Katie Hopkins

English media personality and far-right commentator (born 1975)

Katie Olivia Hopkins (born 13 February 1975) is a British tabloid newspaper columnist, and former reality television contestant.


  • I'm not sorry for stealing my husband from his wife.
    • Katie Hopkins: "I'm Not Sorry For Stealing My Husband From His Wife", at huffingtonpost.co.uk, posted: 06/08/20.
    • After admitting on The Apprentice That she had had an affair with Mark Cross who she knew was married, Hopkins clarified that she had no remorse for this, causing Cross to divorce his wife and eventually marrying him.
  • "Would I employ you if you were obese? No I would not. You would give the wrong impression to the clients of my business. I need people to look energetic, professional and efficient. If you are obese you look lazy."
  • "The difference between most mothers and me is that I didn't sit around drinking coffee at baby group for 12 months after the birth of my baby. No, in three weeks I was back in my suit, back at my desk earning profit for my business and I don’t see why other women shouldn't do the same."
  • "Women don’t want equal treatment, they couldn’t handle it if they got it. It’s a tough world out there. What a lot of women are actually looking for is special treatment. What women need to realise is that they have to toughen up."
  • "Ramadan typically brings a spike in violence in Middle East. I get grumpy when I don't eat - but I don't blow things up. Religion of peace?"

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