Thunderball (film)

1965 James Bond film by Terence Young

Thunderball is a 1965 film in the James Bond series. Agent Bond heads to the Bahamas to recover two nuclear warheads stolen by SPECTRE agent Emilio Largo in an international extortion scheme.

Directed by Terence Young. Written by Richard Maibaum and John Hopkins, based on the novel by Ian Fleming.
Look Up! Look Down! Look Out! Here Comes The Biggest Bond Of All!

James BondEdit

  • Madame, I've, er, come to offer my... sincere condolences. [punches the "widow" in the face]
  • [placing Fiona's body in a chair after she is shot] Do you mind if my friend sits this one out? She's just dead.
  • It looks very difficult. [shooting from the hip, Bond shatters his clay pigeon] Why no, it isn't, is it!


  • Pat Fearing: [after strapping Bond to the motorized traction table] There, first time I've felt safe all day.


[Emilio Largo has arrived at a SPECTRE board meeting. Throughout the meeting, Blofeld is seated in a glass box covered in shutter blinds.]
Ernst Stavro Blofeld/Number 1: Sit down, Number 2. We will discuss your NATO project later. [Largo bows and takes a seat at the front. We see that the boardroom has twelve chairs, six on either side, one of which is empty. Blofeld's box overlooks them all, with a secretary seated at the head, below Blofeld and outside the box.] I regret to inform you all of the death of SPECTRE Number 6. Colonel Jacques Bouvar was killed by an unknown assassin. His services will be greatly missed. [as he dims the boardroom lights and shows a map of Earth, with a pulsating light blue pentagram over Japan, on the screen opposite his box] We will now proceed with the area financial reports. Number 7.
SPECTRE Number 7: Blackmail of the double agent, Matsou Fujiwa. Unfortunately, only forty million yen, all the man had.
Blofeld/Number 1: Number 10. [the star on the map has settled over France]
SPECTRE Number 10: Assassination of Perringe, the French anti-matter specialist who went over to the Russians...three million francs from the Special Department of the Qui d'Orsay.
Blofeld/Number 1: Number 5. [the star on the map has settled over the United Kingdom]
SPECTRE Number 5: Our consultation fee for the British train robbery, £250,000.
Blofeld/Number 1: Number 11.
SPECTRE Number 11: Distribution of Red China narcotics in the United States. $2,300,000. Collected by Number 9 and myself.
Blofeld/Number 1: Two million three? Our expectations were considerably...higher, Number 11.
SPECTRE Number 11: Competition from Latin America. Prices are down.
Blofeld/Number 1: I anticipated that factor. Are you quite sure all monies have been accounted for, by yourself and Number 9?
SPECTRE Number 11: To the penny, Number 1.

Pat Fearing: What exactly do you do?
Bond: Oh, I travel... a sort of licensed troubleshooter.

Miss Moneypenny: In the conference room. Something pretty big. Every double-o man in Europe has been rushed in. And the Home Secretary too.
Bond: His wife probably lost her dog.

[MI6 Conference Room. It is a large, ornate room with blue pillars, large antique paintings on the walls and floor-to-ceiling windows showing different views of London. Seated at a small table, with their backs to one window, are the Home Secretary, his right-hand man Kenniston, M, and two men in Royal Air Force uniforms. Both are commissioned officers, one an Air Marshal (Sir John). A technician stands in the background. Seated at a table facing them are eight men in suits, all 00 agents. Bond arrives late, and tries to get in without M knowing, to no avail.]
M: Well, now that we're all here, the Prime Minister has asked the Home Secretary to come and represent him here today. Home Secretary?
Home Secretary: Ah, gentlemen. The tape that you are about to hear was received at 10 Downing Street this morning.
[M presses the play button on a reel-to-reel tape player in front of him. The SPECTRE message begins to play.]
Ernst Stavro Blofeld/Number 1: [on tape] My dear Prime Minister, two atomic bombs, numbers 456 and 457, which were aboard NATO flight 759, are now in the possession of SPECTRE. Unless within the next seven days, your government pays to us one hundred million pounds Sterling, in a manner to be designated by us, we shall destroy a major city in England or the United States of America. Please signal your acceptance of our terms by arranging for Big Ben to strike seven times at 6:00pm tomorrow.
[M presses the stop button.]
Home Secretary: The Prime Minister and the President have talked together over the hotline, and have agreed that unless the bombs are recovered, payment will have to be made. To avoid general panic, complete secrecy will be maintained, and no press announcements. [To M] The Prime Minister has asked that your department take charge of the operation.
M: Thank you sir. [To Air Marshal Sir John] Sir John?
[The technician unveils a map behind one of the paintings, a map of Europe, Africa and part of North America, with a large hollow red circle on it.]
Air Marshal Sir John: [At the map; pointing] This circle represents the full flying range of the Vulcan. Extensive search has failed to locate any evidence of either a crash or landing, and worldwide reports have proved negative on all airfields large enough to handle the Vulcan. [To M] That's all we have, sir.
M: Thank you, Sir John.
Home Secretary: Well, I'll leave you to carry on. We'll keep you in touch from Number 10.
M: Thank you, sir. [The Home Secretary and Kenniston leave; to the 00 agents] You may now open the folders in front of you. [The 00 agents do so, looking at the papers in them.] Codename... Thunderball. As you can see, we've very little to go on. All the members of the crew had top security clearance. You'll find their photographs and service records in your files. You'll be working with NATO, CIA and all Allied intelligence units. Well, that's all, until you discuss your individual assignments with me.

M: I've assigned you to Station "C" Canada.
Bond: Sir, I'd respectfully request that you change my assignment to Nassau.
M: Is there any other reason, besides your enthusiasm for water sports?

[Bond shows M a picture of Dominique Derval, the Vulcan pilot's sister]
M: Do we know where she is now?
Bond: Nassau.
M: Do you think she's worth going after?
Bond: Well, I wouldn't put it quite like that, sir...

[As Q is showing Bond new gadgets]
Q: It is to be handled with special care!
Bond: Everything you give me...
Q: treated with equal contempt. Yes, I know.

Bond: Perhaps we could have a drink.
Domino: No.
Bond: My dear, uncooperative Domino.
Domino: How do you know that? How do you know my friends call me Domino?
Bond: It's on the bracelet on your ankle.
Domino: So... what sharp little eyes you've got.
Bond: Wait 'til you get to my teeth.

Bond: That gun, it looks more fitting for a woman.
Emilio Largo: You know much about guns, Mr. Bond?
Bond: No, but I know a little about women.

Fiona: Some men just don't like to be driven.
Bond: No, some men don't like to be taken for a ride.

Bond: [after making love to the evil Fiona Volpe] My dear girl, don't flatter yourself. What I did this evening was for King and country. You don't think it gave me any pleasure, do you?
Fiona: But of course, I forgot your ego, Mr. Bond. James Bond, the one where he has to make love to a woman, and she starts to hear heavenly choirs singing. She repents, and turns to the side of right and virtue... [she steps on Bond's foot] ... but not this one! What a blow for you, to have actually suffered a defeat!
Bond:[to himself] Well, you can't win them all.

Domino: Vargas's behind you.
James Bond: Really?
Domino: He must have followed us.
[Bond shoots Vargas with a spear gun, pinning him to a coconut tree and killing him]
Bond: I think he got the point.
Domino: It should have been Largo.

[Domino shoots Largo in the back, just as he is about to kill Bond]
Domino: I'm glad I killed him.
Bond: You're glad...

[Bond, Domino and Kutze are about to jump from the Disco Volante as it's about to hit the rocks]
Bond: Come on! Jump!
Kutze: I didn't learn to swim!
Bond: Never too late to learn. [he thrusts the Disco Volante's life ring into Kutze's hands]
[They all jump]


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