Genesis P-Orridge

British artist, musician and writer (1950–2020)

Genesis P-Orridge (born Neil Andrew Megson on February 22, 1950) is an English performer, musician, writer and artist.


  • After thee accumulation of too much history we have lost our innocence, we cannot easily believe in any explanations. We describe rather than feel, we touch rather than explore, we lust rather than adore.
    • Thee Reversal of Fate
  • The bottom line is that the human species has to realize the human body really is just a cheap suitcase.
  • ... used to be the fight for the means of production, now it's the fight for the means of perception ... or the meme's of perception ... they who control the meme's of perception design each universe I would say
    • In conversation with Douglas Rushkoff, 1993 (From Rushkoff's Team Human podcast) [1]
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