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Ninurta, also known as Ninĝirsu, is an ancient Mesopotamian god associated with farming, healing, hunting, law, scribes, and war who was first worshipped in early Sumer. Ninurta was the son of Enlil and Ninlil.

Towards heaven he roars like a storm, earthwards he strikes like a dragon ~ Debate between the Hoe and the Plough

Quotes about Ninurta

  • Great hero, strongest in heaven and earth! Ninurta, who controls perfectly the fifty divine powers in the E-kur! Governor for his father, rising raging storm, who extends terror towards the foreign countries. Who casts fear upon the people, who has no rival! Ninurta, surpassing in vigour! Great and majestic strength, ornament of the august shrine! Lord, the son of Enlil, who has come forth from the hills, and rides upon the numerous divine powers. Great hero, surpassing dragon, perfect lord, without rival! Great hero confident in his strength! His words are precious, and what he says is true. Ninurta, lion raging against the disobedient! Authoritative one, who makes the foreign countries submit. May Ninurta look upon Icme-Dagan with a life-giving gaze! Uta-ulu, riding on fearsome radiance, greatest amongt the great lords! Ninurta, perfect in authority, caretaker of heaven and earth, Lord who was given great strength by Nunamnir, confident in his strength, striding into battle! Adviser, whose decisions cannot be countermanded! Ninurta, whose utterances are firm! Hero, lord, august son of Enlil! Ninurta, prominent in the E-kur. Coveting and spying are abominations to Ninurta. To take revenge is the prerogative of Ninurta. The chasing away of a younger son from the house of his father is an abomination to Ninurta. Violent cursing and chasing away a son from his father's house are abominations to Ninurta. To take revenge is an abomination to Ninurta.

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