John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

2019 film directed by Chad Stahelski

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum is a 2019 film in which John Wick is on the run after killing a member of the international assassins' guild, and with a $14 million price tag on his head, he is the target of hit men and women everywhere.

Directed by Chad Stahelski. Written by Derek Kolstad, Shay Hatten, Chris Collins, and Marc Abrams.
If you want peace, prepare for war.  taglines


Charon: Do you expect him to make it out?
Winston: Fourteen million dollar bounty on his head, and every interested party in this city wants a piece of it. I say the odds are about even.

The Director: You know, when my pupils first come here, they wish for one thing: a life free of suffering. I try to dissuade them from these childish notions, but as you know, art is pain. Life is suffering. [pause] All of this for what? Because of a puppy?
John Wick: It wasn't just a puppy.

John Wick: I'm just asking you to try. Either way, you and me, we'll be even.
[John slides his marker across the table to Sofia]
Sofia: No. After this, we are less than even.

John Wick: Sofia, we're not going in like the old days, just a conversation.
Sofia: Nothing's ever just a conversation with you, John.

John Wick: [as she is about to kill Berrada] Sofia, don't.
Sofia: He shot my dog.
John Wick: I get it.

The Elder: Why do you want to live?
John Wick: To remember Helen. To remember us.

Bowery King: [about his carrier pigeon flock] Welcome to my Mission Control. Brain stem of my operation. The information super flyway. From whence I control the word on the street, the way of the world.
The Adjudicator: With pigeons.
Bowery King: Yes. You see rats with wings, but I see the Internet. No IP addresses. No digital footprint. Can't track it, can't hack it, can't trace it.
The Adjudicator: Can you get disease from it?
Bowery King: Well, I wouldn't recommend that you eat one.

Bowery King: Okay. You made your point. You have earned my fealty. Matter of fact, I'm gonna shove so much fealty up your ass it's gonna come spilling out of your mouth.
The Adjudicator: You had your chance.
Bowery King: Well, since you see it that way, I guess it's time I told you to climb down off your High Table and go fuck yourself.
The Adjudicator: Duly noted. You gave John Wick seven bullets, your penance will be paid with seven cuts.
Bowery King: Well, sometimes you gotta cut a motherfucker.

The Adjudicator: You gentleman, of course, realize that was the first wave. Merely an amuse-bouche. We can keep this up as long as you'd like, but it only ends one way.
Winston: Are you sure a protracted war is the best way forward?
The Adjudicator: There won't be anything "protracted" about it.
Winston: Oh you can take the Continental, I have no doubt about that, but keeping it, that's a different matter entirely. My allegiances run way beyond this building.
The Adjudicator: We are High Table.
Winston: And we... are New York City.
The Adjudicator: Are we negotiating?
Winston: I believe we are.

The Adjudicator: Have you decided to step down?
Winston: I think not.
The Adjudicator: And you, will you be putting a bullet in his head?
John Wick: No, I don't think I will.
The Adjudicator: Very well.
[Adjudicator makes a phone call]
Administrator: Administration.
The Adjudicator: I'd like to change a designation.
Administrator: Verification?
The Adjudicator: Adjudication 1011979, The Continental Hotel, New York.
Administrator: New designation?
The Adjudicator: Deconsecrated.

Winston: This haven is safe no more.
John Wick: Are services still off limit to me?
Winston: Under the circumstances your privileges are reinstated immediately, what do you need?
John Wick: Guns, lots of guns.

Winston: I know you will do The Continental proud.
Charon: I'll see you soon, sir.
Winston: And you, Jonathan, do what you do best.
John Wick: What's that?
Winston: Hunt... Si vis pacem, para bellum [Latin translation: If you want peace, prepare for war]!

Zero: [With sword sticking through chest] Hey, John. That was a pretty good fight, huh?
John Wick: Yeah.
[John gets up and starts walking away]
Zero: Yeah. Don't worry about me, John. I just gotta catch my breath. I'll catch up to you, John.
John Wick: No, you won't.

The Adjudicator: [during the parley] What are we going to do about John Wick?
Winston: Oh, he has to die. [suddenly pulls out gun and shoots Wick several times, causing him to fall off the roof] Sorry, Jonathan. I don't see any other way.

Bowery King: How you doing John? You look as bad as I feel. [chuckles] Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. Raise a hand if you can hear me, John.
[John raises his left hand]
Bowery King: Oh, shit. They took a finger. Ain't that a bitch? [chuckles again as John flips him off] Oh, John fucking Wick. So, the old boy keeps his hotel and you take the fall. Can't say I blame him. I would've done the same thing if I was in his shoes. But this High Table shit... [gets up] Seven cuts. [chuckles] Under the table is where shit gets done. And they're about to find out, if you cut a king, you better cut him to the quick. So... Let me ask you, John. How do you feel? 'Cause I am really pissed off. You pissed, John? Hmm? Are you?
John Wick: [gets up] Yeah.


  • If you want peace, prepare for war.
  • Every Action Has Consequences.
  • Don't Hunt What You Can't Kill.
  • Tick Tock, Mr. Wick
  • Everyone Is Waiting For John Wick



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