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The Flash

several superheros in the DC Comics universe
For the 2014 series, see The Flash (2014 TV series).

The Flash is the name shared by several fictional superheroes from the DC Comics Universe. Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert, the original Flash first appeared in Flash Comics #1 (1940) know as the fastest man alive

All dates listed are cover dates, not necessarily (and not usually) the actual publishing date.

Wally WestEdit

  • My name is Wally West. I'm the fastest man alive. I'm The Flash.
  • My name is Wally West and by age fourteen I know I'm trapped...locked into a future that's one dark tunnel of sorrow and despair. A life sentence waiting to be served. But then the impossible happens. Thanks my Aunt Iris, I meet my hero, The Flash. And in one split-second my tomorrows, every last one of them, are transformed from a single bolt of lightning. Now and forever I'm fast...I'm free...and nothing will ever hold me back. - Born to Run
  • [Regarding defeating Professor Zoom] That thought you said you had...that I might not be able to stop him on my own? Put it out of your head. - The Return of Barry Allen
  • Through the years, being able to think at the speed of sound has taught me a lot of patience. - The Secret of Barry Allen
  • In terms of raw speed, Superman and I used to be evenly matched. I'd even say he might've been a tad faster. But that was before I got over my fear of replacing Barry. Before I discovered where my speed actually comes from. And before I learned how to tap into the speed force and take complete control of my abilities. - The Secret of Barry Allen
  • [While being chased by Superman] I could steal all of Superman's kinetic energy and stop him cold, but it'd be like throwing him out of a moving at over two thousand miles a second. That combined with Superman's strength, he'd create a path of total destruction from here to Moscow. - The Secret of Barry Allen
  • [As Kid Flash talking to Robin] Flash says Batman's kinda off. And he knows it. That's why he gets so many lunatics runnin' at him. 'Cause he's a lunatic himsel--[Batman appears] Holy crap. - The Secret of Barry Allen
  • Pain. It's the oddest thing when you're able to live between the ticks of a second. When you're in speed mode your perception is so fast, you have time to think about how much you're going to hurt before you hurt. [...] But my pain impulses haven't reached my brain. I can feel them traveling up my spine. [...] Fact is, once in awhile I get dizzy from loss of blood before I even know I'm bleeding. - The Secret of Barry Allen
  • [After being 'snuck up' on by Batman] Are you finished? I want you know. You touched me because I let you touch me. - The Secret of Barry Allen
  • It's kind of like an internal clock with us. When we run, we just, well, we just know how fast we're going. - The Secret of Barry Allen
  • The Flash isn't just me. It isn't about Wally West. Or even Barry Allen or Jay Garrick anymore. It is a symbol. An image for Keystone that helps these people fight to be something better. I'm proud to be a part of this. And I always have been. - The Secret of Barry Allen
  • Putting on the scarlet and the lightning is usually instinctive. I can do it in less than a millisecond. - The Secret of Barry Allen
  • Some heroes I interact with get frustrated with me because I don't like to debate. I don't for two reasons. One, I've already thought whatever it is through thousands of times. I've looked at it from every angle. My mind is made up. And I don't change it often. And two, I think it's important that we all have different opinions. It's what's great about America. - The Secret of Barry Allen
  • Superman has kryptonite. Martian Manhunter has fire. Me? I have a temper. - The Secret of Barry Allen
  • [Switching between Wally West and The Flash clothing] I used to do this all the time. Moving so fast, changing clothes and being in two places at once. An old secret identity trick for us speedsters. - The Secret of Barry Allen

Short filmEdit

"Flash" (2014)Edit

Zoom "Remember flash l am the fastest man alive"


  • My name is Hunter Zolomon. Despite what the public believes, I am the fastest man alive. I am Zoom. - Rogue War
  • I've been given a gift. A gift I can pass on to The Flash. In order for him to become stronger he must have the ultimate tragedy. He must face his ultimate opposite. A man who has lost his pride, confidence and identity to tragedy. A man who will run him down a hellish road and feel no guilt in bringing him there. Destiny has brought us here, Flash. From friend to foe. There is only one type of man who can make you a better hero. One type of man who can reverse your twisted thinking. One man. Who fits the profile? I fit the profile. - Blitz
  • Wallyismyfriend. Iiiii'mmm helpingggghimmmmmm face fear. - Blitz
  • [Speaking to Linda] You're a target. You need to go away. - Blitz
  • You are not fast enough. With all the speed you've absorbed from you 'allies' you are still not fast enough to stop me. - Blitz
  • Ineedtomakeyou you into a hero that willtakeany riskneeded. You must learn. To see what it's like to live with loss. So that you will do anything in your power to help people. Peoplelikeme. I'm making you a better hero, Flash. - Blitz
  • You made it into my world. We're locked between the ticks of a second. In a place where we are immortal. - Blitz
  • I will do anything to make The Flash a better hero. - Rogue War
  • Therehasn't been enough tragedyyy. - Rogue War

The RoguesEdit

Captain ColdEdit

  • My name' I hate it. My name's Leonard Snart. It's a bad name, I know. But my parents were bad people. I've got another tag now. Cold. Captain Cold. - Wonderland
  • [After being mistaken for Mr. Freeze] Mr. Freeze? That lovesick freak? He has an ice pistol. Shoots snow. The name's Captain Cold and this is a cold gun. I've achieved what Joule and Thomson only dreamed of. My gun negates thermal motion. Stops protons and electrons dead in their tracks. People too. - Wonderland
  • [In an alternate reality] A world without The Flash. I spent every day of my life dreamin' of what that would be like. But ain't pretty, West. - Wonderland
  • Fact is only thing worse than offin' cops is killin' a cape. - Ignition
  • My fingerprints, DNA, all found at the crime scenes, though I was never even there. I didn't kill anyone...wait. Let me rephrase that. I didn't kill anyone lately. - Ignition
  • [Discovers Mirror Master doing cocaine] Dammit, McCulloch. You wanna make your nose bleed? Let's do it the old-fashioned way. [punches Mirror Master in the nose] You know we don't have a lot of rules here. But I've said it before and I'll say it again. No drugs. - The Secret of Barry Allen
  • They say a hero is only as strong as his villains. Meaning The Flash is more powerful than the whole Justice League of America combined. Go ahead and pick the era, don't matter. - Rogue War
  • The Rogues have an unspoken code, a bond stronger than death itself. We watch one another's backs. To the end. - Rogue War
  • [After freezing and killing The Top] Forgot one of the rules, Top. Rogues shouldn't fight each other. 'Cause when they do...bad things happen. - Rogue War

Heat WaveEdit

  • My name is Mick Rory. But I like to go by Heat Wave. - Rogue War
  • I'm not like those other Rogues. I know I have problems. I've known since I was a kid. I'm sick. - Rogue War
  • I'm a man who's seen hell. A man who's been surrounded by hell. And a man who raises hell. It's what I do. It's what I've always done. Because I don't have a choice. - Rogue War
  • I've spent half of the money I stole in my career on therapists. Trying to forgive myself, to come to grips with my disease. - Rogue War
  • They labeled me an arsonist. But that's wrong. An arsonist is conscious of his actions, he can stop himself. Me? I'm a pyromaniac. - Rogue War
  • For years, I managed to bury my desires. To ignore my lust. But one evening for no reason at all, I turned everything back on. - Rogue War
  • After all this. You understand don't you? I'm not a bad person. I'm not a villain. I'm just sick. - Rogue War

Weather WizardEdit

  • Quite the weather we're having. - Blood Will Run
  • God, I hate sunshine. - Blood Will Run
  • There's nothing like the power of nature. - Blood Will Run
  • Amazing how much you can do with the weather. The real power behind it. - Blood Will Run
  • I've learned some things, Flash. With the help of a new friend. She's shown me how to better use my weather wand. The climate protects me now. I've learned all kinds of wonderful secrets. - Blood Will Run
  • The sky looks dark for you, girl. Now give me my SON. - Blood Will Run
  • The last girl that tried to hurt me had a thunderstorm grow inside her belly like a baby. - Rogue War
  • Runners. I hate runners. - Rogue War

Mirror MasterEdit

  • When something travels ta another world via the mirror lands, it leaves a kinda' soot behind. - Wonderland
  • Name is Evan McCulloch. But I spend most days callin' m'self The Mirror Master. - Rogue War
  • I can use a mirror a thousand diff'rent ways. Can turn a man inside out. Cut a hole through a seven-foot concrete wall. Make ye see things from yer fantasies...or from yer nightmares. - Rogue War

The TricksterEdit

  • Guess what kid? My conscience is clear. - Rogue War
  • [After defeating the 2nd Trickster] I ever see you calling yourself The Trickster, I catch you wearing that costume, we'll play patty-cake again. - Rogue War

Pied PiperEdit

  • Wally, I'm hardly an expert on relationships. I mean, in all truth I'm a pretty awful musician, too. That's part of the reason I originally became a crook. Frustrated artist, I guess. - Blood Will Run
  • It's time to pay the piper. - Rogue War
  • My heart is dead. - Rogue War

The TopEdit

  • Ready to be on TOP of the world! - Blitz
  • Spinning and spinning and spinning. - The Secret of Barry Allen
  • No one tops The Top, Flash. - The Secret of Barry Allen
  • [Talking about using his powers to reform certain Rogues] Remember what I told you, Flash? 'One day I'll take it all back.' Well, is unfortunately that day. - Rogue War

Other VillainsEdit

Gorilla GroddEdit

  • Do you know why I wish to feast on your flesh? You are everything I hate, Flash. A symbol to humanity that makes them believe they are worth something. That they can make a difference. - The Secret of Barry Allen
  • That's the trouble with you humans. Your emotions make you weak. - The Secret of Barry Allen


  • Aren't you going to say hi to Magenta? - Blood Will Run

Double DownEdit

  • Must be my lucky day. I was getting tired of playing solitaire. - Blood Will Run


  • Do you know what it's like, Flash? To feel yourself rust away? - Blood Will Run

Tar PitEdit

  • The name's Tar Pit, not "Guy." Now bring it on, dudes. - Blood Will Run

The Flash: RebirthEdit

Issue 4, "Flash Facts", September 2009Edit

Max: I never had an anchor. And Johnny lost Libby. That's why neither of us c-could escape. But you...
Barry: I can't run out of here, Max. I'm cut off from the Speed Force.
Max: No, you're not. You're not like the rest of us, Barry. You're like Thawne.
(Barry's eyes crackle with lightning)
Max: When I... (cuts off, in pain) When I first saw that bright light on the horizon, I tried to run into it. But every time I got close, I jumped forward in time. I didn't know it then, but it was because I was running towards you.
Barry: Me?
Max: This all began with you, Barry.
(Max explains the origin of the Speed Force to Barry)
Max: When you were hit by that bolt of lightning, you didn't tap into the Speed Force - you created it. When you run, you generate the kinetic wall between the present and the time barrier. It's an electrical energy that exists in every dimension, every universe and every era. It touches every part of reality. It contains the knowledge of every place and time. The Speed Force is the all-encompassing Flash Fact.
(Zoom has grabbed Kid Flash by the latter's costume's right earpiece)
Zoom: Your mother may be a Thawne, but your father was an Allen. Your blood is polluted.
Bart: Look on the bright side, Professor Plum. We're only half related.
Barry: (extending a hand towards Max) Come on, Max. We have to go.
Max: (voice fading) I can't...can't...
Barry: I wasn't there for my kids, Max. For Wally and his. And I wasn't there for Bart. But you were. After everything you gave my grandson. After everything you sacrificed to help him learn and grow. You're like his father, Max. You're family. And there's no way I'm leaving family behind. So come on. You still have a lot of race to run.
Zoom: You have no idea what kind of storm you created for my family. Your very existence disgusts me.
(Zoom cracks Bart's neck into a 90 degree angle, and raises the lightning staff above his head. Bart screams in pain.)
Bart: Aaahh!
Zoom: This is a pleasure.
(A sudden thunderbolt sends the two flying in opposite directions. Standing proud in between them is Max Mercury.)
Max: The pleasure is going to be all ours, Professor.
Bart: (eyes widen and flare up in joy) Max?!

Issue 5, "Mother, May I", January 2010Edit

(Wally has regenerated the heroic speedsters' stamina; in the process, Jesse Quick and young Iris West - Wally's daughter - have taken on new costumes.)
Zoom: Trick?! All Wally did was manipulate the Speed Force into regenerating your uniforms. He's as much a novice as his daughter.
Iris: (now taking center stage) Impulse.
Wally: Impulse?
Bart: (with an incredulous expression on his face) Impulse?!
Iris: Uh, the new Impulse.
NOTE: Needless to say, this scene infuriated those Bart fans who finally realized he wouldn't be returning to his first costume and codename.


Issue 1, "The Single Synapse Theory", April 1995Edit

(after Bart writes down his origin story, in rather messy cursive handwriting)
Max: I don't think so. (he rips it up)
Bart: (shocked) I...I worked two weeks on that paper!
Max: You worked an hour. It only seemed like two weeks. (sighing) Will you just try to live among the humans?

Issue 3, "How to Win Friends and Influence People", June 1995Edit

Bart: Yesterday, you said you had plans for my future. Now you won't tell me what they are. That's not fair, Max.
Max: Look at that. Eight in the morning, and already you've gotten today's life lesson.

Issue 28, "Arrowette vs. the Spazz", August 1997Edit

Helen: The Arrow-Phone?
Bart: Yeah. And the Arrow-Limo.
Helen: Who is the mother?
(Bart explains the origin story of the original Arrowette)
Bart: She said she won an archery contest, a long, long time ago... so she started helping Green Arrow and some guy called Speedy fight crime. That's what she says, anyway, but she talks just like that guy on TV who gives bald people hair, so I don't know. Anyway, she said that her job gave her that thing you get in your wrist when you type too much, so she had to give up arrows... so she got married to this guy Bowstring Jones. She said he was her sidekick. Then he died 'cause he ate some bad shellfish. But they had a baby, who turned out to be the new Arrowette, because she raised the kid to be just like her.
Helen: She told you all this?
Bart: Yeah! It was weird! She was talking like we were best friends, and like she hated me, all at the same time!
NOTE: Helen Claiborne is Max's daughter - that situation is explained in Impulse #16.

Issue 48, "When is a Riddle not a Riddle?", May 1999Edit

(after Impulse nearly exposes his identity)
Morlo: Smooth save. Your training, I presume?
Max: Oh, shut up.
(Riddler explains the "hostage situation" to Impulse)
Impulse: Yeah, okay, but...I'm confused.
Riddler: Why?
Impulse: It's just...I thought you were a hero, a kind of hero, anyway. Always seeking the truth... (here Bart's thoughts conjure up a bubble containing an image of the Question.)
Riddler: I am not the Question!
Impulse: Then you're the guy who freezes things? (another pictobubble, this time containing Mr. Freeze.)
Riddler: (agitated) No! I'm Riddler!
Impulse: Who?
(a few pages later)
Riddler: (angry) I don't have a scarred coin!!!
NOTE: The so-called hostages are Max Mercury and an old foe of his, Dr. Morlo. Max could theoretically escape any time he wishes, but stays behind, as he thinks this would make a good test for Bart.
Impulse: Actually, I found these while I was looking for the other one.
(Bart holds up two bombs and throws them aside)
(Riddler is taken away by the local police department, ranting and raving)
Riddler: You can't do this to me! I'm the Riddler! I'm the Prince of Puzzles! The Monarch of Mysteries! I'll escape! No asylum in this town can hold me! You haven't seen the last of me, kid! I'm a pro!
Impulse: Hey, Riddler, riddle me this! When is a pro not a pro? When he's a con!

Issue 50, "First Fool's", July 1999Edit

Joker: Tell me, speedy - what rhymes with "obnoxious, irritating, fleet-footed super-brat"...?!
(Bart glances around the room, confused)
Impulse: (indignant) No it doesn't...!

Issue 87, "Crisis on Impulse's Earth, Part Two", August 2002Edit

Phantom Stranger: I am known in many realms by many names, Bartholomew Allen, but those that know me in your world call me the Phantom Stranger. I work in-between worlds, an agent of destiny and the Fates, restoring order and balance where chaos has lain her hands. That is why I am here.

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