North Mountain (Pennsylvania)

mountain in the Allegheny Mountains, USA

North Mountain is a 2584-foot (788 meter) mountain in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Quotes about North Mountain

  • In the form of North Mountain, no matter where seen from, whether from the beginning of the Bald Eagle ridge at Muncy, pale blue in the distant ether, or in the middle distance rising in all the majesty of its many colors from the top of Tommy Taylor's hill, or face to face with its grim wall at Jamison City, it is impressive not only for its mammoth proportions, but for its individuality. No other mountain in the world is in any way like it. It is vast, but there is beauty in its vastness; LeConte's theory of the divine architecture of mountains is illustrated by it, it is the type of majesty in Nature, Nature's cathedral. In fact, its outline against the sky strikingly suggests the form of Natre Dame, [sic] flying buttresses and all.