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Steven Universe Future (2019–2020) is an animated limited series produced by Cartoon Network as an epilogue for Season 5 of Steven Universe and Steven Universe: The Movie.



Little Homeschool

Steven: Life is a little different these days. The Diamonds have ended their reign of terror, the intergalactic war is over, and Earth is officially an independent planet. We're all safe to explore our dreams. Lars opened up his own pastry shop, and it's got a real cute space gimmick goin' on. Sadie's been touring with The Suspects, promoting their new album, and Connie has been getting a head start on college prep. She's two years away from applying, but she says it doesn't hurt to start early. And speaking of higher education, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and I have been cooking up a dream of our own!
Cherry Quartz: I have no idea who you're talking about.
Steven: [chuckling] Don't worry about it. You'll learn all that, and more, right here at Little Homeschool. [gives Cherry Quartz a tour around] Here at Little Homeschool, you have a chance to rediscover yourself and learn to live on Earth if you like. You can forge a new identity. Grow your own ideas. And even find your inner Morp!
Cherry Quartz: Wait, what's a "Morp"?
Steven: That's exactly the kind of question we love to hear!

Steven: You know, half those Gems are soldiers who fought by your side before they were corrupted and turned into monsters. They're lost and confused and still a little messed up, but they're getting the help they need.
Jasper: So? Who cares?
Steven: [angrily] I do! And if I didn't care, you'd still be a monster too!
Jasper: And what? Now I owe you?
Steven: No!
Jasper: You think because you did something I never asked for, I'm going to obey you?
Steven: No! That's not--
Jasper: Like all the other Gems you use.
Steven: [frustrated] AGGGHHH! I only came here because I felt bad for you, but all of this is your own fault! All the other Gems were corrupted by the Diamonds, but-- but you corrupted yourself just to win a fight! Which you LOST! To ME! No one's making you stay here all alone in the middle of nowhere, ready to fight a war that's been over for years! Are you just gonna sit here for centuries waiting for someone to give you a purpose?! Because I'm trying to give you one!
Jasper: Listen, weakling! You might have Pink Diamond's gem, but you are not my Diamond, and I am not going to take orders from some weak, sappy, useless piece of dirt! If you think you're hard enough to tell me what to do, then fight me and prove it.
Steven: Fine!
Jasper: [suddenly smiles eagerly] Really? Huh, well then! Why don't you throw the first punch? [beckons tauntingly, and Steven punches her, pushing her back a few feet] Ooohh...! [laughs aggressively and charges back at him]
Steven: I... guess we're doing this.

[During his fight with Jasper, Steven bubbles a nest of baby birds to protect them]
Jasper: Stop trying to help those tiny flapping Earthlings, and FIGHT ME!
Steven: I'll never stop trying to help them, or you!
Jasper: [kicking his shield away and pinning him down] I don't need your help! You're the one that needs help! You think you've beaten me, but you've never beaten me on your own! You've always been a fusion! You've always had your friends! Because you're nothing without them! You think everyone needs help!
Steven: [tearing up] I-- I just--
Jasper: But it's only you. No one is as pitiful as you!
[Shaken and angry, Steven starts to glow pink and pushes Jasper back with a sudden burst of strength, much to her surprise]
Steven: [looking at himself] Whoa... what? [Jasper grins, and Steven angrily summons a bubble glove and charges at her with it] I'M... NOT... PITIFUL! [sends her flying back through several trees]
Jasper: [chuckles] Ha. Not bad. [continues to fight Steven, who catches her in the middle of a spin-dash] Nice catch.
Steven: You should see my THROW! [tosses her up into the air, where she laughs as he hits her several more times] STOP LAUGHING! [sends her slamming back down into the ground, then gasps in shock and returns to normal] Jasper...
Jasper: [gets up and shakes herself off, impressed] Huh. I didn't think you had it in you.
Steven: I don't... I don't know what that was. I'm sorry.
Jasper: [rolling her eyes] Ugh! Don't apologize.
Steven: I... think I had you all wrong. Maybe you don't have something to learn from me. Maybe I have something to learn from you. [Jasper raises an eyebrow] Would you ever be interested in teaching?
Jasper: [scoffs] Tssh! At your crummy little school?
Steven: No, just me. You brought something out of me I didn't know I had.
Jasper: [walks up to Steven, placing a hand on his shoulder] Consider that fight back there your first and only lesson. [begins walking off]
Steven: Well... can I come back to see you sometime?
Jasper: Do what you want.


Steven: I didn't know Bixbite wanted a career in the culinary arts.
Amethyst: Yeah, we talked a lot about her interests and experiences. Then, I spoke to Kofi and set her up here.
Steven: This was your idea?
Amethyst: Yeah, and she's just the beginning. I wanted to do something big for the school, so I've been pairing Gems up with human jobs. The results have been amazing! I call it: the Gem-Human Excellence Mentorship, or G-H-E-M.
Steven: Oh, I get it, like GEM.
Amethyst: No, it's GHEM. There's an "H".

Steven: Hmm, I don't know about this.
Amethyst: About what?
Steven: Ice Gems doing ice stuff, pilot Gems doing pilot stuff, guard Gems doing guard stuff. Isn't this exactly what they were doing on Homeworld?
Amethyst: [chuckles] No.
Ruby Bodyguard #1: It's just like we used to do on Homeworld!
Ruby Bodyguard #2: Thanks, Amethyst!
Amethyst: These are the jobs they wanted.
Steven: Well, sure, they think they want to do this stuff. But, it's up to us to get them out of their comfort zones.
Amethyst: I dunno, man. Comfortable can be good too.
Steven: Bear with me for a sec. [to Larimar and Snowflake Obsidian] Hey, guys, I was wondering what you two did on Homeworld.
Snowflake Obsidian: I dug ice trenches for their armies.
Larimar: I made ice sculptures for the Diamonds.
Steven: So ice is kind of like your default mode?
Snowflake Obsidian: [exchanges looks with Larimar] Yes.
Steven: Did you ever think of trying something else?
Snowflake Obsidian: Like filling ice trenches?
Steven: [as he sees Nephrite flying overhead] Well, how would you like to fly a plane?

Steven: I had an idea for you, Larimar. You could operate the Funland rollercoaster! It's a great job, and you get to help people have fun.
Larimar: What is this wonderful noise?
Steven: Those are the joyful screams of people on a rollercoaster.
Larimar: Human screams are my favorite of the Earth's delights! I want to hear the human screams forever.
Steven: Okay, that's kind of troubling... but your heart's in the right place.
Larimar: One day, I'll make you scream, Steven.

Larimar: I just wanted to say thanks for the amusement park job. I'm not great at the roller-coaster operation, we know, but I found out I'm good at handing out prizes to children, and I love their laughter.
Steven: Aww.
Larimar: It sounds just like screaming.

Rose Buds

Holly Blue Agate: Stop relaxing and get back to your posts! Ugh! How can you stand this total lack of order?
Amethyst Guard: Chill out, Holly Blue. You know you want to.
Holly Blue Agate I give up. No one answers to me, and I answer to no one. I'd give anything for an order from the Diamonds, but all they talk about is Steven, Steven, Steven-- [sees him] Steven!
Steven: Hi, Holly.

Steven: [seeing all of the Rose Quartzes being un-bubbled] So... Many... Rose Quartzes. How did the--
Superfan Rose: Oh, now that it's Era 3, we were all unbubbled, so now, we're making up for lost time. Hi! I'm Rose Quartz, and you, you're Steven! You are so much smaller than I imagined! Is it because you're half organic? Can you believe it, Rose Quartz?!
Hippie Rose: It's like, we where bubbled, but now we're like, not bubbled.
Steven: Th-It's really-- It's really great.


Steven: So, how would you like your magical spit administered today?
Ruby bodyguard: Ah, geez, uh... the not kissing one?
Steven: You got it! [licks his palm and applies healing spit onto the Ruby's gem, healing the crack] Man, what kind of enemies does the mayor have to keep you landing in my office?
Ruby bodyguard: That's classified information, nurse-citizen Universe.
Steven: Okay, well, try not to classify too hard out there. Oh, don't forget your lollipop!

[On Pink Pearl's cracked face]
Pearl: How could White be so careless?
Pink Pearl: [chuckling] Oh, no, Pearl. You've got it all wrong. Pink did this.
Pearl: [shocked] What did you say? [approaches her]
Steven: Pearl, no...!
Pink Pearl: It's a funny story, really. Once, Pink got tired of asking Yellow and Blue for her own colony, so she went straight to White. Of course, White told her she wasn't fit to run one, and, well, that set her off.
Pearl: "Set her off"? What are you talking about?
Pink Pearl: You remember how she was, with her destructive powers, throwing tantrums left and right. She had a scream that could crack the walls. She didn't mean to hurt me. [chuckles] I just happened to be standing too close to her that time, and--
Steven: [covering his ears anxiously] Doesn't matter! I'm gonna fix it!
Pearl: Destructive powers?! Pink didn't have destructive powers, she was a healer! She didn't throw tantrums, she kept her feelings secret!
Pink Pearl: The Pink I knew couldn't keep a secret to save her gem.
Pearl: Are you kidding?! If anything, she was too good at keeping secrets, even from me!
[Frustrated by their arguing, Steven furiously snaps and starts glowing pink]
Pearl: Steven!
[Steven unleashes a shockwave that causes cracks around the room. Pink Pearl cowers in fear, and Steven looks at his own reflection in shock and remorse]

Pearl: I'm sorry for not believing you. It looks like I'm still making excuses for her.
Pink Pearl: [tearfully] Is that what I've been doing?! But... she didn't mean to!
Pearl: But you were hurt! Badly hurt!
Pink Pearl: I was badly hurt... How did you stop hurting?
Pearl: [embraces her tightly] I didn't.
[Pink Pearl returns the hug, and they fuse into Mega Pearl]
Steven: You fused!

Steven: I'm so sorry. The whole trip was for nothing.
Mega Pearl: No, it wasn't for nothing. Your mother's Pearls never had the whole picture. One knew your mother was trying to change, but she couldn't understand why. The other never expected her to change at all. Now, I get to understand everything. Now, they finally get to have each other.
[She separates into the two Pearls, peacefully holding hands]


Steven: Tsk, tsk, tsk. You guys fused just because you hate me, didn't you?
Aquamarine and "Eyeball" Ruby: Yes!
Steven: If that's the only reason, then it's no wonder you can't keep it together.
Aquamarine: What are you talking about?
Steven: There are so many other reasons to fuse, like friendship and responsibility and... and love. Imagine how much better it would feel to fuse to support each other, instead of tearing someone down. Your life would fill with warmth and friendship and joy and love and--
"Eyeball" Ruby: [covering her ears; agitated] Wowie, wow! He is so annoying!
Aquamarine: [also agitated] I hate him so much!
Aquamarine and "Eyeball" Ruby: I know! Me too! [they fuse back into Bluebird]
Steven: [annoyed] Are you kidding me?
Bluebird: At last!

Steven: I'm really sorry, Dad. I never should have given Bluebird a chance.
Greg: I love how you believe in everyone. You stuck to your principles, and I'm proud of you. I mean, everyone can change, but not everyone wants to.

A Very Special Episode

[Rainbow Quartz 2.0 unfuses and Steven answers the call]
Garnet: Steven, you're late. I need you for the Sunstone safety Geminar.
Steven: Oh, no, that was today? But, Rainbow Quartz promised to hang out with Onion to-
Garnet: Don't worry, I'll handle the geminar. I'll explain to them every possible future where they get hurt in this house.
Steven: I don't know if that's a good idea. I'll be right there.

Ocean Jasper: I slip on the stairs?
Garnet: Yes. You shatter on impact.
[Ocean Jasper, Earth and Heaven Beetle, and a Nephrite scream]
Steven: [enters through the door] Garnet, I'm here.
Garnet: Steven, help. I think I'm scaring them.
Steven: It's okay. We got this. Let's get this safety Geminar started with a very special guest speaker.
[They both dance and fuse into Sunstone]
Sunstone: Your rockin' pal Sunstone's here to shine.
Ocean Jasper: Watch out, Sunstone. It's dangerous in here.
Sunstone: Not if you practice home safety. Don't slip up. Clear objects off the stairs. Foul shot! Make sure you cover your trash, or you might attract wild animals. Come on. Let's go! Don't leave the water running, it could flood your house. Put protective covers on electrical outlets, especially when kids are around. And most importantly, turn off motion smoothing on your TV.
Ocean Jasper: Wow, everything looks so much better!

[Steven receives a call from Pearl, who he left to take care of Onion]
Steven: [exhausted] Please, please have everything under control...
Steven: Yup...
Pearl: It's getting really weird here! Steven, you were never like this, you were such a good kid! I'm so sorry I never told you that! Aah! I... I can hear him, but I can't see him! I think he's in the walls! I don't know how he got there, and I don't know how to get him out! [call ends]
Steven: [long gasp] Garnet, can you handle things on your own for a little bit?
Garnet: No problem. Our students love me. [walks over to them] Let me tell you all the ways you can get hit by a car.
Steven: Agh, Garnet! Forget it. I'll stay. I'll stay!
Pearl: [in another call] STEVEN, THERE'S A SNAKE!
Steven: Never mind!

Rainbow Quartz 2.0: Why play with sharp objects when you can play with my sharp wit? Crack jokes, not cookie jars, as I always say. Ha ha!

Garnet: It's important to keep in mind that all these horrible things did happen to you in alternate timelines. Safety is fun.

[Onion has led Garnet's students off a cliff]
Pearl: Oh, no!
Garnet: Steven, quick! Sunstone can save them!
Steven: Okay... [they fuse into Sunstone]
Sunstone: Oh, yeah!
Pearl: No! Let Rainbow save them! [fuses with Steven]
Rainbow Quartz 2.0: [showing his umbrella] I'll catch them with this!
Amethyst: [rushing in] Hey, wait! I need Steven!
Steven [unfuses from Pearl] What is it, Amethyst?
Amethyst: I just miss you, man! I haven't seen you for, like, eleven minutes!

Snow Day

Amethyst: [enters with fried eggs for eyes] You really gonna skip the most egg-ssential meal of the day?
Steven: Of course not. I've got all my morning nutrients in this protein shake.
Amethyst: [pokes yolk to leak] Dude, you're making me sad.

Amethyst: Man, you had a better work-life balance when the Diamonds were trying to destroy the planet.
Steven: That was then. This is now.
Amethyst: Hey, you know what we haven't done in a long time? [shapeshifts into 14-year-old Steven] Steven Tag!
Steven: Amethyst, what the heck?!
Amethyst: You know the rules, buster. You get tagged, you have to turn into Steven.
Steven: But I'm already Steven!
Amethyst: Nah, bruh. Classic Steven.
Steven: Classic Steven?!

Pearl: Steven, what are you doing?
Steven: Pearl!
Pearl: Has cabin fever taken hold already?
Steven: It's Amethyst and Garnet! They're playing Steven Tag to mess with me!
Pearl: Steven Tag? Wow, that takes me back. Well, I'm sure they… [gets tagged by Garnet and falls on her knees to the floor]
Steven: Ha! Joke's on you! Pearl doesn't shapeshift! [Pearl starts to glow] Huh?
Pearl: [shapeshifts into Steven] The power of Steven Tag COMPELS ME!
Steven: [chuckles] Wow. Good for her.

Garnet: It was a snowman… [takes off her visor] with Steven's jacket. NOOOOOO!
Steven: [shivering] They'll never stop until they make me play.

Steven: I really didn't want to do this, but you leave me no choice. I JOIN THE GAME!

Steven: You shouldn't have messed with me. Huh? [gets tagged by Sapphire]
Sapphire: Tag.
Steven: [falls off the lighthouse] Oh, no. Is this the end of my adult life?

Why So Blue?

Steven You're right. This is harder than usual.
Lapis: You've just got to force them to stop. This is going to be a fight. They're not nice like me.
Steven: Umm...
Lapis: Exactly.
Steven: They just don't understand that they're doing harm. Y-you get it. What made it click for you?
Lapis: A cycle of horrible torture. [smiling] But other than that, living in nature, getting creative.
Steven: Yeah! Come on, we can do that for them.
Lapis: Okay. Just a little torture.
Steven: N-no, just the other stuff.
Lapis: [sighs] Fine, we'll try it your way.
[They head back to the two Lapis Lazulis]
Steven: Hey, so, why don't we explore the many things that you can do that don't involve destroying worlds?
"Mean" Lapis: Should we listen to him?
"Nice" Lapis: He is half-Diamond. Maybe we should half-listen?
Steven: I'll take that as a "yes." Let's go.

Little Graduation

Lars: [about Shep] Say hi to them for me.

Prickly Pair

Cactus Steven: I can't tell Pearl how I feel, 'cause she'd blame herself!

Cactus Steven: I can't hear any more high and mighty advice from Garnet!

Cactus Steven: I'm so sick of Amethyst acting like she's so mature now!
Amethyst: Why's it being so weirdly specific?

Amethyst: Hey, dude?
Pearl: Is there anything you need to talk about?
Steven: [softly] ... I think I've said enough.

In Dreams

[After Steven and Peridot have watched the Camp Pining Hearts reboot]
Steven: Wha…? Wha…?!
Steven and Peridot: WHAT HAVE THEY DONE?!?!?
Peridot: What is with this Rodrigo guy?! He has no charisma!
Steven: And can we talk about this cinematography?!
Peridot: GAAAH, THEY'VE CHANGED ALL THE CHARACTERS, AND I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANY OF THEM! [grabs the television] HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! [sobs] Camp Pining Hearts helped me escape when everything around me was in chaos...
Steven: CPH brought us together...
Peridot: And now, LOOK AT THIS NIGHTMARE! [the TV suddenly shows Steven's dream] Steven?! You didn't tell me that they cast you!
Steven: What?! They didn't. I-Is this... my dream from last night? [on the TV, after Steven falls and the dream ends, it goes back to Camp Pining Hearts again] Whoa! My- My powers must be interfering with the TV signal!
Peridot: [delighted] Steven! Do you know what this means?!
Steven: I have to start wearing a tinfoil hat?
Peridot: No! It means that if we can put your dreams on the television, we can reboot the reboot!
Steven: "Reboot the...?" Peridot, you're a genius!
Peridot: I know.
Steven: And, well, it might be fun to fix something that isn't the entire universe.
Peridot: [grabs him with one arm] This is going to be the beginning of Peridot and Steven Productions!
Steven: Yeah-- whoa! [topples onto her]

Steven: Peridot! We've always had something to fix together - the Cluster, the Diamonds, or Spinel! I don't think I know how to be a friend without something to fix! But I... I just can't do it anymore! I'm so tired... Now I'm even doing it in my dreams! I'm sorry, I can't do this for you. Please don't leave! Don't... leave!
[The dream stops, in the manner of a TV turning off; Steven awakens, in tears, to Peridot's concerned voice]
Peridot: Steven? Steven! STEVEN! Steven, I saw everything! It's-- It's fine! We don't have to do this anymore. [hugs him and starts tearing up] I don't care about the show, and I definitely don't care about Rodrigo! Hrrrgh, I'm such a clod!
Steven: But I really wanted to spend time with you! I just... wanted an excuse to hang out.
Peridot: We don't need an excuse to hang out.
Steven: Can... we still watch CPH together? Even if it sucks?
Peridot: [removes her visor to wipe her eyes, and smiles] Of course.
[Later, they watch the show]
Jasmine: [in the show, angrily] How could you lie to me like that, Rodrigo?! I guess you just can't help being a bad person!
[Steven and Peridot laugh]
Peridot: Jasmine, you just buried a body in the woods, and now you're mad that Rodrigo cheated at cards?!
[They laugh again]
Peridot: This show is the worst!
Steven: [smiling warmly at her] This show is the best.

Bismuth Casual

[At the Starlight Roller Rink]
Bismuth: Woooow! So you mean to tell me people pay to have wheels strapped to their feet for fun? That is really something else.

Patricia: You should have seen Daniel earlier. He was all bent out of shape 'cos his mom tore into him over his last test scores!
Daniel: [groans] You know, I kind of forgot about it for a sec.
Steven: Heh... I know how that is. One time, White Diamond tore into me... literally! [laughs awkwardly] She, uh, she took my gem - I'm part Gem, by the way - she pulled it right out of my body.
Daniel: Okay...?
Patricia: So what grade are you in, Steven?
Steven: Grade? Err, uh... sixteen?
Patricia: [laughs]
Daniel: So you're taking AP classes?
Steven: Uh...
Connie: Y'all ready to skate?
Patricia: Heck, yeah!
[Connie, Patricia and Daniel skate away]
Steven: I really blew that one. Bet if they were enemy Gems, we'd be best friends by now.

[Pearl forms a roll of toilet paper from her gem and gives it to Bismuth]
Pearl: Oh, here, take this. Every human has at least one of these in their homes. Sometimes they even use it [secretively] for vandalism! Good luck out there! [starts skating away]
Bismuth: Wait, where are you going?
Pearl: You don't need me anymore, Bismuth - the humans already love you! I'm going to make some new connections of my own! [to a random skater] Hello, fellow skater! Would you like a fresh roll? [forms another roll]

Steven: When Connie and I were fighting to save the universe, things were sort of easier. We were fighting the same fight. Now it's like we're living different lives. I wonder if I'm even her best friend anymore...
Bismuth: [pounds the table firmly] How long has this been going on?
Steven: Err... couple of months.
Bismuth: Listen, Steven. Pearl brought me here to set me up with her friends, but Connie came here to be with you. You've got nothing to mope about.
Steven: But her friends think I'm weird.
Bismuth: Of course you're weird! You're a Crystal Gem! Connie knows that, she's always known that! That never stopped you from being friends!

[After Steven collapses in the rink]
Connie: Steven! Are you okay?
Steven: Connie, I'm sorry... I don't wanna hold you back.
Connie: I don't mind.
Steven: You've got school, new friends, you're going places and... I'm happy for you. But I feel like you're drifting away from me. I wish we could reconnect, but... BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SKATE!

[After Steven and Connie win the skating contest as Stevonnie]
Patricia: Steven, Connie, that was amazing!
Daniel: What the heck was that out there?
Connie: Oh, fusion? Yeah, that's kind of our thing.
Steven: It's something I picked up from my mom's side of the family.
Daniel: The only thing I get from my mom's side of the family is stressed out.
Steven: [chuckles] Same...

Together Forever

[After Connie turns down Steven's proposal]
Steven: I don't get it. Ruby and Sapphire said I should go for it.
Garnet: You can't trust love advice from those two hopeless romantics.
Steven: Then why didn't you stop me?
Garnet: There was no future where you didn't propose to Connie.
Steven: Of course...
Garnet: [hugs him] Your soulmate is your complement, not your missing piece. Ruby and Sapphire love being together, but they each have their own individual lives. Whatever hole there is in your life, Steven, I want you to understand that Connie-Stevonnie won't be able to fill it.

Growing Pains

Priyanka: Steven, do you remember anything bad in your childhood that particularly stuck with you?
Steven: I guess… I kind of freaked out when they cancelled my favorite ice cream. And then I got attacked by a giant bug monster. And I got trapped in a bubble and almost drowned. I lost control of my body and turned into a blob of cats. I almost turned so old I died. Amethyst almost died. Pearl did die. Garnet got destabilized right in front of me. I woke up with a black eye, imprisoned on a spaceship--
Priyanka: Steven, this is serious!
Steven: But that was just the early stuff.
Priyanka: I think all these experiences have been subjecting your body to a harmful amount of stress, and that's affecting your ability to respond to new forms of stress in a healthy way. You've been dealing with genuine threats from such a young age, your body is now responding to minor threats as if your life were in danger.
Steven: But, why am I only swelling up now?
Priyanka: Stress is less harmful when we have people we trust to help us through it. Maybe if... if you're losing your supportive relationships, or if you have a recent experience that was particularly awf--
[Steven remembers his failed proposal to Connie, and immediately starts stressing and swelling up]

Greg: Come on, Steven, talk to me.
Steven: [tearing up] I... well... I, um... I proposed to Connie!
Greg: You what?!
Steven: She said no.
Greg: Oh, Steven...
Steven: My body... it's reacting like it's the end of the world. I think I've seen the world almost end so many times now that everything that goes wrong feels that... that extreme! I should be feeling so good these days! The Earth is safe, it's Era 3... But I'm swelling up over these third era problems! What do I do? How do I move on from all the stuff I've been through? How do I live life if it always feels like I'm about to die?!
Greg: It's gonna be all right, Stewball. I'm here for you.

Steven: I guess I thought I could just follow Connie to college, like if we got married I'd know what to do with myself. But I'm the one that's gotta figure that stuff out.
Greg: Cut yourself some slack! It's okay to be worried and make some mistakes when you're figuring out what to do with your life. That's not unusual. Uh, well, the magic swelling is a little unusual, but that's okay too! If you want to be a giant boy, we can use the car wash as a shower.

Mr. Universe

Steven: I don't need this song! I need...I need what you had!
Greg: What?
Steven: I wish I could've grown up at a house like that.
Greg: No you don't!
Steven: Maybe your parents weren't so bad. Maybe they gave you curfews and chaperones and meatloaf f-for a reason!
Greg: Steven, you don't know what they were like!
Steven: They can't be worse then mom's family. I went halfway across the galaxy for them, and this was right here?!
Greg: Steven, I couldn't do anything growing up. Everything I liked, or wore, wanted was always wrong! Trust me, you're better off then I was.
Steven: I can't believe I never realized, you're... you're just like Mom! [turns pink as his grip tightens on the steering wheel]
Greg: You grew up with actual freedom!
Steven: I grew up in a van! I never went to school! I've never been to the doctor until two days ago!
Greg: Steven! You're a gem! You're not like other kids!
Steven: I could have done all that stuff! My problem isn't that I'm a gem, my problem is that I'm a UNIVERSE!!


Pearl: How could this happen? You crashed the van with Greg inside? You know how fragile he is, these pink outbursts of yours are getting out of hand.
Steven: It's not an OUTBURST! [turns pink and swells up]
Pearl: See? This is exactly what I'm talking about! What's happening to you?
Steven: Nothing! ...It's nothing.
Pearl: S-Steven! Where are you going?! We're not pro- [Steven summons out a generated force field] Steven! Drop this wall!
Steven: Pearl, sorry. I'm trying- I just… need… some space, OK? I'll be in my room.
Amethyst: Not so fast, my dude. You gotta tell us what's going on.
Garnet: It looks like Steven is trying to avoid a serious discussion about this all together.
Steven: NO, I'M NOT!!! [slams his fist into the stairs in rage, unleashing a room-wrecking shockwave]
Garnet: Steven, you have got to calm down and talk to us!
Amethyst: Just chill, man!
Steven: Nnghh…
Pearl: We need to do something about this before someone gets hurt!
Steven: NNGGHH…
Garnet: Don't let this power control you. You're better than this.
Steven: NNGGHH… LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!! [notices the Gems are walking in slow-motion] I'm…speeding up again. I gotta get out of here.

Steven: This thing with my powers is a real problem!
Jasper: The only problem you have are your friends.
Steven: Huh?
Jasper: Can't you see they're holding you back?
Steven: What? No, they're-- they're just worried about me.
Jasper: They're afraid. Of your power.
Steven: Yeah... yeah, I guess so...
Jasper: You are too. You came all the way out here to hide from it. But I'm not here to hide. I don't stifle my anger or my power; I channel it into training!
Steven: Oh, right... this destroyed forest.
Jasper: I've got no one to serve, nowhere to go. All I have left is POWER! [she punches a tree, completely smashing it apart] And in order to control that power, I have to use it. Those so-called "friends" of yours don't understand. They want you to feel bad for being yourself.
Steven: I do feel bad… [steps over to another tree and punches it, cringing in pain and remorse]
Steven: No! [kisses the tree, healing it and making grass sprout around it]
Jasper: Ugh! Gross! That's disgusting! Bleh! No! The grass! [tears at it] Get outta here! [grabs Steven] Quit helping the local ecosystem recover!

[On Steven's new, more muscular form]
Jasper: Hm. Not bad for three days of work. [Steven kisses one of his biceps] I didn't teach you that…

Jasper: What are you holding back for?! You think I can't take it? I'm not gonna coddle you, Steven! Do you wanna go home to your Gems?
Steven: No…
Jasper: Are you afraid to be strong? Are you pathetic? Are you weak?
Steven: I'M NOT!!!!!!!

Steven: You're right, Jasper… I have been holding back.

[Having shattered Jasper after losing control in their rematch, Steven hurries back to his bathroom and dips the fragments into Diamond aura potions]
Steven: Please, please let this work! [crying] Jasper, I'm sorry. Please… come back. [his tears add Pink's aura to the mix] Please…
[After a while, Jasper's gem glows and heals, and she reforms]
Jasper: [panting] Huh? What? You... shattered me?
Steven: Jasper! I-I'm so sorry, I should have stopped! I-I just wasn't thinking!
Jasper: [steps out of the bathtub and bows on one knee] I bow to your strength… my Diamond.
Steven: [horrified] No...!

Homeworld Bound

Pearl: [knocks on the bathroom door] Steven?
Amethyst: What's going on in there? [Jasper emerges] Jasper?!
Pearl: What are you-?
Amethyst: Where's Steven?!
Jasper: Right here. [steps aside, revealing him looking scared and depressed]
Amethyst: Steven? Where have you been?!
[Steven walks off upstairs to his conservatory]
Pearl: You can't just disappear for days without telling us!
Jasper: My Diamond can do has he pleases.
Amethyst: Wait, what?!
Pearl: Why are you calling him that?!
Garnet: Steven!
Pearl: Where is he going?!
[The Gems follow Steven to his conservatory]
Pearl: Steven, wait!
Garnet: You don't need to go.
[Steven turns pink and puts a barrier in front of the Gems and Jasper as he sighs]
Amethyst: What the HECK?!
Steven: You guys… I love you, but you can't help me anymore. I've been avoiding the only people in the entire universe who can. Please, don't follow me. You too, Jasper. Find something better to do with your life.
Garnet: Steven! Remember, we'll always be your family.

Spinel: STEVEN! [grabs him and kisses him]
Steven: [turning pink] Spinel, what is wrong with you?!
Spinel: Oh, y'know, the usual.
Steven: [turning back to normal] So, how've you been since, err...?
Spinel: Since I tried to kill you? That was so embarrassing.

Steven: [controlling White Diamond] Whoa. This is… so weird. I'm-I'm, I'm a Diamond. This- This is the last thing I needed to see. I don't wanna be you! I don't wanna be anything like you! Why won't you just go AWAY?! [punches a pillar] Don't hurt me! She can't hurt me. I'm controlling her. So why am I so afraid? [remembers White pulling his gemstone out of his navel; scowls angrily] She's the one who should be afraid.
White Diamond: [talking in Steven's voice] What's- what's going on? [Steven starts controlling her like a puppet] What? No, stop it. I don't like this!
Steven: Too bad. [force controls her by walking her to a pillar]
White Diamond: Let me go! [grabs hold of the pillar] Please! You're scaring me!
Steven: This is for everything you put me through! [forces White Diamond to slam her head into the pillar, in an attempt to shatter her gemstone, instead, snaps them out of it and hits his own head, allowing White Diamond to regain her control again]
White Diamond: [breathing; horrified] What… what was that?!
Steven: I-I don't know.

Spinel: Hey, buddy, where you going?
Steven: Wait a second - you used to have vengeful thoughts!
Spinel: [awkwardly] Ooooh, yeah... but I don't get 'em anymore.
Steven: How did you make them stop?
Spinel: I met a little someone named Steven Universe! And he told me: [singing] I–I–I–I–I–I, I can make a chaaaaange! You can make a promise...
Steven: Gah! Don't give me my own advice!

Everything's Fine

Steven: Hey, Connie, what's up?
Connie: Steven! Good, you finally picked up! I can't believe we haven't spoken since the hospital. How are you?
Steven: I'm great! Never been better!
Connie: Really? Have you had any more issues with swelling and glowing pink?
Steven: Um... Nope? Well, maybe, but how about you? How's college prep?
Connie: Steven, that's, uh- It's fine, but what do you mean, maybe?
Steven: Look, there's nothing to worry about. I'm OK.
Connie: Steven...
Steven: I should go. I don't wanna wake up the Gems.
Connie: But they don't even sleep!
Steven: Uh, bye!

[While trying to help in Bismuth's workshop]
Steven: Ooh, look at that. Now you have two anvils.
Bismuth: Noooo! My anvil! My beautiful anvil!
Steven: Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, my work here is done. Well, toodles!

Connie: Steven!
Steven: Huh?
Connie: I knew it! You are swelling and glowing again. I've been trying to call you, but I came as soon as I saw this. [holds out her phone, on which Steven, glowing and swelled up, is doing the plant Steven's dance and looping the message "Steven's here to help!"] What is going on?
Steven: I... broadcast my subconscious sometimes these days. It's really no big deal.
Connie: Okay, but... I can tell something is bothering you. [holds out her phone again; the message makes some statics]
Steven: Ah, I don't know what you're talking about. I'm fine! Awesome, in fact. Come on, you've seen me when I wasn't doing well.
Greg: Steven, if being like this is what you want, then we'll support you one hundred percent. Whatever makes you happy. But, if you're not happy, if something's wrong-
Steven: Nothing's wrong! Besides, I don't want you to worry.
Connie: We are worried!
Greg: Steven, you know you can tell us anything.
Steven: It's not that easy! You know what? I don't have to deal with this! [walks towards the door, but Amethyst, Pearl, and Connie block his way]
Amethyst: Hold up, dude.
Garnet: Steven, you need to stop running.
Greg: Please.
[Steven starts groaning in frustration, his head briefly swelling out of shape]
Connie: Steven, we should get you back to the hospital.
Amethyst and Pearl: HOSPITAL?!
Pearl: When were you in the hospital?!
Connie: You didn't tell them?!
Steven: [becoming hysterical, starting to laugh uneasily] It wasn't that important, you guys! You're making a big deal out of nothing. Have I done some things wrong? Sure! I trashed the house today, I broke an anvil - what teenager hasn't? Dad and I had a little disagreement, but that's practically a rite of passage! I mean, it would be weird if we didn't, right? And maybe I've had a not-so-nice thought or two about, like, you know, slamming White Diamond's head through a pillar, but it's not like I actually went through with it! I only actually shattered Jasper!
[Pearl gasps in horrified shock]
Amethyst: WHAT?!
[Garnet, Connie, and Greg gasp]
Connie: You're- you're joking, right?
Steven: Oh, don't worry! I fixed that too! I can fix anything! I can just keep messing up and fixing things forever, and you'll never have to know or think about any of it!
Garnet: Steven...
Steven: [sighs; finally loses it] How messed up is that? That I've gotten away with this for so long? You have no idea how bad I am! Y-You think I'm so great, and I'm so mature, and I always know what to do! But that's not true! I haven't learned a thing from my problems! They've all just made me worse! You all think of me as some angel, but I'm not that kid anymore! [scowls] I'm a fraud. [falls to the floor; breathing shakily] I'm a fraud. I'm a MONSTER! [massive pink spikes burst out of his back, tearing his shirt with everyone taking a step back, with plain terror]

I Am My Monster

Greg: [calling out] Just calm down, son! Take deep breaths! Deep breaths!
Amethyst: Yeah! Relax, buddy!
Peridot: Let's hurry up and clobber that thing!
Garnet: Stand down.
Peridot: What for?!
Lapis: Where's Steven?
Garnet: That is Steven.
Peridot, Bismuth & Lapis: [shocked] WHAT?!
[Monster Steven bashes his head against the cliff of the temple, causing an avalanche of boulders to fall]
Garnet: RUN!
Amethyst: He's not listening to us at all!
Pearl: What happened to him? First, he says he's a shatterer and then he's turned into this...thing!
Connie: We can change him back, can't we?
Garnet: As long as he believes he's a monster, he'll stay one.
Bismuth: We gotta keep him away from the town!

Spinel: [jumps out of the Diamond ship, holding Steven's flip flop] You forgot your foot thong thingy! [sees Monster Steven] OOOH, OH!
[The Diamonds walk out of the ship]
Yellow Diamond: What is going on here?
White Diamond: Why is something like this always happening when we show up for a visit?
Blue Diamond: What is that thing?
Garnet: That "thing" is Steven.
[Blue Diamond, White Diamond, and Spinel all gasp in shock]
Yellow Diamond: What?!
White Diamond: Impossible!
Blue Diamond: Is he corrupted?
Yellow Diamond: But how?
Garnet: Never mind that. We have to change him back.
Yellow Diamond: Leave it to me. [she catches Monster Steven's head in an energy aura and tries to shrink it down, only for it to revert back immediately, to her confusion] With my new power, I should be able to alter his physical form.
Blue Diamond: He's resisting. Maybe he needs to feel better first. I can help with that. [she sends a cloud of joy towards Monster Steven, but he blows it right back]
Yellow Diamond: Look out! [the cloud hits her and Spinel, and they start laughing uncontrollably] Wow! Your new power didn't work either!
White Diamond: [pushes Yellow and Blue aside and approaches Monster Steven] Enough. I know exactly how to help. If I connect with him and he speaks through me, maybe we'll understand what he's going through. Now then, do you hear me, Steven? [her gem glows and the atmosphere's colors change] Just relax and let me in… Wait-- [her eyes glow, and she cries out and falls back as Yellow and Blue catch her]
Yellow Diamond: White!
Blue Diamond: What happened?!
White Diamond: [horrified] That's not Steven anymore!

Amethyst: Guys, look! The Cluster is trying to hold Steven back!
Peridot: I can't believe it! He's even stronger than the Cluster!
Bismuth: Don't let your guard down. He could break free at any moment!
Pearl: Deep inside this…monster, Steven must be in there, so angry.
Amethyst: I knew something was going on. I- Why didn't I do something?!
Sapphire: [crying] If we don't get through to him, he'll stay like this forever! [starts sobbing along with Ruby while Lapis watches]
Amethyst: [to Greg as he takes a few steps back] Dude, you should get outta here before you get hurt!
Greg: [stomps his foot] NO! Everytime Gem stuff happens, I run the other way! This is my son! And he's right to be angry, because I didn't protect him!
Blue Diamond: [tearing up; crying] You didn't protect him from us! He's like this because of us!
Yellow Diamond: [crying] We're the source of Steven's suffering!
Spinel: [breaks down, sobbing hysterically and blowing her nose into her pigtails] THIS IS MY FAULT!
White Diamond: [crying] Spinel, don't be silly. Everyone knows that all of this is because of me!
Spinel: No, it's ME! I tried to wipe his friends' memories, so he would die alone on a barren world!
White Diamond: [sobbing sorrowfully] That was because you were angry with Pink! And if Pink hurt you, it was because I hurt her! Like I hurt Yellow and Blue and Steven and everyone in the entire universe! This is all my fault!
Connie: YES, it is! [rides in on Lion] Yes, you hurt him, but this isn't the time to make this all about you! That is not helping! Maybe Steven would care how sad you are, because he always puts everyone else's feelings first! But he can't do that for you right now, because he needs us this time! We all have Steven when we needed him. But the only person who's never had Steven is Steven! He's always been there for us, so… how can we be there for him now?
[Ruby and Sapphire smile and fuse back into Garnet]
Garnet: I know how. [Monster Steven breaks free of the Cluster's hand, defeating it and charges at the beach] Okay! No time to waste. Yellow, make me as big as him!
Yellow Diamond: Right.
Garnet: Blue, lift everyone up!
Blue Diamond: Of course.
Garnet: Everyone, get in line!
Greg: You got it!
Garnet: It's time to show Steven… some love.

Garnet: [hugging her arms tightly around Monster Steven while he struggles; calmly] Steven, when I fell apart, you were there for me. I want to be there for you now. I'm here, Steven. I'm here.
Lapis: This is working? You hear us? Steven! [comes and hugs him]
[Everyone comes in for the hug too]
Greg: I'm here, Schtu-Ball! Whatever you need, I'll make it happen! You hear me?!
Peridot: Steven, you never gave up on me for some reason I don't understand! I'll do the same for you!
Amethyst: I know you feel bad! Believe me, I get it! Sometimes it feels like you're never gonna like yourself but… it's possible, man!
Pearl: Steven, I know how awful it feels to keep a part of yourself secret! You shouldn't have to hide anything from me!
[Monster Steven stammers emotionally, and the Cluster's hand reappears and takes his]
Connie: [jumps off Lion's head before landing on Monster Steven's nose and hugs his face; sighs] Steven… you must have been so afraid to show us this side of yourself, but we're not going anywhere. We're all gonna take care of you the same way you took care of us. You know what? I don't have your powers, but… [kisses him with a pink droplet appearing]

Steven: [wakes up, back to his normal human-self, still crying] Huh? [looks and sees everyone smiling at him] Wha…I… Did-Did I-I'm- [Lion pops up and licks him; chuckling] Lion. [hugs Lion] Lion! [begins sobbing, letting out his emotions]

The Future

Jasper: [bursts through the wall, staying aloof] Heard you're leaving. [faces at Steven] I'm coming with you!
Steven: Jasper, I'm going alone.
Jasper: Then who will protect you?!
Steven: I can protect myself.
Jasper: [sighs disappointedly, scowls] I know. [punches a hole in the ground and looks the opposite direction] Farewell, my Diamond. [headbutts the wall, creating another Jasper-shaped hole next to the previous one, walks through it]
Steven: Whoa! Even Jasper's more upset than my own family! Maybe I need a round two?

Garnet: I couldn't resist looking into your future. I peeked, and I saw a possibility that our tears would keep you from leaving. But I also saw many paths ahead of you, and we are a part of all of them. Wherever you end up, we will visit you to talk, to listen, to be there – whenever you need us. We love you, Steven.
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