You Can't Eat [1.1]Edit

Rancid Rabbit: How many times do I have to tell you? No shirts, no shoes, no Catdog!

Mr. Depot: ( after he comes into the joint and see’s catdog making a mess ) Ahem! What's going on here?!
Rancid Rabbit: Well, Mr. Depot, what an unexpected pleasure.
Mr. Depot: Can it, Rabbit! (As some taco seasoning sprays on him he walks towards him fuming ) This place is a pigsty! You call yourself a manager?! Look at you! [rips the manager sign off of Rancid]
Rancid Rabbit: [crying over being fired]
Mr. Depot: You're eating all my profits! Here, kid. [Places tye sign on Dunglap]You're the new manager.
Dunglap: [saluting] Yes, sir! Your, uh, taco-ness!

Season 2Edit

Climb Every CatDog / Canine Mutiny [2.5]Edit

Reporter Bird: [when Dunglap reaches the top of the mountain before CatDog] And we have just gotten word that the mayor has renamed the mountain... "Dunglap's Peak"!
Cat: [horrified] "Dunglap's... Peak"?! [starts crying] But I wanted it to be renamed "Cat Mountain"...!!! [bawls hysterically]
Dog: Cat, look at the bright side. Mindy isn't better than you anymore. Dunglap is.
[Cat bawls even harder.]

Dem Bones / Winslow's Home Videos / You're Fired [2.9]Edit

Dog: Say it, Cat! Say it!
Cat: [sighs] Full speed ahead, Sailor Dog.
Dog: Aye, aye, Captain Cat!

Dog Power / It's a Jungle in Here! [2.13]Edit

Cat: Oh-ho-ho-ho, I'm rich! I'm rich! And I'll be rich FOREVER!

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