The Angry Beavers

American animated television series from 1997–2001

The Angry Beavers is an American animated television series that aired from April 19, 1997 until June 11, 2001 on Nickelodeon. The series revolves around Daggett and Norbert Beaver, two young beaver brothers who have left their home to become bachelors in the forest near the fictional Wayouttatown, Oregon.

Season 1 Edit

Born to Be Beavers [1.1] Edit

Daggett: I can't believe it, Norbert.
Norbert: Whassat, Daggett?
Daggett: Our own parents kicked us out.
Norbert: They didn't kick us out. We were the first litter and Mom had a second litter. It's the beaver way.
Daggett: But, Norb. Where will we go? How will we survive?
Norbert: We'll be all right. You've got your Beaver Survival Kit, right?
Daggett: No.
Norbert: Oh, that's not good.

Up All Night [1.2] Edit

[Dag starts whimpering]
Dag: Yeah. Guess so.

(Norbert is prank-calling a deli)
Norbert: Do you have chicken necks?
Lady on phone: Yes, we do.
Nobert: Wear a turtleneck sweater and no one will notice! (hangs up)

A Dam Too Far [1.3] Edit

Norbert: Let's see...what's that word I'm thinking of?

Daggett: Run?

Norbert: That's it. [shouting] RUUUUN!

Long in the Teeth [1.4] Edit

[Norbert is getting his long teeth admired by his girlfriend, a female beaver named Treeflower]

Treeflower: Your teeth look so dangerous... [seductively] Can I touch them?

Norbert: [prideful] Knock yourself out, dollface.

Treeflower: [feels Norbert's teeth softly] Oooohh... [aroused] ...Norby... [swooning for him] You're so cool... [cuddles next to him] You're giving me chills... [giggles before fluttering her eyelashes to him]

Daggett: [watching from behind a rock jealous of him with his mouth full of wood on a cob] If he can be Mr. Cool... [spits the wood out and tosses it aside] So can I! [grunts angrily]

Gift Hoarse [1.5] Edit

Go Beavers! [1.6] Edit

Box Top Beavers [1.7] Edit

Salmon Sez [1.8] Edit

Beach Beavers a-Go-Go [1.9] Edit

Deranged Ranger [1.10] Edit

Muscular Beaver [1.11] Edit

Fish 'n' Dips [1.12] Edit

Enter the Daggett [1.13] Edit

Bug-a-Boo [1.14] Edit

Mission to the Big Hot Thingy [1.15] Edit

I Dare You [1.16] Edit

Stinky Toe [1.17] Edit

House Broken [1.18] Edit

Tree's Company [1.19] Edit

Guess Who's Stumping to Dinner [1.20] Edit

Fancy Prance [1.21] Edit

H2Whoa! [1.22] Edit

The Bing That Wouldn't Leave [1.23] Edit

You Promised [1.24] Edit

Bummer of Love [1.25] Edit

Food of the Clods [1.26] Edit

Season 2 Edit

Beaver Fever [2.1] Edit

Same Time Last Week [2.2] Edit

Kandid Kreatures [2.3] Edit

Fakin' It [2.4] Edit

Muscular Beaver 2 [2.5] Edit

Stump Looks for His Roots [2.6] Edit

Tree of Hearts [2.7] Edit

Dag for Night [2.8] Edit

Un-Barry-ble [2.9] Edit

Another One Bites the Musk [2.10] Edit

The Mighty Knot-Head [2.11] Edit

Pond Scum [2.12] Edit

Utter Nonsense [2.13] Edit

Endangered Species [2.14] Edit

Lumberjack's Delight [2.15] Edit

Zooing Time [2.16] Edit

Friends, Romans, Beavers! [2.17] Edit

Big Round Sticky Fish Thingy [2.18] Edit

The Day the World Got Really Screwed Up [2.19] Edit

Narrator: Ooh! I know! Send in more planes!
Daggett: Darn! I forgot the autograph!
Norbert: You'll get over it.

If You In-Sisters [2.20] Edit

Alley Oops [2.21] Edit

Open Wide for Zombies [2.22] Edit

Dumbwaiters [2.23] Edit

Sans-a-Pelt [2.24] Edit

Gonna Getcha [2.25] Edit

Season 3 Edit

My Bunny-Guard [3.1] Edit

What's Eating You? [3.2] Edit

Omega Beaver [3.3] Edit

Bite This! [3.4] Edit

Spooky Spoots [3.5] Edit

Up All Night 2: Up All Day. The Reckoning [3.6] Edit

Muscular Beaver 3 [3.7] Edit

Sang 'em High [3.8] Edit

In Search of Big Byoo-Tox [3.9] Edit

The Legend of Kid Friendly [3.10] Edit

Silent But Deadly [3.11] Edit

Tough Love [3.12] Edit

A Little Dad'll Do You [3.13] Edit

Pass It On! [3.14] Edit

Muscular Beaver 4 [3.15] Edit

Act Your Age [3.16] Edit

Too Loose Latrine [3.17] Edit

Pack Your Dags [3.18] Edit

Daggy Dearest [3.19] Edit

Dag's List [3.20] Edit

Mistaken Identity [3.21] Edit

Easy Peasy Rider [3.22] Edit

Stare and Stare Alike! [3.23] Edit

I am Not an Animal, I'm Scientist #1 [3.24] Edit

Norberto y Daggetto en El Grapadura y el Castor Malo [3.25] Edit

The Loogie Hawk [3.26] Edit

Kreature Komforts [3.27] Edit

Oh, Brother? [3.28] Edit

Das Spoot [3.29] Edit

Sqotters [3.30] Edit

Long Tall Daggy [3.31] Edit

Practical Jerks [3.32] Edit

Nice & Lonely [3.33] Edit

Soccer? I Hardly Knew Him! [3.34] Edit

Brothers... To the End? [3.35] Edit

Euro Beavers [3.36] Edit

Slap Happy [3.37] Edit

Home Loners [3.38] Edit

Ugly Roomers [3.39] Edit

[Norb increases his building to rival Dag's bedroom height]
Daggett: Ha! I'm still bigger-er.
Norbert: I only stopped to give you something. [hands Dag the gift. Dag opens it and it's the San-o-tizey and it sprays in Dag's eyes again and Dag starts gagging while Norbert continues to increase his bedroom height]
Daggett: [gagging] Ooh, you dirty rat. [cough]
[The scene transitions to Norb relaxing while Dag has increased more of his bedroom height and is about to get back at Norb for spraying him with sanitizer by putting pork rinds in a blower]
Daggett: Oh, Norbie, my room's bigger-er and better! Oh, and this is for spraying me in the eyes. [sprays Norb with pork rinds]

Finger Lickin' Goofs [3.40] Edit

Strange Allure [3.41] Edit

Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow [3.42] Edit

Season 4 Edit

Chocolate Up to Experience [4.1] Edit

Three Dag Nite [4.2] Edit

Fat Chance [4.3] Edit

Dag in the Mirror [4.4] Edit

Canucks Amuck [4.5] Edit

Yak in the Sack [4.6] Edit

Driving Misses Daggett [4.7] Edit

Big Fun [4.8] Edit

Moby Dopes [4.9] Edit

Norbert: Where in the name of Deus Ex Machina did that T-Rex come from?!

Present Tense [4.10] Edit

It's a Spootiful Life [4.11] Edit

The Mom from U.N.C.L.E. [4.12] Edit

House Sisters [4.13] Edit

Muscular Beaver 5 [4.14] Edit

Vantastic Voyage [4.15] Edit

Blacktop Beavers [4.16] Edit

Specs Appeal [4.17] Edit

Things That Go Hook in the Night [4.18] Edit

Damnesia [4.19] Edit

The Posei-Dam Adventure [4.20] Edit

The Big Frog [4.21] Edit

Dag Con Carny [4.22] Edit

All in the Colony [4.23] Edit

Line Duncing [4.24] Edit

Beavemaster [4.25] Edit

Deck Poops [4.26] Edit

Dagski and Norb [4.27] Edit

Shell or High Water [4.28] Edit

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