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October 1
Caspar David Friedrich - Huttens Grab.jpg   Jack-o-lantern.svg

… that country where it is always turning late in the year. That country where the hills are fog and the rivers are mist; where noons go quickly, dusks and twilights linger, and midnights stay. That country composed in the main of cellars, sub-cellars, coalbins, closets, attics, and pantries faced away from the sun. That country whose people are autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts. Whose people passing at night on the empty walks sound like rain…

~ Ray Bradbury ~

Caspar David Friedrich - Zwei Männer in Betrachtung des Mondes.jpg

  Ray Bradbury (1975).jpg

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October 2
Pedro Américo - Joana d'Arc ouve pela primeira vez a voz etc - 1884.jpg   Fleur de lys (or).svg

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

~ Ferdinand Foch ~

Herz aus Feuer.jpg


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October 3
Joan of arc burning at stake.jpg  

The theater needs continual reminders that there is nothing more debasing than the work of those who do well what is not worth doing at all.

~ Gore Vidal ~


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October 4
Pyramid of Capitalist System.jpg   Libertatis Aequilibritas GFDL.svg

The unrestricted competition so commonly advocated does not leave us the survival of the fittest. The unscrupulous succeed best in accumulating wealth.

Rutherford Birchard Hayes Signature.svg
~ Rutherford B. Hayes ~

Justice and law.svg

  Vieja Usurera Alta Resolucion.jpg

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October 5
Flag of the Czech Republic.svgVáclav Havel (2008).jpg   Václav Havel - Freedom and its adversaries conference.jpg

There are no exact guidelines. There are probably no guidelines at all. The only thing I can recommend at this stage is a sense of humor, an ability to see things in their ridiculous and absurd dimensions, to laugh at others and at ourselves, a sense of irony regarding everything that calls out for parody in this world. In other words, I can only recommend perspective and distance. Awareness of all the most dangerous kinds of vanity, both in others and in ourselves. A good mind. A modest certainty about the meaning of things. Gratitude for the gift of life and the courage to take responsibility for it. Vigilance of spirit.

Vaclav Havel Signature.svg

~ Václav Havel ~

Flag of the President of Czechoslovakia (1960-1990).svg Flag of the President of the Czech Republic.svg

  Václav Havel.jpg
Václav Havel na Václavském náměstí 17. listopadu 2009b.jpg

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October 6
Le Corbusier 1933.JPG   Open Hand Monument in Chandigarh.jpg

Modern life demands, and is waiting for, a new kind of plan, both for the house and the city.

Le Corbusier signature.svg

~ Le Corbusier ~

  The United Nations Secretariat Building.jpg

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October 7
V Italīi - In Italieedit2.jpg
William Blake - Christ in the Sepulchre, Guarded by Angels.jpg

One may think there is a gate to go through
and look a long time for it
without finding it
One may find it and
it may not open
If it opens one may be through it
As one goes through it
one sees that the gate one went through
was the self that went through it
no one went through a gate
there was no gate to go through
no one ever found a gate
no one ever realized there was never a gate

~ Ronald David Laing ~

A star for the cardinal directions.svg

  Jean-Baptiste Regnault - La Liberté ou la Mort.JPG
Uji-bashi 03.JPG

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October 8
1896 Alfred-Pierre Agache - The Sword.jpg   Circle-A red.svg

Give me the judgment of balanced minds in preference to laws every time. Codes and manuals create patterned behavior. All patterned behavior tends to go unquestioned, gathering destructive momentum.

~ Frank Herbert ~
Chapterhouse : Dune

  Morocco Africa Flickr Rosino December 2005 83965745.jpg

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October 9
  Banner of Peace from the Roerich Pact.svg

Cease speaking of enemies when an achievement can kindle a great light. Solitude will transmit the message better than the murmurs of crowds.

~ Nicholas Roerich ~


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October 10
Linyutang.jpg   Taijitu polarity.PNG

I distrust all dead and mechanical formulas for expressing anything connected with human affairs and human personalities. Putting human affairs in exact formulas shows in itself a lack of the sense of humor and therefore a lack of wisdom.

~ Lin Yutang ~

Sol alado.svg

  Leonardo da Vinci, Salvator Mundi, c.1500, oil on walnut, 45.4 × 65.6 cmFXD.jpg

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October 11
Thich Nhat Hanh 12 (cropped).jpg
Laughing Buddha.jpg

Children understand very well that in each woman, in each man, in each child, there is capacity of waking up, of understanding, and of loving. Many children have told me that they cannot show me anyone who does not have this capacity. Some people allow it to develop, and some do not, but everyone has it. This capacity of waking up, of being aware of what is going on in your feelings, in your body, in your perceptions, in the world, is called Buddha nature, the capacity of understanding and loving. Smiling is very important. If we are not able to smile, then the world will not have peace. It is not by going out for a demonstration against nuclear missiles that we can bring about peace. It is with our capacity of smiling, breathing, and being peace that we can make peace.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~


  Thumb war in Iraq.jpg
This morning we caught a rainbow.jpg

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October 12

Everywhere the need exists for maternal sympathy and help, and thus we are able to recapitulate in the one word motherliness that which we have developed as the characteristic value of woman. Only, the motherliness must be that which does not remain within the narrow circle of blood relations or of personal friends; but in accordance with the model of the Mother of Mercy, it must have its root in universal divine love for all who are there, belabored and burdened.

~ Edith Stein ~

Coat of arms of the Carmelite order (simple).svg


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October 13
Day 14 Occupy Wall Street September 30 2011 Shankbone 4.JPG   Forex.svg

Get up in one of our industrial centres today and say that two and two make four, and if there is any financial interest concerned in maintaining that two and two make five, the police will bash your head in.

~ Albert Jay Nock ~

Occupy Wall Street Together.jpg

  Day 12 Occupy Wall Street September 28 2011 Shankbone 33.JPG

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October 14
Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn 079.jpg   Dotswirl.gif
Art is a mystery.
A mystery is something immeasurable.
In so far as every child and woman and man may be immeasurable, art is the mystery of every man and woman and child. In so far as a human being is an artist, skies and mountains and oceans and thunderbolts and butterflies are immeasurable; and art is every mystery of nature. Nothing measurable can be alive; nothing which is not alive can be art; nothing which cannot be art is true: and everything untrue doesn’t matter a very good God damn...

~ E. E. Cummings ~
Julia set (ice).png

  The Golden Bough - by Jeroen van Valkenburg.PNG

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October 15
Otto Mueller - Tänzerin mit Schleier, von einem Mann beobachtet - ca 1903.jpg   Faravahar-Gold.svg

The secret for harvesting from existence the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment is — to live dangerously!

~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~


  Lenk Nietzsche.jpg

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October 16
Children dancing, Geneva.jpg   Oz flag.svg

In many matters children — not ensnared by dogmatism, passion, or erudition — judge far truer than adults.

~ Adolf Freiherr Knigge ~

Child labour.svg

  Children dancing.jpg

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October 17
  Vergina sun.svg

You will travel far, my little Kal-El. But we will never leave you … even in the face of our deaths … the richness of our lives shall be yours. All that I have, all that I've learned, everything I feel … all this, and more … I bequeath you, my son. You will carry me inside you all the days of your life. You will make my strength your own, and see my life through your own eyes, as your life will be seen through mine. The son becomes the father, and the father the son. This is all I can send you, Kal-El.

~ Marlon Brando ~
as "Jor-El" in
Superman: The Movie

  Superman & Statue of Liberty.jpg

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October 18
Collage Auge im Himmel byLöser.jpg

  LuMaxArt Golden Family With World Religions.jpg

I have no objection to any person’s religion, be it what it may, so long as that person does not kill or insult any other person, because that other person don’t believe it also. But when a man’s religion becomes really frantic; when it is a positive torment to him; and, in fine, makes this earth of ours an uncomfortable inn to lodge in; then I think it high time to take that individual aside and argue the point with him.

~ Herman Melville ~

Prevailing world religions map.png
Atom of Atheism-Zanaq.svg

  Tree of Life 2009 large.png
Temple Of Joy Aflame Burning Man 2002.jpg

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October 19
John le Carre.jpg   Portal-puzzle.svg

Every writer wants to be believed. But every writer knows he is spurious; every fiction writer would rather be credible than authentic.

~ John le Carré ~

Secret Intelligence Service building - Vauxhall Cross - Vauxhall - London - 24042004.jpg

  MI6 building lookup.jpg

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October 20
John Dewey in 1902.jpg   Happyman.svg

Knowledge is humanistic in quality not because it is about human products in the past, but because of what it does in liberating human intelligence and human sympathy. Any subject matter which accomplishes this result is humane, and any subject matter which does not accomplish it is not even educational.

~ John Dewey ~

Tiffany Education.JPG


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October 21
Coast Impact.jpg
Artist's concept of collision at HD 172555.jpg
  Upshot-Knothole Climax 001.jpg

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

~ Robert Frost ~

Ivy Mike - mushroom cloud.jpg

Fictional Snowball Earth 1 Neethis.jpg

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October 22
Boone by Lewis.jpg   George Caleb Bingham - Daniel Boone escorting settlers through the Cumberland Gap.jpg

I've opened the way for others to make fortunes, but a fortune for myself was not what I was after.
Daniel Boone Signature.svg
~ Daniel Boone ~

  Unfinished portrait of Daniel Boone by Chester Harding 1820.jpg

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October 23
Sarah Bernhard par Paul Berthon.jpg   Ankh.svg
Life is short, even for those who live a long time, and we must live for the few who know and appreciate us, who judge and absolve us, and for whom we have the same affection and indulgence. The rest I look upon as a mere crowd, lively or sad, loyal or corrupt, from whom there is nothing to be expected but fleeting emotions, either pleasant or unpleasant, which leave no trace behind them. We ought to hate very rarely, as it is too fatiguing; remain indifferent to a great deal, forgive often and never forget.

~ Sarah Bernhardt ~


  Sarah Bernhardt by Félix Nadar 2.jpg

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October 24
Vrancx, Sebastiaan - Orpheus and the Beasts - c. 1595.GIF
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot - Orphée.jpg
  Lira Lyre.svg
It was no longer sounds only that made the music:
he spoke, and as no tree listens I listened, and language
came into my roots
out of the earth,
into my bark
out of the air,
into the pores of my greenest shoots
gently as dew
and there was no word he sang but I knew its meaning.

~ Denise Levertov ~


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October 25
Stradano Inferno Canto 06.jpg   Vepuauet leps.jpg

It is nought good a slepyng hound to wake.

~ Geoffrey Chaucer ~



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October 26
Brocken-tanzawa2.JPG   Compass Card transparent.png

Do not wait; the time will never be "just right." Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.

~ Napoleon Hill ~


  Napoleon Hill seated with book TGR.jpg

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October 27
English actor John Philip Kemble as Hamlet in 1802 (collor).jpg   Question mark 3d.png
Could Hamlet have been written by a committee, or the Mona Lisa painted by a club? Could the New Testament have been composed as a conference report? Creative ideas do not spring from groups. They spring from individuals. The divine spark leaps from the finger of God to the finger of Adam, whether it takes ultimate shape in a law of physics or a law of the land, a poem or a policy, a sonata or a mechanical computer.

~ Alfred Whitney Griswold ~

The Creation of Adam.jpg

  Leonardo da Vinci - Mona Lisa.jpg

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October 28
SalkatPitt.jpg   Warmspringsbusts.jpg

My attitude was always to keep open, to keep scanning. I think that's how things work in nature. Many people are close-minded, rigid, and that's not my inclination.
Jonas Salk signature.svg
~ Jonas Salk ~

Salk Institute1.jpg

  Salk headlines.jpg

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October 29
FannybriceGlamor.jpg   Drama-icon.svg

Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you?

~ Fanny Brice ~

Comedy and tragedy masks.svg


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October 30
Twas brillig.jpg   Chess Nlt45.svgChess ndt45.svgAncient version of the Taijitu by Lai Zhi-De, sideways.svgChess sdt45.svgChess nlt45.svg
When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead,
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
Remember what the dormouse said —
Feed your head! Feed your head!

~ Grace Slick ~
Lion and Unicorn.jpg

  Alice par John Tenniel 31.png

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October 31
Great Pumpkins Warhol 1.jpg  

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF!

~ Charity slogan for UNICEF ~

  Distributing Food to refugees in Congo.jpeg

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