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Droopy, also known as Droopy Dog, is an animated cartoon character, an anthropomorphic dog with a droopy face, hence the name "Droopy". Originally known as "Happy Hound", he was created by Tex Avery, for theatrical cartoon shorts produced by the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon studio, in 1943.

Dumb-Hounded (1943)

  • Droopy: Hello all you happy people...you know what? I'm the hero.

Señor Droopy (1949)

  • Droopy: You know what? That makes me mad.
  • Droopy (after winning a date with actress Lina Romay, deadpan to camera): You know what? I'm happy.

Daredevil Droopy (1951)

  • Spike: (after cutting down a wooden trapeze pole, as it falls) TIM- (the pole falls on Spike) -ber.

Droopy's "Double Trouble"

  • Spike: Now cut it out!! Quit hitting me with that shillelagh!
Droopy: Yes, Spike?
Drippy (Droopy's twin brother): What do you want?
(Spike, shocked at seeing two Droopy's, goes insane and is taken away in an ambulance.)

Caballero Droopy

  • Droopy: You know what? That's not sanitary.

Dixieland Droopy

  • Droopy: (as John Pettybone) Hello, folks.
  • Narrator: Unfortunately, however, not all music lovers appreciated Dixieland.
  • Narrator: Well, John, at least you still have your record.
  • Narrator: Well, John, now you did it. You're through - no more Dixieland. What's this? Dixieland John! They're playing your song! Fleas love dogs, you know. You could make beautiful music together!
  • Ringmaster: Hey you! Come back here with my fleas!
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