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Sigourney Weaver

American actress
Sigourney Weaver at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival.JPG

Sigourney Weaver (née Susan Alexandra Weaver) (born 8 October 1949) is an American actress.


  • I changed my name when I was about twelve because I didn't like being called Sue or Susie. I felt I needed a longer name because I was so tall. So what happened? Now everyone calls me Sig or Siggy.
    • Esquire, January 2010, p. 87
  • I had such great teachers in high school who made me feel like I could do anything. Then to go to Yale, where these drama teachers made me feel like shit—if I have any advice for young people, it would be, "Don't listen to teachers who say, 'You're really not good enough.' " Just teach me. Don't tell me if you think I'm good enough or not. I didn't ask you. Teachers who do that should be fired.
    • Esquire, January 2010, p. 87

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