Leroy & Stitch

2006 animated TV film concluding Lilo & Stitch: The Series

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Leroy & Stitch is an animated film created by Walt Disney Television Animation. It is the third sequel film to the 2002 animated feature film Lilo & Stitch and the conclusion to the television series Lilo & Stitch: The Series.

Note that in the below text, the numbers of Jumba's experiments are all officially written by The Walt Disney Company as whole numbers but are normally pronounced by digit. (e.g. "Experiment 626" should be read as "Experiment Six-Two-Six".)

Dialogue Edit

Gantu: [after trying and failing to make his ship run] Blitznak! Without the reserved engines, this ship is stupid and useless!
625: Just like you!
Gantu: [sighs] Who am I kidding? You're right. I couldn't hold on to a single one of those experiments.
625: Hey, you still got me; Your faithful, sandwich-making pal.
Gantu: [noticing] Yes. I noticed the little Earth girl never captured you.
625: I guessed the one place I belonged was with my blubber-butt buddy, Gantu.
Gantu: Maybe that was my problem all along.
625: What? Your blubber butt? [chuckles]

[A red koala/hyena/fossa/panda/wolfdog-like creature, resembling Stitch, growls while bares his yellow teeth]
Hämsterviel: Oh, he is so beautiful in his ugly nastiness! Oh! Perhaps I will mimic the little Earth girl, and name you with your very own name! I shall call you… Spike!
Gantu: She already used that one.
Hämsterviel: Very well, then. Kixx!
Gantu: Used it.
Hämsterviel: Slugger?
Gantu: Done.
Hämsterviel: Cannonball?
Gantu: He jumps in the water, makes awesome waves.
Hämsterviel: D'oh!
Jumba: Why not just call it 627?
Gantu: You already made 627.
Jumba: I did?
Hämsterviel: Shut up! I'm naming the naming here! I'll think of it.
[Thinking, he taps his foot]
Hämstsrviel: I've got it! I shall name you… LEROY!!!
[Jumba and Gantu laugh]
Hämsterviel: What? It is a genius name. Leroy will be defeated by no thing or no one. Not even--
[An explosion is heard from the door as Stitch enters holding two guns]
Jumba, Gantu and Hämsterviel: 626?!
Stitch: Aloha, gerbil boy.

625: Hmmph, Gantu schmantu. Who needs him? Nothing but a pain in the patookie anyhow. Didn't even like my egg salad. [mockingly] "More mayonnaise, less dill weed."
Lilo: Uh, hello?
625: Sorry, we're not open. (Come back next week.)
Lilo: "Open"?
625: I'm turning this dump into the best spaceship-shaped sandwich shop on the island.
Lilo: Where's Gantu?
625: He left. But I'm naming a sandwich after him; The Open-Faced Double-Decker Blubber Butt.
Lilo: [cringing] I won't ask what's in it. [innocently] I brought you something.
[625 takes out a sandwich from a paper bag]
625: [surprised] Peanut butter and jelly? [sniffs, bashfully] Gee, nobody's ever made me a sandwich. [chuckles, then looks suspiciously] Hey, what do you want?
Lilo: I need to call Stitch.
625: Sorry. Videophone's busted, like everything else in this dump.
Lilo: Can you fix it?
625: Why should I? Gantu's the only one who'd call, and I ain't answering. From now on, I'm looking out for old number 625.
Lilo: 625? I never gave you a name, did I?
625: A name? For me? (Oh, boy! I like names. Give me one.)
Lilo: (Alright, 625, I'll give you a name.) Let's see. How about Patty, short for Patty Melt.
[625 glares at her]
Lilo: Or Monte, like a Monte Cristo?
[625 holds his nose]
Lilo: Or Pita, Pita, Sandwich Eata! [chuckles]
625: [sarcastic chuckle] I don't think so. (One more try.)
Lilo: (OK.) I know! Reuben!
625 [now named Reuben]: Huh. The classic corned beef and sauerkraut on rye. Reuben! Ooh, I like that. (I think I'll keep it.) So, uh, does this give me official cousin status? You know, full ohana rights? All that aloha stuff?
Lilo: Depends. You have to give aloha to get some back. So, you're gonna help me fix the videophone?
Reuben: Sure. Why not? It's Lilo, right?

Lilo: Uh, you sure that's gonna work?
Reuben: You'd be amazed. Pickle juice is a great conductor.
[The video phone powers up]
Reuben: You may thank me later.
Lilo: I'll thank you now. Mahalo, Reuben.
Reuben: [chuckles] No problem, Lilo.

Hämsterviel: I think that went very well, don't you?
Gantu: Actually, I think—
Hämsterviel: I did not ask you what you think!
Gantu: Actually, you did. I—
Hämsterviel: It was a rhetorical question! Don't you know what a rhetorical question is?
Gantu: Yes, sir. I believe it's—
Hämsterviel: No, No! That was a rhetorical question, too! Ugh!

[To avoid Leroy Clones who have found Lilo & Reuben having been let out of their cell by Gantu, they escape by Reuben climbing the ceiling]
Gantu: 625, when did you learn to climb ceilings?
Reuben: My name is Reuben.

Gantu: You never did understand the meaning of "Aloha", did you?
Hämsterviel: Well, I think it means—
Gantu: That was a rhetorical question.
Hämsterviel: Ugh!

[Hämsterviel prepares to blast all of the experiments into oblivion with the B.R.B 9000's cannon]
Hämsterviel: Aloha! As in… goodbye.
[As the cannon prepares to fire, the G.A.C.C van drops out of hyperspace and heads towards the ship]
Stitch: Cowabunga!
[The G.A.C.C. van fires a cannon of its own, destroying the BRB 9000's cannon, saving the cousins, and narrowly avoiding crushing Hämsterviel and Leroy. The van lands and everyone gets out]
Jumba: Who would've thought carpool van had such sophisticated weapons system?

[Stitch tries to save himself, Jumba and Pleakley from a black hole]
Pleakley: [cheering like a cheerleader] Go, little monster! Save us, save us from the black hole! Yay!

[Lilo sees all the equipments set up for Alohapalooza]
Lilo: [to Stitch] Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Stitch: [doing an air guitar and an Elvis impersonation] Rock and roll, baby!
Lilo: Jumba: sound!
Jumba: Cranking up to evil 11!
Lilo: Pleakley: lights!
Pleakley: [tries to turn on the stadium lights but blinds himself] Bright! Very bright!
Lilo: Gantu: uh, [looks at Gantu's blaster] fireworks?
Gantu: Gladly!
[Gantu fires his gun into the air catching the attention of the battling experiments. Stitch emerges on stage dressed in an Elvis costume]
Stitch: Aloha, cousins! [starts playing but a string breaks] Choota.
[Stitch quickly fixes the string and sings "Aloha 'Oe" along with Lilo and Reuben with some of the experiments playing instruments. All of the Leroy clones start to malfunction]
Lilo: It's working! Aloha totally rocks!
[All of the Leroy clones shut down, including the original Leroy]
Hämsterviel: Not my original Leroy!
[Hämsterviel sees all of the experiments glare angrily at him and gulps before they start tossing him around like a beach ball]
Hämsterviel: I am not beach ball-like, I am hamster-like!

Grand Councilwoman: Gantu, would you be interested in resuming your position as Captain of the Galactic Armada?
Gantu Would I?! [quickly calms himself] I mean, yes Your Eminence, but on one condition.
Grand Councilwoman: Condition?
Gantu: I'd like to request Experiment 625… Ahem. I mean, Reuben. …as my Galley Officer.
Reuben: No kidding?
Gantu: I've grown rather fond of your egg salad.
Grand Councilwoman: Granted.

[Last lines]
Lilo: Okay, everybody, this is it! For the last picture in my book, a group shot: the whole 'Ohana! Everybody say "Aloha!"
All: Aloha!

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