Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes

2010 film by Raja Gosnell

Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes is a 2010 animated mystery comedy direct-to-video film starring Tom and Jerry produced by Warner Bros. Animation. In the city of London, a crook is stealing jewels around the Scotland Yard, and Red, a beautiful singer, is being framed for this crime. Tom and Jerry, as assistants, must help Sherlock Holmes look for clues and track down the real thief to solve this case.


  • Stop in the name of my reward!

Professor MoriarityEdit

  • And it all worked so perfectly on paper.


  • Poor Thomas, are you okay? Detective Sherlock Holmes jumps out of between the wall sorry about that I was so caught up that I cannot find the missing diamond. Hey Jerry nibbles did you find the missing diamond? We try to but we got distracted by a runaway carriage we have to stop it and we crashed into a nearby River this is sure a mystery wait a second foot prints it must be the Thief! Jerry sniffing then he spots the carriage about to run over a bridge! Oh no! I got to stop it! Sherlock Holmes wait! You'll never stop me Sherlock! Well we'll see the diamond falls off the back of the carriage oh no! Sherlock Holmes jumps from the bridge gotcha! but Falls! I can't watch! But Sherlock manages to use the diamond so he can dangle over the bridge I'm glad you were okay. You almost died sure I got the diamond now! Polices come and surround the thief you're under arrest! Tom and Jerry dance happily!


Dr. Watson: We'll never catch him now.
Sherlock Holmes: Never is not in my vocabulary.

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