Oh, God! You Devil

1984 film by Paul Bogart

Oh, God! You Devil (1984) is a comedy film and the third and final installment in the Oh, God! series. George Burns received a Saturn Award nomination for Best Actor for his performance.

You made a deal with the devil, how dumb could you be? ~ God
Written by Andrew Bergman, based on the novel of the same title by Avery Corman, directed by Paul Bogart.
He meets his match in one hot comedy.  (taglines)
I love to scare the hell out of people. ~ Harry O. Tophet
Sign this and the whole world is yours. ~ Harry O. Tophet
  • I love to scare the hell out of people.
  • That old black magic has me in its spell
    That old black magic that I weave so well
    Those icy fingers up and down your spine
    The same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine
  • Sorry, pal, he asked for me.  That's the rules.  He asked for me; he's mine.  And none of your tricks, either.
  • It's the little things I enjoy.
  • I keep my name out of the papers.  I'm more effective that way.
  • A deal is a deal.  It's finished.
  • Sign this, Bobby, and they'll stop laughing.  Sign this and the whole world is yours.
  • People think, because I'm the devil, I'm insensitive.  That's not true.
  • Listen, if I didn't exist, God would've had to make me up.  I make him look good.
  • Would I lie?

Bobby Shelton

Pretty nice, huh?  I made it myself. ~ God


Bobby Shelton:  Should I speak louder?
Harry O. Tophet:  Not unless you can't hear what you're saying.

Bobby Shelton:  Wait a minute.  Who are you?  [Tophet turns around, lights a cigar using his thumb]  My God!
Harry O. Tophet:  Guess again.

You want anything, I'm at 666. ~ Harry O. Tophet
Bobby Shelton:  But I thought this was a trial period; that's what you said.
Harry O. Tophet:  I lied.  [begins exiting]  You want anything, I'm at 666.

Bobby Shelton:  The rainbow disappeared.
God:  I'm trying to save on energy.

Harry O. Tophet:  You know, I don't have to do this.  Shelton came to me; I didn't go to him.  Rules are rules.  You're out of it.
God:  But you lied to him.  You told him it was for trial period.  Is that according to the rules?
Harry O. Tophet:  Technicalities!
God:  You don't have clear title to this boy.
Harry O. Tophet:  Neither do you.
God:  Looks like we're in a grey area here, doesn't it?

I put the fear of me in you. ~ God
Harry O. Tophet:  You bluffed.  You had nothing.  Why did I fold!?
God:  I put the fear of me in you.


  • He meets his match in one hot comedy.
  • That's funny, they both look like George Burns.


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