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Quotes about creeks


Not really sure what to do with these, but they're interesting quotes on (polluted) creeks in northeast PA. Emphasis mine on all quotes.

  • Nescopeck Creek: "Flying over the Nescopeck Watershed, one would think that the watershed was ground zero in an apocalyptic war. The landscape is lacerated with open stripping pits which are skirted with scabs of culm and bleeding mine drainage." --Michael Hewitt [1]
  • Mahanoy Creek: "Areas of unreclaimed surface mines and spoil banks resemble a moonscape in the upper Mahanoy Creek watershed." --Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection [2]
  • Black Creek: "Gushing from the bowels of Hazleton, this creek demands a paddler who is not only skilled, but able to stare dysentery, hepatitis, and typhoid in the eye without even blinking...Under such [rainy] conditions, brown and oil streaked runoff from the streets of Hazleton mixes with black, coal dust-laden mine runoff, which is then diluted with stinking gray sewage bypassing (why?) Hazleton's shiny and modern sewage treatment plant" --Edward Gertler, Keystone Canoeing
  • Shamokin Creek: "If there is ever a 'March of Dimes' campaign for crippled and deformed creeks, then Shamokin [Creek] will be chosen as the poster stream." --Edward Gertler, Keystone Canoeing
  • Catawissa Creek: "The Catawissa is probably the most beautiful screwed-up stream east of the Mississippi" -Ed Wytovich [3]
  • Solomon Creek: "The Solomon Gap ash piles, some rising 60 to 100 feet and speckled pink and orange from oxidation, were presumably dumped into the creek in the days when steam engines powered the nearby Lehigh Valley Railroad" -Robert Hughes [4]