Patrick McGoohan

Irish-American actor (1928-2009)

Patrick Joseph McGoohan (March 19, 1928January 13, 2009) was an Irish actor and director, most famous for playing the title role (also known as Number Six) in The Prisoner and John Drake in Danger Man as well as playing the murderer in many Columbo films.


Daily Mail, 15th January 2009 [1]Edit

  • Mel [Gibson] will always be Mad Max, and me, I will always be a number.
    • Of his role in The Prisoner
  • The village is a place that is trying to destroy the individual by every means possible; trying to break his spirit, so that he accepts that he is Number Six and will live there happily as Number Six for ever after. And this is the one rebel that they can't break.
    • Of The Prisoner
  • I was going to be lynched. I had to go into hiding in the mountains for two weeks.
    • When The Prisoner had an inconclusive ending

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