Hell's Kitchen/Season 11

Season 11

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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

Episode One [11.1]Edit

[Signature dishes before a live audience at Caesar's Palace]

Gordon: [Looking at Dan's dish] Seriously, did you throw up on that plate? Let's go back 45 minutes.
Dan: Okay.
Gordon: What is it supposed to be?
Dan: Eggs Benedict with a champagne hollandaise sauce and sourdough bread, heirloom tomatoes and sautéed spinach.
Gordon: And how did you make the hollandaise?
Dan: I used whole butter. If it's good enough for Julia Child, it's good enough for me.
Gordon: Julia Child would be turning in her grave right now if she saw that. (tastes) It's fitting that you made this in Vegas because whoever eats that is sure to get the craps. Let me tell you. That is a joke. Now piss off, you wanker.

Episode Two [11.2]Edit

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Gina]

Gordon: Oh, Jesus. All of you, come here. Let me show you a little waterfall. [tilts the plate]
Mary: Oh, my gosh.
Gordon: Just touch them. Cold, overcooked.
Susan: Switch up scallops, guys.
Ja'Nel: Mary, do you want to do scallops?
Gina Aloise: No, I want to do scallops, somebody else got to do risotto. [Nedra gives a shocked face]
Gordon: What do you mean?
Nedra: (interview) Oh, wait. Hell, no! Gina, don't throw me under the bus because your (bleep) ain't right. (to Gina) How long on scallops?
Gina Aloise: (interview) Nedra, just (bleep) off.
Ja'Nel: You've got some good color on there. You'll burn it.
Nedra: (interview) This bitch couldn't cook a scallop to save her life. I know that Chef is about to find out.
Gina Aloise: I've got the scallops ready.
Susan: Go Gina, you got to go.
Gina Aloise: Walking scallops chef.
Nedra: (interview) Mmm-hmm. Good luck to you, Gina! (brings her risotto to the pass) Risotto, right behind you chef, hot.
Gordon: [checks Gina's scallops] Aah? Hard! All of you, come here! [gets a scallop and flips it like a coin; throws it on the workstation] I guarantee a complete service tonight. You can't even hold it together for the second ticket. Get out, Gina!

[Gordon checks on capellini brought up by Sebastian]

Gordon: Taste that. How hot is that?
James Avery: Spicy, spicy.
Gordon: (returns to the workstation and spits pasta out) All of you, taste that! It's too spicy and it's disgusting! [throws his spoon away on the workstation]
Zach: (interview) What the (bleep) is going on? It's like deja vu on this (bleep).
Gordon: (to Zach) How many times have you cooked scallops and not serve them?
Zach: Twice chef.
Sebastian: Sorry, bro.
Gordon: Sebastian, get it together!
Sebastian: Yes, chef!
Michael Langdon: Come on guys, let's go.
Sebastian: Okay Mikey-Wikey. (interview) I messed up a few times but I'm getting into the groove. I'm playing around. I'm trying to make the environment a little looser. (to Zach) Zachy, talk to me.
Zach: (to Michael) We've got three halibut, one bronzino.
Sebastian: Zachy-Wacky?
Gordon: Hey, you. Hey, come here, you. Zachy-Wacky?
Sebastian: Chef Zach!
Gordon: Hey, look at me. Is this a (bleep) joke?
Sebastian: No chef!
Gordon: Zacky-Wacky.
Sebastian: Sorry, I apologize about that, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, do me a favor. Get out! (Bleep) off will you?
Sebastian: Yes chef.
Gordon: GET OUT! Upstairs, get out!
Anthony: (interview) So Sebastian gets kicked out. Didn't see that coming.
Gordon: Zachy-Wacky?
[Sebastian runs back into the kitchen]
Dan: What are you doing?
[Sebastian shushes Dan]
Anthony: (interview) Where the hell are you going, Sebastian? Okay, you can come back.
Gordon: Second time! GET OUT!
Anthony: (interview) God, are you kidding me?
Gordon: (Bleep) off, wacky!

[Gordon asks for lamb in the Blue kitchen]
Gordon: Lamb! Come on, Michael! Bit of energy!
Michael Langdon: (brings his lamb to the pass) Yes, chef.
Gordon: (checking Michael's lamb; returns to the workstation) Terrible. Embarrassment.
Barret: Oh, God. (interview) (Bleep), it's coming back.
Gordon: Time out! Stop!
Michael Langdon: (Bleep)!
Gordon: The bone thicker than the (bleep) meat.
Dan: (interview) There needs to be meat on there. This is not a (bleep) dog's chew toy, this is lamb!
Gordon: And if that is not bad enough. [Shows that the wellington is burned]
Barret: (Bleep)!
Gordon: They're way overcooked.
Barret: Horrible. (Bleep)!
Zach: (interview) Michael and Barret, Dumb and dumber!
Gordon: You don't slice the wellington until the lamb is ready.
Barret: Yes chef.
Gordon: [Sebastian returns to the kitchen once again] And when it's together like-- oh you!
Sebastian: Can I please come back, chef?
Jon: (interview) Dude, really, what are you doing? Perfect (bleep) timing.
Gordon: You, come here you. You're making me look stupid.
Sebastian: No chef.
Gordon: The blue team, one hour into service and not one entrée out. You (Sebastian) for the last time, take him (Barret) and him (Michael) and get out! And let me tell you something, you come back downstairs again, you'll be leaving through the front door. Now GET OUT! Three of you! You (Ray) on meat. You (Anthony) on meat. [Barret doesn't want to leave] Oy, GET OUT!!
Barret: (interview) Now, I'm pissed off. I didn't do anything to get kicked out of this dinner service. (angrily throws his apron)

[Gordon returns a garnish with undercooked potatoes brought up by Susan]

Gordon: Ladies! Touch them.
Nedra: Hard, chef.
Susan: (interview) Oh, my God. That's my garnish.
Gordon: Who cooked them?
Susan: I did, chef.
Gordon: Yeah you, get out! Get out!
Susan: [under her breath] You're kidding me.
Gordon: Hey, madam, you think it's funny?
Susan: No, no, no!
Gordon: Yeah, take your (bleep) with you.
Susan: (interview) I know that this is not funny. I don't deserve to be kicked out of the kitchen. Danielle does. She was the one bringing the station down.
Gordon: Danielle, don't stop the redo, hurry up! After that, two chicken, two wellington.
Danielle Boorn: Two chicken, two wellington. Yes, chef. Sorry, chef, I'm confused. Do you need the one for the redo and the two chicken and two wellington or do you just need the two chicken and two wellington?
[brief pause]
Gordon: GET OUT!
Danielle Boorn: (Bleep)!
Gordon: GET OUT!

Gordon: Three halibut, one bass, one chicken. Come on guys!
Ray, Jeremy and Zach: Yes chef!
[Jeremy's kale catches fire]
Zach: (interview) I'm looking at Jeremy sautéing that kale. I can see the kale nearly catching fire getting burnt!
Zach: Chef, turn that down.
Jeremy: Yeah, yeah.
Zach: Don't even serve that.
Jeremy: I'm not. Worry about your side, let me do my side! Yeah?
Zach: (interview) (Bleep) what?!
Dan: Hey, no territory (bleep)!
Jeremy: (interview) It's my station and I don't need his help. So shut up and do what you're supposed to be doing.
Zach: Un(bleep)believable.
Gordon: Can we go with three halibut, one bass, one chicken?
Anthony: Seven minutes to the window.
Gordon: (to Jeremy) What are we going with?
Jeremy: Two halibut, one chicken chef.
Dan: Three halibut!
Jeremy: Three halibut, one chicken chef.
Gordon: Three halibut, one bass, one chicken! What are we going with?
Jeremy: (starts stuttering) The three, three, the three halibut, the two, uhh...
[Gordon repeatedly knocks the workstation]
Anthony: (interview) Jeremy, he's telling it to you. Just say it right back man! I'm pretty sure birds can do that!
Gordon: Three halibut, one bass, one chicken. What's going?
Jeremy: The three halibut, two f..., two uh...
Gordon: GET OUT!!
Zach: (interview) Bye, bye Jeremy. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Gordon: [sees Jacqueline drinking water] What are you doing?
Jacqueline: I had to get my water chef.
Gordon: Get out!
Jacqueline: Alright. Whatever.
Gordon: GET OUT!
Jacqueline: (interview) Chef Ramsay told me to get out. I'm like, alright, I'm gonna go upstairs and rehydrate myself!

[Gordon checks on the risotto by Jon]

Gordon: Oh, man! [returns the risotto to the work station] [to Jon] Look at there! Stuck to the bottom of the pan!
Jon: (Bleep), man!
Gordon: (to Jon) Jon, take Dan and yourself, and get the (bleep) out of here! [Jon and Dan leave the kitchen]
Zach: (interview) When somebody gets kicked out the kitchen, they put more pressure on the next man.
Gordon: (to Ray) Raymond, taste that. [Ray uses his fingers to taste the risotto] Fingers! Spoons are everywhere.
Ray: Bland chef!
Anthony: (interview) Ray, you just stuck your finger into a risotto in front of Chef Ramsay in Hell's Kitchen. That's just stupid.
Gordon: You may be the oldest but out of respect, (bleep) off!
Ray: Yes chef.

[Ray leaves the kitchen]

Zach: You got to be (bleep) me! (interview) Blue Kitchen tonight is like being in the middle of a natural disaster. [to Anthony] My (bleep) heart is beating (interview) I'm not feeling good right now, it's getting hot, I start feeling pressure.
Anthony: [to Zach] You good?
Zach: I got it, I got it, I'm just breathing.
Gordon: Risotto?
Anthony: [brings up the risotto] Risotto, chef.

[Gordon checks on risotto brought up by Anthony]

Gordon: (to Anthony) Just taste that.
Anthony: (bleep)!
Gordon: Yeah, (bleep).
Zach: (interview) (bleep)!
Gordon: Get out! Get out!

Gordon: Sebastian tried to be funny, but it was his cooking that was the joke.

Episode Three [11.3]Edit

Nedra: (Knocks on a counter in the dorm) Let's press the bell bitch cause we can argue!
Susan: Ding!
Gina Aloise: Don't call me bitch!
Nedra: Don't mess with a heavyweight and you a lightweight.
Gina Aloise: You're dealing with the wrong person!
Nedra: Yes I'm dealing with a crazy, deranged person!
Gina Aloise: What a (bleep) baby.
Nedra: You need to watch your stuff.
Gina Aloise: (Mockingly as she walks into the bedroom) Eah, she pointed her finger at me about the risotto, (bleep) off! [Slams the door shut which causes a roof title to come loose and hang over the door]
Amanda Giblin: Oh, my God! She just broke the ceiling! [the Red team laughs]

[The chefs have just gathered outside for the next challenge, when suddenly, Gina speaks up]

Gina Aloise: Excuse me, chef? I have something to say.
Gordon: Please, Gina.
Gina Aloise: Unfortunately, I am not going to be staying here for this challenge. I'm going to be leaving.
Gordon: You happy to throw the towel in so quickly?
Gina Aloise: I have some personal issues; unfortunately, I have to.
Gordon: I'm not gonna stop you. Please go back up to the dorms, pack your stuff, and leave Hell's Kitchen.
Gina Aloise: Thank you, chef.
Red Team: Bye, Gina.
Nedra: Man, right on the team challenge, this stupid bitch backs out. Bitch, you gonna back out doing of a competition? Man, if you can't stand the heat get outta the kitchen. That bitch folded like a wet paper towel.

[Gina departs through the delivery service door with luggage in tow]

Cyndi: (interview) Hahaha! You didn't win (bleep)! The guys may have won the physical part, but I know, I know that they can't cook for (bleep). There's no way we're gonna lose the second part of this challenge.

[Gordon returns a risotto to the workstation]

Gordon: What is that? (Bleep) muppets! All of you. All of you. All of you!
Red team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Taste that! Hurry up, Jessica! Haven't you got time to piss around! I mean--.
Jessica Lewis: Yes, chef. Coming through.
Gordon: What's the first thing you taste?
Cyndi: White wine chef. (interview) Come on, Mary. Get it together. That's basic (bleep).
Gordon: (to Mary) How much wine did you put in?
Mary: I put in just a few squirts chef.
Gordon: So you'll have to reduce it down!
Mary: Yes, chef. Yes, chef. (interview) Ugh.
Gordon: Get a pan on, start the risotto. Come on!
Ja'Nel: Yes, chef.

[Gordon checks and tastes a risotto; finds that it has too much white wine again]

Gordon: Too much white wine in there again. All of you.
Mary: Oh, my God.
Gordon: Taste that. Hurry up. Taste.
Mary: I think this is good.
Susan: It needs salt.
Gordon: How won't I taste the white wine in there again? (to Danielle) Have you got a drinking problem?
Danielle Boorn: No, chef.
Gordon: The first thing that you can taste in there is (bleep) white wine! (knocks his hand on the workstation)
Danielle Boorn: Yes, chef. So you want about a tablespoon?
Gordon: You have to burn off the alcohol!
Danielle Boorn: Yes, chef. (interview) I'm great on what I do. But this is (bleep) hard. I mean harder than hard.
Gordon: Can someone teach these two (bleep) idiots how to make a (bleep) risotto?!
Red team: Yes, chef!

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Christian]

Gordon: Christian!
Christian: Yes, chef?
Gordon: He brings up scallops, (bleep) rubber! (knocks his hand on the workstation) I mean, seriously?
Anthony: (interview) What the hell are you doing? Come on! Pick it up, please!
Gordon: Hey you, come here you.
Christian: Ugh.
Gordon: Touch them. (calls out Jeremy) Hey you, big boy. Come here you.
Jeremy: Yes, chef?
Gordon: You're the one that's supposed to be supporting them. How about supporting your (bleep) gut, (leads Christian and Jeremy to the Chef's Table) both of you sit down! Hey, enjoy your (bleep)!
Jeremy: (interview) I don't know how I'm in this situation right now.
Gordon: (to a server) A glass of wine, please. For the two chefs.
Jeremy: (interview) It was his scallops. I had nothing to do with it.
Gordon: (to Christian and Jeremy) Enjoy! (bleep) you! [returns to the workstation; to the Blue team] Hey, get a grip! (knocks his hand on the workstation) Scallops, urgently!
Jon: Heard!

[Gordon checks on lamb brought up by Jon]

Gordon: This is a joke. Dry as (bleep).
James Avery: It's awful.
Gordon: (returns to the workstation) STOP!
Jon: What?
Gordon: All of you! (raises one lamb) Who cooked that?
Jon: (bleep)!
Gordon: Come here you! All of you, come here! How much more (bleep) does one need to take?! The dining room full of guests waiting for that.
Jon: (interview) I'm so pissed at myself right now. I just want to punch myself in the (bleep).
Gordon: You're making me look like a (bleep) idiot. (throws his spoon away) GET OUT! Leave me alone! Leave, get out, get out, get out. (gives the lamb to Christian) There you go. There's your second course. (bleep) off! GET OUT!!
Woman: (overhears Gordon) Wow.

[Gordon checks on lamb brought up by Susan]

Sous-Chef Andi: Oh, that's raw.
Gordon: That's raw. Oh, (bleep) me. (calls Nedra in the dining room) Nedra, come here! Hurry up.
Nedra: (returns to the kitchen) Yes, chef!
Gordon: (returns to the workstation) All of you! ALL OF YOU!!
Red team: Yes, chef!
Mary: (under her breath) Oh, my gosh.
Gordon: (raises one lamb) What the (bleep) is that?
Amanda Giblin: It's raw chef.
Gordon: Who sent me raw lamb on the signature dishes? Who as that?
Susan: Me chef.
Gordon: It's a joke for you, isn't it?
Susan: Not a joke at all, chef.
Godrdon: So what's that, then?
Susan: It's raw lamb.
Gordon: (throws the lamb away) All of you, get out!
Jacqueline: (bleep)!
Gordon: Get out! I'M DONE! Get out!
Mary: (interview) This sucks!
Gordon: Leave it!
Mary: (interview) Like we're all talented . We're all good at what we do...
Gordon: Leave it!
Mary: (interview) It shouldn't be that hard.
Gordon: GET OUT!!

Episode Four [11.4]Edit

Gordon: Blue Team first ticket away, here we go. Four covers, table 22. [slowly] Appetiser: one salad tableside, two risotto, one Caesar salad.
Blue Team: Yes, Chef!
Gordon: [to Michael] Michael, how was that for you?
Michael Langdon: Fine, Chef.
Gordon: [to Ray] Raymond, how was that for you?
Raymond: Perfect, Chef.
Gordon: Slow enough?
Raymond: Yes, Chef.

[Shows a flashback of Michael suggesting to have Gordon read the tickets slower to help them]

Gordon: I mean, (bleep) hell!

[Jean-Philippe returns to the pass with risotto]

Jean-Philippe: VIP table, NBA player. The risotto is too hard.
Gordon: [returns and slams the risotto on the workstation] Risotto, a VIP table. Rice is (bleep) undercooked. [Ray places a pan underneath the workstation] Hey, he's a bit-- (to Ray) Hey, come here you. Give me that pan. [shows an overcooked risotto to the Blue team]
Ray: That one--
Gordon: What are you doing? Wha-wha-wha-- Just what in the (bleep) are you doing?
Anthony: (interview) Things are rolling, risotto goes out, awesome. Perfect good, good start.
Gordon: [slams the pan on the workstation] That's burned and that's hard! [gets and slams the plate on the pan]
Ray: I'll put another one in chef.
Anthony: (interview) Risotto comes back, awesome. Perfect, [deflated tone] this is what we do.
Gordon: (knocks his hand on the workstation; to Ray) You, grand-dad! Come on! this is a pick up now!
Ray: Ten seconds, chef. Right here, chef.
Zach: (interview) Chef Ray, watch your (bleep) self and you'd better not make any more mistakes under the (bleep) sun. You hear me?
Ray: Yes, chef. I understand, chef.
Gordon: MOVE, RAY!
Ray: Sorry.
Dan: (interview) Ray, get your head out of your ass and get this risotto out. We're waiting on you. Waiting on Ray!
[Ray brings his risotto to the pass, Gordon checks it]
Gordon: Stop! Risotto tastes delicious! (to Ray) Now you've raised the bar.
Ray: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: Hey, don't piss your pants! Just stay focused!
Ray: I won't, chef. Yes, chef.

[Gordon checks on risotto brought up by Jessica]

Gordon: One risotto, why is she cooking all that? (returns to the workstation) Oy, all of you! How many portions are in there?
Susan: Three. There's three chef.
Gordon: Four, five. (to Jessica) How many is going?
Jessica Lewis: Two chef.
Gordon: One! Is this a joke for you?
Jessica Lewis: No, chef.
Gordon: All that time we're waiting!
Jessica Lewis: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Five portions of (bleep) risotto, I need one!
Jessica Lewis: Let's go, bounce back.
Gordon: (disgusted) Yeah.
Susan: (to her team mates) Come on, guys. Let's pick it up. Let's get going.
Gordon: Throw five, serve one!

[Gordon asks for lamb in the Blue kitchen]

Gordon: Lamb?
Dan: (slices his lamb; finds that it's rare) Dude this is under. I can't send this.
Gordon: Lamb?
Jon: Walk with the lamb, please.
Dan: Lamb is not done yet chef.
Gordon: Oh, (bleep) off! (bleep) almighty!
Dan: It's still rare in the middle. The middle is rare, the outside are done.
Gordon: Oh, (bleep) me.
Michael Langdon: We have to fire an all new garnish.
Dan: (interview) Waaaaah! The lamb's not cooked! Waaaaah!
Michael Langdon: Brand new garnish.
Dan: (interview) Michael, just sit there and wait! I got it!
Gordon: Where is this (bleep) lamb?!
Dan: Right here chef.
Gordon: There's the (bleep) plates! Two minutes been sat there dressed!
Jon: Lamb is being cut. It's on its way.
Dan: Walking lamb. Behind. (brings his lamb to the pass)
Gordon: It's there! Hey Bozo That's how open the (bleep) gap for you!
Dan: Yes, chef. Two lamb chef.
[Gordon checks Dan's lamb; returns to the workstation]
Anthony: (interview) Yelling over, problem solved. Right?
Gordon: [points to Dan] YOU, HEY STRING BEAN COME HERE!
Dan: Yes, chef!
Anthony: (interview) Wrong.
Gordon: (raises a chewed up piece of lamb) What the (bleep) is that?!
Michael Langdon: Get lamb going now.
Gordon: What is that?! [Dan doesn't answer] Wha... WHAT IS THAT?!
Dan: (bleep) chef.
Gordon: This needs one more minute in the oven, and that bit there should be a (bleep) dog's chew!
Dan: Yes, chef.

[Jacqueline brings her chicken to the pass]

Jacqueline: Where would you like it chef?
Gordon: Put it there.
Jacqueline: Thank you chef.
Gordon: [checks her chicken; finds that it's raw] Pink (bleep) chicken. (returns to the workstation) Ladies!
Red team: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Pink chicken!
Jacqueline: (bleep)!
Mary: (Interview) Raw chicken, like seriously?
Gordon: Pink chicken. Undercooked, and pink.
Jacqueline: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: [throws his spoon on the workstation as everyone stands around unresponsive] WAKE UP! Come on, Jacqueline!
Jacqueline: Yes, chef!
Red team: Yes, chef!
Amanda Giblin: Bounce back guys, leave it in the water longer.
Gordon: Jacqueline!
Jacqueline: Get me a pan.
Jacqueline: Yes, chef!
Gordon: There are some things you can't do in a kitchen...
Jacqueline: Yes, chef!
Gordon: ...and that's serving raw chicken!
Jacqueline: Yes, chef!
Gordon: (bleep, bleep)!!

[Gordon asks for lamb again in the Blue kitchen]

Gordon: Lamb? Where is the lamb?!
Dan: I'll just bring it up, chef. A minute left, chef.
Michael Langdon: Come on, I'm going to lose those garnish.
Gordon: A minute away. Garnish is done.
Michael Langdon: (interview) I'm doing (bleep) 50,000 things right now, and Dan is failing at the one (bleep) task that he has. I need a lamb.
Dan: (slices his lamb) Zach?
Zach: How the (bleep)?
Dan: (interview) Okay, the lamb wasn't cooking fast enough. What the (bleep) do you want me to do about it other than to put it in the damn oven. [puts his lamb in the oven]
Michael Langdon: (to Dan) Dan, real time. How long?
Dan: (to Zach) How long?
Michael Langdon: YOU JUST LOOK AT THE (bleep) LAMB! HOW LONG?! [goes to the oven] OH, JESUS! (bleep)! (interview) Then he asks Zach how long? Are you kidding me? How does that go? (to Dan) Get the (bleep) out of here! Get out! (interview) Really, if he lays one (bleep) finger on me, I'm going to beat him all over the (bleep) room! I don't care if I walk off and go to jail tonight!
Ray: (to Dan) Hey, don't stand there!
Anthony: (to Dan and Michael) Hey, come on! Split it up! [Michael bumps Dan out of his way]
Dan: (to Michael) Don't (bleep) bump me again!
Gordon: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Dan: (interview) Don't bump me! You ain't (bleep)! You want to (bleep) fight?! Come get it!
Gordon: (to Michael) Hey, hey, hey you! (to Dan) Hey you, HEY (BLEEP)! Come here you! Come here! [leads Dan and Michael to the pantry]
Anthony: (interview) Wooo-hoo! Someone's getting it down.
Gordon: [angrily slams the door] WHAT THE (bleep) IS GOING ON WITH YOU TWO?!
Michael Langdon: (to Dan) You got to talk to me, bro. That's it.
Dan: Alright.
Michael Langdon: You got to (bleep) talk to me!
Dan: Stop yelling at me.
Michael Langdon: No, (bleep) you! Talk to me or get the (bleep) out and go home!
Gordon: (to Dan) You're throwing him under the bus all the (bleep) time!
Michael Langdon: Don't be sorry, dude!
Dan: I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Michael Langdon: Don't be sorry!
Gordon: Look at him and talk at each other!
Dan: I'll fix it! I'm sorry!
Michael Langdon: Let's do it! Come on!

[Gordon checks on wellingtons brought up by Danielle]

Gordon: Now it's overcooked.
Andi: They're overcooked.
Gordon: (returns to the workstation) All of you, HEY!
Mary: (under her breath) Oh, my God.
Gordon: The Red team that loves taking the piss because they've flown off a private jet, they've been on a (bleep) mega super yacht and they think they're king (bleep) because they've kissed Celine Dion's ass in (bleep) Vegas! Come here you! Touch that.
Amanda Giblin: It's overcooked chef.
Susan: Yes, chef. Overcooked.
Gordon: Just so--- [sees Danielle walking away] Oh, she disappears, look hey.
Danielle Boorn: I'm giving you another one chef. I understand that's overcooked. [brings another wellington to the workstation]
Gordon: Look at that there. Touch that there.
Danielle Boorn: Yes, chef. Sorry, chef. Here's another one.
Gordon: And even before touching that one, what do you think that one's gonna come out at?
Amanda Giblin: Medium chef.
Gordon: Touch that one.
Amanda Giblin: Overcooked chef.
Gordon: Overcooked. Overcooked. [slams the tray on the workstation]
Danielle Boorn: (under her breath) (bleep)!
Amanda Giblin: (interview) Danielle, girl. Get your (bleep) together, man!
Gordon: Third time lucky, bingo?!
Danielle Boorn: Perfect chef. Perfect chef.
Gordon: Oh, "perfect chef!"
Danielle Boorn: Sorry, chef. [brings another wellington to the workstation]
Gordon: So the first two were what?!
Danielle Boorn: My (bleep)-up chef. Sorry, chef.
[Gordon checks her wellingtons; then finally brings them to the pass]

[the Red Team lost the night's service; they have nominated Jessica and Danielle for elimination]

Gordon: Okay, Danielle, Jessica step forward please. You know what? There's one more chef I'd like to hear from.
Narrator: With their dinner service loss, the Red team was forced to nominate two chefs for elimination. They put up Danielle and Jessica, but Chef Ramsay has his eye on a third.
Gordon: Because she could've killed someone tonight: (points to Jacqueline) Jacqueline! Get your ass up here. I mean honestly? Ms. Pink Chicken? Unacceptable!

Gordon: Ladies, you are not the same outfit that opened this competition, let me tell you. (members of the Blue team that won the night's service exchange smiles and grins amongst each other) If you think what you've been through is challenging so far... I... I'm gonna turn up the heat. Because I need to start separating the chefs, from the cooks. Got it?
Red team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Piss off!

Gordon: Every dinner service, Danielle looked like a deer in the headlights, and that's why she ended up as dead meat.

Episode Five [11.5]Edit

[Gordon notices Nedra using soggy muffins for the eggs benedict]

Gordon: Hey, hello!
Nedra: I've cut them right now, chef.
Gordon: (gets Nedra's plate of eggs benedict) Stop Nedra, stop. [brings the eggs benedict to the workstation] Stop! LADIES! (gets a piece of muffin) Look, soggy. (to Nedra) Why are using the soggy ones when you've got toasted behind you?
Nedra: Yes, chef.
Gordon: No, not "Yes, chef!" Why are you using the soggy ones?!
Nedra: I didn't know the were soggy, chef.
Gordon: Visually you don't know that's not toasted?
Nedra: I didn't see it when they went down chef. But I have another one coming. [Gordon throws the muffin away on the plate]
Amanda Giblin: Let's go, guys. Let's bounce back.

[Gordon checks on salmon with scrambled eggs on the workstation]

Gordon: (calls the Blue team) All of you, come here! Taste that. I want you to taste that scrambled egg! Taste it!
Zach: Some seasoning, guys! Little salt and pepper!
Gordon: Who made that?
Ray: I did, chef. I put salt and pepper in chef.
Gordon: You-- [throws his spoon away on the workstation] I mean, SERIOUSLY?! THEY'RE PARAMEDICS!
Ray: I got them, chef.
Gordon: I think you need a doctor right now! [knocks his hand on the workstation]
Ray: Two more salmon coming right up.

[Gordon returns some salmon with scrambled eggs to the workstation]

Gordon: All of you, come here! ALL OF YOU!
Blue team: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Some disgusting pig brought me the sample scrambled eggs. The sample scrambled eggs that I cooked an hour ago. [flashback to where Sous-chef Andi telling both teams to study the sample plates] These guests, they save lives on a daily basis and you want to serve that? JEREMY, DAN! YOU'LL (bleep) KILL SOMEONE WITH THAT!! (tosses the plate on the workstation)
Narrator: It's early morning and Hell's Kitchen has opened its doors to serve breakfast to a group of much-deserving doctors, nurses and ENTs.
Jon: (to Jeremy) You pick that (bleep) up.
Gordon: Take that garnish back.
Anthony: Work it again! Let's go!
Gordon: (Bleep) off, guys.

Episode Six [11.6]Edit

[Barret brings tickets to the pass]
Gordon: Hey, Blue team!
Zach: (to the Blue team) Chef, pay attention!
Gordon: On order, four covers Table 23! (finds that the ticket was badly written) I mean, (bleep) me. (shows the ticket to the Blue team) Hey, look at the way he wrote that ticket. Look at how badly that's written out! Barret!
Barret: What happened?
Gordon: Rewrite the ti-- Where's Jean-Philippe? Jean-Philippe, what is that?
Jean-Philippe: Come on.
Gordon: Oh, (bleep) off! (tears up the ticket) Hey JP, take him (Barret) and yourself back to (bleep) Belgium! (bleep) right off! (bleep) off!

[Gordon checks a risotto at the pass]

Gordon: It's undercooked, the rice. Wow, (bleep) me. (returns to the workstation) Hey, the rice is undercooked! The rice is undercooked!
Amanda Giblin: That's not ready yet, guys.
Gordon: Start again!
Susan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Come on! (to Jessica at the pass) What are you waiting on?
Jessica Lewis: [Table] 34 chef.
Gordon: Yeah, (bleep)-- come in here. Come in here! [Jessica enters the Red kitchen] How long have you been waiting?
Jessica Lewis: 20-30 minutes chef.
Gordon: Yeah, you've been actually waiting 32 minutes. Tell your (bleep) team!
Jessica Lewis: (to the Red team) Let's go, guys! Table 34!
Gordon: Why are you laughing?
Jessica Lewis: I'm not. I'm sorry, chef. [Gordon throws his spoon away on the workstation]
Gordon: (to the Red team) Hey, all of you stop! Come here, (bleep) all of you! (to Jessica) You think this is a joke.
Jessica Lewis: No, chef. I don't.
Gordon: (to the Red team) We're dying for Table 34's (bleep) appetizers (to Jessica) and you're coming in to laugh at (points to Susan) her. What's funny?
Jessica Lewis: Nothing chef.
Gordon: Do you want to go?
Jessica Lewis: No, chef. I don't.
Gordon: Can you tell your team to hurry up?
Jessica Lewis: (to the Red team) Let's go, team!
Susan: I'm ready!
Gordon: (to Jessica) Hey, it's sounds so funny, isn't it?
Jessica Lewis: No, chef.

[Gordon asks for halibut in the Blue kitchen]

Gordon: Where is the (bleep) halibut?!
Ray: Coming up chef.
Zach: Come on, guys! Let's push this!
Anthony: (to Ray) Let's go, come on. Get those up.
Narrator: Ray hurries to deliver his third attempt at the same order of fish.
Gordon: WHERE IS IT?!
Ray: (to Dan) Bring that up.
Dan: I got it right here chef. [brings Ray's halibut to the pass]
Zach: Come on, come on. Going down, good job.
Anthony: Please be cooked. For the love of God, be cooked.
Gordon: [checks Ray's halibut] Wellington beautifully cooked, sauce beautifully cooked.
Anthony: Thank you chef.
Gordon: But, I have a problem. [returns to the workstation] I have a big (bleep) problem. YES, I DO!! [knocks his hand on the workstation] DAMN!!!
Ray: (bleep) me!
Gordon: THIS IS RAW!!
Zach: Oh, my God!
Anthony: Oh, (bleep) me!
Gordon: THIS IS RAW!!!
Zach: (interview) Not again! Damn it! This can't be happening! (to Ray) Come on, Ray!
Gordon: IT'S JUST RAW!!! [knocks his hand on the workstation]
Michael Langdon: (to Ray) Get three more going. Put them in the oven.
Gordon: IT'S (BLEEP)!!
Zach: (interview) We're going down in flames! Titanic ain't got (bleep) on us!
Gordon: I'M DONE!! (points to every member of the Blue team) You, you, you, you, you, you! GET OUT! GET THE (bleep) OUT OF HERE!!

James Avery: (Storms into the blue team's dorm with raw halibut) Hey, where are you guys?!
Jon: Right here, Chef!
James Avery: I spent 18 hours with you guys today, I give you everything I got, and that's the (bleep) you're gonna give me in front of Chef Ramsay?! Make me look like an (bleep) in a dining room full of people, I'll resign myself! I can't look at you guys anymore!

[Gordon checks and slices a pork brought up by Mary]

Gordon: That's raw. (returns to the workstation and throws his spoon away; shows the raw pork to the Red team)
Amanda Giblin: Oh, my (bleep) god!
Mary: Gosh.
Gordon: Yeah, you kept me waiting 28 minutes for raw pork. (points to every member of the Red team) You, you, you, you, you, you, you (slams the tray on the workstation) GET OUT!! DISASTER!! GET OUT!!

[Gordon has called both teams downstairs after kicking them out of service]
Gordon: Stay there! We're not done yet! The sous chefs and I are still cooking in there. There is no winning team, you both lost! Think of two individuals from each team that you want rid off! Now (bleep) off upstairs! (returns to the kitchen) Unbelievable!

Episode Seven [11.7]Edit

[Episode picks up where the last episode left off at an elimination where four chiefs have given Chef Ramsay their jackets, but haven't been sent out the door as Ramsay has about to do something he's never done before]

Gordon: ALl four of you are now on probation! Go, back in line!
Ray: Thank you Chef.
Mary: Thank you Chef.
Gordon: Don't thank me yet, and here's why: Each and every one of you, will have to earn your jacket back by the end of the next dinner service, and if you don't: (Gordon makes a swipe motion with his hand past his neck) you're history! Piss off!

(Both the red and blue teams leave to head back to the dorms, as Chef Ramsay looks on, shaking his head)

[After the Blue team finally won a challenge]

Dan: (Interview) About time! And the best part is: Look what I got! (Holds up his chef jacket up as he is now off probation, and heckles)

[Gordon checks on halibut brought up by Barret]

Gordon: All of you, come here.
Barret: (interview) (Bleep)!
Gordon: (points to a table of senior women) See those six glamourous ladies, slightly older? And look.
Barret: Oh.
Dan: Oh, my God!
Gordon: (gets a parchment paper from a halibut) The paper.
Jon: (to Barret) You left the parchment on there, man?
Gordon: (quietly to Barret) Hey, come here you. It's not a (bleep) joke. You should be ashamed.
Barret: I am. I am ashamed. (interview) Tonight of all nights, I'm just praying that we didn't lose the dinner service.
Gordon: Paper to a senior! [crosses to the Red kitchen out of disgust]

Narrator: While Barret starts over on the fish, in the Red kitchen, the women are very excited.
Susan: Our last ticket!
Narrator: To be closing in on the finish line.
Susan: We got this!
Gordon: Hey!
Red team: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Shut the (bleep) up! High-fiving each other, last ticket, it's the same (bleep) ticket!

Gordon: When Jessica first arrived, I had high expectations for her. Unfortunately, she let us both down.

Episode Eight [11.8]Edit

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Jacqueline]

Gordon: Oh, Jesus. They're rubber. Scallops are overcooked! Rubber, look at that one. Just touch that one there. Just touch it there! Come on, get me some more in there!
Jacqueline: Yes, chef!
Gordon: You've got the easiest appetiser!
Jacqueline: Yes, chef. (interview) (Bleep) me!
Gordon: Hey, (bleep) you!
Jacqueline: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Okay? (returns a tray of appetizers to the workstation) Hey, (bleep) you all! Cold pizza, cold fish and chips, refire urgently!

[Gordon checks on pizza brought up by Dan]

Gordon: That's burned. (returns to the workstation) (Bleep) you all! [knocks the workstation] Damn! Come here, all of you! Come on! Hey look, there's no garnish around there and that's the biggest bit. Look at that there.
Dan: (Bleep) me!
Gordon: (raises the pizza and drops it) For kids, and kids, (bleep) kids!
Jon: (interview) Dan is like a monkey wrench in a machine. You're killing me, man!
Gordon: Start again and get it together!
Blue team: Yes, chef!

[Gordon checks on cheeseburger brought up by Ray]

Gordon: Stone-cold. Hey, all of you. (points to Ray) You first, (bleep)-wit! Come here!
Ray: Oh, (bleep)! (interview) No, this can't be happening.
Gordon: Just touch that. Just touch the burger.
Ray: Oh, it's (bleep), chef.
Gordon: [angrily throws the burger on the workstation] Whose table is that?
Anthony: (interview) A cold cheeseburger. How the hell does something like that happen?!
Gordon: That's my family.
Dan: (interview) He just brought a perfect storm our way. Thanks, dude.
Gordon: At this stage of the game, I don't expect the "I'm sorry!" IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH! [knocks his hand on the workstation] IT'S (Bleep)!!
Ray: I have another one chef.
Jon: (interview) Get it together, man. A cold burger?
Gordon: (to Ray) Hey, you have the audacity to send that to my son! I wouldn't do that to your family!
Ray: Totally my fault, chef.

[Gordon checks on chicken brought up by Barret]

Gordon: I've got raw chicken here.
James Avery: And it's for my wife.
Gordon: [returns the chicken to the workstation] HEY! For Chef James's wife, pink chicken.
Jon: (interview) Raw fish, people can survive it. Under-cooked meat, cook it more it's like not going to kill you, but (bleep) raw chicken will (bleep) kill you.
Gordon: Chef James's wife is pregnant.
Mary: Oh, my gosh.
Barret: (interview) I can't even look at Chef James in the eyes. He's like a freaking triple black belt in Taekwondo. This dude will probably (bleep) me up right now.
Gordon: My family and James's family. Red Team, take over! Let's go! Move!
Red team: Yes, chef!

Episode Nine [11.9]Edit

[Gordon notices the Red team not cooking any entrées]

Gordon: Hey pedicure, manicure! How long?
Jacqueline: I am waiting for Susan!
Gordon: No, you (bleep) you! She's (Susan) slicing the prime rib! And you just stopped the whole (bleep) kitchen. (calls the Red team to the pass) All of you! (calls Susan in the dining room) SUSAN!
Susan: Yes, chef?
Susan: (interview) I know everyone keeps saying, "Jacqueline is an amazing chef, she's so strong." (to Gordon) Yes, chef?
Gordon: You just stopped sending entrées, (to Susan) did you tell her (Jacqueline) to stop?
Susan: No.
Gordon: Oh, really?!
Susan: (interview) But if you can't perform with the lights turned on, then it's worthless.
Gordon: We are now stopped being serving meat that we're dying for, (to Jacqueline) have you heard of anything so (bleep) stupid?!
Jacqueline: No.
Gordon: The less you give me your best, go home! OVER!
Jacqueline: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Get it together. Have a little meeting.
Susan: I know what table is next. If I need to rush, I could rush.
Jacqueline: Okay.
Gordon: HURRY UP!!
Red team: Yes, chef!
Susan: Let's go guys.

[Gordon checks and slices a New York strip brought up by Ray]

Gordon: They're (bleeping) raw. (bleep) off. (to the Blue team) Hey, raw New York!
Ray: Oh, (bleep) me. (interview) Oh, my God. He just can't catch a break.
Gordon: (to Ray) Come here you. Just (bleep) come here! Who cooked it?
Ray: I---.
Gordon: ANSWER!!!
Ray: I did chef. I cooked it. I'll take it. I did chef.
Gordon: This is where it goes so (bleep) badly! It's not even red in there!
Ray: I understand chef.
Gordon: Two of you on the section! [knocks his hand on the workstation] Do you have any fight left?!
Anthony: Michael, make another one!
Michael Langdon: I'm gonna cook. I'm gonna cook.
Jon: (interview) Ray, Michael. Pull your heads out of your asses and cook the (bleep) meat!
Ray: Here, I got the (bleep) New York strip, okay?
Michael Langdon: I got it on.
Ray: Don't rush the steaks.
Michael Langdon: (interview) Ray, please stop talking. Let me (bleep) cook the meat. I got it.
Gordon: How long for that New York strip?
Michael Langdon: Three and a half chef.
Gordon: Oh, (bleep)-- take the table back. Oh, (bleep) me. (gives the tray of entrées to Ray) Ray, hey. (Bleep) off. Take that. Take it. A (bleep) joke!

[Gordon checks on filet mignon brought up by Amanda]

Gordon: Raw, raw, (bleep) raw. [returns to the workstation] Oh, (bleep) hell!
Amanda Giblin: (Bleep) my life!
Gordon: Raw filet! The easiest to cook, the most glamourous, the most in demand, cold and raw!
Amanda Giblin: (interview) Jacqueline says it's good, I trusted her, and they're raw.
Gordon: Raw in the middle! Hey, Amanda! It's not sushi night, it's steak night!
Amanda Giblin: Yes, chef!

[Gordon checks on filet mignon brought up by Jacqueline]

Gordon: It's raw now. Now they're taking the piss. (returns to the workstation and repeatedly knocks it) What is it for the second (bleep) time?!
Amanda Giblin: It's (bleep) raw chef.
Gordon: That's right! It's (bleep) raw!! (throws a filet on the workstation)
Amanda Giblin: I have two more in the oven.
'Gordon: (points to Amanda, Jacqueline, Nedra and Cyndi) You, you, you, you! (bleep) OFF, ALL FOUR OF YOU! GET OUT! GET OUT!!

Episode Ten [11.10]Edit

[Gordon checks the tuna is about to be served for the Quinceañera celebrant; found out it was cold]
Gordon: You are kidding me, ice cold! HEY! ALL OF YOU COME HERE, HURRY UP! [returns the tuna at the workstation; then knocks twice on the counter] JUST TOUCH THAT! TOUCH THAT YOUR FINGERS.
Ja'Nel: Stone-cold.
Amanda Giblin: (Bleep)!
Gordon: Something is so easy! WHO SEARED IT?
Amanda Giblin: Nedra seared it. (cuts off to Nedra when she blinks her eyes)
Nedra: I-- (interview) (Bleep) you, Amanda! You skate on thin ice! It's not the one I seared.
Gordon: [drops the tuna onto the workstation] (Bleep) hell! (throws a spoon away) I STOOD AWAY TO GO! A PIECE OF FISH THAT BIG THAT CAN'T BE SEARED! (Bleep)! (knocks over the workstation twice)
Nedra: Chef, I need take four--
Amanda Giblin: Nedra seared it, chef. I got it.
Gordon: (rekindles Amanda) "Nedra seared it, I got it." (throws a spoon with a disappointment)
Amanda Giblin: (interview) Back off the station, I have it!
Amanda Giblin: Chef, it was a poor mistake I'm trying to fix right now.
Nedra: (Bleep) bitch!

Episode Eleven [11.11]Edit

Episode Twelve [11.12]Edit

Episode Thirteen [11.13]Edit

[Continuing from the last episode, the red team drew a name out of a hat for which member to move to the blue team instead of deliberating.]

Gordon: All of you, head back to the red (bleep) kitchen and spend two minutes and decide amongst you! Hurry up! I didn't ask you to stick it in a (bleep) hat like some (bleep) game show! What is this?!

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Ja'Nel]

Gordon: They're overcooked. No, no, no, no, no.
Andi: Oh, (bleep).
Susan: Yeah, we're moving. We got this.
Gordon: We're not (bleep) moving and yet you haven't got anything. What is that (bleep)?
Ja'Nel: I'll do it again chef. I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: Look at them. Just touch them. That is disgusting!
Ja'Nel: (interview) This is my worst nightmare. (bleep)!
Gordon: I cannot believe you done that! What is happening in here?! (points to Susan) She's cooking four risottos, we need two (points to Ja'Nel) and you're bastardizing scallops! I'll reduce the menu, I'll pull down the appetizers, pull down the entrées for you to shine!
Susan: (interview) Ja'Nel is dronwning at this point. You are dragging the team down.
Mary: (interview) I just want to slap her. Ja'Nel, wake up! Come on! You're so much better than this!
Gordon: Get a grip!
Ja'Nel: Yes, chef.
Susan: (to Ja'Nel) Go get it chef. You'll get better chef.
Ja'Nel: Give me two minutes on those scallops.
Susan: We got this. We're good.
Gordon: "We got this"? (bleep) hell. She (Ja'Nel) can't even cook a scallop.

Gordon: Nedra!
Nedra: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Why can't you do the cold? (to Zach) Why did she drop [the pasta] that?
Zach: She said she don't need any help.
Gordon: My worry is the slowness.
Nedra: (interview) Chef, just watch how to let me (bleep) do this, I don't need no help!
Gordon: If I was on the Blue team, I'd have her off the (bleep) appetizers, I'll put her on the garnish, and someone with a pair of balls could step up and take over that (bleep) mess! (to the Blue team; goes to Nedra's station) All of you, come here! Just look! Just look at the (bleep) mess in here! The (bleep), the disarray, the disorganization and look, [gets a basket of pasta on Nedra's station] look, look. LOOK AT THE MESS!!

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Jon]

Gordon: This is a joke. They're not seared! (returns to the workstation) All of you, come here! Quick!
Jon: Are you serious?
Gordon: Like mush. Mush, mush MUSH! (knocks his hand on the workstation) It's just a (bleep) joke!
Anthony: (bleep)! (interview) God, are you kidding me? We can't even get past hot apps this late of the competition? God, it's humiliating!
Gordon: Yet again, we're (bleep) struggling! I'm putting the gas, I'm turning the engine, I'm driving every (bleep) table! I'M DONE!!
Anthony: (interview) Please, don't let this be happening again.
Gordon: (points to Zach, Jon, Anthony and Nedra) Listen, listen, listen, listen! (bleep) OFF, (bleep) OFF, (bleep) OFF, (bleep) OFF! GET OUT!! GET OUT!! IDIOTS!!

[Gordon checks on halibut brought up by Ja'Nel; finds that it's raw]

Mary: There's gonna be--.
Gordon: (interrupting Mary) No, it's not four minutes, come here! It's sushi time! Just touch that. I don't know what you're doing now. Do you know who this is for?
Cyndi: The VIP chef.
Ja'Nel: (Interview) The one VIP in the house and I'm (bleep) ruining it. (to Gordon) Sorry, chef. (Interview) I hope this is a bad dream. I mean someone pinch me, slap me, shake me out of this hell hole that I'm in right now.
Gordon: I'm done! (points to Ja'Nel, Susan, Mary and Cyndi) YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU (bleep) OFF OUT OF HERE!!
Cyndi: (bleep) me!
Gordon: GET OUT! (to Cyndi) Hey! Excuse me, Madam!
Cyndi: Yes, chef!
Gordon: "(bleep) me"?! How about "(bleep) YOU"?!
Cyndi: (interview) How are we making these stupid mistakes?
Gordon: I'm done! (Bleep) OFF! OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!!

Gordon: Nedra wore a red jacket and a blue jacket, but after tonight's performance, I knew that she wouldn't be wearing a black jacket.

Episode Fourteen [11.14]Edit

Episode Fifteen [11.15]Edit

Narrator: It's two and a half hours into dinner service and all of the red diners have been fed. But thanks to Zach's careless performance...
Gordon: Is that lamb-- (sees that it's overcooked) Oh, please! Does that not look like it's overcooked? Hey, you! Hey, (bleep)-face!
Narrator: ...the men are struggling with the two remaining tickets and all eyes are on Zach's lamb.
Gordon: Looks like elephant (bleep) from here!
Zach: I understand, chef. I'm just waiting for the fish.
Gordon: You (bleep) give me one more excuse, I swear to God, take your jacket and (bleep) off out of here!
Zach: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: Stop making excuses!
Zach: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Two lamb, one wellington, one bass. How long? (Zach doesn't answer; goes over to Zach's station) Put it down, I can do the rest. You can (bleep) off, Zach.
Anthony: (interview) Chef Ramsay has just had it. He comes in and says "You know what, Zach? I'm going to work your station now."
Zach: Chef, you're going to put it fat side down first?
Gordon: Now he's asking me stupid questions. "Hey, chef, can I brush my teeth? Hey, chef, uh...can I change my pants?" One mistake and he's so frazzled.

[After Anthony has been eliminated]

Gordon: Zach, come here! (Zach walks up to Chef Ramsay as the women and Jon look on in awe)(Pause) Do your jacket up! I'm watching you closely, Back in line!

Episode Sixteen [11.16]Edit

[Gordon checks on lobster brought up by Cyndi]

Gordon: Cyndi? Hey all of you, come here. Come here! Just touch that. Touch that lobster. When it's something so curly like that, what does it mean?
Susan: Overcooked, chef.
Gordon: So it (bleep) (throws the lobster hard against the wall) bounces off the (bleep) wall!
Susan: (interview) Did that just happened?! It is black jackets time, we could not be making these stupid mistakes.
Gordon: Can I have a poached lobster?!
Cyndi: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Pick that [the lobster] up.
Mary: Yes, chef.
Susan: Come on, ladies. Pick it up!
Mary: (to Cyndi) Do you need some help, Cynd?
Gordon: What's the matter with you?!
Cyndi: I got it. I'm bouncing back chef. I'm bouncing back right now.
Gordon: Jesus Christ.

[Mary brings Cyndi's lobster to the pass, Gordon checks it]

Gordon: Now, it's raw. Just stone-(bleep)-cold. Hey all of you, come here!
Mary: Oh, crap!
Gordon: Now, the lobster is raw!
Mary: Ugh!
Gordon: (to Cyndi) Come here you! Just touch that. You know it's wrong, it's stone-cold! First one was rubber, now this is ice-cold!
Cyndi: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [leads the Red team to the pantry] Come here you. All three of you, come here! (to Sous-chef Andi) Andi, take over! SUSAN!
Susan: Yes-- I'm coming! I'm coming chef!
Gordon: Get in here!
Red team: Yes, chef!
Mary: Come on!
Gordon: [angrily slams the door] What's happening?! What's the matter with you?!
Mary: (interview) I have never been in the pantry with Chef and it's never a good thing when he takes you back there.
Gordon: You've got to get a standard inside you! You're screwing the Red team!
Cyndi: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I'd rather slow down and increase the standard than sending me (bleep)!
Red team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: WAKE UP! All of you!
Red team: Yes, chef!

Gordon: There once was a chef named Zach,
For words he didn't lack.
But in the kitchen, he was no magician,
And he won't be coming back.

Episode Seventeen [11.17]Edit

Episode Eighteen [11.18]Edit

Episode Nineteen [11.19]Edit

[Gordon checks on risotto brought up by Ja'Nel]

Gordon: All of you. ALL OF YOU! [points to Ja'Nel] Hey, I mean you.
Ja'Nel: No, chef. I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, come here you. Taste that.
Mary: (interview) Ugh! It's disgusting!
Gordon: Come here. All of you, come here. [leads the Final five to the back counter; points to Antonio Sabàto Jr. at the Chef's Table] We have a VIP guest in the (bleep) kitchen. What is that? IT'S MUSH! ABSOLUTE MUSH!! What is happening?!
Ja'Nel: (interview) I can't believe it. It's just really embarrassing.
Gordon: Get a grip now!
Final Five: Yes, chef!
Ja'Nel: Sorry, chef.

Gordon: Here we go. Two covers, Table 21: two mussels, entrée: one halibut, one New York Strip.
Final Five: Yes, Chef!
Susan: Two minutes on this order: one halibut, one New York!
Jon: Three minutes, heard.
Gordon: Who called? What's she yelling about? Susan called out halibut, New York steak and we haven't sent out the appetizers. What's going Susan?
Susan: Right now, we have one halibut, and one New York!
Gordon: Hey, all of you, come here! Stop what you're doing, all of you. She's firing entrees, one halibut, one New York Strip. FYI, Dumbo, we haven't even sent the appetizers!
Mary: (interview) What is Susan thinking right now? Like, what are you thinking, Susan?
Gordon: Is the ticket crossed out?
Final Five: No, Chef.
Gordon: What are you doing to them?
Susan: We fired that ticket, Chef.
Gordon: Who's we?! I didn't!
Antonio Sabato Jr.: She's screwed.
Gordon: All of a sudden, you're the chef, right?
Susan: No, Chef! No!
Gordon: Step up. Here you go. (takes off his apron and gives it to Susan) Here you go. You (bleep) run it then. Here you go. Andi, leave her alone.
Jon: (interview) Susan can't even give correct times on her own station. She's running the kitchen? (sighs) We're (bleep).
Susan: Sorry.
Gordon: You run it! (Bleep) it, there you go, run it! (tosses his tongs on the hotplate) (Bleep) good luck. Off you go. This is a (bleep) joke. Andi, (bleep) 'em. Leave 'em. (Gordon and Andi walk out of the kitchen) Pathetic.

Episode Twenty [11.20]Edit

Episode Twenty One (Two Hour Finale) [11.21]Edit

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