Vanessa Beeley

blogger, writer and photographer, propagandist, plot theorist

Vanessa Beeley (born 17 June 1964) is a British activist and blogger known for her views about the Syrian civil war and about the Syrian volunteer organisation the White Helmets.

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  • At the entrance to Shrehi, one of the villages attacked by ISIS in July, we stopped the car to visit the poster that had been erected with the names of the martyrs killed during the attack. Young men, women, children, murdered by a terrorist group with a history of collusion with the US Coalition against Syria and the Syrian Arab Army.
Airstrikes from Saudi Arabia, UAE and the USA against oil refineries in eastern Syria
US troops convoy in Syria (23 December 2018)

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  • [Beeley] began attacking the White Helmets vehemently. In 2015, she had called for the first responders to be killed, even though "violence to life and person [against civilians and non-combatants], in particular murder of all kinds" is prohibited by the Geneva Convention. "White Helmets are not getting it," she tweeted. "We know they are terrorists. Makes them a legit target."
    Beeley has admitted, in a private Facebook conversation with the blogger Scott Gaulke that was obtained by hackers and subsequently published, that even Assad does not deny torture. She wrote, "even Govt members dont [sic] deny it btw," adding that she would never admit this publicly.

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