Happy Feet

2006 animated film directed by George Miller

Happy Feet is a 2006 film about a penguin who can't sing, in a society which finds soul mates through song. Instead, he can dance, leading to friction in his colony.

Directed by George Miller. Written by Warren Coleman, John Collee, George Miller, and Judy Morris
Warning: May Cause Toe-Tapping


(after Mumble fails at his singing lessons)
Mumble: Hey, you know what?!?! I can leave school!! I can go to work!! The three of us....
Memphis: Whoa, whoa, whoa, little fella. You ain't going nowhere until you've got yourself an education. Get them singing muscles big and strong. You got that?
Mumble: I will try, pal.
Memphis: You bet you will. The word "triumph" starts with "try" and it ends with--
Mumble: "Umph"!
Memphis: That's right! A great big "umph"! I'm going fishing.

Leopard Seal: (to Mumble) Come here, you sausage. I take you with ketchup.
Ramon: But first you got to catch up!!!!
[The other penguins burst out laughing.]
Raul: Oh, here he comes! We better move in half an hour!
[The penguins taunt the leopard seal by moving in slow-motion.]

Leopard Seal: Remember, dumplings, I know where you live...
Raul: It's called land, ass-face!!
Nestor: Rub back any time, blubber-butt!
Mumble: (to the leopard seal) See you, fatty!
(The Amigos pause and look at Mumble for a moment)
Raul: That's cool! "See you, fatty!"
(The Amigos laugh)
Ramon: Did it take you a while to come up with that one?!

Ramon: Chicka, chicka, boom, boom! (the four other Amigos join in with a hip thrust action) Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!
Mumble: You're not interested in chicas?
Ramon: You kidding?! Without us, the chicas got no boom!!

Lovelace: Hear me! There's not enough love in the world. Turn to the penguin next to you, put your flippers up, fluff him up a little bit and give him a great big hug!
Raul: (to Ramon) What you hugging me for?!
Ramon: He told me to.
Raul: Get away!
Ramon: No, you like it....
Nestor: Get off him, Ramon.

Ramon: You have just got to do exactly what I say!
Mumble: Okay.
Ramon: Did I say "okay"?
Mumble: No!
Ramon: What did I say?
Mumble: Do exactly what you say.
Ramon: Exactly what I say!!

(after Mumble drives Gloria away)
Nestor: Amigo, that is a good thing you do.
Ramon: She is going to be so much better off without you. She is going to find a good steady guy to comfort her...
(Raul attempts to slap him, but misses)
Ramon: ...and love her up real good and raise a big family, then she gone let herself go...
Rinaldo: Ramon. Ramon!! He's hurting bad. He's hurting bad.

Lombardo: Why would Lovelace help?
Raul: He not like you at all.
Mumble: I'll just appeal to his better nature.
Nestor: How you gonna do that?
Raul: Cruel and unusual punishment?
Lombardo: Unimaginable torture?
Ramon: Imaginable torture?
Rinaldo: Your singing?
Ramon, Nestor, Raul and Lombardo: No!!!!
Rinaldo: (imitates Mumble's singing) Can anybody find meeeeeeeeee?
Lombardo: Ohhh... you breaking the ice!
Ramon: Avalanche!
Mumble: Yes, okay, thank you...

Mumble: Excuse me. What is this place?
Penguin: [in a HAL 9000-like voice] You're in Heaven, Dave - Penguin Heaven.
Mumble: Is it anywhere near Emperor Land?
Penguin: It's wherever you want it to be. Try the water, Dave. It's really real.

(Mumble eventually succumbs to madness in the zoo and "sees" and hears his family and friends on a wall.)
Norma Jean: So you found the fish, baby?
Mumble: (turns to look at the wall) Ma?!
Norma Jean: Hi, sweetie.
Mumble: Ma!
Ramon: Fluffy! No matter what they say or do, we never stop believing in you.
Other Amigo: So, you'll be back soon?
Norma Jean: Hey, c'mon! Let him eat.
Gloria: Go ahead, Dave. Don't mind us.
Mumble: But there's plenty for everyone!
Norma Jean: It's OK, sugar. We can wait.
(The vision begins to melt and fade.)
Mumble: No, no! Ma! Ma!! Th-there's, th-there's lots here! There's enough for everyone! Ma!!!!
(Mumble tries to throw a fish to his mother. It hits the wall and falls off, but he keeps trying desperately.)

Noah: You led them here? You turned them on your own kind?!
Gloria: Wait a second. You just said there's no such thing as aliens.
Noah: ...Well, there's not. But if there were, only a traitorous fool would bring them here!
Mumble: But they have to come! They're the ones taking our fish. They can do something about it.
Noah: None but the Great 'Guin hath the power to give and take away!
Mumble: But the Great 'Guin didn't put things out of whack, the aliens did!
Noah: A fool returns this day to mock our suffering! We are starving, and he wants us to hippity-hop!!!! So, do we hold fast to our ways? Or do we bend to the fetid fantasies of a dancing fool?!

Deleted scene (Mumble Meets a Blue Whale)Edit

[While swimming in the endless waters in search of the "aliens", Mumble suddenly encounters a large whale. In shock, he jumps out of the water, where he sees an albatross flying in the sky]
Albatross: Don't fret, cobber. He wouldn't hurt a fly!
[The whale rises out of the water and makes several noises]
Mumble: You're absolutely sure?
Albatross: You're looking at your blue whale, mate. Ain't he a beauty?
Mumble: He's...he's so big. And so loud!
Albatross: He's talking to you, champ. Wants to know what a little tackle like yourself's doing out here on the Convergent?
Mumble: What?
Albatross: Where the cold water meets the warm. Big northern currents. Once you cross the Convergent, squirt, no going back.
Mumble: But I gotta talk to the aliens!
Albatross: The aliens?
Mumble: The ones taking all the fish!
Albatross: Struth! Who'd you think took out the whales?
Mumble: The whales, too? Someone's gotta stop them.
Albatross: Oh, yeah. And what's gonna be your approach?
Mumble: If...if I could just talk to them.
Albatross: Beauty! And when that crafty little trick pays off, you be sure to let me know.
[The whale makes another sound]
Mumble: What's he saying now?
Albatross: He's saying you're a wanker. Go back to your own kind. Enjoy life while you can. [Begins flying away]
Mumble: Well, sir, truth is...I don't really have a kind.
[Mumble continues swimming away in the water, as the albatross watches]
Albatross: Crikey! Now that's unusual animal behavior. But I like it! [Flies away] Whoo!

About Happy FeetEdit

  • On the first one, we sent a whole crew down to Antarctica. Our key designers and technical crew went down. One of the producers, Bill Miller, my brother, he went down. Then, we have a penguin expert called Dr. Penguin, one of the world’s leading authorities on the penguin. Well, he’s now on his 20th year down there. He goes down there every year. So, but all of our rigging, the people who rigged for the animation, they know the anatomy of a krill or an elephant seal or a penguin just really well. Because it’s based on nature, it kind of picks up on nature. We have to exaggerate our main characters because otherwise every character would look the same. It’s almost impossible to tell the movie like that. But by and large, everything is very close to their anatomy, not only that, the behavior of snow and wind and even the clouds in the sky is something that we follow very closely.


  • Warning: May Cause Toe-Tapping.
  • Everybody Dance Now!
  • What's Your Heartsong?


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