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Frequently Asked Questions

For a book with ISBN e.g. 0131103628, Special:Booksources/0131103628 gives the text of MediaWiki:Booksourcetext and links regarding the book according to the value of $wgBookstoreListEn in Language.php, currently:

/* private */ $wgBookstoreListEn = array(
	"AddALL" => "$1&type=ISBN",
	"PriceSCAN" => "$1",
	"Barnes & Noble" => "$1",
	"" => "$1"


Use a template like Template:ISBN allowing {{ISBN|193151447X}} to produce something like:

ISBN 193151447X

However, often a separate page would be desirable. This can be done, but requires a page like 193151447X for every book. Those pages can call Template:Bk, so that they only have to contain {{bk}}.

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