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Wikiquote editors may find articles, images, or other pages that they believe should be deleted, and raise these concerns in various deletion forums. Administrators determine consensus and examine policy to decide whether there is sufficient justification for their deletion from Wikiquote.

Wikiquote:Deletion review considers disputed decisions made in Wikiquote:Votes for deletion (and sometimes speedy deletions). This includes appeals to restore pages that have been deleted, as well as to delete pages that were not deleted, after a prior discussion. Before using the Review, please read Wikiquote:Deletion policy and Wikiquote:Undeletion policy.

If a short stub was deleted for lack of content, and you wish to create a useful article on the same subject, you can be bold and do so. It is not necessary to have the original stub undeleted. If, however, the new article is also deleted, you may list it here for a discussion. If you are proposing that a page be reconsidered for deletion, please place the template {{Delrev}} on that page to inform editors who may wish to join the discussion here. If the page has already been deleted, an administator will recreate the page and add {{TempUndelete}}.


  1. Deletion Review is the process to be used to challenge the outcome of a deletion debate or a speedy deletion where someone is unable to resolve the issue in discussion with the administrator (or other editor) in question. This should be attempted first - courteously invite the admin to take a second look.
  2. Deletion Review is also to be used if significant new information has come to light since a deletion and the information in the deleted article would be useful to write a new article.
  3. In the most exceptional cases, posting a message to WQ:AN may be more appropriate instead. Rapid corrective action can then be taken if the ensuing discussion makes clear it should be.

This process should not be used simply because you disagree with a deletion debate's outcome but instead if you think the debate was interpreted incorrectly by the closer or have some information pertaining to the debate that did not receive an airing during the AfD debate (perhaps because the information was not available at that time). This page is about process, not about content, although in some cases it may involve reviewing content.


Commenting in a deletion reviewEdit

In the deletion review discussion, users should opt to:

  • Endorse the original closing decision; or
  • Relist on Wikiquote:Votes for deletion; or
  • Overturn the original decision and optionally an (action). For a keep decision, the default action associated with overturning is delete and vice versa. If an editor desires some action other than the default, they should make this clear.

Remember that Deletion Review is not an opportunity to (re-)express your opinion on the content in question. It is an opportunity to correct errors in process (in the absence of significant new information), and thus the action specified should be the editor's feeling of the correct interpretation of the debate.

The presentation of new information about the content should be prefaced by Relist, rather than Overturn and (action). This information can then be more fully evaluated in its proper deletion discussion forum.

Closing reviewsEdit

A nominated page should remain on deletion review for at least five days. After five days, an administrator will determine if a consensus exists. If that consensus is to undelete, the admin should follow the instructions at Wikiquote:Undeletion policy. If the consensus was to relist, the article should be relisted at Wikiquote:Votes for deletion. If the consensus was that the deletion was endorsed, the discussion should be closed with the consensus documented.