Patrick McGoohan

Irish-American actor (1928–2009)

Patrick Joseph McGoohan (March 19, 1928January 13, 2009) was an Irish actor and director, best known for playing the title role in The Prisoner (as Number Six) and John Drake in Danger Man. He appeared in several Columbo television films as the murderer.


In the film All Night Long (1962)
  • When they did finally see it, there was a near-riot and I was going to be lynched. And I had to go into hiding in the mountains for two weeks, until things calmed down. That's really true!
    • Interviewed by Warner Troyer (1977), cited in Peter Bennett, Alex Kendall, Julian McDougall After the Media: Culture and Identity in the 21st Century Abingdon, Oxon (UK) & New York City: Routledge, 2011, p. 90
    • On the unconventional ending of The Prisoner considered confusing by viewers.
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