Maria Zakharova

Russian foreign ministry spokesperson since 2015

Maria Vladimirovna Zakharova (Russian: Мария Владимировна Захарова, born 24 December 1975) is the Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation from 10 August 2015. She has a degree of Candidate in Historical Sciences, the Russian equivalent of a PhD.

Maria Zakharova (2017)






  • I have no detailed information about what soldiers you are talking about.
  • We have no laws to stop this.
    • Said in 2019 about the Russian private military company Wagner group, quoted in "No lie too great", Politico, 29 July 2022


  • We noticed the unprecedented campaign launched in Greece to defame Russia’s policy. Senior officials in Athens allow themselves to make crude accusations against our country and its leadership, they are literally competing with their like-minded people. They hypocritically speak of an “unprovoked attack” against Ukraine, for the first time since World War II, a “mass invasion” and so on.


  • Ukraine has become the global centre of Nazism, and this issue goes far beyond Eastern Europe. All reasonable anti-fascist and anti-Nazi forces must work together to ensure that the broader society learns the truth.
    • Post, Twitter, 27 December 2023


  • To justify their aggressive aspirations, representatives of the North Atlantic bloc are deliberately fueling hysteria around an imaginary Russian ‘threat’, including actively spreading insinuations about Russia’s plans to attack the organization’s member states.

From the Russian Wikiquote

  • Even cookery books, they were also banned. Why? Because it was impossible to share borscht. Well, you can't. It should only belong to one person. To some one people, one nationality ... And so that it is common? And so that in every city and in every region every housewife could cook it in her own way? No. They don't want to compromise. So this is what we are talking about: xenophobia, Nazism, extremism in all forms...
    • Даже книги о кулинарии, они тоже запрещались. Почему? Потому что нельзя было делиться борщом. Ну нельзя. Он должен был принадлежать только кому-то одному. Какому-то одному народу, одной национальности... А так, чтобы он был общий? И чтобы в каждом городе и в каждом регионе каждая хозяйка могла приготовить его по-своему? Нет. На компромиссы идти не хотят. Так это и есть то, о чем мы говорим: ксенофобия, нацизм, экстремизм во всех видах...

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