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1987 science fiction film
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Predator is a 1987 film about a team of commandos reunited in a Central American jungle for a rescue and extract mission, but the lurking secret of the jungle will leave the crew facing death from something never before seen on earth. A sequel was produced and released in 1990.

Directed by John McTiernan. Written by Jim Thomas and John Thomas.
Nothing like it has ever been on earth before.taglines



  • This cabinet minister, does he always travel on the wrong side of the border?
  • Dillon!... You son of a bitch!
  • What's the matter? The CIA got you pushin' too many pencils?
  • What is this fucking tie business?
  • We're a rescue team, not assassins.
  • My team always works alone, you know that.
  • This is getting better by the minute.
  • [after knocking a door down] Knock-knock.
  • [after nailing a guy to the wall with his knife] Stick around!
  • [throttling Dilllon] You set us up! It was bullshit, all of it!
  • So you cooked up a story and dropped the six of us in the meat grinder. What happened to you Dillon? You used to be somebody I could trust.
  • My men are not expendable. And I don't do this kind of work.
  • She's your baggage. You fall behind, and you're on your own.
  • You still don't understand, Dillon, do you? Whatever it is out there, it killed Hopper, and now it wants us.
  • If it bleeds, we can kill it.
  • Bleed, bastard.
  • Leave it. He didn't kill you because you were unarmed. No sport...
  • [after seeing the Predator's true face] You're one, ugly... motherfucker.
  • [(shortly after previous quote) Breaks log on Predator's arm] ...Bad idea.
  • [ trying to lure the Predator into a trap] Come on... Come on! Do it! Do it! Come on! Kill me! I'm here! Come on! Do it now! Kill me!
  • Run! Go! Get to the chopper!
  • We move. Five meter spread. No sound.
  • You never were that smart...
  • She'll give away our position any chance she gets. No deal.
  • Heat seekers Dillon. Pretty sophisticated for a bunch of half-assed mountain boys...
  • What's got Billy so spooked?
  • We make a stand now, or there will be nobody left to go to the chopper.


  • You lose it here and you're in a world of hurt.
  • [after everyone turns down his offer of chewing tobacco] Bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here. This stuff will make you a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me.
  • Payback time...
  • Son of a bitch is dug in like an Alabama tick.
  • This place makes Cambodia look like Kansas.
  • Ain't got time to bleed...
  • Come on in, you fuckers... Come on in... "Ol'Painless" is waiting...


  • Ain't no way for no soldier to die.
  • You're ghostin' us, motherfucker. I don't care who you are back in the world, you give away our position one more time, I'll bleed ya, real quiet. Leave ya here. Got that?
  • If these were central American then I'm a god damn chinaman.
  • Anytime...
  • I gotcha, motherfucker! I gotcha!
  • [singing] Long tall Sally, she's built for speed, she got everythin' that Uncle John need. Aw, I'm gonna have me some fun. I'm gonna have me some fun. I'm gonna have me some fun...
  • He was... My friend.
  • [while on patrol, to Blain's corpse] Here we are again bro... Just you and me. Same kind of moon, same kind of jungle. Real number ten night, remember... Whole platoon, thirty-two men chopped into meat... We walk out, just you and me, nobody else. Right on top, of em. Not a scratch... Not a fuckin' scratch. You know bro whoever got you, he'll come back again. And when he does I'm gonna cut your name, right into him... I'm gonna cut your name, into him!!
  • I see you...
  • I'm gonna have me some fun [repeating]
  • Those eyes... disappeared. But I know one thing, Major... [pause] I drew down and fired right at it. Capped-off two hundred rounds and then the Mini-gun; the full pack. Nothin'... nothin' on this earth could have lived... not at that range.


  • That's a real nasty habit you got there.
  • [to Hawkins, right before the assault on the camp right after the satchel charge in the truck explodes] Showtime, kid.
  • Goddamn jackpot. This is more than we ever thought we'd get. We finally got those bastards. We got 'em!
  • I woke up. Why don't you? You're an asset, an expendable asset and I used you to get the job done. Got it?
  • You saying that Blain and Hawkins were killed by a fucking lizard? That's a bullshit psyche job. There is 2 to 3 men out there at the most. Fucking lizard.
  • [after a trap seemingly fails to attract the Predator] So, what are you gonna try next? Cheese?


  • Hawkins: [to Billy] I was going down on my girlfriend and said 'Sheesh, you got a big pussy. Sheesh, you got a big pussy.' And she said, 'Why did you say that twice?' And I said 'I didn't.' You was the echo."
  • Anna Gonsalves: When I was little, we found a man. He looked like... like, butchered. The old woman in the village crossed themselves... and whispered crazy things - strange things. "El Diablo cazador de hombres." Only in the hottest years this happens - and this year, it grows hot. We begin finding our men. We found them sometimes without their skins... and sometimes much, much worse. ..."El caza trofeos de los hombres" means "the demon who makes trophies of men".
  • Billy: There's something out there waiting for us... and it ain't no man. We're all gonna die.
  • Poncho: Strap this in your sore ass, Blain!


General: You're looking good, Dutch.
Dutch: It's been a long time, General.
General: Come on inside...

General: 18 hours ago, we lost a chopper... Carrying a cabinet minister and his aide in this charming little country. We’ve got a transponder fixed on their position... [Pointing] About here.
Dutch: ... This cabinet minister, does he always travel on the wrong side of the border?
General: Apparently, they strayed off course. And we're fairly certain they're in guerrilla hands.
Dutch: So why don't you use the regular army? What do you need us for?
Dillon: 'Cause some damn fool accused you of being the best!
Dutch: ... Dillon!... You son of a bitch! [Arm wrestling]

Dutch: You never did know when to quit, eh?
Dillon: Damn good to see you again, Dutch.
Dutch: And what is this fucking tie business?
Dillon: C'mon, forget about my tie, man!...

Dillon: I heard about this little job you pulled up in Berlin, very nice, Dutch...
Dutch: Good old days...
Dillon: Yeah, like the good old days... How come you passed up on Libya, eh?
Dutch: Oh, it wasn't my style...
Dillon: You got no style, Dutch, you know that! C'mon, why? Why did you pass?
Dutch: ... We're a rescue team. Not assassins.

Dillon: Dutch, what the general is sayin' is a couple of our friends are about to get squeezed and we can't let that happen. We need the best. That's why you're here...
Dutch: Go on.
Dillon: Simple setup. One-day operation. We pick up their trail at the chopper, grab those hostages, and bounce back before anyone knows we were there.
Dutch: What do you mean, "we"?
Dillon: I'm goin' in with you, Dutch.
Dutch: General, my team always works alone. You know that.
General: I'm afraid we all have our orders, Major. Once you reach your objective, Dillon will evaluate the situation and take charge...

Dutch: Who's our backup?
Dillon: No such thing, old buddy. This is a one way ticket. Once we cross that border... We're on our own.
Dutch: This is getting better by the minute...

Poncho: Do you remember Afghanistan?
Dutch: I'm trying to forget it!

Dutch: What happened here, Billy?
Billy: Strange, Major. There was a firefight. They were shooting in all directions.
Dutch: I can't believe Hopper walked into an ambush.
Billy: I don't believe he did. I can't find a single track. It just doesn't make sense...
Dutch: What about the rest of Hopper's men?
Billy: There's no sign, sir. They never left here. It's like they just disappeared...
Dutch: ... Stick with the guerrilla trail. Let's get the hostages.[To the others] We move. Five meter spread. No sound.

Poncho: You're hurt. You're bleeding, man.
Blain: I ain't got time to bleed.
Poncho: Oh, okay. [firing a few round from his parabolic grenade launcher] You got time to duck?

Dutch: Hey Billy, give me a way out of this hole. Aerial says we are cut off.
Billy: The only way outta here is that valley that leads to the east. But I wouldn't wish that on a broke-dick dog.
Dutch: Not much choice.

Dutch: You set us up! [pushes Dillon to a wall] It's all bullshit, all of it! The cabinet minister, the whole business. Got us in here to do your dirty work.
Dillon: Look we just stopped a major invasion, in three days they would've crossed the border!

Dillon: What story did you brought to Hopper?
Dillon: Look, we've been looking for this place for months. My men were in that chopper when it got hit! Hopper's orders were to go in and get my men and he disappeared.
Dutch: He didn't disappear. He was skinned alive!
Dillon: My orders were to get somebody who could crack these bastards!
Dutch: So you cooked up a story and dropped the six of us in a meat grinder...What happened to you, Dillon? You used to be someone I could trust.
Dillon: I woke up. Why don't you? You're an asset. An expendable asset. And I used you to get the job done, got it?
Dutch: My men are not expendable.. and I don't do this type of work.

Dutch: He's killing us one at a time.
Billy: Like a hunter...

Poncho: Major, you better come take a look at this.
Dutch: Did you find Hawkins?
Poncho: I... I can't tell.

Poncho: She says.. The jungle came alive and took him!
Dillon: That isn't what she said!.. She said.. What she said doesn't make sense.

Billy: I'm scared, Poncho.
Poncho: Bullshit! You ain't afraid of no man.
Billy: There's something out there waiting for us... and it ain't no man. We're all gonna die.

Dillon: Hold it Dutch, I'm going after Mac!
Dutch: That's not your style, Dillon.
Dillon: I guess I picked up some bad habits from you, now get your people the hell out of here!
Dutch: You can't win this Dillon.
Dillon: Maybe I can get even...
Dutch: ... Dillon! [Throws him an extra weapon]
Dillon:... Just hold on to that damn 'chopper.

Dutch: What the hell ARE you?
The Predator: [distorted replay] What the hell are YOU?


  • Nothing like it has ever been on earth before.
  • It came for the thrill of the hunt. It picked the wrong man to hunt.
  • Soon the hunt will begin.
  • In a part of the world where there are no rules, deep in the jungle where nothing that lives is safe, an elite rescue squad is being led by the ultimate warrior. But now, they're up against the ultimate enemy. Nothing like it has ever been on earth before. We cannot see it, but it sees the heat of our bodies and the heat of our fear. It kills for pleasure, it hunts for sport. But this time, it picked the wrong man to hunt.

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  • James Cameron: I always wanted to see something with mandibles.
    • John McTiernan, Kevin Peter Hall, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joel Silver, John Davis, Jim Thomas, John Thomas (2001). If It Bleeds We Can Kill It: The Making of 'Predator' (Television program). AMC.
  • Robert Rodriguez: Yeah, I think there’s something very unique about that movie. For one, the movie itself is something that inspired me to do mixed genre pictures later. I remember going to see it with my older brother who was a body builder and we saw every Arnold Schwarzenegger movie that came out and we went to see that one thinking it was a Commando type film and then it starts turning – I remember the audience reaction to the film in the theater, they were kinda confused when it turned sci-fi and horror and Arnold didn’t really win at the end, a Predator blows himself up and flies off looking like he’s going to a looney bin in a helicopter. And they were a little like “wow what was that movie?” And it just caught on and kept growing in popularity. And the movie itself was very unique.


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