Brothers & Sisters (2006 TV series)

American television series

Brothers & Sisters (2006-2011) was an American TV series, airing on ABC, about the upper class Walker family and their lives in Los Angeles, California.

Season 1


Patriarchy [1.01]

Kitty: [on the phone I am not the person you think I am. That's what you people don't seem to understand. I am not a bitch. I am not aggressively plotting to make our mother feel bad.
Sarah: Then why are you staying in a motel?
Kitty: Because Sarah, the show is putting this up and it's supposed to be a gorgeous room.
Sarah: Then call mom and tell her.
Kitty: You know what Sarah, you call mom and you tell her that.
Sarah: I talk to mom everyday, you guys haven't spoken for two years.

William Walker: [to Kitty] We're here all together, and I must announce with some trepidation, you're no longer grounded.
Justin: When she was fourteen, she was grounded indefinitely.
Jonathon Sellers: What for?
Kitty: Oh, it had something to do with cigarettes and surf wax.
Tommy: And shoplifting and a boy named Pablo...

Kitty: No, mom. This is not just about my politics. Tommy and dad think the same things I do, and you've managed to reconcile forty years of loving somebody who fundamentally disagrees with you. But you can't love me. And I don't know what it's about. It's not about the war.

Sarah: You know, I thought when I quit my old job that I would gain in time what I lost in salary. But being a working mom is like a currency that never has enough value.
Kitty: Oh my God, I'm going to steal that line.

Kitty: You were the one who virtually refused to be in my life for three years, who barely spoke, and I know it's because I unforgivably gave my opinion about Justin.
Nora: Not refused, couldn't. I was afraid of the things I didn't want to say.

An Act of Will [1.02]

Nora: He never wanted to be a soldier. That's what you and your father never understood, he just wanted your approval. You were supposed to say no, you were supposed to say, we love you too much to get hurt like this, no! And now I don't know where my son is. I need you to help me find him, please. Please!

Nora: I really don't think this is very healthy.
Fawn: What's not?
Nora: Medicating, sleeping all day. You know, you don't look well. I don't think this situation is working out for you, is it?... So let's get ourselves up, get dressed, take your trash and go home!

Noah Guare: Tell me something, how can you feel so guilty when nothing happened between us?
Sarah: Because being in synch with a man who's not your husband is almost as painful as not being in synch with your husband.

Nora: You ungrateful child! You don't care about anyone but yourself, how did you get that way? You know what losing your father has done to me, and yet you take your life and throw it around like it was worthless. Why?
Justin: Because I wish I was dead! Don't you understand that, I wish I had died over there, mom!
Nora: Well, you didn't die. And I'll be damned if I'll stand around and watch you kill yourself!

Affairs of State [1.03]

Justin: It's too much? You want to know what's too much? She's HERE. Mom invited her here.
Kitty: What do you mean "she's here"?
Justin: I mean she's out there drinking mojitoes and...and wearing big jewelry!

Nora: Would you care for some more lamb?
Warren Salter: What's going on?
Nora: What do you mean?
Warren Salter: Well, why isn't anyone but us talking?
Nora: Oh... Well, they all think that I don't know that my husband had an affair with that women Holly over there; a long one, with a cunning little cottage built for two to go with it. Yes, Warren, you see they all think I'm living in the dark and they're terrified that I'm going to figure it all out tonight. And in their panic and obliviousness and their eagerness to handle me they've lost their very basic ability to conduct themselves in a social circumstance. It's very sad, but there it is... Will someone please pass the mango-peach salsa to Scotty?

Warren Salter: We don't love the people we love because they're perfect, we love the people we love because they are.

Warren Salter: You don't know me, Kitty, but you're the first woman I've met in years who sends me spinning. I see you and I drop ten stories inside, every time.
Kitty: Ah, Warren, you know what? We're not in the last ten minutes of a Julia Roberts movie.

Holly: The thing is, I don't blame him. I blame myself.
Saul: We can't help who we love.
Holly: Yeah, but we can help who we are. We can decide to become ourselves. What I saw tonight... seeing myself in Nora's eyes? Is not... It is time that I become a person. I won't be invisible any longer.

Family Portrait [1.04]

Kitty Walker: If you guys ever need a babysitter...
Sarah: Do you know a good one?
Kitty: Me. Seriously! If you ever need a night out...
Sarah: No. Our kids are Democrats.

Kitty: [about golf] Kevin plays.
Kevin: What? No, Kevin doesn't.
Sarah: Yeah, Kevin does play. He played on our high school golf team.
Kevin: Yeah, only because I had a crush on Matthew Brown. I joined everything he joined, even Future Farmers of America... Yeah, he grew a prize-winning pumpkin.
Kitty: Ooh, I bet he did.

Saul: Life is lonely, Nora, it's long and lonely. And there are so many genuine evils in this world, I would think that you would at least let someone off the hook for falling in love with the wrong person.

Justin: Why not fire me, why keep me around?
Tyler Altamirano: I don't know. Maybe because... I know who you used to be in high school, Justin. You were the boy with the sweetest smile. Who made the future look easy. And I want to give him a second chance.

Tommy: [to Justin] I'm not like him. Dad never stopped caring about what you did with your life. I do. I stop right now. I stop today.

Date Night [1.05]

Kitty: Woo, what are you all dressed up for?
Nora: I'm not dressed up.
Kitty: You're wearing a push-up bra.
Nora: This is not a... it's a French cup... I got it on sale... You know, it wouldn't hurt you to wear a bra every now and then!

Kevin: Okay, fine. How's tomorrow night?
Scotty: My boyfriend and I might have plans, but I'll check.
Kevin: He can come too, he was kinda hot. How's seven thirty?
Scotty: Geriatric. Let's say nine.

Scotty: [to Kevin during their dinner date] I love this part, when you look at someone and they don't look away.

Amber Trachtenberg: I'm just completely in awe of you. You're really amazing. You're like totally my role model.
Kitty: [smiling] Oh, thanks.
Amber Trachtenberg: Except for, you know, your politics.

Jonathan Sellers: Sometimes I have to remember that not all businesses want to be saved. And the hardest thing is knowing when to give up. That's what you want, isn't it? [Kitty nods] Now I know.
Kitty: I don't want to be with you, Jonathan, just because I don't want to be alone. We go out for dinner and we talk about politics and we talk about business ... and it works. But it's like the difference between looking good and feeling good.

For the Children [1.06]

Nora: Sarcasm is the refuge for people who know they're wrong and are on the ropes.

Amber Trachtenberg: You can't buy someone's time. It's all tied to pride in the work ethic, like Sigmund Freud said.
Kevin: What did Freud say?
Amber Trachtenberg: He said love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness.
Kevin: Wow. Do people underestimate you a lot?
Amber Trachtenberg: [nodding] Because of the hair.

Nora: I was... I am in awe of you, Sarah. You became the woman I always wanted to be. And you did it all without losing your softness or your goodness. I love all my children. But I have so much respect for you, Sarah.

Northern Exposure [1.07]

Tommy: Can you hand me a screwdriver... You know what a screwdriver looks like?
Kevin: It's orange and comes in a glass filled with ice.

Kevin: You know, this whole anonymity thing is a joke. If the kid's well dressed and witty, it's mine.
Justin: You don't stand a chance. My little dudes have been at war.
Kevin: And stoned for the last ten years. Mine are effective.
Tommy: Okay, that's enough sperm talk for the rest of my life.

Kitty: I'm sorry, but when I packed I didn't realize I was going to be walking into Caligula's bathhouse.
Nora: [holding up a bra] Well, what did you pack for?
Kitty: I packed for work. Warren and I are... you know, we're preparing for a very big interview.
Nora: Is that the euphemism of choice these days?
Kitty: You know, mother, you're just trying to defer the attention because Dave came up here to remodel you.

Justin: One night my last month in Afghanistan another medic, this guy Doug, and me went out with a squad of rangers. I followed a platoon into the enemy's position just to see if there was anybody alive. Anyway, we went into this... this bunker, this cave... and there was all these bodies, and they were all dead. Except for this one guy who two minutes ago was trying to kill me. I mean, his eyes were just staring at me. Not mean, though, just like... just like, help me. I was staring right at him, and... I didn't do anything. I let him die, Tommy, I mean he was a human being, and I just let him die. So I don't want to do this for you, I want to do this for me. I owe a life.

Mistakes Were Made, Part 1 [1.08]

[Kevin and Kitty are having coffee at an outdoor cafe.]
Kevin: You're the lying whore of the family!
Kitty: And you're the stuck-up bitch!

Justin: Look, I love you guys more than anything in the whole world, and I've been doing a lot of thinking over the last few days. I can't just sit here and let these people tear apart my family like this. God, Kitty, they almost killed you.
Kitty: No, Justin, I'm fine, I'm here now, it's okay.
Justin: I know, okay, but the same thing could happen tomorrow, or they could do something even worse. It's just not right.
Nora: Justin, what's the matter?
Justin: Nothing's the matter... I enlisted today.

Kevin: Hi, Scotty, it's... it's Kevin, your least favorite Martian. Look, I've been on your planet for 34 years, and I still get a lot of things wrong. Like about money and work and people and life and... love and everything. Anyway, I just wanted you to know I think you're amazing, and funny, and cute as hell, and I just hope that some day... maybe, I don't know, three Martian years from now, 'cause our years are longer than yours, maybe I could be worthy of your human love and respect. Whether we're together or not. That's all.

Mistakes Were Made, Part 2 [1.09]

Kitty: So I have an interview with Senator McCallister but then when I come back I'd love to help.
Nora: Oh Kitty, sweetie-pie I don't know how to say this delicately but I'm not cremating anything.
Kitty: You know I am an excellent cook, in fact some people even call me a chef.
Nora: Some with a really good sense of humor.

Justin: You're both crazy. I enlisted because I wanted to. I went back and forth about a thousand times in my head before I went, and nothing anyone said or did was going to change my mind. It was the best and worst decision I have made in my entire life, but you know what, it was my choice. So I'm not gonna fight the recall. I'm going back.

Kitty: Mistakes were made. President Ronald Reagan said those words twenty years ago in a time when admitting a mistake was perceived as a sign of strength, not weakness. I made a mistake. I made a mistake in compromising the interview that you're about to see, and I made a mistake in continuing to defend a war that is in desperate need of reexamination. Reexamination which cannot come until we acknowledge that the war itself was a mistake.

Light the Lights [1.10]

Justin: So wait, we're not having Christmas? Well, that sucks!
Nora: We are having Christmas and Hanukkah. Both. Bells, whistles, latkas, ornaments, carols, the works.
Kitty: I think it's great. I think it's great that we're finally embracing our multiculturalism. Uncle Saul will be in heaven. Wait a minute, Martha Stewart has Hanukkah recipes?

Paige: I don't want to be Jewish; I thought we are Jewish.
Nora: We're secular humanists, honey.
Paige: Secu-what?
Sarah: Okay, Mrs Sartre, that's enough.

Nora: [to Holly] I came here to forgive you. From the bottom of my heart. William was a strong and generous man, and he always took care of the people he loved. The thing is, he loved two women. It's as simple as that.

Family Day [1.11]

Kitty: We talked twice, once on camera for about, probably twenty minutes. I don't even buy shoes without walking around in them longer than that.
Robert: You see these shoes? I bought them on the Internet. Sight unseen, never had a problem. I'm a very good judge of quality, Ms. Walker, and of how things are going to fit.
Kitty: Did you just compare me to shoes?
Robert: You started it.

Holly: Well, who knows. Maybe we'll be friends some day.
Nora: Maybe. But not today.

Sexual Politics [1.12]

Kevin: This guy is messing with my head. In the 'Gay' column I have: Flirting, giving me shoes, Lola the pug. And in the 'Straight' column I have: Girlfriend, Lakers and uses the words dude and bro.

Kevin: Okay, we've parked at Inspiration Point so you can bitch about your job?
Chad Barry: I thought we were friends.
Kevin: I don't know what we are, Chad. You give me shoes, you admire my body, and, you know, I'm sorry, taking a drive up to a beautiful location, regardless of category, is a date. I mean, come on man, driving me all the way up here? You're either going to hack me into a million little pieces or you're gonna kiss me!
Chad Barry: Well, I'm not a serial killer. So...

Something Ida This Way Comes [1.13]

[Kevin and Tommy have hidden the alcohol because Justin is out of rehab.]
Nora: Where did they hide the booze? Tell me, really, I'm not joking.
Saul: Nora, if I knew where it was I'd be drunk by now

Kevin: OK. Whatever, where did you hide the wine? I need to get grandma a drink ASAP?
Tommy: It's in the closet.
Kitty: You put the wine in my closet.
[Kevin walks over to the closet & opens the door]
Kitty: Is your little boyfriend in there? [Laughs]
Kevin: [Yelling from closet] He's not my boyfriend!

[Kitty and Robert enter a closet]
Robert: If this is where you keep the wine, where do you keep your clothes?
Kitty: Shut your mouth and come on. Shut the door.
[Robert shuts the door and looks around]
Robert: I am having like a fifth grade flashback of Deena Segerson and seven minutes in heaven.
[He looks at Kitty who is pouring glasses of wine]
Robert: Have you always been a closet drinker?
Kitty: Are you done?
Robert: No, I'll think of some more.

Kitty: We had to promise no wine when we took Justin out of rehab.
Ida: Out of where?
Kitty: Oh.
Nora: Mother, Justin is in a rehab program. He's a drug addict.
Kevin: Oh, mom, a little more discretion. We are in the presence of a US senator.
Robert: It's nothing to be embarrassed about.
Kevin: But homosexuality is?
Kitty: Oh Kevin, you know. Please, enough. Can you just tell him you have a gay brother too.
Ida: Who's gay?
Kitty: I...
Robert: I think you just outed two brothers for the price of one.
Kevin: Thanks Kitty. That would be me, grandma. I'm gay.
Ida: You're not gay. Justin maybe, but you?
Kevin: Oh I am gay, I swear. I am.

Kitty: You know tonight was unusually bizarre, even for my family.
Robert: Are you kidding me, it's been fantastic... [pause] like dinner theatre or the circus.

Valentine's Day Massacre [1.14]

Kitty: [Kitty calls Sarah] You are never going to believe this. I slept with McCallister.
Sarah: Oh God, Kitty, you scared me. I thought something bad had happened.
Kitty: Something bad did happen. Do you understand that I work for him? He is my boss!
Sarah: Oh please, sleeping with co-workers is like a reflex for you.

Sarah: And as for Holly, as long as we don't have a gold-digging mistress division, she's of absolutely no use to Ojai Foods or to me.

Robert: If you're gonna ask me something, you should just ask it.
Kitty: Senator, are you running for President?
Robert: Yes, I am, Miss Walker. You know what else? I'm gonna win.

Scotty: You know, you almost have to love the irony; you're right where I was with you a few months ago.
Kevin: You know, you ended things with me, Scotty.
Scotty: Now you know how hard it is to love someone who doesn't love himself. I feel sorry for you. [pause] Good luck, Kevin.

Love Is Difficult [1.15]

Kitty: I've got to make Hair Boy look Presidential.
Robert: Senator Hair Boy, please.

Dr. Jude Bar-Shalom: There are no shortcuts Sarah, in life or in love. This pain must be felt. The alternative is much worse. It's what makes us special, what makes us beautiful, what, what makes us worthy; the pain of how we love. But that pain is accompanied by something else, isn't it? Hope. With your pain, there is hope. And that is where you are. Somewhere between agony and optimism and prayer. So you're human. You're alive. And that is what we have.

Kitty: [Robert opens the front door to find Nora and Justin lurking] Mom! What are you doing?
Nora: Nothing, nothing. I just got here and found Justin here lurking...
Justin: I wasn't lurking.
Nora: Then why didn't you go in?
Justin: Because Kitty was yelling at the senator, Mom.

Kitty: I liked you so much better when you were stupid.
Justin: You're stupid.
Kitty: You're stupid.
Justin: You're stupider.
Kitty: You're the stupidest.

Chad Barry: You know, whatever journey I've been on, I think at age 34 I have finally maybe found out who I want to be, and where I want to go. [puts his hand on Kevin's] And who I want to go there with.
Kevin: This is the greatest friggin' restaurant on Earth, isn't it?

The Other Walker [1.16]

Robert: Hold on to what's good. What makes you happy.
Kitty: You make me happy.
Robert: I do?

Sarah: [to Holly] You've done nothing but cause my family pain, so if your perfect little world has come crashing down around you because the truth has finally come out, you know what, join the damn club!

Holly: I let you treat me like dirt because I loved and respected your father. But I am done treating you with any measure of civility.
Sarah: Is that a threat?
Holly: You bet your ass it's a threat.

Rebecca: [to Holly] It seems pretty simple to me, mom. You were willing to be sloppy seconds for some rich jerk with a wife and kids. And my dad didn't want to fess up to having a bastard child with his mistress because he didn't want to risk his Norman Rockwell life. Do I have it straight, mom?

All in the Family [1.17]

Rebecca: I read about you.
Kevin: Me?
Rebecca: M-hm, someone sent me a link to the 'Skinny Minnie'. Are you really dating Chad Barry?
Kevin: Eh, no. Yes, yeah, oh, I... I know him.
Justin: Like Romeo knows Juliet.
Sarah: Like Siegfried knows Roy.

Tommy: [jokingly] Did you bring your DNA kit with you? Are you going to swab her over salad?
Kevin: I could get a strand of hair.
Tommy: No, that's not going to work. You have to get it from the root.
Justin: What are you, Columbo?
Tommy: I watch all the crime shows.
Kevin: I'll take her water glass into a lab.
Tommy: No, no, that's not gonna work either. The glass will get corrupted.
Justin: Look, are you both high? You want your DNA test right here? She's hot - I feel nothing!

Sarah: [to Nora] Mom, I didn't come here tonight because of Rebecca, I came here because I want things to be better with us. I need you to care about me the same way that you care about the world.

Rebecca: This is how you set it up?
Holly: Don't say that.
Rebecca: Oh, but it is. I mean, you didn't just deprive me of a father, mom, you deprived me of an entire family.
Holly: Honey, you have a family. You and me, we're family.
Rebecca: I could have had so much more. I could have had brothers and sisters all these years, I could have had this busy, chaotic childhood that you fantasize about as a kid. But you didn't let me.

Three Parties [1.18]

Justin: I should have a black eye for as long as possible to remind me never to be a chivalrous ass.
Kevin: I wish I was a chivalrous ass instead of being just wholly an ass.

Sarah: There's something odd about this.
Kitty: This what?
Sarah: This town.
Kitty: Oh, was the giant man-made artichoke in the town square your first clue?
Sarah: No, though that was odd.

Emily Craft: This may be a cocktail party, but I don't know which blanket that little piggy's going to be under, if you get my drift.
Nora: I don't even know what that means.

Game Night [1.19]

Robert: From what I hear, Kevin's a serial dater.
Kitty: No, no, no, he just, you know, no, he was just picking the wrong guys.
Robert: Please Kitty, you used the phrase, and I'm quoting here, man whore.

Rebecca: Okay, I never really had brothers and sisters so I don't know how big families work, um, maybe this is the normal thing to do you know, just do things in a clump, like you all get together, solve problems.
Kevin: No, no, we tend to make things worse and then blame each other.
Sarah: Yeah, that's pretty much how it works.

Julia: [about the last Game Night] Was that the night Kitty threw the trophy at your head?
Tommy: Yeah, that was it. 12 stitches.
Kitty: No, 6. It was 6 stitches and I tossed it you.
Tommy: Threw it.
Kitty: And you just somehow couldn't catch it.

Kitty: [Trying to set Kevin up with Jason McCallister] He's completely your type.
Kevin: What, attractive and emotionally unavailable?
Kitty: No, that would be you.

Bad News [1.20]

Paige: Connect four.
Kevin: What? Where?
Paige: One, two, three four. I win.
Kevin: What, whoa, what? Wait, were you distracting me? That was a set up?
Paige: Yeah.
Kevin: Wow, great strategy. Wait till you're old enough for game night.

Holly: Listen to me. I have had a front-row seat to that family for years. I know what it feels like to be an outsider, how enticing they can be. But whatever you think you want from them, trust me, you are not going to get it this way.
Rebecca: Excuse me?
Holly: I know you, Rebecca. And I am guessing that Joe did not just come on to you out of the blue.
Rebecca: Just because you're a whore doesn't mean that I am.

Nora: This is not a class. You're asking me out. Is this because I wouldn't go out on a date with you? If it is mister, let me tell you this is sexual harassment and I don't plan to take that lying down.
Mark August: The jokes that are running through my head right now.
Nora: Well, keep them there.

Paige: Uncle Kevin, can I ask you a question?
Kevin: How come I got all the good looks in the family?

Kitty Walker|Kitty]]: Will you marry me?... Oh. Oh my God. No, no-no-no, I didn't, did I just say, yes I did, I did, I just proposed to you.
Robert: I think that you just did.

Grapes of Wrath [1.21]

Kitty: Oh it's not. It's not top secret. But it, yes it's a... it is, it's a very sensitive national security thing. I'm sorry that's all I can say about it.
Kevin: I'm sorry, "thing"?
Sarah: That's why McCallister gave you a bag of lingerie to take with you? Oh yeah, I can see the faith of the free world hangs in the balance.
Justin: Apparently that's not the only thing that's hanging.
Kitty: Oh that's funny, Justin. When did you get to be so funny?

Holly: I can't believe you did that! This dress is couture!
Nora: I'm sure it's been stained before!

Sarah: What does a girl have to do to get a drink around here?
Tommy: Uh, follow Kevin around.

Nora: Sarah, you're such a good mom. I know you're not a quitter, sweetheart. I wasn't either, and maybe that's why I never let myself see what was really happening. I stood by your father blindly, no matter what. I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did, I don't want you to. You have to decide whether you can ever trust Joe again or not, and if you can't...
Sarah: What if I can?

Nora: Holly, I'm going to tell you something you don't want to hear. You have to let him go. I did.

Season 2


2.02: An American Family

Kitty: Are you in pain?
Justin:No, no. They gave me a nerve block, so I don't feel anything from the waist down.
Kevin: Great. At least the female population of Pasadena will be safe for a while.

2.05: Domestic Issues

Rebecca: Oh my god, you’re such a gossip. This is killing you isn’t it? All right, lay it on me.
Justin:I heard Mom on the phone and she definitely used the word pregnant, and Kitty’s the only one of us having sex right now.

2.07: 36 Hours

Justin:What are you now, like 35 years old? Have you ever had a relationship that’s lasted longer than three weeks? You walk around in your suit and tie pretending that you’re a man, but really you’re just a scared little boy.
Kevin: Actually, I have a boyfriend, and I have for quite awhile now…….
Justin:…big freaking whoop ..and what is she doing here?
Holly: I’m here for my daughter.
Justin:In case you haven’t noticed, she’s been living here all summer. Wishing she was a Walker. You too are exactly alike. You’ll do anything. No I’m sorry — screw anyone to be a part of this family!

2.08: Something New

Kevin: Well, if you rule out all the democrat you're basically left with Ted Nugent, Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top!
Sarah: Well, I'm a democrat and I lost my virginity to "She's Got Legs"!
Justin: Eww wow! Crossing the line Sarah!
Tommy: Mine was the "Dirty Dancing" theme!
Kevin: Wow! Be gayer!!
Sarah: I bet Kitty's was "Talk radio"! Hey, Justin?
Justin:Don't look at me! I'm not having this conversation in front of mom!
Nora: Oh, please! Pink Floyd's "The Wall", Gabby Clyner, 10th grade!
Justin:You know that?
Kevin: I have two first sex soundtracks, girl and guy.
Kitty: Okay now stop, stop you guys, please you're ruining all music for me.
Robert: Sorry I'm late
Justin: It's alright buddy
Nora: Robert, what song did you lose your virginity to?
Kevin: Mom!
Kitty:Well we're just trying to figure out our wedding song.
Robert:Interesting methodology, uhhm, Endless love!
Robert: Yeah ok. Does anyone know that Kitty has us scheduled for for dance lessons?
Tommy: Awwww Kitty!
Kitty: Come on Tommy, I'm not that bad.
Nora: I got it Pretty Woman!
Kitty: Come on mom! At a republican candidates wedding.
Nora: No that was the song I lost my virginity to.
Tommy: Mom we don't need to picture you and dad....
Nora: Who said anything about dad.
All: What?
Kitty: I thought dad was your first?
Nora: Nope.
Sarah: I thought dad swept you off your feet when you were barely 18.
Kevin: Mom you slut!
Nora: It was this guy I'd known in college, Stan Harris and it was in the back of his dad's car.
Others: Ewwwwww! [ They stand to exit]
Nora: He was tall and I was short... [All leave] So what it's like I've never had sex before.

2.10: The Feast of Epiphany

Kevin: I can't believe I'm being forced to go to a dinner party just so Mom can impress a Republican she has the hots for.
Scotty:You keep saying he's a Republican. I'm far more impressed she might be dating a black man

Justin: Uh, not that I don't love thumbing through gay porn… I'm sorry, male clothing catalogs… But what am I doing here, bro?
Kevin: Be nice or I'll put you on the mailing list

2.15: Moral Hazard


Justin: Remember when we went surfing the other day, and you and Tommy accused me of hiding something about Rebecca?
Kevin: Yeah, vaguely.
Justin: There was a minute there when she wasn't sure she was our sister.
Kevin: You mean she's not?
Justin: She is, she took a test. But when I found that out, I was kinda into that idea that she...wasn't
Kevin: Why would you not want her to be part of the family?
Justin: I do...but I wasn't unhappy with the fact that she wasn't.
Kevin: What are you talking about?
Justin: How are you not getting this? I know you're gay, but you have eyes! She's not like...unattractive. you know?
Kevin: You're attracted to our sister?
Justin: Because I thought she wasn'T. That's what I'm saying.
Kevin: shut up. oh my god, you are sick. What...have you
Justin: no!No! Of course not.Look, I swear, I only thought of this when this whole paternity thing came up,and it was, like,just a... like a moment,and...and now I'm freaked out because what if it happens again?
Kevin: You have to stay away from her.
Justin: I know. I'm trying to-- to avoid her, but she keeps wanting to hang out. Like, kev, I'm making up, like, hot chicks that I'm supposedly dating so I can avoid her.
Kevin: Stop talking.
Justin: I told you. I'm the most disgusting person in the world.
Kevin: Okay, okay. Let's--let's just...let's just talk about this rationally. It's-- it's not entirely abnormal that you could possibly have these feelings, okay? You weren't raised together. You--your--you know, you met as adults,and you clearly have boundary issues.
Justin: No, I know, I know.
Kevin: So you just need a lile time-out to stop thinking about... inbreeding.
Justin: Ke-kevin!
Kevin: What? I'm trying to be sup-- why did you even tell me this?
Justin: Because you asked me, kevin! You know what? I'm j-- I'm just gonna tell her. I mean, I'm gonna get it out there and make sure everything's okay
Kevin: Absolutely not.
Justin: what?
Kevin: Do not talk to her about--don't talk to anyone about this. Seriously, I love you, and I get that because she's not a sister, you might have thought things might have worked out a-a little more complicated, but she is, okay? So you just have to put that in a box or behind you or somewhere and forget about it, and never, ever speak of this again.

Rebecca: What is going on with you?
Justin: Nothing. Sorry.
Rebecca: Will you just talk? where are you going?
Justin: The bathroom. I don't know. Stop following me.
Rebecca: Following you? You're my ride.
Justin: I need some space, okay?
Rebecca: Justin, you've been acting like I repulse you. I mean, what did I do?
Justin: Nothing. Nothing.
Rebecca: Is it--is it that girl? Because I get it. If you don't have enough time for me,I-I totally get it.
Justin: There's no girl.
Rebecca: What about the hot chick?
Justin: I made her up because I didn't want to go to the movies with you.
Rebecca: So what, you just decided you didn't want to hang out with me? Like all of a sudden, I'm this annoying, tagalong little sister?
Justin: You don't feel like my sister.
Rebecca: Justin, I told you...
Justin: I know. But when you were talking about david maybe being your father,something-- I-I don't know what--happened, where I was hoping that we weren'T...that we're not related. And I had this weird moment were I thought I had feelings for you, okay? And I know it's sick and it's wrong, but it was just a moment. And I need to make sure that doesn't happen again,but it doesn't help when you're just... are around me all the time. Do you.. do you understand? Oh, god. Look, I'm sorry.
Rebecca: I gotta go.
Justin: Rebecca, no...I'm sorry.I'm so sorry. This...

Justin: Rebecca. C-come in.
Rebecca: Sorry. I-I should've called.
Justin: no, it's okay. I was-- I was gonna ll you to a--to apologize, but I-I didn't know if you wanted to hear from me. Are you okay?
Rebecca: No. No, I'm not. There's a lot that's been going on, and I was hoping that maybe we could talk.
Justin: Look, I'm so sorry that I dumped this garbage on you, okay? I don't--I don't want you to--to--to worry or--or not want to be around me... Because what-whatever I felt, it is gone. You know, it's--it's me, and--and I feel like whenever I get myself, like, going again, I end up doing something stupid and hurting the people I love.
Rebecca: Justin, please
Justin: okay, no, it's not that I love you like that oh, god.You know what? point is, I...I just want you to forget it. It was stupid, and I let myself think that for a second, and it's like whatever sick part of me felt that is over. I've--I've fixed it. I mean, you know, you're my sister.
Rebecca: No, I'm not. We're not related. Your dad's not my dad.
Justin: But the test-- you--you took-- you took a test. You said that david was
Rebecca: I know. I-I-I was-- I was afraid to tell you.
Justin: So you lied to me?
Rebecca: No, I'm sorry. It's just, I-I--you've all become like family to me, and--and I really didn't want to lose that, and I know that you said that everything would stay the same, but--
Justin: I thought you were different.
Rebecca: What?
Justin: Than your mom, but you're not. You're exactly the same. You both lie.
Rebecca: Justin, no.
Justin: How could--how could you do this to me, rebecca? You promised me that you were gonna tell me the truth, and I bel--I believed you.
Rebecca: I'm sorry.I didn't mean
Justin: Just go! I think you should go. Go.

Kevin: ...Scotty?
Scotty: Wait, wait, wait. Allow me. Tada!
Kevin: You changed the light bulbs.
Scotty: You sound so disappointed.
Kevin: No I'm not, it's just, you know...I was supposed to do that.
Scotty: Well, you seemed a little stressed so I'm giving you a break.
Kevin: Really? Can't think why.
Scotty: That bad?
Kevin: Well let me see. First I was dealing with the family business being obliterated when Justin announced he has, on occation, been attracted to Rebecca, our sister.
Scotty: What?!
Kevin: Believe me, it goes on. Then Sarah calls me over 'cause she's aggonizing over dating the guy who's deal obliterated the family business. But, the piece de resistance, Saul, who signed off on the deal that got the business obliterated, after being arrested for DUI for plowing his car into a tree because he's apparently lost the will to live, finally came out to me.
Scotty: Oh my god, is he ok?
Kevin: He will be, I think. But, you know, it's like all these crazy people in my life are in this insane free-fall and completely incapable of being happy. And then I look at Saul who's missed his life entirely and I realise how lucky I am. Because I get to come home to someone who is kind and caring and who changes the light bulbs...and...marry me.
Scotty: What?!
Kevin: I mean it, I don't wanna wait. I wanna make this official.
Scotty: Because I changed the light bulbs?
Kevin: No..well yeah, kinda 'cause, Scotty that's who you are. I'm completely, completely in love with you. I even love the things about you that I hate...because you make me feel like I don't have to be anyone other than who I am and, to me, that feels like family and that's what I want us to be. I want us to be a family because that never ends. I'm doing this all wrong. [Gets down on one knee.] Scotty, I am asking you. Will you please marry me?
Scotty: Yes. Yes, Kevin, I'll marry you.

2.16: Prior Commitments


Nora: Rebecca, last summer, when Justin was in Iraq, you took care of me. Don't you remember all those nights you stayed up late with me right here, watching old movies. And the times you answered the phone when I was too petrified to pick it up. Have I ever even thanked you?
Rebecca: Nora, you don't need to thank me. I would have done it whether you were family or not.
Nora: There's more to family than just DNA. I don't give a damn about any stupid test. You're a part of this family. Sorry.

Tommy: So... You like Rebecca?
Justin: It was a fleeting moment, okay? And besides, it doesn't matter. She lied to me.
Tommy: Listen, Justin, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that you two have always... connected. So maybe it's something worth salvaging.

Rebecca: Justin, you were the first person to reach out to me. Before anyone else, you were my friend. And when everything was happening these past couple of weeks, I... You're the person I wanted to talk to. You always are.
Justin: You, too.
Rebecca: And I - I mean, everything's been crazy. I mean, first I find out that I have this family that I never even knew existed, and then suddenly I don't. But then it turns out that I do. Because, by some miracle, you're all still willing to accept me. And I can't help but wonder, what if, in all of this insanity...
Justin: What?
Rebecca: It was all just a way to meet you.

Season 3


3.01 : Glass Houses


Justin: [enters the apartment] Hey.
Rebecca: Hey.
Justin: Need some help?
Rebecca: Nah. It's my first apartment, I should probably do it by myself. [turns to paint the wall]
Justin: Rebecca, look, about last night, I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I mean, God, you've lost so much in this past month, I mean, your mom and David. And... I should have been more sensitive to what you were feeling.
Rebecca: ... I'm just scared. [turns around] If I lose you and your family, what do I have left?
Justin: Look, you're not the only one who's scared, though. Rebecca, you're my best friend in this world. Do you think I want to risk losing that?
Rebecca: Justin...
Justin: The thing is, I think we have to. Risk it, I mean. And we should stop wasting time worrying about how it might end. Because, maybe, it... you know, maybe it won't end. Can we start over? Without all the pressure?
Rebecca: [smiles] There's a roller right behind you. We could start with that.
Justin: [smiles & laughs] Okay. [gets the roller] So, is this a bad time to tell you that this is the worst color on the planet?
Rebecca: Justin! [rushes into his arms]

3.03 : Tug of War


Justin: Morning.
Nora: Morning.What are you doing here?
Justin: I couldn't hide in my room forever. Besides I miss my mother.
Nora: Do you wanna talk about last night? I have something to tell you.
Justin: What? That living with my mom is okay?
Nora: Well that too, but it's that Rebecca loves you. Anyone can see that. And you have to reach out and open up to her so that it'll work.
Justin: It's just... I'm afraid that...
'Nora: What?
Justin: That she'll walk. It's like there's this whole other side of me, that, that, Rebecca doesn't know about and if she sees it she'll see, that I'm not good enough for her.
Nora: Justin, you can't pick and choose the sides of yourself you want Rebecca to see. Shutting her out won't help.
Justin: What will?
Nora: Letting her in.

3.16 : Troubled Waters


Robert: Look at him. I forgot how little newborns are.
Kitty:I know.
Robert: He needs a name.
Kitty: He does.
Robert: What's it gonna be? Connor or Ben?
Kitty: I had an idea. I mean, Trish gave us this gift and I thought maybe it would be nice if we honored her.
Robert: I think naming him Trish would be child abuse.
Kitty: Trish Evans.
Robert: Evan.
Kitty: It means peaceful warrior.

3.18 : Taking Sides


Justin: The last thing I need is another sibling.
Rebecca: I'm sure you said the same thing about me but look where that got us?
Justin: If you really think that I'm going to be dating Ryan in a year, that's really weird and gross.

Nora: You remember Ryan?
Rebecca: Yeah, of course, of course. What brings you guys by today?
Ryan: Oh, you didn't get the memo? It's bring your illegitimate child to work day.
Rebecca: Oh, yeah, I went to that last year.

Rebecca: I was looking for you all over the place. Your mom said you left.
Justin: Well,you seemed pretty cght up talking with ryan.
Rebecca: you're not actually gonna make this about Ryan. Justin,you hung me out to dry in front of your entire family.
Justin: Because we said we weren't gonna get involved.
Rebecca: Oh,like this morning when you asked me to get involved,I suppose that was different?
Justin: It was a mistake.
Rebecca: Justin,you said that you would be there for me tonight if I went with you,and you weren't.
Justin: What did you want me to do?
Rebecca: I wanted you to defend me. Or at least not tell me to shut up and just stand there while kevin acted like I was some witness for the prosecution.
Justin: You know,I'm sorry.I didn't know it was gonna go down like that, Rebecca.
Rebecca: I didn't know that your loyalty was contingent on the circumstances.
Justin: Tommy might go to jail,okay? I'm sorry if my family's a little harsh on you.
Rebecca: A little harsh? Talk about taking sides.
Justin: Don't! Don't act like you're above it. You took your mom's side the entire time.
Rebecca: Someone has to! You don't get it.
Justin: No,I don't get it.
Rebecca: No,you don't. And no matter what,it's always gonna be the same. You will always choose them. And that's fine. But I need to make a choice,too. So I'm choosing my family.
Justin: What does that mean?
Rebecca: It's not gonna work. It never was.

Sarah: How do I look?
Kevin: What?
Sarah: Is this too fancy? With the bow?
Kevin: I don't care.
Sarah: You'd think I'd know what to wear to one of these meet your new half-sibling shindigs by now.

Nora: Alright everyone, Ryan's here just be nice. Be yourselves.
Kevin: Be nice or be ourselves, which is it?
Ryan: [Enters] Hi.
All: Hi!
Kevin: I'm Kevin this is Scotty.
Tommy: Hey, I'm Tommy. [They all start introducing themselves]
Nora: I told them to be themselves. Who the hell are they?

3.23 : Let's Call the Whole Thing Off


Justin : I had a weird dream last night.
Rebecca : Yeah ?
Justin : Yeah that your mother and my sister were singing show tunes in tomato-red dresses.
Rebecca : That's so bizarre,'cause I actually had the exact same one only in my dream, we found out we were orphans.
Justin : That's a good dream. All right, tell me more.
Rebecca : Well, then we decided to sail off to thailand, and there were pirates.
Justin : I like pirates.
Rebecca : I knoW. Tell me yours.
Justin : Okay, mine. I'm a doctor and, you ... you are an amazing photographer. And on sundays we go for walks on the beach or we can go hiking with our dog buster.
Rebecca : Does it have to be buster ?
Justin: Marry me. I'm serious.
Rebecca: Justin...
Justin: That's the dream I want. I want to be a doctor and I want to be a husband and I want to be a father and it's all because of you, Rebecca.
Rebecca: Me?
Justin: God, you make everything feel possible. You make me possible.
Rebecca: Justin...You make me feel the same way.
Justin: Then marry me.
Rebecca: Yes.
Justin: Yes?
Rebecca: Yes.
Justin: Really?
Rebecca: Yes. I will marry you. Oh my... yes.

3.24 : Mexico


Rebecca : What are you doing ?
Justin : Rebecca, in front of God, Buddha and everyone I love ...
Rebecca :Justin !
Justin : Rebecca, I love you and I want everyone here to know that you're gonna be my wife. Rebecca ... Will you marry me ?
Rebecca : Of course I will.

Tommy : Hey Kev. I heard you at the bar. You saw me for who I was, you always have. Called Julia this morning she won't take my calls but I'm gonna keep trying. And I'm gonna be a father to Elizabeth.
Kevin : Good.
Tommy : I'm trying to change.
Kevin : I see.
Tommy : It's not easy.
Kevin : I know.
Tommy : I just hope that when I do...
Kevin : I'll see that too. That's all I want.

Season 4


4.01: The Road Ahead


Rebecca: Hey. You look exhausted. Are you all right?
Justin: I have so much work to do, it's insane.
Rebecca: Well, why don't you take a break?
Justin: Yeah, I wish. Maybe... maybe you can help me. you want to quiz me on the bones of the hand?
Rebecca: Sure.
Justin: There's, uh, there's 27 of 'em.
Rebecca: Really?
Justin: Yeah. All right. Give me your hand.
Rebecca: Okay.
Justin: Mm-hmm. Carpus. Metacarpus. Uh, digitus secundus manus. Mm-hmm.Digitus medius. And digitus... oh, God. Um... Oh, I always forget this one. Digitus...:[give her the ring] sparkly ringamus.
Rebecca: Oh, my God. Oh, Justin. It's beautiful.
Justin: Well, I figured it was time for an upgrade from the bent nail I made you in Mexico, so...
Rebecca: Oh, it's perfect. Can we afford this?
Justin: Oh, yeah. My, uh, my mom gave it to us. This was my great-grandmother's ring.
Rebecca: Oh! Really?
Justin: All right, now how about I take you and this rock out to dinner?
Rebecca: What about studying?
Justin: Oh, studying? Come on. That's my decoy move. I'm finished.
Rebecca: I love you.
Justin: I love you. Mm. Now...if you want your anatomy lesson...

Kevin: Have a drink before I have to introduce you to grandma.
Scotty: OK but please don't say anything to your family about us doing the whole surrogacy thing.
Kevin: Absolutely. Look I'm afraid once we tell my mom she's gonna want to choose the surrogate for us.
Scotty: Yeah, well I'm afraid once your mom finds out she's gonna wanna be the surrogate for us.

Justin: Hey..
Rebecca: Hey.
Justin: I wasn't sure you'd be here
Rebecca Yeah, me neither.
Justin: Well, we're both here. That's a good sign right.
Rebecca: I guess. Justin, I know that you're under a lot of pressure. And I certainly don't wanna add to it. So do what you need to do. If you need to call off the wedding or move out, then you should.
Justin: No Becca, I, I don't wanna call off the wedding or anything. Just listen. There are gonna be times where I'm gonna wake up in the middle of the night with doubts about myself and I just need to know that you're next to me and that you believe in me.
Rebecca: I do believe in you. I always knew that you could do this.
Justin: I know.
Rebecca: Did you?
Justin: Yeah. Listen, how bout, tomorow we'll drive down to Zuma Beach and we'll have a picnic.
Rebecca: You don't have to take me to the beach.
Justin: I want to. And if I have to study, I might as well be in a beautiful place, with a beautiful girl. I love you.
Rebecca: I love you too.

4.03 : Almost Normal


Justin: [Kissing Rebecca's arm] Um, radius, alman, lacronym...
Rebecca: [Laughs] It's like dating a French guy.
Justin: Oh? Bonjur. It's Latin. And by the way we are way past dating.
Rebecca: That's why I'm going wedding dress shopping with Kitty today.
Justin: Kitty?
Rebecca: Well I helped her find her dress, I figured we could be each others good luck charms in the dress department.
Justin: That's sweet. Mmm, can I tell you my fantasy?
Rebecca: No I won't be a slutty bride.
Justin: Well maybe, you can just buy a dress that shows your, humorous, your cronium and you're uh, cheek.
Rebecca: Don't know the medical term for that?
Justin: You know what, you are shattering a guys confidence on the first day of gross anatomy class.
Rebecca: Nothing happens on the first day, you just get your textbooks and sylabus.
Justin: Yeah, and apparently a lab partner.
Rebecca: Better not be a hot girl.
Justin: [Laughs] I just hope, it's not someone stupid, and doesn't know what he's doing.
Rebecca: Sounds like you're getting your confidence back. Now where were we, Doctor.
Justin: Mmm, Doctor. [Kisses her]

4.07: The Wig Party


Justin: Oh, come on. You gotta get up. I've been trying to wake you up since 7:00.
Rebecca: Mm. I don't wanna get up.
Justin: All right. Then I'm coming in.
Rebecca: Oh, not now. I have a headache.
Justin: You have a headache?
Rebecca: Yeah.
Justin: Can't you wait till we're married for you to bust that one out?
Rebecca: Some people get real headaches.
Justin: Oh, really?
Rebecca: I don't know. Maybe I still have the flu.
Justin: You've been in bed for a week. Do you want to skip my mom's benefit tonight?
Rebecca: No. God, no.I need to get outta the house. I'm so bored.
Justin: Well, you wanna know what dr. Walker thinks?
Rebecca: No.
Justin: Come on. I'm taking clinical diagnosis. Let me try. Let me try. All right. Uh... :[touches her forehead] No fever. Could it be ojai food poisoning? :[Rebecca snickers] Or idiopathic wedding-plan-itis?
Rebecca: Wedding-plan-itis?....Don't you have to get to school or something?
Justin: Oh, I do. I love you. All right. Look, if you don't feel better, call me, all right? Get up!

Rebecca: I'm fine. It was just flu leftovers. I just needed to get up and get going.
Justin: Okay, but what if it's not flu leftovers? I mean, Rebecca, have you ever had your thyroid checked? Because hypothyroid that the one where you gain weight?
Rebecca: Are you saying that I gained weight?
Justin: No. No, no. I'm not saying you gained weight. What I'm trying to do is check every possibility. Like when you say you're tired after you slept okay, that could be epstein-barr. Or your undefined muscle pain, that could be fibromyalgia. Rebecca, that's what they say to...
Rebecca: Justin, I don't have cancer.
Justin: Becca, look, I didn't...I didn't say cancer. I know, but you were going to eventually. I...
Rebecca: I know that you're worried about kitty and I know that you're going to med school. But I just had the flu. I had the flu, And it knocked the wind out of me, And now I'm fine, okay?
Justin: Okay. All right, I'm sorry. I'm just worried about you.
Rebecca: Well, stop worrying.
Justin: No more headache?
Rebecca: No more headache.

Justin: Are you pregnant?
Rebecca: Are you serious? Wh-why would you ask me that? That's crazy.
Justin: That's the first questions I should ask a woman in her 20s with those symptoms. I mean, you're tired, you''re queasy, didn't eat the shrimp. you love shrimp.
Rebecca: No, look, it's fine. see? delicious.:[to waiter] Thanks. no big deal.What? it's fine. i'm not pregnant, justin.
Justin: Okay.

Rebecca: So about last night, uh..
Justin: Uh, no, um, look...before you say anything, I want to apologize, all right? I, um, i have intern's disease.They start teaching you about these symptoms, And all of a sudden, i have everything,and...and you have everything, and now I'm a hypochondriac. Besides, I could not imagine having a baby right now. With work and school and planning a wedding and kitty being wonder why your head hurts. I'm sorry, okay? I love you. I gotta run to the library.
Rebecca: Okay. love you. :[Justin leaves, not noticing the positive test she's holding in her hand]

4.08: The Wine Festival


David: Hey.
Rebecca: Hey.
David: I am so proud of you guys. Your mom is practically singing show tunes, She's so happy.
Rebecca: Oh, thanks.
David: What...what did Justin say?
Rebecca: Um, I'm not supposed to bother him when he's studying.
David: What's going on, Bec?
Rebecca: Nothing.
David: Oh, no, come on. You gotta talk to me. What's wrong?
Rebecca: I'm pregnant.
David: Oh, s-sweetie.
Rebecca: Yeah, six weeks.
David: Oh... God.
Rebecca: I haven't told anybody yet.
David: What about Justin?
Rebecca: Are you kidding me? I've tried. You know what? It's probably better that I haven't.
David: What does that mean?
Rebecca: He's already told me he doesn't want a baby.
David: Obviously that was before you knew you were pregnant. What do you want?
Rebecca: I don't know.
David: Well, you have to figure that out.I will support you, whatever...whatever you decide. I'm gonna be there for you. But when you do...Then you have to talk to him.
Rebecca: I know.

4.09: Pregnant Pause


Kitty: I have some news.
Robert: Did your mother pass away last night?
Kitty: Au contraire. I just walked in on her and Simon. In the shower. Together. Naked.
Robbert: Good for her! It's a new day in Pasadena.

Kitty: Mom, where's the milk?
Nora: Oh, we don't have any.
Kitty: What do you mean? We always have milk! The North Ridge earthquake, El Nino, The LA Riots. We always have milk!
Nora:Well gosh Kitty, if you feel so strongly about having milk why don't you go to the market and get some.

4.10: Nearlyweds


Robert: [About officiating Justin and Rebbecca's wedding] I was going to to start off with a joke.
Kitty: A joke. Like... I just flew in from Washington and, boy are my arms tired?
Robert: Well I was going to aim a little higher than that. But keep em coming.
Kitty: I think you should start off with a metaphor.
Robert: Love... Is like the sun on a cloudy day. Even if you don't always see it you know that it's... there.
Kitty: I think you should start off with a joke.
Robert: [laughs] See it's this. It's just sitting here together, in a waiting room. Both of us trying to pretend we're not scared, that's love. Not being able to concentrate on writing a speech about the beauty of love, because you're so scared you might lose it and nothing would ever be the same and realizing that the one place – the one place – that you feel most you, is when you are lying next to her, just breathing.

Holly: Justin, we better do this tomorrow..
Justin: I need to talk to Rebecca.
Holly: I know but she is really upset.
David: You can't be here. Why don't you just leave her alone.
Holly: David, don't, that's not going to help anything.
Justin: I'm not gonna leave until I talk to her!
Holly: Just let him talk to her.
David: Why?
Holly: Because he is the father of our grandchild! He is going to be in her life forever, he is going to be in our lives forever.
Rebecca: [Comes out] Where were you?... Is that blood?
Justin: Yeah but uh it's not mine.
Rebecca: What happened?
Justin: There was an accident, a kid on a bike got hit by a car and I went to the hospital. But he's gonna be ok.
David:Why didn't you call?
Justin: Because in the chaos I left my phone in the car and by the time I got to a phone, Rebecca you weren't picking up. .
Rebecca: What are you saying? So this wasn't because you didn't want to get married?
Justin: No! I mean yeah. Rebecca, the truth is, I had huge doubts tonight. Not doubts about you, doubts about myself. About becoming a husband, about becoming a father. The ridiculous part is I'm completely capable of taking care of other people, I had no problems taking care of that kid tonight. It seems like the only person I can't take care of is myself. Rebecca, I know I can be a good husband to you and I know I can be a good father to our baby. I can't promise you I won't ever doubt myself again, but I will never doubt us. Give me a second chance, and marry me tomorrow.
Rebecca: Ok. [Hugs him]'

4.11: A Bone to Pick


Kitty: [About getting a bone marrow transplant] What are the benefits?
Dr Abadon: If the transplant proves successful, you could be cancer free, but the risks are also higher.
Nora: Shouldn't she just try a different kind of chemo, and if that doesn't work then she could try the transplant. ?
Dr Abadon: She could, but if it proves unsuccessful again it'll lower her chances during the transplant and her immune system could fail, which would already be compromised by the chemo.
Kitty: Mom, mom, cancer free, I have a little boy at home. I wanna live. You got to do everything. I mean, you got to take us to school and you got to watch us grow up and you got to see us get married. I wanna get to do all that.
Nora: If that's what you want.
Kitty: It is. Robert?
Robert: You've always swung fences before, you've always pulled through. If this is what you want I'm with you 100%.

Sarah: It's hard to believe we're all supposed to be in Hawaii.
Saul: Yeah, and now it's like the 10 plagues of Egypt. Hurricane, relocated wedding, collapsed maid of honor...
Sarah: Mom's date's a no show.
Kevin: Groom freak out.
Rebecca: Don't forget about the knocked up bride.
Saul: This wedding is more cursed, then Liza Minnelli.
Kevin: That is the gayest thing to ever come out of your mouth.