The Boss Baby

2017 film by Tom McGrath

The Boss Baby is a 2017 American 3D computer-animated comedy film about a baby who is a secret agent in the secret war between babies and puppies.

Directed by Tom McGrath. Written by Michael McCullers, loosely based on the 2010 picture book of the same name written and illustrated by Marla Frazee.
Born leader (taglines)

Boss Baby

  • (to Jimbo) Put that cookie down! Cookies are for closers.
  • Let's just say I'm the boss.


Survival of the fittest.
It's the law of the jungle.
There's always someone's trying to take what's yours.
How do I know?
It almost happened to me.
Tim Templeton... quit monkeying around.
Hot dogs are getting cold.
Hot dogs?
At least, this is how I remember it.
All right buddy, let's eat.
You see, I was seven years old...
  • Survival of the fittest — a natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the environment.
  • monkeying around — To do things that are not useful or serious:
    • to waste time
  • You see — when you are explaining something


Tim: [about the baby] Look at him! He wears a suit!
Janice: I know. Isn't it cute? He's like a little man!
Tim: He carries a briefcase! Does no one else think that's... oh, I don't know... a little freaky?
Ted: Well, you carried Lam-Lam around until you were like-
Tim: This is not about Lam-Lam.
[Boss Baby snickers]

Boss Baby: There's only so much love to go around. It's like these beads. You used to have all your parents' love. All their time, all their attention. You had all the beads, but then I came along. Babies take up a lot of time. They need a lot of attention. They get all the love.
Tim: We could share.
Boss Baby: You obviously didn't go to business school.

Boss Baby: (to Jimbo) Put that cookie down! Cookies are for closers.

Big Boss Baby: You're fired!
Boss Baby: Oh no!

Eugene: [after Francis Francis turns back into a baby, and is asleep. Clearing his voice and speaking for the first time] This time, we'll raise him right.

Boss Baby: I could be fired! [whimpers]
Tim: [snaps his fingers; condescendingly] Two days goes by like that. [holds up Boss Baby's briefcase] You better start packing!
Boss Baby: [enraged] WHAT?!?! [violently throws Senor Squeaky into Tim's groin]
Tim: [in a high-pitch voice] Ohh!

Tim: You can talk!
Boss Baby: Uhhh... Goo-goo-ga-ga!
Tim: No! You can really talk! I heard you!
Boss Baby: Fine! I can talk. Now let's see if you can listen. Give me a double espresso and see if there's someplace around here with decent sushi, I'd KILL for a spicy tuna roll right about now. [gives Tim some money] Get yourself a little something.
Tim: Who are you?
Boss Baby: Let's just say.. I'm the boss.
Tim: The boss? You're a baby. You wear a diaper.

Boss Baby: So that's how you want to play it, Huh? Let's see. Templeton, Timothy, middle name. [laughs] I'm sorry, Leslie! Mostly C's.
Tim: How do you know all that?
Boss Baby: Can't ride a bike without training wheels? Even bears can ride a bike wihout training wheels, Leslie.

Boss Baby: Teddy, go to sleep!
Story Bear: [in low battery] Good nighty-night...

Ted: [comes out with a plate of cheese-sticks] Who wants... [drops the plate] cheese-sticks! [They look at the mess. Jimbo stands still. The triplets play with the broken glass from the window that Jimbo threw Boss Baby into it. Staci is stuck in the tree. She looks at them, with a confused expression on her face, and cries.]
Woman: Oh! Oh! Oh!
Tim: Mom, Dad! I've got proof! [Boss Baby runs in his walker and gets vampire teeth and bites Tim on the leg] Ah! [Boss Baby tumbles, and Tim slides down the stairs] Oh, someone can't come down the stairs? Ha!
Boss Baby: Nothing can stop me! [rolls down the stairs, then Tim opens the door, and he rolls outside, and Tim closes the door]
Tim: Mom, Dad! Where are you guys? Hello! Where did everybody go? [runs into the office room] Mom, Dad! The baby can talk!
Boss Baby: Oh, can he now? [turns to Tim in a chair]
Tim: Wait, how did you...?
Boss Baby: Hand over the tape, Timmy. Or Lam-Lam gets it, see? [grabs a stapler]
Tim: No!
Boss Baby: What's that, Lam-Lam? Oh, you want a nose ring. Well, it's really not my scene, but who am I to judge? [staples Lam-Lam's nose, then Tim whimpers] And an eyebrow ring. Seems like a little bit too much, Lam-Lam! [staples Lam-Lam's eyebrow]
Tim: Ah!
Boss Baby: How is that gonna look in a job interview?
Tim: Stop it!
Boss Baby: The tape, Timmy, or I'm gonna rip-rip-rip-rip-rip-rip-rip...
Tim: NOOOOO! [grabs Lam-Lam and they tug at her] Let go!
Boss Baby: You let go!
Tim: No. You let go!
Boss Baby: Give me the tape!
Tim: No, give me Lam-Lam! [gasps, seeing Lam-Lam ripped, then glares at Boss Baby]
Boss Baby: Whoops! Too far! [Tim grunts, grabs him] Templeton, Templeton! Let’s be reasonable. Can we be reasonable, right? What are you doing?!
Tim: [throws Boss Baby in a baby jumper and opens the curtains and window] You've been asking for this since you got here! [puts the jumper up on the window]
Boss Baby: We can talk about this over a juice boxes!
Tim: [pulls it back to use as a slingshot] Time for juice boxes is over!?
Boss Baby: No, no, Templeton! You wouldn’t!
Tim: Say bye-bye, baby! You’re fired!
Ted: [enters the room with Janice] Tim, what are you doing?!
Tim: [looks at his father] Nothing. [Boss Baby looks at Ted, and cries. Tim lets go of the jumper, accidentally shoots the tape out the window, then it lands onto the road and gets run over in tape is broken by a passing car, horrified, gasps] My proof! [Boss Baby grins triumphantly]
Janice: Tim! [takes Boss Baby] Explain yourself!
Ted: Yes, explain yourself!
Tim: It wasn’t me, it was the baby’s fault!
Ted: The baby’s fault?
Tim: It’s true! He can talk! They all can talk! They're having a meeting! There’s something about puppies! It’s one big baby con-spy-racy!
Janice: Timothy Leslie Templeton! [Boss Baby snickers]
Ted: We are very disappointed in you!
Janice: [corrects Ted] No, we're mad at you!
Ted: Exactly, we're mad at you!
Tim: [heartbroken] Mad?
Ted: You need a time-out!
Janice: [corrects Ted again] You're grounded!
Ted: Yes, grounded! For… 2?
Janice: 3!
Ted: 3… days?
Janice: Weeks!
Ted: Weeks! 3 weeks.
Janice: For 3... EVERS!!!
Tim: ‘’(heartbroken)’’ Grounded?
Janice: You're gonna stay in this house with your baby brother... until you learn how to get along!
Boss Baby: [slight pauses; disappointed] Oh, great. [Tim looks down in disappointment. The scene fades to a jail/prison cell]
Adult Tim: [narrates] It was my first time behind bars. The big house. Lock-up. Grounded for life. The minutes turned into hours, the hours into days. Every man has his breaking' point. This was mine.

Tim: My life was perfect until you showed up!
Boss Baby: Oh, believe me, kid. The feeling is mutual. I wish I never met you!
[Boss Baby is shocked by Tim's harsh words. He straightens his tie, and leaves.]
Tim: Where are you going? FINE!!

Tim: (singing) Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly, all your life, you were only waiting, for this moment to arise.

Airport Announcer: [over PA System] Would Timothy Templeton, please pick up the white courtesy phone? Timothy Leslie Templeton, please pick up the white courtesy phone. (sadly) Leslie.

Tim: Mom, Dad! I'm coming!
Boss Baby: Atta boy! Go, Tim! Go, go, go!

Janice: HELP!

[In the end-credits scene]
[Last lines]
Wizzie: [Alarm clock goes off] Wake up, little halflings! It's time to leave. Go and live your peasant lives.
Pillow: Nope
[The Wizzie Behind of Clock]

Bye Bye!!

Tim Gets Grounded (from Dialogue)

Janice: Timothy Leslie Templeton! [Boss Baby snickers]
Ted: We are very disappointed in you!
Janice: [corrects Ted] No, we're mad at you!
Ted: Exactly, we're mad at you!
Tim: [heartbroken] Mad?
Ted: You need a time-out!
Janice: [corrects Ted again] You're grounded!
Ted: Yes, grounded! (to Janice) For 2?
Janice: 3! Not 2?
Ted: 3... (to Janice) days?
Janice: Weeks!
Ted: Weeks! 3 weeks!
Janice: For 3... EVERS!!!
Tim: Grounded?
Janice: You're gonna stay in this house with your baby brother... until you learn to get along!
Boss Baby: [disappointed] Oh, great.


  • Born leader
  • He means business. March 2017.
  • He's the Boss. March 2017.
  • Ruthless and Toothless!
  • Cookies are for Closers!
  • Who's the Boss?





Additional Voices

  • James Ryan — Story Bear
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