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Steven M. Greer

American ufologist
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The UFO community and the media have taken this disinformation, hook, and sinker... psychological warfare experts staging these sort of events? Yes. And we know that, we have no question that that's going on.

Dr. Steven M. Greer (June 28, 1955) is an American ufologist and retired traumatologist who founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and the Disclosure Project, which seeks the disclosure of allegedly classified secret UFO information.






  • It really is the same thing. They are identical issues.... The implication of having this information released is so vast, profound, and far-reaching that no aspects of life on earth would be unchanged.
  • The conventional world of science thinks what I'm doing is nonsense, yet I'm one of the biggest skeptics in the UFO community because 90 percent of what I hear about this subject is nonsense. A lot of the information (about aliens) presented to the public is some kind of fantasy, but at its core there's always a little truth.
    About 55 percent of the population believe that (UFOs) are real and that some segment of the government is hiding it from them. That's a majority of the population, more people than voted for Clinton in the last election. About 10 percent of Americans have seen (a UFO) at some point. If you go out and talk to people, they believe this stuff is real. (Greer cites both the Gallup and Harris polls)
  • The secrecy hasn't been enforced because the government thinks people are going to freak out when they find we're not alone in the universe, not in 1999. What will be shocking is the scandal of the last 50 years of ecosystem destruction, when we've had the technology to avoid it since the late '50s.
    Define proof. It's accepted that black holes exist, yet no one has ever seen one. We know they exist because of their effect on nearby objects. Do I have the left arm of ET strapped to a table? No. Are there (government) programs that do, and witnesses willing to come forward and testify to this in the right setting? Yes.
    Billy Graham, for example, has stated that it's likely there are other life forms out there. His take on it is that we should regard them as children of God, even as humanity is. The Vatican came out with a similar statement three or four years ago.
    Where you're going to have a problem is with your really orthodox groups, people who think the Earth is only 6,000 years old. They are going to see this as a threat to their very literalistic doctrines.
    It's been by turns frustrating and fascinating and wonderful beyond imagination. If what I suspect is true, it's one of the most important milestones in human history to acknowledge that we are not alone in the universe.


  • We can prove through the testimony and documents that we will be presenting that this subject has been hidden from members of Congress and at least two administrations that we are aware of, two presidential administrations.


  • ...the 10,000-pound gorilla that has been kept secret for about 50 or 60 years.
    • A 10,000-pound gorilla offers a mental workout, The Portland Tribune, Bill McDonald (3 May 2002)
  • ...the people who have dealt directly with the extraterrestrial evidence and the bodies.
    • Answer to Question: If you had five minutes of television time around the world to convince the skeptics that you were right, what evidence would you show?"
    • A 10,000-pound gorilla offers a mental workout, The Portland Tribune, Bill McDonald (3 May 2002)


  • Back in the early 1960s, when I was eight or nine... some neighborhood boys and I saw a disc-shaped, windowless object that hovered, silent, then simply vanished...I knew what I'd seen, and it was life-changing.
    [Greer's response to: How would zero-point energy transform the global economy?] It would replace everything. You wouldn’t need oil, but the $30 trillion-a-year global economy would quickly grow to $200 trillion because there’d be clean, sustainable energy, and manufacturing and transportation would be very inexpensive. Eighty percent of the world’s population lives in amazing poverty, and it would lift that. It would revolutionize the planet. People talk about the “peace dividend,” but it’s time for a “space dividend.”
    The entity that runs this stuff is the world’s largested RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization]. They used to be called MJ – Majestic – 12 – but the last term I heard was PI-40. It’s not one society. There are sweeping conspiracy theories about the Masons, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission and Counsel of Foreign Relations. I know people in all these entities, and most of them couldn’t find their ass in a well-lighted room. It’s much more prosaic and nuanced than that.
  • [Greer's response to: Why do they feel [[[w:Oligarchy|the ruling elite]]] threatened?] It would decentralize power. Right now the centralized financial and oil system is so integrated with the way the world runs...
    About... 50% of people involved in these super secret projects want this stuff out. They know we're running out of time environmentally & geopolitically. I have no doubt that the outcome will be peaceful, that these technologies will completely rehabilitate Earth's fortunes & environment, and eliminate poverty... in our lifetimes. But the question is, how much madness has to go on between now and then?


  • We have confirmation - and I'm not going to give the name yet because we are trying to coax this guy out of the closet - but one of the senior most people in the SETI project, which is the Carl Sagan Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Effort, has confirmed to the Disclosure Project... that they have received multiple extraterrestrial signals... but that now they are getting external human, probably NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) or NSA jamming of those signals and they are getting very frustrated. The question is why hasn't the SETI project, funded by Paul Allen who's the co-founder of Microsoft, come forward with this information? I'm a little uncomfortable even mentioning this, except for the fact that the public needs to know that this effort, which has received a great deal of mainstream media attention, has actually confirmed to us from two inside sources that they have received extraterrestrial signals and have confirmed them as being extraterrestrial and that they have become increasing in frequency.
  • They have had numerous extraterrestrial signals. They were apparently searching in a spectrum or in an area . . . where they hit the mother lode. The signals were so numerous that they began to have their systems externally jammed by some sort of human agency that did not want them to continue receiving those signals...


  • There is a major country in the world - G7 Country - that has decided to do this with us and has invited us to become the primary contactee to precipitate an event with these extraterrestrial vehicles with the full support of their air force, space command, everything, land and meet the leadership of this country with us facilitating this so that this can than be proximally disclosed to the world, and thats what we are doing eminent - what we are working on eminently. (February 11, 2007)

Special Presidential Briefing for President Barack Obama (23 January 2009)Edit

Full pdf text online

  • Since the mid-1950s, classified projects connected to extraterrestrial matters have operated outside of constitutionally required oversight and control by the President and Congress. This constitutes a grave and ongoing threat to US national security and global security and peace. The implications of this subject are such that no aspect of life on Earth will be unaffected by its Disclosure. We are acutely aware that this subject is highly controversial and suffers from great social opprobrium within certain elite circles and within the mainstream media.
    Indeed, secrecy on the subject has, in part, been maintained by a carefully orchestrated psychological nexus of ridicule, fear, intimidation and disinformation that makes it difficult for any public figure to openly address the matter... Because of this misguided secrecy, the wondrous new sciences related to advanced energy generation, propulsion and transportation have been withheld from the people. These advances include the generation of limitless clean energy from the so-called zero point energy field and quantum vacuum flux field from the space around us, and propulsion that has been termed (incorrectly) anti-gravity. The field of electromagnetic energy that is teeming all around us and which is embedded within the fabric of space/time can easily run all of the energy needs of the Earth – without pollution, oil, gas, coal, centralized utilities or nuclear power.
    • p. 1
  • The world will not find justice and peace so long as half of the world’s population lives in poverty while the other half cannibalizes the Earth to maintain its standard of living. This dire situation can and must be transformed into a world of abundance, clean and plentiful energy and genuine sustainability. On this foundation, with these new sciences, technologies and a new consciousness, we can move forward as a people, united and in peace. Then and only then will we be welcome amongst the other civilizations of the cosmos.
    • p. 2
  • The so-called MJ-12 or Majestic group that controls this subject operates without the consent of the people, or the oversight of the President and Congress. It functions as a transnational government unto itself, answerable to no one. All checks and balances have been obliterated. While as a governing entity it stands outside of the rule of law, its influence reaches into many governments, corporations, agencies, media and financial interests. Its corrupting influence is profound and, indeed, it has operated as a very powerful and embedded global RICO whose power to date remains unchecked. Upwards of $100 billion of USG funds go annually into this operation, also known as the ‘black budget’ of the United States - enough to provide universal health care to every man, woman and child in America.
    Interests in Europe, the Vatican and Asia, especially France and China, are urging Disclosure. If the United States does not move forward, these other interests will, and America will be left behind and become increasingly irrelevant in the world. This cannot be allowed to happen. The European and Asian arenas will move with or without US involvement at some point in the very near future, as well they should. Six decades of secrecy is enough.
    We are also morally obliged to warn you of an existing highly secretive plan to use advanced technologies to hoax an ‘alien attack’ on Earth. There exists within the direct control of this Majestic group assets capable of launching such a false flag operation and virtually every person on Earth, as well as most leaders, would be deceived by it. Components of this operation have been tested on the public over the past 50 years...
    • p. 3
  • We have concluded that the actual extraterrestrial presence is distinctly non-hostile. In light of the reckless and aggressive nature of many of our covert military actions and the extraordinarily advanced technologies that permit interstellar travel by these extraterrestrial civilizations, if they were hostile, human civilization would have been dealt with decisively at the dawn of the nuclear era.
    These visitors, however, appear to be very concerned with unchecked human hostility, war-making and weapons of mass destruction, combined with our early potential for space travel. The tendency for people to engage in anthropocentric projection leads many to assume a threat where none exists.
    It is more likely that humanity may be seen as a threat to the cosmic order, insofar as we have failed to restrain the expansion of weapons of mass destruction while attempting to push farther and farther into space. Moreover, we have failed to initiate an enlightened and peaceful diplomatic mission to these extraterrestrial visitors. This needs to change immediately.
    Disclosure of this subject must be very carefully planned and positioned as a hopeful and elevating moment in human history. A poorly positioned Disclosure that demonizes these visitors or frightens the public may prove more harmful than secrecy.
    • p.4
  • World peace and universal peace are two sides of the same coin. Once we vow to live peacefully on Earth and go into space only in peace, we will be welcome with open arms. Until then, a type of cosmic quarantine exists - rightly - around the Earth.
    Unfortunately, the media and movie industry are highly penetrated by interests loyal to the Majestic group, which has used the media to, in turns, ridicule the subject and present terrifying images of ‘alien invasion’. In short, the populace is almost thoroughly brainwashed on the matter, and this presents a further hurdle that must be carefully taken into account when planning Disclosure.
    • p. 5
  • President Obama, we stand ready to assist you and your Administration with these and other tasks, and pledge to you our full support. I will personally fulfill any request from your office with the utmost integrity, discretion and confidentiality. Please be assured of my heartfelt prayers on your behalf for your guidance, protection and success as you begin your historic role as President of the United States.
    • p. 6
We live in the most interesting of times. We're the last generation that will fully have the experience of both the old world and the new era. We're too close to it to really see it, but we have a beautiful station that is pivotal. It is unlike any generation before or that will come after. We are the generation of transformation. It is at once overwhelming and beautiful. We should be joyous and amazed at the extraordinary time we are in and the unparalleled opportunities we have...

Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge (2013)Edit

Full text

  • But it is time for you to know: Why did an emergency physician who had been chairman of a busy ER leave his career to get out to the world the information that we are not alone? What had I personally experienced from childhood onwards - that gave me the knowledge of cosmic cultures, cosmic consciousness and a glimpse of the wondrous future that awaits humanity? What are the new energy and propulsion technologies that can give us a new world, free of pollution, poverty and conflict?
    What is the nexus where Mind, Space, Time and Matter all come together- and how might this be used technologically by an advanced civilization? What does the blue-print of the next 500,000 years of human civilization on earth look like - and how can we transition to that time?
    What did I find- and experience - as I met with heads of state, CIA officials, billionaires and covert operatives who in turns are desperate to maintain the secrecy and yet pray for relief from the black box they have nailed shut around them? Who has been keeping this Hidden Truth and Forbidden Knowledge secret - and most importantly, why?
    • p. xi
  • It is critical to understand that an enormous and sophisticated disinformation campaign exists around the whole extraterrestrial question- at least 90 percent of the information and images portrayed to the public are selected to evoke fear — followed by hatred of all things alien... But fear and horror sells, and the usual suspects benefit from a terrified, misinformed populace...
    We know that clandestine paramilitary operations exist, controlled by a shadowy group staging simulated UFO/ETV events. This is not speculation: we have interviewed many independent corroborating military people who have participated on the teams that have deliberately "abducted" people to create the illusion of real extraterrestrial encounters.
    • p.33
  • Most of the UFO/ET information put out is designed by counter-intelligence, PSYOPS and disinformation people for a specific, intended effect.
    This is a concerted effort to create a false "alien threat." If someone comes forward with a dissimilar story, they're blacklisted from lectures and subsequently unable to get their story out to the public or the media in book form or through any other significant channel. But those who create terrifying messages - akin to the movie "Independence Day", or certain abduction books, - receive high dollar advances along with big publishing deals and film contracts. This is assuredly by design.
    The power elite want those alarming stories seeded into the mass consciousness, and for the truth to be buried.
    • p.35
  • Within the Shadow Government is a hard-core group of eschatologists: people obsessed with the end of the world who would like to see it go out in one big eco-alien cataclysm, to hasten the return of Christ! This is their agenda: They maintain that the world has to be in the most dire of conditions for the Second Coming to occur, and they hope to make circumstances ripe for that goal. It is just plain madness.
    • p. 36
  • I went to live in Israel in January of 1978, initially just to visit for about ten days. I ended up staying for three years, working at the world headquarters of the Baha'i religion on Mount Carmel in Haifa. It was a wonderful and interesting experience being at some very sacred places. In all my travels throughout that area, I could feel the presence of the spiritual teachers that have come to this small area. And at the same time, I sensed that every rock is soaked in the blood of conflict.
    • p. 39
  • We live in a time where universal education and the universal ability to read should open up the whole array of knowledge to every denizen on the planet. And those who would care to be gatekeepers or bottle- necks - and keep a choke hold on the flow of knowledge - simply need to step down and stand aside.
    Let's be honest. There was a time when one out of 1,000 people on Earth knew how to read. And the clerics were scribes, and they would read and repeat to the masses what were in spiritual teachings.
    • p. 54
  • So I explained, “In my dream, the President is going down to Colombia; either on take-off or landing, Air Force One is hit.” I described everything -- that it’s an inside job and it is Colombian defense people who betray the security detail and are acting on behalf of these people who run the drug cartels. The Secret Service agent said, “What do we need to do to avoid this?” I said, “Well, if you can’t get the President to cancel the trip, you need to, at the last minute, change where Air Force One lands... be sure that everyone within striking distance of a shoulder-held missile is connected to your people and not Colombian. And you need to sweep the area that far out. He said, “We’ll do it.” Weeks later, in “Newsweek” I read an article that said that, in fact, a contract for $5 million had been put out on the life of President Bush and that arms merchants in the Middle East, including Israel, had sold the drug cartels in Colombia shoulder-held missiles! This article, which came out AFTER my vision, stated that advisors to the President were asking him to cancel this trip. It turns out, of course, he did take the trip and he wasn’t killed.
    • p.67
  • People often ask, “How do you know the difference between a man- made UFO and an extraterrestrial vehicle?” It’s very obvious if you are ever close up to one, because the entire quality of it is different. The ones that are extraterrestrial are extremely advanced, in the sense that they are “awake.” The actual craft itself has artificial intelligence and is conscious. The beings on board are connected into it and can connect to you consciously. And the kind of light it gives off is like nothing you have ever seen on Earth: It is extraordinary. It looks like it is not of this worldand has an energy and intelligence associated with it that is very advanced.
    • p. 76
  • So you have people like Laurance Rockefeller, who really wanted to do the right thing- but he allowed his wings to be clipped by family loyalties, and was surrounded by a mob of intelligence operatives and spooks who were hell bent on intercepting his interests, and making sure that whatever support he could give, went into the toilet.
    Many wonderful things happened, including the fact that we were able to put together briefing materials which Laurance Rockefeller used to personally brief Bill and Hillary Clinton at the “JY” Ranch.
    • p. 98
  • I later found out from a friend of the Clinton’s that when President Clinton returned to the White House and was reviewing the briefing documents again he exclaimed —and she did a perfect impersonation of Bill Clinton— “ I know this is all true, but God damn it, they won’t tell me a thing. Not a God damned thing !”
    • p. 99
  • The Admiral at the Joint Chiefs of Staff had ordered the meeting, and actually had to pull rank with the head of Air Force Intelligence to make it happen. The meeting went on for an hour or two, during which time I made a very clear case regarding how we had established contact on numerous occasions with the UFOs in question. They were writing furiously as we disclosed this information to them. We continued to explain that it was well past time for this information to be disclosed to the public.
    At one point, the Colonel asked, “Well, what if these life forms are hostile?” I looked at him and I said, “You know what? You and I wouldn’t be having this conversation if they were hostile given the fact that the technologies that they have are so advanced that they can alter the fabric of space-time. If they were hostile, in a nanosecond the earth could be turned into a cinder floating through space and you know it. And insofar as we have been doing reckless and dangerous things against them for decades, the fact that you and I still are breathing the free air of earth is abundant testimony to their non-violence.” He just looked at me.
    • p.101
  • Later we learned that Admiral Cramer was told that he was not to be involved in this sort of meeting again. When our military advisor went back to visit the Admiral, his aide insisted, “Don’t ever bring up that subject again with Admiral Cramer. He can’t talk about that!” Do you think that we should have been surprised to learn that, shortly afterwards, he was promoted from being head of Intelligence Joint Staff, to being Director of Naval Intelligence – DNI? I was told that Admiral Cramer was rewarded for not pushing this issue anymore...
    • p.102
  • Between 1994 and 1997, as we continued to work the system, I decided it was very important to reach out to the legislative bodies of the world. If the President... was too terrified, and too threatened to act, and his inner circle was being denied access to information, then the next best venue was Congress. So many senior White House officials were being denied access that it was clear only an open hearing in Congress could change things officially.
    Regarding other senior officials being blocked: Astronaut Gordon Cooper personally told me that Secretary of Defense Cohen had learned of Gordon Cooper's team filming a landed UFO at a dry lake bed at Edwards Air Force base in the 1950s. Cohen tried to get access to that information but was denied access. Cohen knew the dates and details of the landing and filming - and yet Cohen could not gain access to the film or the records!
    So, we met with a number of members of Congress... we found we could meet privately with a number of key Congressmen.... What I found in almost every case is that they all wanted to know, but they didn't want to act.
    • p.118
  • We requested that the long awaited Disclosure event take place at the U.N. They agreed to that. But around the time that the agreement was made, they ushered Boutros-Ghali out. Normally, the Secretary Generals get two terms. He only had one. They cited all sorts of reasons why they had to get rid of him...
    So in comes Kofi Annan. A senior aide to Kofi Annan... reached out to us. He said, "They have agreed to let us have the big hall, at the United Nations, to host these top military and government witnesses to UFOs for a conference". This was agreed to.
    But a few weeks later, this ambassador called me... He said, "Well, I know we've agreed to host this for you, but it can no longer happen. The Secretary General was visited by some people who showed him documents that so scared him that he knew he couldn't do anything more with this." I was told that the U.N., which was almost bankrupt, would have been shut down and closed! Essentially, these intelligence operatives and trans-national rogues threat- ened the UN leadership and put the fear of God in them.
    • p.120
  • We have to be aware of the chaos, but we should not only focus on that. It's easy to dwell on the negative. But there is so much that's beautiful that's all around us and there's so much that's happening that's positive. We can discipline ourselves to dwell on that which is good and beautiful and draw that to us and bring it into the world. It isn't easy, because we live in a world that's increasingly harsh and destructive. But this propels us all the more to connect firmly to truth and to a deeper vision.
    We must have the courage to choose enlightenment, and take responsibility for our own evolution and the progress of humanity.
    • p. 300
  • We live in the most interesting of times. We're the last generation that will fully have the experience of both the old world and the new era. We're too close to it to really see it, but we have a beautiful station that is pivotal. It is unlike any generation before or that will come after. We are the generation of transformation. It is at once overwhelming and beautiful. We should be joyous and amazed at the extraordinary time we are in and the unparalleled opportunities we have.
    Efforts expended through the difficulty of this time, for this purpose- for the establishment of universal peace- will be honored and remembered for thousands of years. If we seize the opportunity, we are providing a service to humanity that no other generation could provide — and that's why we're here.
    • p. 300-301


  • We’ve been working for over 25 years to disclose this information, and the public has accepted the fact that we’re not alone in the Universe, the vast majority. In fact, if you look at the, even on Unacknowledged, this documentary, it’s on Netflix now, around the world, it’s had tens of millions people see it. And on pirated sites, probably a hundred million people. So... this information is out there, but the governments have not seen fit to officially recognize it because it would disrupt the status-quo... There are a lot of people, like, of course, the science fiction, who’d make you think that there’s a risk of some kind of alien invasion or threat. It’s the other way around, we’re viewed as the threat, the human civilisation right now is viewed as a very unstable civilisation that has not attained a peaceful world situation, which should have happened at the end of World War 2, and has not yet happened... These (advanced) civilisations are waiting for us to grow up... and until then, there’s not going to be any overt action by them unless some catastrophic event was to happen.
  • Recently the Pentagon released a radar case off the coast of California where one of our fighter jets tracked one of these objects moving in a way that no conventional aircraft could possibly move, and this was in The New York Times, and CNN and elsewhere.... There’s a huge amount of evidence... We have... been accumulating it for decades... Everyone thinks we have a free press in America, we do not. We have a managed press. And if CNN started drilling on this subject they would be told to stand down off of it... ABC News was pursuing this with us, I gave them 35 hours of digital tape of top-secret testimony and hard evidence...the executive producer...was told: “You will not be allowed to do this story.” So there’s a myth around the world that... the big mainstream media are free to do this. And this is not the case.


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