Static Shock

2000-2004 American animated television series

Static Shock is an animated series that originally broadcasted for four seasons, in-between 2000-2004. Its plot centred around an African american teenager called Virgil Hawkins, who, after being exposed to an illegal mutagenic gas explosion, gained control of Metahuman electromagnetic super powers, and then used them to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a superhero. Virgil, now calling himself "Static," has since fought against supervillians and other "Bang-Babies" who have threatened his friends, family and his home city of Dakota.

Note: these episodes are listed in production order, not by airdate.

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  • HT: The archetype of the teenage hero is an honored one in comics, from Spider-Man to Batman Beyond. How do you avoid falling into the same old storylines and cliches?
McDUFFIE: By keeping the book grounded in naturalism (not “realism,” realism is boring). You just keep asking yourself, “What would somebody I know do if..?” Everything that’s ever happened before is a cliche to someone. I don’t worry about it. The superhero ditching his girlfriend isn’t a cliche, it’s a real problem. How it plays out is the interesting part.

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