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Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

video game

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves is a video game which stars Sly Cooper and the rest of his gang.


Sly CooperEdit

  • Cops 'round here really like to make an impression.
  • Aw come on pal, there's always a way.
  • Hello assorted meatheads, and lady. Anyone feel like getting some exercise?
  • Argh, I forgot me number 2 pencil for the scantron test!
  • And... I'm out.
  • "Guys like me?" Are you saying I've got some competition for your affections?
  • Hope that manhole works both ways!
  • How about you stop sending these gaurds up to kill me?
  • Listen up, Dirtbags! Time to clear out, from now on, this bar is Cooper Gang Turf!
  • The lasers! I get it, I can slide on the laser beams! Dad, you old rascal!


  • Don't worry, my pet. I'll make this quick and painless.
  • (to distract guards) Yo, mama!//I'm yelling at you!//Hey you with the low self esteem!//Follow the sound of my voice.//Yo, ugly!//(chicken noises)//(singing) You will never find me!//Hey, pay attention to me!//Hey, fatty!//Up your nose with a rubber hose!//Aloha idiot!//
  • I'm allergic to tomatoes!
  • Let go of me, you geriatric fiend!
  • (To Sly) I can't believe that worked. You've got the worst Italian accent I've ever heard... no offense.
  • (While sabotaging the work of Don Octavio) Look away if you must, you're about to witness the dark side of electrical engineering. Kill a bunch of poor innocent fish, will he...?
  • Another falls before my digital kung-fu! Hi-ya-cha-cha-cha!
  • Another terminal... terminated.
  • Uh, we need to "put the smack down" on these "bad dudes"..."for justice."
  • That sneaky devil!
  • When you two are done making out, I'll see you back at the Safehouse. Sheesh!
  • (To Muggshot) Your mother is a broken down tub of junk with more gentlemen callers than the operator!
  • Oh boy, here comes the big guns. And by "guns" I mean a flying, giant, whale-dragonfly thing covered in robotic junk!


  • (To Don Octavio) That does it! I'LL FLOSS MY TEETH WITH YOUR SPINE!!!
  • "The Murray" returns!
  • The Murray knows no song but the triumphant horn section of his own triumph!
  • Keep it peaceful, and I'll smash up anything you'd like!
  • What's the point of having fists if you can't bash steel doors with them?!
  • My mind is clear, like the woodlands after a forest fire.
  • Greetings, old -(Sees Carmelita) Inspector Fox?! Man, you're in it again.
  • What was Genghis Khan's favorite meal? The brains of his enemies. That wasn't really funny, just gross and weird, you've gotta admit weird right?
  • Find the match deep inside yourself... light it, and let the fire burn up your gut and boil your blood!!!
  • The Murray has been and allways will be... FINESS!
  • That's right, plug-head! I'm like a semi truck with its brakes cut!
  • Keep your head down, stay clear. I'm going to crack alot of skulls and I don't want your's to be one of them!
  • Yes! The Murray lives! I will never forget you, brave little RC car! We will be friends forever! You can ride in my van!
  • Yeah! You're all knocked down and "The Murray" stands tall! Like a freaking totem pole of strongism!
  • YES! The Cooper Gang, rules the roost! We're the kings of the hill! The totally maxed-out, heavy weight, champions!!!


  • (about Sly) I love to see him pull off those athletic moves.
  • (about Bentley) Nobody touches that turtle... but me.
  • Opening the door for a lady. And some say chivalry is dead.
  • In position.
  • I have a visual.
  • I'm on it.

Panda KingEdit

  • I endeavor not to miss.
  • Ha! With my fireworks, it will fly, as the bird! (lights fuse) Fly, bird, FLY!
  • (gleefully) The fuse is lit!
  • YOU ARE... correct. Forgive me, my mind is not always my own.
  • Fear not Cooper, I shall not kill you this day!
  • If you truly wish to aid me, stand still and let my fireballs cook your flesh!


  • Murray? That name's a stain on my pants, bro.
  • My style, it's like smoke. Ungrabbable, and all over the place!
  • The Baron has eyes, eyes and ears, ears and fists!
  • Showtime baby!
  • I'm MAG to the JAG to the EFICENT baby!
  • (sings) I dive baby, I dive for the love!
  • This no small-time favor like: "Will you water my fish, or feed my plant?" No way, bro! This old school Mafia blood-pact favor, like in movies, big time!

Dr. MEdit

  • (on phone) Yes? Water leaking into the lab? I'm on my way down. Oh, and get a janitor for the lab elevator, Richards got sloppy.
  • You're as weak as your father!
  • Ah, Murray. You're much stronger than McSweeney ever was.

Carmelita FoxEdit

  • No one hurts my criminal!
  • That's right! Hide in the sewers like the rat you are!
  • First things first. Put Cooper down and we'll talk terms.
  • Blast it Sly. Why run? Why not face me like a real man?!
  • Don't move or I'll zap you.
  • Interpol; I've captued Sly Cooper. Repeat, captured Sly Cooper. Requesting instruction unit, over.
  • Cooper! (groans) These guys have to brag, even when they're running away.
  • Sly Cooper and his secret plans. Who's this "veiled bride" he's so interestd in anyways? Well, he's not the only one who can play the disguise game. I'll give and his gang a shotgun wedding they'll never forget!

Character DialogueEdit

Carmelita: You have some nerve showing up in my squad room!
Sly: I was concerned we were growing apart.
Carmelita: Then lets spend some quality time in my interrogation office.
Sly: So forward. Whatever happened to the demure girl I used to know?
Carmelita: She grew up and stopped taking grief from guys like you.
Sly: "Guys like me?" Are you saying I've got some competition for your affections?
Carmelita: You're the only man in my sights right now.

Bentley: Any problems with that guy?
Sly: Said he wanted to be buried in his mom's pasta sauce.
Bentley: Yeah. That's, uh... That's strange.
(Sly opens the door, and Bentley goes inside)
Sly: (over Binocucom) You know, I just can't get it out of my head. Have you ever had pasta sauce that tasty? I don't want to distract you or anything, but I just don't think I've ever had cooking that good. Are we missing out on a universe of flavors?

Sly: That explosive had some kick!
Bentley: It was a child compared to this ferocious beast. Don't dilly-dally with this one, it's got a longer fuse but you've got farther to run.
Sly: "Ferocious beast?"
Bentley: Run Sly, run! Fear the beast!

Sly: Hey, Inspector Fox! Still looking for a date to the prom?
Carmelita: Quit running, and I'll pin the corsage on you!

Bentley: We can't stop the operation now. We'll just have to give her a wide berth.
Sly: (splitting his legs apart) Roger, applying "wide berth."

The Guru: [speaking in Diksha]
Bentley: Thanks Guru, you always know just what to say.

Bentley: You're a heck of a woman, Penelope.
Penelope: I know. That's what my homepage says.

Murray: Seriously, do you guys wanna see my blisters?
Penelope: No way! ...Is he serious?
The Guru: [speaking in Diksha]
Murray: Yeah, OK master. Bouncing, pillars, piece of cake!

(Murray jumps down)

The Guru: [Speaking Diksha]
Bentley: I hear that. Sometimes, you've got to be firm.
Penelope: No, seriously. Is for real about the blisters? Cause, uh, I don't know it, yeash!

Bentley: I wish I could walk on tightropes and land on flagpoles, but I can't.
Penelope: You can do other stuff. Sly can't rewire a satellite or write ASCII code.
Bentley: Sly can't even spell ASCII.

Sly: Bentley, you there?
Bentley: Yeah, pal.
Sly: I'm about to head inside the vault... and I want you and Murray to come with me. We're a team, a family. We should do this together.
Bentley: OK, be right up... partner.
Murray: Nice! We'll have the Panda King give the van a boost! Stand clear Sly, we're about to get awesome!

(Panda King lights the fireworks)

Panda King: (gleefully) The fuse is lit!
Murray: Buckle up Bentley... we're about to fly!

(the van shoots up into the air)

Murray: YAHOO!

(the van lands at the entrance to the Cooper Vault)

Bentley: We're never doing that again.

Panda King: Fear not Cooper, I shall not kill you this day.
Sly: Uh... ditto.

Sly: Put my friend down, or I'm going to knock out all your teeth, one at a time, and make you eat 'em.
Don Octavio: Is that-a the best you got? Back in my day, we had enforcers that would make people-a pee their pants just by-a looking at 'em.

Sly: Hey Murray, you in here?
Dimitri: Murray? That name's a stain on my pants bro. Wha? Cooper? You got some fuzzy dice, coming round here.
Sly: Dimitri? Long time, no punch. Still in jail, I see.
Dimitri: And you're still a cracker box.

Murray: My Guru, in his wisdom, told me to lose myself, and not return untill the black water ran pure. So here I stay.
Sly: You sure he didn't tell you to get lost, and not come back untill the you've cleared out the water filter?

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