George Shultz

American economist, statesman, and businessman

George Pratt Shultz (born December 13, 1920) is a former United States Secretary of Labor (from 1969 to 1970), U.S. Secretary of the Treasury (from 1972 to 1974), and a former U.S. Secretary of State (from 1982 to 1989).

George Shultz


  • We should say we think a big element in the process of seeking peace [in the Middle East] is the acceptance of Israel's existence and so we´re going to go around to all our friends in Europe and Asia and elsewhere and say let´s accept Israel´s right to exist - and a way of doing that is to move our embassy to west Jerusalem. As long as the embassy is in Tel Aviv, it sort of says we´re camping out.
    • "New York Post", June 21, 2003.[1]

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