goddess of reeds in Sumerian mythology

Ningal (𒀭𒊩𒌆𒃲 DNIN.GAL, "Great Lady/Queen") was a goddess of reeds in the Sumerian mythology, daughter of Enki and Ningikurga and the consort of the moon god Nanna by whom she bore the sun god Utu, his sister Inanna, and in some texts, Ishkur. She is chiefly recognised at Ur, and was probably first worshipped by cow-herders in the marsh lands of southern Mesopotamia.

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  • The lord of the just word. The lord of the E-kic-nu-jal. When he fills the rivers with the spring floods, establishing fine grain in the fields, the marshes with various carp, the reed-beds with dead and fresh reeds, the woods with fallow deer and wild sheep, the high desert with macgurum bushes, the irrigated orchards with syrup and wine, the garden plots with lettuce and cress, the palace with long life, I will live there. [...] In your brick-built Urim, [...] in your Dubla-mah, the place where judgments are given, in your vestibule of wine and syrup, at your Just Quay, the quay of the barges, in your house of heaven, in your beloved house, I will live! Nanna, in the upper lands I will live on your mountain of fragrant cedars. Lord Nanna, I will live in your city. I will live where your cows are numerous, where your calves are numerous. Nanna, I will live in your Urim.

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