The Lonely Island

American comedy troupe

The Lonely Island (2001–present) is an American comedy group composed of Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, and Andy Samberg (aka the Dudes). The group is from Berkeley, and are currently based in New York City.

The Lonely Island in 2010

Quotes edit

  • Everyone who has gambled on keeping the three of us together so far, it's gone well. We figured it couldn't hurt to see how long we could ride it.
    • Pastorek, Whitney (July 27, 2007), "ANDY SAMBERG". Entertainment Weekly. (945); Samberg on the three always working together.
  • Woooo! 3, 2, 1, go!
    Have you heard the news? Everyone’s talkin'
    Life is good ‘cause everything's awesome
    Lost my job, there’s a new opportunity
    More free time for my awesome community
    I feel more awesome than an awesome possum
    Dip my body in chocolate frostin'
    Three years later wash off the frostin'
    Smellin’ like a blossom, everything is awesome
    Stepped in mud, got new brown shoes,
    It’s awesome to win and it’s awesome to lose.

Incredibad (2009) edit

  • I jizz right in my pants
    Every time you're next to me
    And when we're holding hands
    It's like having sex to me
    You say I'm premature
    I just call it ecstasy
    I wear a rubber at all times
    It's a necessity.
    • "Jizz In My Pants" (first aired on Saturday Night Live, 2008), written with Michael Forno
  • I'm on a boat, motherfucker, take a look at me,
    Straight floating on a boat on the deep blue sea (yeah, yeah).
    Busting five knots, wind whipping out my coat,
    You can't stop me, motherfucker, 'cause I'm on a boat.
  • Lazy Sunday, wake up in the late afternoon,
    Call Parnell just to see how he’s doin’.
    Hello? What up, Parns? Yo, Samberg, what’s crackin'?
    You thinking what I’m thinking? Narnia! Man, it’s happenin'!
  • Roll up to the theater; ticket buying, what we’re handlin'
    You can call us Aaron Burr from the way we’re dropping Hamiltons.
    Now parked in our seats, movie trivia's the illest.
    "Which Friends alum starred in films with Bruce Willis?"
    We answered so fast it was scary.
    Everyone stared in awe when we screamed "Matthew Perry!"
    • "Lazy Sunday"
  • Girl, you know we've been together, such a long, long time (such a long time)
    And now I'm ready, to lay it on the line.
    Well, you know it's Christmas and my heart is open wide (open wide).
    Gonna give you something so you know what's on my mind (what's on my mind).
    A gift real special, so take off the top,
    Take a look inside - it's my dick in a box (it's in a box).
  • I don't sleep, motherfucker; off that 'gnac and the durban,
    Doin' 120, gettin' head while I'm swervin'.
    Damn Natalie, you a crazy chick.
    Yo, shut the fuck up and suck my dick!
    I bust in dudes' mouths like Gushers motherfucker,
    Roll up on NBC and smack the shit outta Jeff Zucker
    • "Natalie's Rap"

Turtleneck & Chain (2011) edit

  • I just had sex, and it felt so good (felt so good).
    A woman let me put my penis inside of her.
    I just had sex, and I'll never go back (never go back)
    To the not-having-sex ways of the past.
  • 'Cause I’m a Motherlover,
    You’re a Motherlover.
    We should fuck each others mothers,
    Fuck each others moms.
    I’m pushing that way where you came out as a baby,
    Ain’t no doubt that shit is crazy.
    Fucking each others moms.
    ‘Cause every Mother’s Day needs a Mother’s Night.
    If doing it is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.
    • "Motherlover" (first aired on Saturdau Night Live, May 9, 2009), written with Justin Timberlake
  • At the Farmer's Market with my so-called girlfriend.
    She hands me her cell phone says it's my dad,
    "Man, this ain't my dad, this is a cell phone."
    I threw it on the ground.
    What you think I'm stupid?
    I'm not a part of your system.
    My dad's not a phone, duh!
    • "Threw It On the Ground"

The Wack Album (2013) edit

  • Yeah, and here's another piece of advice:
    Stay away from kids, 'cause their hair is filled with mad lice.
    There's no such thing as too much Purell.
    This a cautionary tale, word to George Orwell.
    So don't 1980-force any plugs into sockets,
    Always wear a chastity belt and triple lock it,
    Then hire a taster, make him check your food for poison.
    And if you think your mailman is a spy, then destroy him.
    • "YOLO", written with Rhiannon Bryan, Rhydian Davies, and Needlz
  • Kings of the bar scene, pounding on brewskies,
    Banging chicks right there in the sand.
    Bros before hoes and chicks with no clothes and
    Slamming shots and marry a man.
  • Back in that ass, yeah
    Your mom says hi, jinx!
    • "3-Way", written with Justin Timberlake
  • Hey, boys, I want you both,
    I hope that you think that's cool (Say word?).
    I know most guys won't freak together.
    But she forgot about the golden rule

    It's okay when it's in a 3-way.
    It's not gay when it's in a 3-way.
    With a honey in the middle, there's some leeway.
    The area's grey in a 1-2-3-way.

    • "3-Way (The Golden Rule)"

About edit

  • As they become adults, they are feeling that they have different interests at times, and they all realize that it is healthy [to] go and do individual stuff. But I feel right now that they really enjoy being with each other and really respect what each member brings.

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