Joan of Arc (1948 film)

1948 film by Victor Fleming

Joan of Arc is a 1948 film about the 15th century French saint.

Directed by Victor Fleming. Written by Maxwell Anderson.
Greatest of all Spectacles!  (taglines)

Joan of Arc edit

  • My gentle Dauphin, it is you I seek, for I have come a long way to find you and no other can take your place. God has spoken to me through His messengers, and it is His will that I come to aid you and that you be King of France.
  • I think I have courage to die, but not to die thus in small sick ways.
  • You see there is no strength in me, and no strength in my hands. There is no strength in any of our hands great enough to win against the English. Our strength is in our faith. And if our faith is eaten away by little things that God hates, then, though there be a million of us, we should be beaten back and die.
  • [after receiving no answer from her voices] Then I must go forth alone, without knowing how.
  • Oh sweet God, you have been with me always. Be with me now, through the darkness. For I meant hurt to no one - let none be hurt for me.
  • I see it so clearly now - my "victory" is my martyrdom. My "escape" - my death.
  • All I have done, I have done by the command of my Lord - that is, all I have done well.
  • You say that you are my judges - I do not know if you are, but I say this: take care not to judge me wrongly, for in truth, I am sent by God, and you place yourself in great danger.
  • It cannot take long to die - there will be a little pain, and then it will end. [she shakes her head] No, the pain won't be little - but it will end.

Isabelle d'Arc edit

  • A mother bears children and gives them to the world, and brings them up and thinks she knows them well, but she doesn't know them at all.

Others edit

  • Constable of Clervaux: If you are the Maid and I don't say that you are- but if you are, I have a message from the people of Clervaux. It's this, go with God and save France. Save France and save our people.
  • The Bishop of Avranches: I warn you, you the so-called judges, you may succeed in sending this girl to the stake, but one day, your English king will be ashamed of these proceedings. Rome will declare the truth about this girl, and France will praise the Maid for its birth as one nation!

Dialogue edit

The Dauphin: I'm not sure God wants me to be king. Why should God send me help, when I am - what I am?
Joan of Arc: Put aside your doubts and fears, my lord Dauphin. Be noble as I have dreamed you to be - be as God requires you to be.

The Dauphin: The truth is Joan, I'm not the sort of person God will be very likely to be interested in. Truly I'm not. No, I'm no worse than the others here probably, but God bothers very little with any of us, if you should ask me. Now, I've been honest with you; be honest with me. What is it you want? Money? Lands? Presents? I'm a poor man, in spite of being...
Joan of Arc: It is not true that God takes no interest in you. You say that to hide yourself from me, as you hid just now among the women - but God will find you out, and make you king.

La Hire: Why are you crying?
Joan of Arc: Because they're dead. Horribly dead. And it was I who killed them.
La Hire: Killed who?
Joan of Arc: All these men. Ours, and the enemy's.
La Hire: Huh! Are you crying about the English?
Joan of Arc: I have no hatred for the English. I spoke bold and loud so that you would follow me. I thought victory would be beautiful, but it is an ugly, bloody thing.
La Hire: Why, there never was a more beautiful victory than this!

The Dauphin: A ruler must compromise and bargain with the lowest kind of people, even the enemy. Men are governed by corruption, they like it.
Joan of Arc: Men hate corruption, and God hates it!
The Dauphin: I don't know about God, but men take to it very naturally.

Jean Beaupere: What do your voices tell you?
Joan of Arc: They tell me to answer you boldly.
Jean le Maistre: Did they promise to deliver you?
Joan of Arc: Saint Catherine told me I would be rescued. I do not know whether this means I will be delivered by a French attack upon this city of Rouen, or something else. But I was told I would be freed by a great victory.

Georges de la Trémouille: Don't trust her, my lord!
The Dauphin: I'm trying not to trust her - but every time I look into her eyes, I believe what she says is true.

Joan of Arc: I have heard my voices again - they told me I did a very wicked thing by denying them, but they have forgiven me. I have faith in them - I have none in you.
Jean le Maistre: This is a fatal answer.
Father Massieu: Joan, do you know what this means? It means the fire - your death.
Joan of Arc: To live without faith is more terrible than the fire, more terrible than dying young. I have nothing more to do here. Send me back to God, from whom I came.

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  • Greatest of all Spectacles!
  • A cast of thousands.

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