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A new feature in MediaWiki 1.4 is Patrolled edits. After clicking 'diff' on a change in Special:Recentchanges, you may see a link at the bottom, similar to the one below.

Patrolling edits is a way to verify that it is a good edit, and to collaborate on filtering spam and vandalism. If you're combing through the recent changes list, and you look at an article that is good, you can mark it as "patrolled" so that other users know that it is good.

Policies may vary among projects whether an article can be marked as patrolled if it is not obvious vandalism, or only when the correctness has been verified.

In the Recent Changes, an unpatrolled edit looks like this:

While a patrolled one would be like this:

Enabling edit

To enable patrolling, add this line to LocalSettings.php:

$wgUseRCPatrol = true;

Note that fresh installs of version 1.4 enable RC Patrol by default.

Restricting patrolling access to sysops edit

If you don't want users without Administrator access to be able to mark edits as patrolled, add the following line to LocalSettings.php:

$wgOnlySysopsCanPatrol = true;

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