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The following is a list of quotes from the sixth season Archer.

The Holdout [6.1]Edit

Three to Tango [6.2]Edit

The Archer Sanction [6.3]Edit

Edie's Wedding [6.4]Edit

Vision Quest [6.5]Edit

[Pam has just spilled her urine on the floor of the elevator, with Ray laying on the floor, halfway out the door]

Ray: Quickly, get it before it gets on me!
Lana: With what? There's nothing to wipe it up with!
Archer: Ah-ha! [Holds up Cyril's vest] Maybe it is good for something!
Cyril: Are you crazy?! That's cashmere!
Archer: Wha- [Hands Cyril back the vest] Oh my God, sorry!
Lana: What, so it's non-absorbant?
Archer: Lana, it's cashmere, there are rules.

Sitting [6.6]Edit

Nellis [6.7]Edit

Cyril: [on guards advancing on the plane] Those guys look furious.
Archer: Yeah, no shit! So thank you, Ray!
Ray: For what, safely landing the plane?
Archer: What, like that cancels out you getting it shot down in the first place?
Ray: You were the one yapping your head off about my damn teacup pig!
Archer: Who I hope to see on my next BLT!
Ray: Well, too bad, beause... he went to live on a...
Archer: A farm! Exactly! So unless that farm had a magical talking spider...
[Ray gasps in abject horror]
Pam: Yeah, they don't keep 'em around for their milk.

The Kanes [6.8]Edit

Pocket Listing [6.9]Edit

Reignition Sequence [6.10]Edit

Lana: [After she and Archer had sex in the broom closet] Don't take this the wrong way but, did your dick get BIGGER?
Archer: I don't think so. Is that a thing?
Lana: I think I would've heard of it.

Achub Y Morfilod [6.11]Edit

Drastic Voyage: Part I [6.12]Edit

Mallory: What in the name of sweet Jiminy Christ do you think you're doing?!
Krieger: Standing up for myself! Because maybe I didn't go to some fancy-pantsy Ivy League med school, and maybe I didn't go to some other med school—even the one down in Grenada, which was my fallback, but whatever. That doesn't give you [points to med-team doctor] the right to bully me! I have had it! Oh, and by the way, if I was a clone of Adolf goddamn Hitler, wouldn't I look like Adolf goddamn Hitler?!
Mallory: Huh. I never thought about that.

Drastic Voyage: Part II [6.13]Edit

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