Star Kid

1998 film by Manny Coto

Star Kid is a 1998 independent science fantasy-family film about a kid named Spencer who comes across a piece of alien technology, a Phase One Assault Cyborsuit.  Accompanied by the Cyborsuit and a former antagonist, Spencer saves Earth by defeating an alien villain.

Written and directed by Manny Coto.
You know what they say, if the cyborsuit fits, go kick some alien butt!  (tagline)

Spencer GriffithEdit

  • Check it out: I'm Shaquille O'Neal.
  • Hello, Crystal Bluff.  There's a new kid in town.
  • [after being attacked by a broodwarrior]  Why does everyone want to beat me up‽
  • It's head-crushing time.

Phase One Assault CyborsuitEdit

Manfred "Turbo" BruntleyEdit

Stacey GriffithEdit

  • I can't babysit the little scab juice tonight!
  • A little survival tip: stay out of my way!


  • Janet Holloway:  I used to be scared to death of spiders.  [places tarantula in Spencer's hands]  Hold still now.  Yeah, I almost fainted once when a little garden spider crawled into my bedroom.  Yeah, I told my dad about it; you know what he did?  He bought me a tarantula just like Leo G there.  He knew I'd have to change my tarantula's water, and that meant sticking my hand in the terrarium.  If I didn't give him water, the tarantula would die.  My dad figured I couldn't let that happen, even to a spider.  He was right: I stuck my hand in that terrarium—oh, that first time.  Oh, man, I was so scared.  But you know what?  It got easier.  Pretty soon, I wasn't even scared anymore.  In fact, I go so into spiders, I started studying them, and I found science, and I became the world's greatest science teacher.  …  Point is, if you run away from the things you're scared of, it doesn't get any better.  The fear doesn't go away; in fact, it just gets worse.  Trust me.
  • Nadia:  [selling Cyborsuit shirts to fellow kids]  Look, we gotta make a profit here.  You're just gonna have to tell your mom to increase your allowance.
  • Narrator:  [from the trailer]  …comes the story of two friends who must join forces to save two worlds…if they don't destroy this one first.


Spencer Griffith:  Hello?
Phase One Assault Cyborsuit:  Hello?
Spencer:  You can talk?
Cyborsuit:  You can talk?
Spencer:  Of course I can talk.
Cyborsuit:  Of course I can talk.
Spencer:  Cut it out.
Cyborsuit:  Cut it out.  Language data reoriented to English.

Cyborsuit:  [to Turbo]  You are USAD—
Spencer:  No, USDA.
Cyborsuit:  —er, USDA choice dead meat.

Spencer:  What do you call a cow with no feet?
Cyborsuit:  Insufficient data.
Spencer:  Err!  Wrong!  "Ground beef," get it?
Cyborsuit:  [silence]

Spencer:  We better hit the road.
Cyborsuit:  We must strike asphalt.

Spencer:  Oahh!  What is this?
Cyborsuit:  One synthesised nebular burger.  All non-essential compounds have been filtered out.
Spencer:  Oh.  I'm eating a Cyborsuit turd.


  • You know what they say, if the cyborsuit fits, go kick some alien butt!

Notable creditsEdit

  • In Memory of Soraya Amin

Quotes about the filmEdit


  • Joseph Mazzello — Spencer Griffith
  • Joey Simmrin — Manfred "Turbo" Bruntley
  • Alex Daniels — Cyborsuit
  • Brian Simpson — the Broodwarrior
  • Richard Gilliland — Roland Griffith
  • Corinne Bohrer — Janet Holloway
  • Ashlee Levitch — Stacey Griffith
  • Danny Masterson — Kevin
  • Lauren Eckstrom — Michelle Eberhardt
  • Jack McGee — Hank Bruntley
  • Bobby Porter — Nath the Treklin
  • Larry Nicholas — Tenris De-Thar the Trelkin
  • Rusty Hanson — Trelkin
  • Terry Castillo — Trelkin

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