The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning

2008 film directed by Peggy Holmes

The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (also known as The Little Mermaid III) is a 2008 American animated direct-to-video fantasy film produced by DisneyToon Studios, and a prequel to Disney's 1989 animated film The Little Mermaid. Directed by Peggy Holmes.


Sebastian: What about Ariel? You just gonna abandon her, leave her to deal wit all dat we tangled her up in? You tink that small, weak, helpless little girl can do anything by herself? [Ariel smashes open door] Ariel?
Ariel: Come on Sebastian, let's go.

Marina Del Ray: As you can see, I - [raises chair to Triton's level] I'm a self starter, Your Majesty. Here to anticipate your every need! Not like that last guy, what was his name? Sooner we forget about him, the better. In fact! Let's make a vow, never to mention his name again. Here, I'll start! [claps hands over mouth] There! Wasn't that easy?

[That got them to stop fighting. Meanwhile, we go to Ariel humming "I Remember" in her sleep, but then she and the gang wake up to see her sister staring at them]
Ariel: What? [looks at her sisters being suspicious] What?
Attina: Uh... You were humming.
Ariel: [gasps] I was?
Arista: Out loud.
Ariel: Don't worry. [swims to her mirror] It was just a dream.
Alana: I'll tell you what wasn't a dream. We woke up at midnight.
Aquata: And your bed was still empty.
Ariel: Really?
Andrina: Yeah. That is two hours past curfew.
Ariel: Oh.
Andrina: Ooh, was it a boy?
Adella: If it's a boy, I'm gonna die.
Andrina: Ugh... Drama.
Adella: I mean, I'm happy for you, Ariel. It's just that I'm two years older than you, and the only one I've come even close to kissing is Stevie.
Andrina: Ew! Squid-Lips Stevie?
Adella: It was on a dare.
Andrina: Whatever.
Attina: Girls, let's stick to the subject.
Ariel: Well, it wasn't a boy, OK? I was just helping a friend. Out past the kelp forest.
Aquata: Ooh! Past the kelp forest. It wasn't a boy. It was a bad boy.
Arista: [gasped] Oh, Ariel.
Aquata: Simmer down there, sister.
Attina: So you were just helping a friend?
Ariel: Um... Yep.
Attina: Then, where'd you get... this!
[Ariel's Sisters gasped]
Attina: Can you imagine what'd happen if Dad found it?
Ariel: He's never here.
Attina: Don't get cute with me. This is serious. Where were you?
[Andrina looks at Attina. Alana, Aquata, and Arista both looked at Ariel]
Ariel: I was just... listening to music in an underground club.
Attina: OK, where were you really?
[Ariel give them the look]
Girls: [gasped] Listening to music?
Aquata: No way.
Arista: What was it like?
Andrina: Come on. Spill it.
Ariel: [laughs] Oh, it was amazing. The energy, the dancing, the music...Just makes you feel like...
Aquata: Like what?
Ariel: Like when Mom was here.
Arista: Ariel, I wanna hear it, too.
Ariel: You do?
Aquata: Me, too.
Adella: OK. Me, too.
Alana: Me, too! Me, too!
Andrina: Not without me.
Arista: Yeah. Everybody does. Please, Ariel. Please?
Ariel: Well...
Attina: Oh!
Ariel: We'll go tonight.
Arista: I'm so excited!
Aquata: Music!
Alana: What should I wear?
Adella: So you think there'll be boys?
Andrina: One way to find out.
Attina: This is not happening! You go again and I...
Andrina: Oh, lighten up.
Ariel: Come on.
Girls: Mmm?
Attina: OK.
[The girls cheer as Marina and Benjamin arrives]
Marina Del Rey: Come on, girls. Uppy-up.
Andrina: Morning.
Benjamin: They're early.
Marina Del Rey: Yes. But why?


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