Samuel E. Wright

American actor (1946–2021)

Samuel E. Wright (20 November 1946 – 24 May 2021) is an American film and theater actor and singer.


  • Yes, I'm actually a fan of all things Disney, I utilize that in my craft, because I think Disney movies are crafted so well that they can be studied as well as film can be studied. What people do is they hear it in my voice, they can hear him in my voice, because he is me, he's not like a made-up character, he is me they can hear it in my voice, and when they hear that they ask "Are you the guy who played Sebastian the crab, because you look like him."
  • I'm not a voice-over actor, I do Sebastian because Sebastian is a part of me, but I can't sit there and make up a voice for you.
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