confederation of Germanic tribes who started to inhabit parts of Great Britain from the 5th century onwards
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Anglo-Saxons (or Anglo-Saxon) is the term usually used to describe the invading tribes in the south and east of Great Britain from the early 5th century AD, and their creation of the English nation, to the Norman conquest of 1066.


  • By the Lord before whom this sanctuary is holy, I will to N. be true and faithful, and love all which he loves and shun all which he shuns, according to the laws of God and the order of the world. Nor will I ever with will or action, through word or deed, do anything which is unpleasing to him, on condition that he will hold to me as I shall deserve it, and that he will perform everything as it was in our agreement when I submitted myself to him and chose his will.
    • Anglo-Saxon oath of fealty. An oath of fealty is what knights said to their lord as a promise of loyalty. [1]

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