User:Lemonaka/The obstructs and the future

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One, two, three, a lot of obsturcts edit

Verifiability edit

As previous discussed on Wikiquote:Village_pump#Edit_of_73.168.254.34

Some quotes from this project have little verifiability. There are a large number of movie quotes in this project, and many IP users edit them every day, so no one can completely compare them sentence by sentence. In the past, during the reviewing process, we found some vandals, but their edits were often with blatant bad faith.

Copyright issues edit

Quotations from many films are actually copyrighted, but are often heavily incorporated into this project. Despite copyright cleanup movements initiated by sysops and the community, there are still a lot of pages with such taggings.

Discussion, processing lagging edit

As previous discussed on Wikiquote:Administrators'_noticeboard#Failure_to_process_deletion_queues

Some of these discussions has no one want to participant, some of these got a consensus, but lagging for a long time waiting to be processed.

LTA's trolling/ harassing edit

As we all know, the project has been harassed for a long time by a madman. Anti-vandalism editors often have a difficult battle against it, yet again and again.

Another banned user, Risto hot sir, often makes seemingly normal edits that are actually malicious. But unless stewards' checking, actions are hard to be taken.

Insights edit

General edit

We're actually a large project with a small number of active users, we have 45,135 pages. However, a large number of users who come to edit are IP users. If you pay attention to it, you can know that there are no more than 20 active registered users here. They are trying to maintain the stability of the whole project.

IP and some minor problems edit

Most of these IP users are dynamic IPs, which means that the contributions made by many IP users are not continuous. It is difficult for them to notice the changes of the relevant pages, and dynamic IPs also make it difficult to check contributions. When checking an IP's contributions, I highly recommend checking /32 or /16 instead of just a single address.

Anti-vandalism, or in fact anti-trolling edit

Long-term manual combat with vandals is time-consuming, and vandals are happy to see others waste a lot of time. Considering some common behaviors of vandals, blacklisting some links and setting filters is always a good way. But this requires smarter and more capable editors to work together.

In order to achieve this, we first need to find the common words or links of vandals from the previous contributions, use multiple editing filters, from flagging to automatic blocking, and finally automatic anti-vandalism.

Remember, we're not only fighting against vandals, but we are also fighting against trolls. There's no point in scolding them, which will just makes them happier.

Films quotation edit

It is best to provide in which movie, in which episode, and when the quotations appeared. This is convenient for verification and avoids copyright infringement due to excessive citations.

However, in order to achieve this, a consensus needs to be confirmed by the community.

The future edit

To be honest, I can't predict the future. But if I still have the energy to continue serving this project in the future, perhaps a better development direction is to introduce some bots and localize the twinkle to replace the semi-finished WD, which will make various operations more convenient.

If more high-quality users join this project, then many things can also be helped by more volunteers, which is of course better.

But this is some long-term projects, so this is only as part of the outlook.

Thank you for reading the nonsense I said, friends who read here, best wishes.