User statement (Social contract)Edit

* "Whom the g-ds wish to destroy, they first make them near as g-ds are" - Greek proverb ( ~nb. this translation questions 'mad')

This Wiki-type system, et al, is really good as a hyper-index psychic concordance ... "wikipedia is really good as a search engine"

Wikipedia Foundation user since 2005-2007. First account 'book_m' deleted due to non feeling able to keep up with a general "log on fatigue" with unhelpful talk page experiences &c (I always fall apart with censorship & left/right politics, &c).

These 'text_mdnp' [1] accounts have been in action since 2008. I have had the funitude to see my part in article changes enter the legally binding - "published" - popular psi-culture & to experience the joy that we here at Wikipedia are part of a system of change that knows objective reality description is possible ... & non just being a vacuum or victim to sly para-chrono agenda sets.

  • I respect all diverse charters & groups. When I disagree I will say so ... & non be a busy body to do so? (I do sometimes worry about "identity politics", being more attractive over any sense of right & wrong)
  • Web 3.0 will be a virus

In our geometries of do ... & our lexicons of woo ... we should always move ... to the beat of our own drum ... that is made from other thumbs. ~umvsrhyme (c2k20-21rdg?)


LicenceEdit (see~ Richard Stallman [2])

Public Odmain [sic]

... published by the fact that it exists (or by the t-hat it exists)

"... used to be the fight for the means of production, now it's the fight for the means of perception ... or the meme's of perception" - Genesis P-Orridge, In conversation with Douglas Rushkoff, 1993 (From Rushkoff's Team Human podcast) [3]