Oh, God! Book II

1980 film by Gilbert Cates

Oh, God! Book II (1980, stylised onscreen as Oh, God! book II) is a comedy film and a sequel to the 1977 film, Oh, God!  It was followed in 1984 by the third and final installment, Oh, God! You Devil.

What a mess.  Every time I look down there, it gets worse.  Maybe I oughta stop looking down.  Millions of planets, and that one's always been a problem.  Why that one?  I know why: people.  I had to put people on it.  Maybe I oughta go down there and look around.  I gotta do something.  Let's see, um… ~ God
Screenplay by Josh Greenfeld, Hal Goldman, Fred S. Fox, Seaman Jacobs, and Melissa Miller; produced and directed by Gilbert Cates.
That's right, I made another movie.  You know me, I can't stop creating.  (tagline)
People remember the miracle and forget why I did it. ~ God
"Bananas."  I hate that expression.  I make a beautiful fruit, and people use it for "crazy." ~ God
  • Meet me in the lounge.
  • I mean you - Tracy.

Tracy Richards

God brought me home on His motorcycle. ~ Tracy Richards
  • Oh, Daddy, you and your tricks.  You're always trying to pull something on me.
  • Daddy, just because you can't see spirits doesn't mean they're not there.  It's kinda like believing in God: sometimes, you just have to believe in things you can't see.
  • But—but if You are God, why would You bother with me?
  • Have you ever felt like you might be dreaming, even though you knew you were awake?
  • Mom, we know that God has a lot of wonderful qualities, but what would you say are some of His strongest points?
  • It was some dumb commercial.  They're always trying to sell you something.
  • You know, You're not exactly easy to turn down.
  • You talk to me like I'm grown up.  I like that.
  • God brought me home on His motorcycle.
Think God! ~ Tracy Richards's slogan advertising God

Paula Richards

  • [to Tracy]  Don't watch any horror films, okay?  [cuts to a scene of Tracy watching a horror film]





Shingo's slogan



God, on The Johnny Carson Show? ~ Tracy Richards
Tracy Richards:  Are you God, sir?
God:  Forget the "sir."  Just plain "God," the owner of the store, also known as the man upstairs.

Tracy Richards:  How old are you?
God:  Who knows?  After the first two-million years, I stopped counting.

Tracy RichardsSlogans really work.  You'll become a household word.
God:  A household word.  Yeah, that would be nice for a change.

Tracy Richards:  God, on The Johnny Carson Show?
God:  [on t. v.]  Why not?  He gets everybody else to replace him.

God:  I'll give you another week.
Tracy Richards:  Just a week?
God:  That's long enough.  Look at what I accomplished in a week.  And I did it without computers.

Tracy Richards:  It's just a gut feeling.  (That's an advertising expression.)
Shingo:  Well, I gotta gut feeling, too:  I'm hungry.  Let's go home.

God:  Tracy, I really like it.
Tracy RichardsThank God!
God:  I like that one, too, but let's go with "Think God."

Tracy Richards:  Who do you pray to?
God:  Me?  Well, sometimes I talk to myself.


  • That's right, I made another movie.  You know me, I can't stop creating.

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