Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (anime)

anime series directed by Yasuhiro Irie

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the 2009–2010 anime series that follows the manga created by Hiromu Arakawa more closely than the 2003 series. The series was licensed by Funimation Entertainment.

Recurring QuotesEdit

Narrator (Second Series introduction 2-8): Alchemy: the science of understanding, deconstructing, and reconstructing matter. However, it is not an all-powerful art. It is impossible to create something out of nothing. If one wishes to obtain something, something of equal value must be given. This is the law of equivalent exchange; the basis of all alchemy. In accordance with this law, there is a taboo among alchemists. Human transmutation is strictly forbidden. For what could equal the value of a human soul?

Gluttony: Can I eat him?

Edward: Fuzake n Na! (Could be considered a catch phrase of sorts, as Edward is constantly heard saying it. It's a very informal, masculine way of using the verb "Fuzakeru" which means 'Joke', 'tease', 'lie', etc. Basically it means "Don't kid around", though based on the circumstances, it can translate to anything from "Don't screw with me!", "Cut it out!", "You bastard!", or as sometimes translated in fan works, "Don't fuck with me!" In the dubbed anime, it is mostly commonly translated as "Stop jerking me around!")

Alphonse: Nii-San! (In Japanese 'nii-san' means 'older brother'. Al is constantly heard saying this to Edward to get his attention, calm him down, etc.)


Fullmetal Alchemist [1.01]Edit

Isaac McDougal: [has just frozen a guard solid and boiled his comrade alive] Water freezes, water boils. Either way, you're just as dead. [A spear lands in front of him.] That's Alchemy...
Edward Elric: What a nasty thing to do.
McDougal: You of all people should know: Great deeds require great sacrifice. Isn't that the law of Equivalent Exchange?!
Edward: Save your breath. The laws of Alchemy don't justify murder!

McDougal: So, it's not you? [points to Edward's brother]
Alphonse Elric: Oh... um... no. I'm his younger brother, Alphonse.
McDougal: But he's a runt!
Edward: [becomes angry at his stature being mentioned] OH YEAH, CAN A RUNT DO THIS?!
[Edward uses his alchemy to trap McDougal, effectively restraining him.]
McDougal: I've heard the stories but still I'd never imagine this; the Fullmetal Alchemist is just a little kid!
Edward [now absolutely livid]: Grr...! DON'T CALL ME LITTLE!!!
[Edward uses his alchemy again to send McDougal flying. Ed is then shown venting by taking deep breaths.]
Alphonse: You know brother, I don't think he was really talking about your height just now.
Edward: [freezes up, then angry still]: WELL EVEN IF HE WASN'T, HE STILL PISSED ME OFF!!!

Maes Hughes: Oh, say! Looks like my timing was perfect! You two are the Elric brothers, right? [runs up to Alphonse and shakes his hand vigorously] Oh, wow, it's an honor to finally meet the youngest State Alchemist ever! You're a real legend around here! I'm Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes, a pleasure!
Alphonse: Um, you want Edward. I'm actually his younger brother, Alphonse.
Hughes: [turns to Edward in surprise] What, you're the Fullmetal Alchemist?! Sorry, I had no idea you'd be so...
Edward [thinking]: Go on, say 'little.' I dare you.

Elysia Hughes: [pointing at Alphonse]: Big brother... [pointing at Edward]: ...little brother.
Edward: [suppresses his anger at being called "little"] Nice to meet you... My name is Edward Elric... this is my younger brother, Alphonse Elric... get that? Youn-ger brot-her...
Elysia: But "younger" means little. You're little.
Edward: Grrrr...! [is now shown being held back by Alphonse as they enter the Hughes residence] WHERE DO YA GET OFF CALLING ME LITTLE?! YOU LOOKED IN A MIRROR LATELY?! I'M TALLER THAN YOU ARE!
Alphonse: Just let it go, Ed. These people are being nice to let us stay here.

Solf J. Kimblee: Hands down, that's got to be the funniest joke I've heard in a long, long time. The Freezing Alchemist wants me to come play his sidekick. Well, as fun as that sounds, the Crimson Alchemist works alone like he always had.
McDougal: Kimblee, if we work together, we can bring down Bradley and his god-forsaken military! You saw the horrors that took place in Ishval, you were there, dammit! You know the things Bradley ordered us to do, the kind of man he really is! ... That's why you killed all those officers, isn't it? To send him a message?
Kimblee: [brief laugh] I think you've got me all wrong. My motives aren't so sophisticated as "revenge" or "honor" or any of that... The reason I killed all of those men.....was because I could. It's that simple.
McDougal: That's too bad, Kimblee. That truly is too bad. [to a guard he froze]: Keep up the good work.

McDougal: [looking at Alphonse's armor] There's no one in there. It's empty...! But that... that could only be true if his soul was bonded to the armor... So you lost your arm...and your brother... he lost his entire body... Heh! I see... it all makes sense... You fools committed the ultimate taboo! You attempted human transmutation, didn't you?! Alchemy's one and only unforgivable sin!
Edward [calmly]: You know... There are some lines you really shouldn't cross.

Alex Louis Armstrong: Greetings, Edward Elric. When I heard you were in the hospital... I DASHED RIGHT OVER! [The Elric brothers shiver timidly.] And as I suspected, you're in desperate need of my assistance! [He strips himself of his shirt.]
Elrics: WAAHHHH!
Armstrong: You need the example of a perfect physical specimen to inspire your recovery! You see?! You're looking livelier already!
Edward: WILL YOU GET OUT?!!!!

Unknown Woman: Ah... I see, so Isaac's dead, is he? That's a shame. I had such high hopes for him, too... But... the Philosopher's Stone? Sounds like he overused it. [chewing sounds are heard in the background] Gluttony, try to chew quietly. I'm on the phone... Yes, things are going well here in Liore. We'll be ready. It all begins very soon.

The First Day [1.02]Edit

Alphonse: Brother.
Edward: Hmm?
Alphonse: The stories about this priest in Liore, do you think they’re true?
Edward: The ones about his miracles? They say he can transmute flowers out of thin air, right? Could be slight of hand, some cheap trick like that.
Alphonse: But... what if they’re not?
Edward: Right... if it's not then I suppose all that leaves is the real thing, huh?

Edward: The celestial stone that destroyed the city of Xerxes in one night. The grand elixir, sealed away by the Eastern Sage. It goes by different names, but it's always the same thing: some kind of object that amplifies alchemy. And that's the Philosopher's Stone. If we could just get our hands on it somehow, I might be able to get your body back... Damn books! They tell us everything but how to find it!

Trisha Elric: Ed? Al? Where are you? [She finds them scrawling a Transmutation Circle on the floor.] Oh, you boys... Are you in here messing up your dad’s study again? And Ed, you know better than to scribble on the floor.
Young Edward: Yea, but it's not scribbling. Here watch. [light flashes]
Trisha: [eyes widen] Oh my. That's alchemy isn't it.
[a bird was made from the wood on the floor]
Trisha: Did your dad teach you that?
Young Edward: How can he teach us anything if he's not here?
Young Alphonse: Right. We read about it in these books.
Trisha: I can't believe you've done this.
[both boys look down]
Young Edward: I'm sorry. Did we mess up?
Trisha: [claps her hands] No! It's great! You definitely take after your father. My little geniuses, you make me so proud.
Edward: [voice-over] And that was it. Mom had given us all the encouragement we needed. From that moment, we were obsessed with learning alchemy.

"The Truth": I am the called by many names I am the world, I am the universe, I am god, I am truth, I am all, I am one, and I am you.

"The Truth": Quiet, child. This is what you wanted, isn't it? I will show you... the Truth!

Young Edward: Alphonse, no! [A nearby suit of armor falls over] No, dammit. You won't take him too. Give him back! He's my brother! Take my leg. Take my arm! Take my heart, ANYTHING, YOU CAN HAVE IT! Just give him back! He's my little brother, he's all I have left!

Roy Mustang: Will you sit in that chair wallowing in self-pity, or will you stand up and seize the chance the military can give you?
Riza Hawkeye: It's their choice. They choose their own path.
Roy: If you believe the possibility exists for getting your bodies back, you should seek it out. Keep moving, whatever it takes. Even if the way ahead lies through a river of mud.

Riza: Will they be coming?
Roy: They'll come.
Riza: That boy... I've never seen anyone look so defeated.
Roy: That's what you saw? No. There was fire in those eyes.

City of Heresy [1.03]Edit

Edward: So this guy's claiming he can bring the dead back to life...? Now that's something I gotta see...

Edward: So that’s it, huh? What do you think?
Alphonse: There’s nothing to think, that’s Alchemy. No doubt about it.
Edward: But somehow he’s ignoring the law of equivalent exchange. He should’ve only been able to transmute that flower into an object of equal mass.
Alphonse: And he’s changing organic matter into inorganic matter. He shouldn’t be able to do that. Unless…
Edward: Yeah, there’s just one way… Bingo.

Rosé Thomas: Oh, merciful God, please hear me, hear my prayer, I beg of you. Please bring him back.
Edward: So this is the almighty Leto…?
Rosé: Welcome, are you interested in Letoism?
Edward: Nope, can’t say I am. Not really the religious type.
Rosé: Well, I’m sorry to hear that… To know God is to know hope… If we believe in divine grace, and through him all things are possible… If you believe… I’m sure Leto would bless you and make you grow taller!
Edward [sounding furious]: What’s that supposed to mean?!
Alphonse: Easy, brother! She’s just trying to help!
Edward: What about bringing the dead back to life? Do you believe that’s possible too?
Rosé: Yes.
Edward: [pulls out a notebook and opens it] Water: 35 Liters, carbon: 20 kilograms, ammonia: 4 Liters, lime: 1.5 kilograms, phosphorus: 800 grams, salt: 250 grams, saltpeter: 100 grams, and various other trace elements...
Rosé [completely baffled]: ...huh?
Edward: That list represents the complete chemical makeup of a human body for the average adult. It's been calculated to the last microgram, but still there has never been one reported case of successfully creating a human life. And you're telling me something modern science can't do, you can do with prayer?
Rosé: Lift thy voice to God! And the prayers of the faithful shall be answered!
Edward: Did I mention all those ingredients I read off? Down at the market, a kid could buy every one of them for the spare change in his pocket. As it turns out, humans are pretty cheap.
Rosé: No, that's blasphemy...! People are--! We're all children of God... created in his image!
Edward: Heh. You have to understand, alchemists are scientists... We don't believe in unprovable concepts like creators or gods... We observe the physical laws that govern this world to try to learn the truth. It's ironic, really. That through the application of science, we have in many ways been given the power to play gods ourselves...
Rosé: So you're putting yourself on the same level as God? That's just... sheer arrogance!
Edward: You know, there's an old myth, about a hero who flew on wings made of wax... He thought he could touch the sun, but when he got too close, his wings melted, and he came crashing back down to earth... Right Al?
Alphonse: Brother...

Father Cornello: Your arm. A brother trapped in armor! I see. It's all becoming clear now. You did it, didn't you? The one thing even the most novice alchemist knows is strictly forbidden!
Edward: Why don't you come down here and try me? I'll show you real quick who the novice is!
Cornello: Rosé... this is the price of their sin... These fools attempted human transmutation: the greatest taboo for any alchemist! In their arrogance, they tried to bring someone dead back to life!
Rosé [horrified]: Oh no...
Edward: This is what happens when you try to play "God", or whatever you want to call it... Take a good look, Rose. Is this what you want?
Cornello: So this is the great Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric... Not even half a man...! Hell, not even half a boy!
Edward: And what're you?! You're just a phony that can't do anything without a Philosopher's Stone!
Alphonse: Father, we just want you to hand over the Stone before you get hurt.
Cornello: Don't be absurd! Why, so you can use it for yourself?! Please... [uses his Philosopher's Stone to turn his cane into a Gatling Gun] If you fools are really so eager to play God, then perhaps I should send you to meet him instead!
[Cornello fires at Ed, Al, and Rosé. However, Ed conjures a wall of Earth to protect them all.]
Edward: Nah, me and God... we don't get along too well. Even if I went... he'd probably just send me right back here.

Alphonse: Alchemy is based on the Law of Equivalent Exchange... The price of even a failed human transmutation was enormous... It cost my brother his left leg... and it cost me my whole body... Do you see it...? My brother drew that with his own blood. His leg had been taken. He was bleeding. I can't imagine the pain he was in... But through all that, he still gave up his right arm to transmute my soul, and bonded me to this suit of armor. Now, I just want to help him get his body back to the way it was. He wants to find a way to get me back to normal, too. It won't be easy. We might even get killed along the way... But that's the path we chose... All we can do is keep moving.

[Cornello's Philosopher's Stone has just disintegrated.]
Edward [in sheer disbelief]: What the hell...? The stone... It's supposed to be a perfect material; how did it just break like that?!
Cornello: I-I don't know! I don't know anything about it! S-Spare me! Please! I–I was wrong! Please! I beg you!
Edward: It's a damn fake...?
Cornello: Please don't! I'm helpless without the Stone! Spare me, please!
Edward: You mean, we went through all this... risked our lives just for this one possible chance... and it's a fake?
Cornello So, uh... ha ha... what about me?
Edward: [finally snaps] I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU DO!!! JUST GET OUTTA HERE!!!
Cornello: Right! [runs away whimpering]

Edward: People don't come back from the dead, Rosé. Not ever. Not ever!
Rosé: [collapses to the ground in tears] But he promised me... he said if I prayed, it would happen... A miracle... That hope was all I had left! What am I supposed to believe in now?! Tell me what to do... please...
Edward: I can't tell you that... You have to figure it out. Stand up and walk. Keep moving forward. You've got two good legs. So get up and use them. You're strong enough to make your own path.

An Alchemist's Anguish [1.04]Edit

Narrator: Alchemy. The science of understanding, deconstructing and reconstructing matter. However, it is not an all powerful art. It is impossible to create something out of nothing. If one wishes to obtain something, something of equal value must be given. This is the law of equivalent exchange. The basis of all alchemy. In accordance with this law, there is a taboo among alchemists. Human transmutation is strictly forbidden. For what could equal the value of a human soul?

Scar: You’re Basque Grand, the Iron Blood Alchemist, correct?
Basque Grand:: Why? Who's asking?
Scar: Foolish alchemists who have turned their backs on the ways of God... [cracks knuckles] ...shall all be punished.
Basque Grand: I see... you must be the bloodthirsty murderer who's been making a habit of targeting State Alchemists lately. [puts on his gauntlets] Well, this time... you've picked the wrong target!
[A fight ensues. Basque Grand manages to trap Scar in a prison of earth.]
Basque Grand: That wasn't so difficult. [Scar's hand suddenly bursts out of the prison and grabs his face.] What? No...! How?!
Scar: Now you perish.
[Scar infuses Basque Grand with a deadly energy, blowing him up from the inside. Basque Grand falls dead.]

Hughes: Another State Alchemist, dead.
Armstrong: This killer is highly skilled.
Hughes: Major, you watch yourself. For all we know, you could be the next one he comes after.
Armstrong: Understood.

Edward: Who knows, maybe we'll find something that could help us restore our bodies.
Mustang: It might help if you consulted a specialist.
Edward & Alphonse: Huh?
Mustang: The Sewing Life Alchemist, Shou Tucker. He's done some heavy research into Chimera transmutation. I'll introduce you.

Mustang: Two years ago, Tucker transmuted a Chimera that could understand human speech. That earned him his certification as a State Alchemist.
Edward: By understand human speech, you mean... wait, you mean it talks? A Chimera?
Mustang: Right. Supposedly. It only said one thing. "I want to die." After that, it refused to eat until it got its wish.

Shou Tucker: You transmuted your mother? As an 11 year-old child? I see. So that's what earned you the title Fullmetal Alchemist. You've had a rough time of it, for someone so young.

Tucker: This is my library. Feel free to look around.
Edward: Alright! Let's dive in! I'll start with this shelf.
Alphonse: I'll try starting over here.
Mustang: I'm going to head back to work now. I'll send somebody by to get you this evening. [He blows air out of his nose and smirks]
Tucker: They've got some ability to focus. I'm not sure they even know we're here anymore. [He adjusts his glasses] Quite a catch, these two. A couple of prodigies.

Havoc: Oh, Mr. Tucker, I almost forgot. I've got a message for you. It's from the Colonel. He says "Don't forget, Assessment Day is coming soon."
Tucker: Yes. Please assure him I know.
Havoc: Right.
[Tucker sighs.]
Nina Tucker: Hey, Daddy? What does Assessment Day mean?
Tucker: State Alchemists have to report on their research once a year in order to keep their certification. You see, last year Nina your daddy didn't get a very good evaluation. Unless I do something really impressive this year, I won't be a State Alchemist anymore.
Nina: Huh? No, you'll do just fine, Daddy! I know you will. You're always studying so much!
Tucker: [kneels to hug Nina] You're right, Nina. I have to try hard... [in his thoughts] ...or we'll be left with nothing. Again.

Alphonse: Your mother left two years ago?
Nina: Daddy said she went back to live at her parent's house.
Alphonse: It must get a kind of lonely just you and your Dad living in this big house, huh?
Nina: [Shakes her head] Not really. Daddy's so nice, and plus I've got Alexander to play with, too! But lately Daddy's been studying in his lab all the time. I guess that does make me a little bit lonely.

Hughes: What I want to know is why this guy is only targeting State Alchemists and no one else? If it's the military he's trying to hurt, he could go after normal soldiers. Surely soldiers would be easier to kill than highly skilled alchemists, especially ones that have been State certified.
Armstrong: Maybe the certification is the reason. State Alchemists are given high pay and special privilege. It must be any number of people who envy them for their positions. Or perhaps, they feel they have not upheld their creed, Alchemists be thou for the people. Alchemists that were supposed to be pillars of science and truth are turned into the military's walking weapons as soon as they receive certification. There are plenty of people I'm sure who have not forgotten the role that State Alchemists played in the Ishvalan Civil War.

Tucker: Before I earned my State Alchemist certification, our life was terrible. We were so poor in those days. My wife couldn't stand living that kind of life, so she left us. [He sighs.] I can't afford to fail this assessment. I don't want to go back to those days again. I don't even think I could.
Nina: Don't worry, Daddy! It's OK! If those people do tell you no, me and Alexander will growl at them until they say yes!
Alphonse: [He chuckles] You tell them, Nina.
Tucker: Hey, Nina. I've got an idea... do you want to play with Daddy tomorrow?
Nina: Really?!
Tucker: Yeah.
Nina: [Nina jumps onto Tucker] Woo-hoo! Alexander! Daddy says he's going to play with us tomorrow! [Alexander barks.]

[Alphonse opens Mr. Tucker's front door]
Alphonse: Hello, Mr. Tucker. Thanks for having us again today!
[Ed and Al begin to walk through the house, which is quiet and dark.]
Alphonse: Mr. Tucker?
Edward: Hey! Nina!
[Ed and Al open a door with Mr. Tucker inside under dim lighting.]
Alphonse: Mr. Tucker!
Edward: There you are! So you are home.
Tucker: Yes. I did it, boys. I finally did it. A Chimera that understands human speech. Here, let me show you. [He kneels over a Chimera resemblant of a dog.] Listen to me, that person over there, that's Edward.
Chimera: That person... Ed...ward.
Tucker: Yes, that's very good. Well done!
Edward: That's amazing! It can actually talk!
Tucker: [chuckles] Now I don't have to worry about losing my certification.
Chimera: That person... Ed....ward. That person... Ed....ward. That person... Ed....ward. Big Brother... Ed.
[Ed suddenly looks horrified.]
Edward [quietly]: Mr. Tucker, when did you get your State certification again...?
Tucker [nonchalantly]: Let's see, It was two years ago.
Edward: And when did your wife leave you?
Tucker: That was two years ago, too.
Edward: I just have one more question for you... [now sounding antagonistic]: Nina and Alexander. Where are they?!
[Tucker freezes up, then slowly looks back at Ed with a terrified expression.]
Tucker: ...damn brat, figuring it out so quickly!
[Edward rushes Tucker and pins him against the wall.]
Alphonse: Brother!
Edward: Oh, yeah. I figured it out. You did it again! Two years ago, it was your wife! And this time, you used your own daughter and her dog to transmute a talking Chimera! You can only do so much with animals after all! It's much easier when you start with a human, isn't that right?!
Tucker [defensive]: I don't see what you're so upset about. This is how we progress. Human experimentation is a necessary step. I would think a scientist should understand--
Edward: SHUT UP! Do you really think you can get away with this? Messing around with someone's life like that?! Your own daughter?!?
Tucker: ... Someone's life, you say? [chuckles] You'd know all about that, wouldn't you? Look at you, "Fullmetal Alchemist." Look at your leg. Your arm. Your brother. Those things are also the result of messing around with somebody's life, aren't they?!
Edward: SHUT UP!!!!
[Edward punches Tucker in the face, causing his glasses to fall and break.]
Tucker: [chuckles] We are the same! We're the same! You're just like me!
Edward: We're not!
Tucker: Oh, but yes we are! The opportunity was right in front of us and we took it. We had to, even though we knew it was against the rules!
Edward: NO!
[Edward punches Tucker in the face again.]
Edward: Not me!
[Another punch]
Edward: Alchemists don't...[another punch] DO that! [another punch] I'm not...! I'M NOT--!!!
[Edward goes to punch Tucker again, but Alphonse stops him]
Alphonse: Brother! If you keep this up, he'll die!
Chimera Nina: Ed... ward. No... Daddy... do you... hurt Daddy...?
[Alphonse kneels next to Chimera Nina.]
Alphonse: I'm sorry. Even with all our power, we can't do anything to change you back. I'm sorry. I'm sorry...
Chimera Nina: Can we play now... can we play now?
Tucker: [holding his pocketwatch] I made it just in time. I get to remain a State Alchemist. I passed!
[Edward kicks the pocketwatch out of Tucker's hands, causing it to fly and break. Tucker crawls slowly towards it, panting and badly injured.]
Edward [voice shaking with rage]: Like Hell you're staying a State Alchemist. Like Hell.
Chimera Nina: Can we play now...?
[Edward looks back at Chimera Nina, then yells in anguish.]

Hawkeye: If ever there was an example of the Devil's work in this world, this case would definitely be it.
Mustang: The Devil, huh? A State Alchemist must be willing to act, able to take another's life when ordered to without question. In some ways, Mr. Tucker's actions and our own may not be all that far apart, when it comes to interfering with other people's lives. We choose our own path, knowing full well what we're doing. That's the way it is. Right, Fullmetal? [Ed has his face down, arms folded, his body drenched in the rain.] You will more than likely come across cases like this again in the future, and you may end up having to get your own hands dirty as well. Are you gonna shut down like this every time?
Edward: We may be called dogs of the military. We may even be cursed as devils. That doesn't matter. Al and I are still going to get our bodies back. We know the truth. We know we're not devils. I know we're not gods. We're human... [suddenly screaming]: WE'RE ONLY HUMAN! ...who can't even do anything to save one innocent little girl... so what good are we then?

[Tucker and Chimera Nina are sitting in a room together, facing each other.]
Tucker: I wonder why no one's capable of understanding me. Nina.
[Scar appears in the doorway.]
Scar: You're Shou Tucker, correct?
Tucker: Who are you? Not military... [now sounding fearful]: ...who are you?! How did you get in here?! There were military police out front!
Scar: Foolish alchemists who turn their back on the ways of God... [He grabs Tucker's face.] ...shall be punished.
[Scar executes Shou Tucker with his destruction alchemy. Tucker's body falls to the ground in a pool of blood.]
Chimera Nina: [begins to shed tears] Daddy's hurting... Daddy hurts... No, Daddy...
Scar: You poor creature. Once you have been given this form, there is no way of separating you again. [He places his hand to Nina's head.] At least, your passing will be in peace.
[A flash of lightning occurs. Scar is seen walking outside.]
Scar: God. Hear me. Two human souls have just been returned to you. Please accept them into your loving arms. Please grant these poor lost souls everlasting peace and salvation.

Rain of Sorrows [1.05]Edit

Lust: Human foolishness never ceases to amaze me. Wouldn't you agree, Gluttony?
Gluttony: Fools, all of 'em.
"Cornello": Fools indeed, sad but true.
(Father Cornello walks in, apparently alive.)
Lust: Well, well. If it isn't the Father.
Gluttony: Yeah, Father.
Lust: Sorry to have to put you to all this trouble.
"Cornello": As soon as we have everything handled here, I have my own responsibilities I need to get back to.
Lust: The Fullmetal boy's interference was irritating, but at least we were able to make it work in our favor. Looks like we'll finish up ahead of schedule.
"Cornello": Manipulate a little information, spout some empty rhetoric into the believers, and you have a fine recipe for instant violence. Humans are such simple creatures.
Lust: Bloodshed gives way to more bloodshed. Hatred breeds more hatred... Until all the violence soaks into the land, carving rivers of blood. and no matter how many times it happens, they never learn. The human race is made up of violent miserable fools.
"Cornello": Was he more than willing to play into our hands?
Gluttony: Are lots of people gonna die again?
Lust: Yes, they will.
Gluttony: Ooh! Can I eat all of them after they die?
Lust: No, you may not. By the way, Envy, could you lose the old man costume? It's rather unattractive.
("Cornello", or rather, the individual named Envy, frowns, then smirks.)
Envy: Come on. I was just staying in character. But... if you insist. [He begins to transform] This time around I'll grow a younger, cuter body, what'ya say?
(Envy finishes transforming, adopting the form of an androgynous, teenager-ish figure with feminine clothing and spiky hair. Just as he finishes his morph, Brother Cray walks in!)
Cray: A--! A-A monster! What's going on here? What have you done?! What have you done with the real Father Cornello?!
Lust: It's your call.
Envy: He called me a monster, i'd say that's quite rude, don't you?
Gluttony: Can I eat him? Can I?
(Gluttony proceeds to devour Cray off-screen.)
Envy: Oh, hate to hear the news. Shou Tucker, head Alchemist of East City? He's dead.
Lust: Tucker? Why should we care about a little nothing like him?
Envy: Because it's him who's responsible for the murder.
Lust: Speaking of East City, isn't that where the Flame Colonel is staying right now?
Envy: Yeah, and apparently, the Fullmetal brat's there, too.
Lust: Oh, is he? As furious as I am that he interfered with our work here, we can't very well let him die. He's an important sacrifice.
(Gluttony has finished eating Cray. All that remains of the man is a pool of blood.)
Gluttony: That was so yummy!
Lust: We'll find some way of handling the situation. The other one we were speaking of... what was his name?

Edward: I've been thinking about this for a long time. We put all our trust in alchemy but in the end... what is it? "Alchemy is the science of understanding the flow of matter and its laws... The process of comprehension, deconstruction, and reconstruction. The world flows too. It must also follow laws. Everything circulates... Even death is a part of that circulation. You must accept the flow." Hmm, Teacher sure drummed that into our heads, didn't she? I thought I understood it... but I don't understand anything... Mom proves that. Now here I am again, trying desperately to figure out a way to do the impossible... I'm such a hopeless idiot... All this time and I haven't grown up one bit. I thought maybe the rain would wash away some of this gloom that's been following me... but right now every drop that hits my face is even more depressing.
Alphonse: I don't even get that much... without a body, I can't feel the rain hitting my face. That's something I miss...all the time. I wanna get my body back soon, Brother. I just wanna be human again. Even if it means going against the flow of the world, and trying to do the impossible.

Edward: [thinking] Damn it, what the hell is this guy's problem?! Making enemies isn't something that I ... Well I never really avoided it, but there's no reason someone should be trying to kill me!

Jean Havoc: Major, watch what you're doing! We don't wanna destroy the city, do we?!?
Armstrong: What do you mean? Destruction and creation are two sides of the same coin! You must destroy to create! THAT IS THE LAW OF THE UNIVERSE! [takes off shirt, poses epically]
Riza: Did he have to strip?
Havoc: Are you surprised? He's clearly insane.

Hughes: Oh, is it over now?
Armstrong: Lieutenant Colonel Hughes, where have you been this whole time?
Hughes: I thought it best to lay low.
Roy: You didn't think about maybe backing us up?
Hughes: Of course not! A person like me shouldn't get dragged into a freakshow with you pack of pseudo-humans! It's bad for my health!

Alphonse: [punches Edward, leaving him shocked] Why didn't you run away when I told you to?! What kind of idiot are you?!?
Edward: No way! I'm not just gonna run away and leave you behind!
Alphonse: WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY YOU'RE A IDIOT!!! [punches Edward again as their quarrel catches attention from a spectating military]
Edward: What do you keep punching me like that for? If I'd run away you coulda been killed, you know that?!
Alphonse: And maybe I wouldn't have been! Making the decision to die is something only an idiot does!
Edward: Hey, easy on the "idiot" stuff. I'm still your older brother, got it?!
Alphonse: [grabs him by the collar] I'll say it all I want to!! Survival is the only way, Ed! Live on, learn more about alchemy! You can find a way to get our bodies back and help people like Nina. You can't do that by dying! I won't allow you to abandon the possibility of hope, and choose a meaningless death. [his arm falls off] Oh, great! Now my arm came off because my brother's a big fat idiot!
Edward: Hmm... We're really falling apart, aren't we, Brother? We look like we belong in a junkyard.
Alphonse: But we're still alive.
Edward: We are.

Road of Hope [1.06]Edit

Armstrong: Excuse me, but do you know who this person is, by any chance? [holds a picture of Dr. Tim Marcoh, the Crystal Alchemist]
Edward: Wow, Major, you can really draw.
Armstrong: The art of portraiture has been passed down through the Armstrong family for generations.

Tim Marcoh: Amazing… The ability to transmute a specific person's soul like this… Maybe one as talented as you would be able to produce a complete Philosopher's Stone.
Edward: So…!
Marcoh: But I can't show you my research.
Edward: Why not?
Marcoh: You must not seek after the Stone!
Edward: Not even if it's to get our bodies back?
Marcoh: Never! This is the devil's research! If you chase the Stone, you will go through Hell!

[A wrench is thrown at Edward's head, connecting and knocking him to the ground.]
Winry Rockbell: Edward, I thought I told you to call first when you're headed back here for maintenance.
Winry: [laughs happily] Welcome back!
Edward [deadpan]: Yeah.
[Quick transition to the fragments of Ed's broken automail arm.]
Winry: OH, NO...!
Edward: Yeah, sorry it's a little smashed up.
Winry [fuming]: "A little smashed up?" A "little?" Ed, do you see what you've done to my beautiful creation? I slaved over this!
Edward: It's basically the same, it's just in smaller pieces.
[Winry slugs him in the face.]

Winry: It's just so lovely! The smell of oil, the hum of the ball bearings, the rugged yet amazingly beautiful form created through anatomical engineering! Ahh, how wonderful you are... my automail!
Edward: Crazy Gearhead.
Winry: You'd be lost without me, Alchemy Freak.

The Hidden Truth [1.07]Edit

Denny Brosh: It's nothing. Although, if you don't mind me asking, why are you wearing a suit of armor?
[The brothers look at each other, then back at Brosh and his partner, Maria Ross.]
Elrics [together]: It's a hobby.

Lust: In the end, burning the entire place down was easier.
Gluttony: Oh, is that what you were doing in Central?
Lust: Yeah. The Fullmetal boy found out about Marcoh's research. Something had to be done about it. With that issue taken care of, I thought I would come to see how things are progressing in East City. Is he here? [Gluttony, who has been sniffing the air, stands.] ... Gluttony?
Gluttony: I smell him. I can smell him. The scar faced Ishvallan... he's close. I can taste his stink. Like blood. I still get to eat him, right?
Lust: Oh yes, down to the last strand of hair.

Riza: Scar hasn't been sighted. Not once since that incident with the Elric Brothers.
Havoc: Maybe he's not even in East City anymore.
Roy: I hope you're wrong about that.
Havoc: Huh?
Roy: This case has obviously gotten to be too much for Central to handle. If I can close it quickly enough, I'll be golden. I've got a ladder to climb, and this is how it's done. I need every mark in my favor that I can get.. at least until I've assumed the office of Führer, that is.
Riza: You may not want to display your ambition quite so nakedly, sir.
Roy: Yeah, I'll be sure to remember that in future.

Roy: Have you found the body?
Havoc: Not yet, but we're still searching.
Riza: Either way, he can't be in good shape after losing this much blood.
Roy: Yeah, but we do this by the book. We need to find hard proof that he's dead. Alright, Lieutenant Havoc...
Havoc: Yes, sir?
Roy: You and your men will work day and night to clear out this debris. I want his body found. Don't take so much as a coffee break until that's done, do you understand?
Havoc: C'mon, Colonel, can't you cut us some slack? At this rate, you're gonna work us all to death.
Roy: Shut up! I don't get to relax until I've seen his body! That means you don't get to, either.

Brosh: I... I don't understand. These are cookbooks. What could they possibly have to do with alchemy?
Edward: Alchemy's a powerful art. It can be incredibly dangerous if misused. In order to prevent that, alchemic research is always encrypted. These are designed to look like recipes to the average person, but they're actually advanced alchemical notes. Only the alchemist who originally wrote them can understand.
Brosh: If they're so heavily encrypted, then how are you going to be able to decipher them?
Edward: It's not going to be easy. We'll have to use all our alchemical knowledge.

Edward: How did you put it again, Al? "I think dedication is a talent all on its own"? Very smooth, little brother, very smooth!
Alphonse: Well... it's something I always think whenever I see a certain someone I know.
Edward: In that case, a certain someone should hurry up and get back to work, or you're gonna have to come up with a new motivational phrase!

Edward: Damn...! It's even tighter in here than I thought. I couldn't get through this far if I was regular sized. I'm lucky that I've got a small body. [Pause...] OH, NOOOO!!! I JUST CALLED MYSELF A TINY LITTLE PIPSQUEAK!!!

The Fifth Laboratory [1.08]Edit

Number 66: I am the infamous serial killer, Barry the Chopper! HA!
Alphonse: ... Sorry, I've never heard of you. [Barry is crushed by the fact he is not recognized.] I'm from a little town in the east, so...
Barry: Fine! But even if you don't know who I am, shouldn't you at least be a little scared?! Shouldn't you be going, "Ahhh!" or "What happened to your body?!" Or something!
[Alphonse removes his helmet, revealing that he doesn't have a body]
Barry: AHHH! What happened to YOUR body, freak?!
Alphonse: Hey... now that's impolite.

Hughes: Did you hear what I said? My dear little Elysia's about to turn three!
Roy: Lieutenant Colonel Hughes! Do you think this could wait? I'm at work.
Hughes: Oh, what a coincidence. I'm at work, too. She's the cutest little thing. You should see her!
Roy: I'm sure she's adorable, but stop calling me to gush over your daughter, and on a military line,too!
Hughes: Not just my daughter! I gush over my wife too!
Roy [growls to self at his desk]
Hughes: I know, I know, it's your turn now. Go ahead, Colonel. I know you're dying to gush over you very own... scar-faced Ishvallan.

Edward: I consider you people whether you have physical bodies or not. If I didn't, that would mean I didn't believe my own brother is a person either.

[Before the Older Slicer can reveal the truth, Lust grabs him.]
Lust: My, that was a close call. Number 48, you should know better than to talk about things that don't concern you.
[She shatters the Older Slicer's helmet. Then she and Envy see Edward,]
Envy: Well, well, would you look at that. What's the Fullmetal pipsqueak doing here?
Lust': Such a troublesome boy. How did you find out about this place?
Younger Slicer: Brother? Brother! BROTHER!!!
[Taking the Younger Slicer's sword, Envy starts stabbing him to death.]
Envy: Quit your pathetic blubbering, you idiot! You were trying to kill one of our most important sacrifices. Do you understand me?! You could've messed up the entire plan! What would we have done then?! Huh?!
[After killing the Younger Slicer, Envy drops the sword and joins Lust in front of Edward.]
Edward: Tell me who you people are. What plan are you talking about? What do you mean when you say "important sacrifice?"
Envy: Oh, my... the pipsqueak's raring to go! I think I made it angry!
Edward: ... Don't call me pipsqueak again!
Envy: Then what would you prefer?... eh, pipsqueak?
[Ed kicks out at Envy, who dodges.]
Envy: Whoa, now... there's no need to fight here. Someone might get hurt, you know.
Edward: This is a fight that you started... so come on!
[Ed's Automail Arm breaks! A small pause follows.]
Lust (deadpan): Technical difficulties?
[Edward shrieks in horror!]
Envy: Lucky me!
[Envy catches Ed off guard and knees him in the stomach.]
Envy: You're fortunate your arm's broken... If not for that, you wouldn't be getting off so easily.
[He lets the semi-conscious Ed drop to the ground.]
Lust: Listen to me well, boy... don't ever forget this. Always remember we allowed you to live. We can't have him poking around this place again, it's too dangerous. We'll have to go. Blow it up.

Maria Ross: Stay right there! Or the next one puts a hole in your head.
Barry: This isn't going quite as I planned.

Hughes: I don't get it. He hung up on me, just like that.

Created Feelings [1.09]Edit

Winry: ...You didn't drink your milk.
Edward: ...Why should I? I hate it.
Ross: Every growing boy needs his milk.
Brosh: Yeah, you want the girls to like you, don't you?!

Edward: Well done! Ah, it feels good to have it back. Thanks a lot!
Winry: Sure. No problem.
[Hughes busts into Ed's hospital room.]
Hughes: Yo, Ed, my boy! Is it true you brought a pretty blonde girl into your room to service you?
[Ed falls off his bed face down on the floor, his wound re-opening briefly.]
Edward: She's my automail mechanic! That's all, nothing more!
Hughes: Oh, I see. You've seduced your mechanic, have you?

Hughes: In general, men prefer to let their actions speak instead of words. When they're in pain, they don't want to burden anyone with it, not if they can help it. They don't want anyone to worry about them. That's how they are. Even so, there may come a time when they'll ask for your help. And when they do, I know that you'll be there for them. Isn't that enough?

Edward[speaking to a pint of milk]: So we meet again, you little bastard! I'm not gonna drink you.
Alphonse: Brother. You have a living body that needs nourishment. You have to drink it.
Edward: I don't have to if I don't want to. It may not look like it, but I have grown some, but everyone still calls me a pipsqueak. I wish I was like you, Al. You've got such a big body now.
Alphonse: [suddenly snaps] IT'S NOT LIKE I ASKED FOR THIS BODY, "BROTHER!"

Edward: [lying in a bed, the first surgery to attach automail finished] It's all my fault Al lost his body and it's all my fault he can't eat anymore, he can't sleep, he can't feel cold nor warmth. He's my little brother and I'm supposed to protect him and I did this! How can he ever forgive me?

Edward: We've always fought like this... ever since we were really little. Now that I think about it, we've fought over some really stupid things, haven't we?
Alphonse: Like who would get the top and bottom bunk.
Edward: Yeah.
Alphonse: We fought over candy a lot too, huh?
Edward: And that toy, you remember?
Alphonse: I won that one. And when we played in the rain river too.
Edward: Oh yeah... you shoved me into the water.
Alphonse: And that fight we had during our training?
Edward: Teacher said we were being too loud, then she beat us up herself. We called that one a draw.
Alphonse: We even fought over which one of us would marry Winry someday.
Edward [panicking]: What? Don't remember that one.
Alphonse: I won the fight, but she shot me down.
Edward: Oh, did she? [Long pause...] You're telling me that all those memories are lies?
Alphonse: ...Sorry.

Separate Destinations [1.10]Edit

Mustang: The power of one man doesn't amount to much, But however little strength I'm capable of... I'll do everything humanly possible to protect the people I love, And in turn they'll protect the ones they love. It seems like the least we tiny humans can do for each other.
Hughes: Sounds like a pyramid scheme, There's just one thing. If you hope to eventually protect everyone... then you'll have to figure out a way to stand at the top of the pyramid.
Mustang: I can only imagine how good it must feel up there, Hughes... Although... I'll never be able to find out without all the support I can get.
Hughes: There's no doubt about that. You're not very subtle, y'know. You've got my support... But you could've just asked me... It ought to be fun to watch though... And maybe your naive idealism might actually do some good.

Hughes: (Researching in the archives) ...These endless uprisings. The Philosopher's Stone... Human sacrifices... And the outright genocide of the Ishvallan people... Then this means... How could this even happen, and who could orchestrate something as terrible as this...? I've gotta tell the Führer right away.
[By then, Lust enters the room.]
Lust: Hello, Lieutenant Colonel... It's nice to meet you... Well, actually... 'Hello' really isn't the word I'm looking for.
Hughes: [notices Lust's Ouroboros Tattoo above her breasts] Cool tattoo you've got there...
Lust: Those are your last words...? Wouldn't you rather scream?

Hughes: You look just like... But you're not. Who the hell are you, lady?
Envy [as Maria Ross]: I'm Second Lieutenant Ross, sir. You've lost too much blood.
Hughes: Drop the act already. You're not Second Lieutenant Ross. She has a mole under her left eye!
Envy [in his normal voice]: You're observant... I can't believe I forgot... [He fixes the mistake.] There. How do I look now?
Hughes: This is not happening... Please tell me that I'm hallucinating or something.
Envy: You really are a smart man, Lieutenant Colonel. Did you ever think that'd be the cause of your death?
Hughes: [takes out a knife] C'mon, have a heart, will ya...? I've got a wife and daughter waiting for me... So the last thing I'm gonna do... is die on them!
[He turns around to see Gracia.]
Envy: You look surprised!
Hughes: ... What the hell are you?!
[A gunshot is fired. Meanwhile, at the East...]
Telephone Operator: There's a Lieutenant Colonel Hughes on hold for you. He claims it's urgent.
Mustang: Of course he does... Put him through... Look, Hughes, I don't have time for daughter stories. [A pause.] Hey, Hughes? Hughes...? You okay...? Hughes?!
Envy [as he hangs the phone]: You humans don't make any sense to me. You throw away your lives for nothing.
[Envy takes his leave as Hughes is covered in his own blood.]
Hughes: Gracia... I'm so sorry... Elysia... Remember, Daddy loves you... I'm sorry.
[He dies.]

Elysia: Mommy? Why are they putting all that dirt on Daddy?
Gracia: They're burying him, dear.
Elysia: But if Daddy gets buried, then he won't be able to do all his work.
Gracia: [crying] Elysia!
Elysia: Daddy said he has a bunch of work he needs to do! No, stop it! Stop putting dirt on him! Daddy!

Mustang: Alchemists as a whole, we really are horrible creatures, aren't we? There's a side of me that's desperately trying to crack the theories of Human Transmutation right now. I think I understand what drove those boys when they tried to... bring back their mother.
Hawkeye: [pauses, trying to gauge him] Are you alright, colonel?
Mustang: [putting his cap on] Yeah, I'm fine... except... it's a terrible day for rain.
Hawkeye: [confused, looking at sky] But... what do you mean? It's not raining... [Then she looks at him again]
Mustang: [lifts chin, and a tear spills] Yes it is.
Hawkeye: Oh... so it is.

Hawkeye: I hate to say it, but it sounds like there might be some kind of conspiracy going on here. But how does it all tie together?
Mustang: That's the big question. But Hughes... I'd say he deserves an answer. Once I'm transferred to Central... I'm gonna start shaking things up until I find one.
Hawkeye: Doesn't sound like you to mix your public and personal concerns.
Mustang: There's no difference between the two. I will become the Fuhrer of this country AND I will take vengeance for Hughes. I'll do these things because I have to do them. I'm going after the senior staff. Are you with me, Lieutenant?
Hawkeye: Do you even have to ask?

Miracle at Rush Valley [1.11]Edit

Edward: [Adjusting his belt] Geez, this is why i steer clear of automail engineers. [realizing his Silver Watch has been stolen] Oh no!
Winry: Is something wrong Ed?
Edward: It's gone.
Winry and Alphonse: What did you loose?
Edward: Only the thing that proves I'm a State Alchemist, my Silver Watch, gone.

[All 3 start panicking]

Engineer 1: It sounds like you guys had a run-in with Paninya.
Edward: Paninya?
Engineer 2: She's a pickpocket around here who likes to target tourists.
Edward: Do you know how I can track down this Paninya girl? She took something important.
Engineer 1: Let's see, where is she again?
Engineer 2: I know what might jog my memory.
Engineer 1: If only we could just have one more look at that automail!!!

[Edward menaces them]

Engineer 1 and 2: The automail shop run by an engineer named Dominick!!!

[Skips to Ed, Al and Winry making their way to Dominick's shop]

Winry: Apparently this guy lives deep in the mountains because he can find the highest quality ore way out here, are you absolutely sure were going in the right direction? Cause these engineers could have tricked us.
Edward: What are you complaining about. This is all your fault for dragging us to that stupid automail town in the first place.
Winry: My fault, your the one who was dumb enough to let his watch get stolen!!!
Edward: OH REALLY!?!
Alphonse: Hum, hey you guys.
Edward and Winry: WHAT AL!?!
Alphonse: Could that be her? [Pointing towards Paninya with Ed's watch in her hand]
Edward: HA HA, I GOT YOU NOW!!! [Runs after Paninya]

Dominic: This arm seems a bit heavy.
Winry: Yes, I guess it is.
Dominic:: You ought to be more careful not to strain your outfittee. That could be the reason why his growth is stunted.
Edward: HEY, SHUT UP! [realizes what Dominic said] Wait, are you telling me if my automail was lighter, I'd grow taller than this?
Dominic: It is a possibility.

Alphonse: Brother...
Edward: Now, when it really counts... I can't do anything.
Edward: I know we're not big believers in God.
Alphonse: Hm.
Edward: Maybe He could help us... [His head slumps between his knees]...just once.
Edward: Awesome! It's a real live baby! [Pumping his arms] Awesome! Awesome awesome awesome!!
Winry: Really? "Awesome"? That's all you can think of to describe this?
Edward: Uh? How else should I describe it? This is the birth of a new life! Alchemists have worked for centuries and we're still not able to do that! A person creating another person!
Winry: You've gotta be kidding me. Now you're lumping in alchemy with the miracle of birth?
Edward: An occupational hazard. It's just the way I think.
Winry: It's humiliating to be carried by a boy who's smaller than I am.
Edward: I could easily drop you, y'know.
Winry: Ed...
Edward: Huh, What is it?
Winry: I saw it. The engraving that's inside your pocket watch. [Ed drops her] Ow ow ow, that really hurt!
Edward: You forced it open?
Winry Yeah, I'm so sorry.
Edward: You idiot.

One is All, All is One [1.12]Edit

Sig: Izumi... The Elric shrimps have come for a visit. Do think you can you see them?
Izumi: I'll be right there. I'm feeling a little better today.
Alphonse: Lying down? That's not a good sign.
Edward: I guess she hasn't gotten any better since last time. (Izumi kicks Ed)
Izumi: Hello, my stupid pupil... I hear you've become one of the military's dogs!
Alphonse: Uh, Teacher, it's me...it's because... um...
Izumi: (Notices Al as her rage subsides) Al?! Look at you! You've gotten so big!
Alphonse: Teacher...! It's really good to see WHOA-AAH!! (Izumi flips Al)
Izumi: Your skills are rusty.
Alphonse: You've got lots of energy for someone who's not feeling well.
Izumi: Not feeling well?! What're you talking about? I'm perfectly- bleeeehhh!
Sig: You shouldn't exert yourself.
Izumi: How sweet of you to worry, dear! Thank you!

Edward: Hey, old lady, could you be our teacher?
Elrics: EEYURAGH!! Pretty please, old lady?
Izumi: I'm a little hard of hearing, you see? So I didn't quite catch that! Maybe you'd like to repeat yourself.
Edward: We'll try again.
Alphonse: Please, please teach us, pretty lady?

Izumi: You two are on your own. This is your introductory training... If you do well, we'll move on to the main training phase... During this first stage, the use of alchemy is totally forbidden. "One is all... and all is one..." You have one month figure out what that means. You'd better find the answer in the allotted time... If not, you're headed back to Risembool. Bye.

Alphonse: Hey, Brother, have you figured out what Teacher meant by "One is All and All is One"? I've been thinking about it this whole time, but I still only have a few vague ideas.
Edward: Well, I'm not really sure about this, but... do you remember when I was weak from hunger, and I ate those ants?
Alphonse: You ate a LOT of ants.
Edward: Mm. I sure did, and boy, did they taste nasty. But then, that got me thinking. If I hadn't eaten them, I might've died. Then I would've been eaten by them. I'd go into the earth and become grass, then the rabbits would eat that.
Alphonse: You're talking about the food chain, right?
Edward: Yeah, but... not just that, either. Long time ago, this whole island was probably at the bottom of the sea. And tens of thousands of years from now, it could be the peak of a mountain for all we know.
Alphonse: All things are connected, is that what you're saying?
Edward: Everything we see, everyone we meet, is caught up in a great unseen flow. But it's bigger than that. It's the entire world, the entire universe even. And compared to something as big as that, Al, you and I are tiny, not even the size of ants. Only one small part within a much greater flow. Nothing more than a fraction of the whole. But by putting all those "ones" together, you get one great "All", just like Teacher said. The flow of this universe follows laws of such magnitude that you and I can't even imagine them.

Beasts of Dublith [1.13]Edit

Edward: Teacher! [Izumi throws a knife at him] AHHH!
Izumi: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING COMING BACK HERE?! And you call me ‘Teacher’ I do not teach scum like you! Get out of my home!
Edward: Teacher!
Alphonse: We came to you because we’re trying to find a way to get our original bodies back.
Edward: And we won’t leave without your help!
Izumi: You idiots… Al, you didn’t see the Truth, did you?
Alphonse: No, I don’t even really know what that means.
Izumi: You must’ve lost your memory from the shock. We need to get Al’s memories back. His entire body was taken from him. Just think what he must’ve seen.
Edward: Oh yeah, we only exchanged parts of our bodies for what we saw. But Al paid the toll with his entire physical being. He must’ve seen more of the Truth than either of us did.
Alphonse: So, if I can remember what I saw, then we’ll know how to get our bodies back?
Izumi: But the memory of that thing…
Edward: That thing…!
Alphonse: What is it something bad?
Izumi: No, it’s more like awful!
Edward: Yeah! Horrifying!
Izumi: It could drive you insane!
Edward: Or even leave you brain dead!
Alphonse: That doesn’t matter. If there’s a chance that it can help us. Then I want to do it.
Izumi: Hmmm... I have an acquaintance who might be able to retrieve your memories for you.
Elrics: Uh!
Izumi: But. Let's have dinner first. Give me a hand!
Elrics: OK!

[Cuts oustide Izumi's home]

Bido: The rumors are true! He's able to transmute human souls!

Dolchetto: He’s here. There you are, about time.
Alphonse: We know your secret. Meet us at the Devil’s Nest if you want to talk… I’m guessing you’re the people who wrote this note?
Dolchetto: That’s right. And we know a lot about you.
Alphonse: Well that’s good, ‘cause there’s a lot about me that I don’t know.
Dolchetto: Then I’m the guy you want to talk to. Why don’t you come with us?
Alphonse: But my teacher always said, I’m not supposed to go with strangers.
Dolchetto: Uh, how old are you?
Alphonse: Fourteen.
Dolchetto: Well come on then, I think fourteen is old enough to think for yourself, kid. You gotta act like an adult, start taking some risks.
Alphonse: You think so!? I should think for myself?
Dolchetto: Yes! And you can start by coming with-(Al punches him in the face.)
Alphonse: So I thought it over for myself, and I decided I’m just going to make you tell me what I want to know.
Dolchetto: So you wanna do this by force.
Alphonse: You people aren't human, are you?
Greed: good guess, they're Chimeras... And they happen to work for me.

Greed: Oh, cool. You're actually hollow. The name's Greed. I wanna be your friend.
Alphonse: Then why didn't you tell me what you people really are? You're not Chimeras. It's impossible, no one's made a Chimera that can talk.
Greed: You can't believe everything the government tells you, kid. You have all the proof you need right inside you. The girl in there is part snake. And this big guy here... Roa, what were you made with? A cow?
Roa: Yea.
Greed: We've also got a lizard, a crocodile. And the little runt that you took down earlier likes to lift his leg when he pees.
Dolchetto: ONLY ONCE!
Alphonse: You're part dog? [blatantly shook]
Dolchetto: Yup. It's really not so bad.
Alphonse: I don't believe it. It's not possible. Who would even be capable of creating one?
Greed: The military.
Alphonse: Did you say...
Greed: You got it. There's a shadow world beneath yours that's jam-packed with the impossible... But I'm more uncommon than they are. I'm a Homunculus.
Alphonse: A Homunculus?
Greed: You know what that means, right? i'm an artificially-created human. Really. No joke.
Alphonse: You're lying. A Homonculus is just a theory, nobody's made one!
Greed: Oh. man... Guess I gotta prove it. [Roa bludgeons him in the head]
Alphonse: [gasps] why'd you do that to him?
Greed: [his face regenerates back, and he snaps his head in place] That's one time I've died.
Alphonse: No way...
Greed: You get it yet? Nothing is impossible, alright? I'm a little surprised you have a hard time accepting that. You're just a soul in a suit of armor.
Alphonse: Who told you that?
Greed: People like to talk in the shadow world, and I've got plenty of friends. Heh... Well... let's skip the casual chit-chat. I'm more intrested in hearing what it's like to have a body that'll never die. An individual soul transmuted--and bound to an object? Sounds like that's the perfect recipe for immortality to me. Let me explain... See, I'm Greed, I want everything you can think of. Money, women, power and sex. Status, glory. I demand the finer things. And of course, I crave eternal life.
Alphonse: Aren't you already immortal?
Greed: Well I guess I was put together a little sturdier than most, I am 200 years old, but I wouldn't exactly say I'm immortal. So, I've spilled my guts all over, told you my darkest secret. Now it's your turn. How'd you get your body?
Martel: Just make this easy and tell him... unless you'd rather be examined, Which means we'll have to take you apart.
Alphonse: I wish I could tell you. That would mean I actually remember when I got it. Even if I could, I'm not the one who did the transmutation.
Greed: That's not a problem. In that case, I'll just ask the person who did.
Edward: Never really crossed my mind that you'd get kidnapped.
Alphonse: Brother. this guy's a Homunculus!
Edward: Are you serious?
Greed: Hey! Way to ruin it!
Alphonse: He might have some hints as to how to get our original bodies back.
Greed: [flaunts his Ouroboros tattoo]
Edward: An Ouroboros tattoo.
Greed: Aren't you observant. I was hoping that I'd only have to deal with an armored giant.
Edward: Why don't you just ask your partners whatever you want to know?
Greed: Partners?
Edward: Yeah, the rest of the Ouroboros gang from the Fifth Lab. They had a couple of armor-bonded souls with them as well.
Greed: You don't say? Well, it's kind of a long story, but we don't talk much anymore. I've got a little proposal for you. You guys are pretty desperate to get your bodies back, right? 'Cause I can teach you how to fabricate your own Homunculus in no time at all. In return, all I ask is you teach me how to transmute a soul. classic equivalent exchange. But I really don’t understand why you’d want your old body back. Seems to me like you’ve got one that’s perfect already!
Alphonse: No, I don’t!
Greed: You’re joking right? You don't need to eat. You don't need to sleep. You don't even need to use the toilet! Sounds great to me!
Dolchetto: I guess we're doing this by force again.
Greed: Don't kill him, alright?
Dolchetto: Yeah, yeah.
Edward: You're a lot slower than a prisoner I know!
Greed: Roa, get the armored kid out of here. Guess we'll dismantle him.
Roa: Right.

[Greed and Edward scuffle a bit]

Greed: Nope, sorry. That little hand sword is kinda neat, but it can't even scratch my Ultimate Shield!
Edward: Guard your head next time!
Greed: Oh, that hurt. That move would've hospitalized most people.
Edward: But you're not like most people, huh?
Greed: Well, my body is. All that sets me apart is my Ultimate Shield and my advanced healing powers. Nothing special, but you're never gonna beat me, so I suggest a deal. ...Oh, you're one of those guys. You don't care if someone beats the crap out of you, but if someone lays a finger on a family member you completely freak out. What a waste. You lose your temper like this, and you're gonna lose my information and your brother.
Edward: My brother's fine, he's just waiting for me to kick your ass. You've already told us you're not immortal, remember? And your Ultimate Shield doesn't cover much.
Greed: [laughs] Sorry to let you down, but I've been holding back. This obscures my handsome face, so I try not to wear it that much. I wasn't kidding, kid. Try all you like, but you're not gonna beat me.
Greed: You dead yet? [Edward stands up] There you go. You're chalk-full of piss and vinegar! I appreciate the effort, but you just cant win! So, are you ready to tell me your secret now?
Edward: Thanks for toying with me.
Greed: What?
Edward: You gave me just enough time to cool off and start thinking clearly. Is my mechanic amazing or what? Even after all this, it's still working.
Greed: How long you wanna drag this out, kid? I'd be so much easier if you just stay down! Well, that was bizarre. Good as new. What was THAT for?! Come on, again? Try a new one! ...What the hell did you do to my shield?
Edward: It's actually pretty simple once you think about it.

Those Who Lurk Underground [1.14]Edit

King Bradley: Not that you'd know, but growing old isn't easy.
Greed: Huh?
King Bradley: This year marks my sixtieth birthday. It's frustrating how your body stops moving the way you want it to... So I'd like to finish this job quickly as possible and return home...
Greed: I've got an idea... Retire!
King Bradley: I understand why you'd think you have an advantage over a man like me since I possess neither your impenetrable Ultimate Shield, nor an Ultimate Spear that can pierce any substance... But I'll tell you a secret. Do you know how I managed to distinguish myself amongst the storms of bullets on the battlefield time after time... to rise to my current position?
Greed: Y-you're...
King Bradley: I may not have the protection of your Ultimate Shield, but I clearly see your weakness with my Ultimate Eye. Now then, Greed. How many times do I have to kill you before you stay dead?

Lust: It's been a century since I've seen that face. Rise and shine, Greed. You can't sleep all day.
Greed: Well, well. The gang's all here.
Lust: Looks like your Ultimate Shield let you down after all.
Greed: Maybe, but you never do, Lust the Lascivious... Feel free to pierce me with your Ultimate Spear anytime you want. Hello, Gluttony the Voracious. Still haven't found the right diet for you yet, huh? And little Envy the Jealous. Please! For the last time, get a new outfit! And where is Sloth the Indolent these days?

Father: Greed. You are both my son and a piece of my soul... So why would you betray your loving father?
Greed: I mean, you know the answer to that better than anyone, Dad... I'm Greed the Avaricious... You were the one that made me this way, after all. I'm just being myself. I simply had larger ambitions than spending my life working for you.
Father: And if I were to ask you to return and work for me again?
Greed: Never!
Father: As you wish...
Greed: Why don'tcha come on in, kids, the water's fine! Nice and hot! Just like the flames in hell...! I'll send you a postcard, let you know what they're like...! And when the rest of you get there- I'll be waiting for you!
Father: Now return from whence you were born... Return to my depths and rejoin my soul.. Return, Greed.
Greed: If that's what you want, Dad! Just don't blame me when I give you a stomach-ache! You did it to yourself!
Father: I shall drink to the Promised Day, and to your undying loyalty.

Movie: Sacred Star of MilosEdit

Narrator: One is all, and all is one. All things in this world are connected. The alchemist who opens the Doorway will find the true nightmare.

Envoy from the East [1.15]Edit

Ling: Ooohoo! You guys are lifesavers! Thanks a lot! Your treat, right?
Edward: When did I say that I was paying?
Ling: Let's not quibble over something so small!
Edward: Who're you calling small?!
Ling: To think, I found such hospitality, so far from home!
Alphonse: Far from home? You mean you're not from here?
Ling: That's right, I came from Xing!
Edward: Oh, Xing, that's the... Country to the east of the desert?

Ling: Because I wanted to see the ruins of Xerxes, The route goes by there.

Ling: I'm looking for something. It's possible you two have heard of it before... The Philosopher's Stone. I'm very eager to find it. Do you know anything about it?
Edward: No... We can't help you.
Ling: You wouldn't be lying to me, now would you? [He snaps and Lan Fan and Foo appear, with kunai] So, do you have something to tell me?
Edward: Why the interest in the Philosopher's Stone?
Ling: I want to achieve... Immortality!

Edward: So you shake down strangers for food, and yet you can somehow afford two personal attendants?
Ling: Well, I am the emperor's son, after all.
Edward: Huh? Emperor's son?
Alphonse: That makes you...
Elrics: A prince! Hehehehehehe!
Ling: Not the reaction I anticipated.
Alphonse: Sorry! We just didn't see that coming!
Edward: Yeah, the guy who collapsed on the side road and then mooched food off us is the son of an Emperor!

Ling: Okay! The Philosopher's Stone... What information can you offer?
Edward: Not happening! The Stone isn't a tool for some political game.

Scar: What's going on? ...Who is this?
Yoki: Oh, sir, you've returned! Welcome back.
Scar: I said, who is this?!
May: My name is May Chang, sir. I was collapsed by the side of the road... Your master, Mr. Yoki, revived me and brought me back here.
Scar: Master?

Riza: Black Hayate? What’s gotten into you, boy?
Barry: Hahaha, it’s dangerous to be out walking the streets, alone, at this hour. You never know when you might meet, the terrible serial killer, feared by all, Barry the Chopper! Ahh! No fair, why’d you have to pull a gun for-? Ah! Alright, that’s it, lady! Now I’m going to hear you scream!
Riza: Uh!
Barry: Ahhh! Hey, how come you’re not paralyzed with fear?
Riza: You actually remind me of someone else I know.
Barry: Let me guess, Alphonse, something or other?
Riza: Uh! You’ve met Alphonse before?
Barry: Hahahaha, so the guy’s a friend of yours is he? I’m going to tell you something sweetheart, you are one strong woman!

Roy: The Philosopher’s Stone…
Fallman: I can’t believe the Fifth Laboratory was being used to make something like that.
Riza: It gets worse; there’s a chance that Military Senior Staff was involved as well.
Roy: Plus there were those other two, Lust and Envy. Are they the ones who made you into what you are now?
Barry: Nah, it was the researchers that did that. Ripped my soul right out of my body, and slapped it into this suit of armor you see, here.
Fallman: We can track down these so called researchers, if we find them, maybe they can tell us who ordered the experiments.
Barry: Fat chance of that. They were all used to create Philosopher’s Stones, there’s not a single one of them left alive.
Roy: Silenced and then used as ingredients, how efficiently planned.
Riza: Do you think this means they have what they need, or will they try to make additional Stones?
Roy: I have one more question for you. A little over a month ago, a military officer was killed in a telephone booth, in Central. Were you the one who did it?
Barry: Phone booth doesn’t sound familiar. Was he all chopped up?
Roy: Never mind.

Edward: Hello there, Winry! You look like you’re in a very generous mood today!
Winry: Hi, Ed. Hi, Al. What are you doing showing up like this?
Elrics: Ahahaha!

Footsteps of a Comrade-in-Arms [1.16]Edit

[Havoc visits Falman who's keeping an eye on Barry.]
Havoc: How's it goin'? You won a single game yet?
Barry: Not even close... But this game is boring anyway. Hey, since it's night now, I can go and cut someone up, right?!
Havoc: Of course not.

Havoc: The colonel apologizes for having to give you such a dangerous assignment. He also says don't worry about your other duties; your absence is being treated as sick leave. But if anyone-- even military personnel outside of our unit-- sees you, he'll have you court-martialed before you can blink... That is all.

[Mustang has lied to the Elric brothers to avoid telling them about Hughes' death.]
Hawkeye: Now you've decided to treat them like children?
Mustang: There's no need for them to know just yet... The fewer obstacles that stand in their way right now... the better.
Hawkeye: Colonel... They are gonna find out someday.
Mustang: It's funny... I've accused Armstrong of being soft... But right now I'm no better than he is.
Hawkeye: I fail to see anything "soft" about it. It's cruel, Colonel.

Edward: Apple pie?
Winry: That's right. I've practiced making it a few times. I know it might... sound like... I'm bragging... but I've gotten pretty good at it. I'm not nearly as good as Miss Gracia, but someday... I'd hoped... That Mr. Hughes... would get to try some too!

Envy: What you said before... about how much nicer it would be if the Flame Colonel would behave himself...
Lust: Yes?
Envy: How would you feel, about us making another play?
Lust: You have something in mind?
Envy: Well, we've got a noisy mutt... Perhaps all he needs is a nice bone to chew on.

Cold Flame [1.17]Edit

Barry: Right now it's lookin' like you'll be facing the firing squad for sure.
Ross: It's not true! They're wrong! If they would just do a proper investigat--
Barry: Here are your choices... Stay here and be killed for murder... or bust outta this joint with me. Which will it be?
Ross: How is this happening? Isn't there anything else I can do?!
Ling: It sure doesn't look like it!
Ross: I have no choice! Mom! Dad! Please forgive me! [Regains her composure] Fine, let's go... If this is how it has to be, I'll escape with you. But you better know a way out of here, metal boy.
Barry: Oooh! You've got spunk!

Edward: Why, Colonel? Why was Hughes murdered? Why would Second Lieutenant Ross...? Why didn't you say anything!? (Ed grabs Roy)
Roy: (slaps Ed across the face) Threatening a superior officer? You forget yourself, Elric.

Mustang: Maria Ross was a fugitive. Our orders were "shoot to kill." So I did.
Alphonse: That's all you have to say?!
Mustang: About Hughes' death... I apologize for hiding it. But you do not argue against orders... or ask for explanations. Just follow them.

Dr. Knocs: It's an awful thing you did, turning a beauty like her into a pile of charcoal. You must have had quite a grudge against her, didn't you, Colonel? Was the vengeance as sweet as you imagined it?
Roy: ... [crosses his arms and looks away]
Dr. Knocs: The famous hero of the Ishvalan War, going this far against a little girl. It makes me sick.

Envy After a daring escape, the fugitive is killed by Colonel Mustang, eager to avenge his best friend. And all's well that ends well.
Lust: Are you so sure about that? The plan was supposed to be designed to get Mustang to behave himself.
Envy: He took the bait... Now he doesn't have a reason to snoop around anymore. Besides... we did manage to sow some animosity... His subordinates won't trust him much after this.

Lust: Where did he run off to?
Envy Well, he did leave pretty suddenly... and he's good at hiding.
Lust: In other words, you have no idea... You're useless.
Envy: Don't blame this on me, you ugly hag... I'm short on manpower.

Death of the Undying [1.19]Edit

Gluttony: Bullets gone? Goody, goody! I get to have dinner AND desert!

Roy: Hold on a damn second! What are you saying, Al...? That's just not possible.
Alphonse: Yeah, that's what I thought, until I got kidnapped by a Homunculus... He called himself Greed... One thing he told me is that nothing is impossible. I know for a fact that they have amazing healing powers. I watched Greed get the top half of his head knocked off... but he was perfectly fine a minute later. They're real alright... but I understand if you don't believe me.
Riza: After what I just saw... I have to believe you.
Roy: Hold on... I rendered fat boy down to a bubbling puddle back there... Are you telling me he's still alive?
Alphonse: Probably.
Roy: Wonderful... It's just a never ending parade of freaks lately, huh?

Lust: First you stand me up on our date, then you point a gun at me? You've got some nerve, don't you!
Havoc: Solaris? What's going on?
Roy: Hey, Havoc. Your girl's got the tattoo.
(A close-up of the Ouroboros tattoo above Lust's breasts are shown.)
Havoc: Yeah, first I've seen of it, sir.
(Lust's impressive chest bounces abruptly.)
Lust: Quit staring, it's not very polite.
Roy: Well, I can see how she tricked you so easily. You've always been a sucker for big boobs.
Havoc: (shedding manly tears while standing in a backlight) I can't help it sir! I love 'em!

Lust: I told you... The Philosopher's Stone is my core. I really hate to do this... you were a prime candidate for sacrifice and all. But you've forced me to kill you.
Roy: Damn you.
Lust: Save your breath... I want you to watch poor Jean bleed to death... Then you can die.
Roy: Jean... hey. Answer me! Havoc! You can't die... Not yet. Not before I do. Havoc...!

Barry: I was wondering when you were gonna show up, Lusty.
Lust: Number 66... Care to explain why you're helping the Colonel?
Barry: I thought it'd be fun to switch things up... Besides... I've wanted to chop you up since I met you.
Lust: You're such a handful, 66... And I'm sad to see you here, armor boy... You just had to tag along. Talk about a setback... It's bad enough to lose one... But now you're forcing me to kill a second candidate.
Alphonse: (confused) Candidate? A second one?
Lust: Yeah... You and Mr. Gallantry.
Barry: That's enough of the casual chit chat, Lust! All I wanna hear from you is screaming!
Lust: I do hate over-confident men.
[Lust proceeds to cut up Barry's armor suit without so much as breaking a sweat.]
Lust: Now then... Where were we? I think I was about to send the Lieutenant to join her superior.
Riza: Wait a minute... So when you said you'd already had to kill someone... It can't be... You didn't...!
[Lust grins sadistically, as if confirming Riza's fears.]
[She shoots Lust repeatedly, but the bullets have no cumulative effect. Riza breaks down in defeated tears.]
Lust: Such a sad and weak creature... Another typical human.
Alphonse: Stand up, Lieutenant... You need to get out of here.
Lust: Do you want me to kill you first? Oh, my... It appears you've opened the portal. Such a shame... You are a perfect candidate.
Riza: Listen, Alphonse... Leave me and save yourself.
Alphonse: No!
Riza: Run!
Alphonse: I won't!
Riza: Go!
Alphonse: I won't leave you! I'm sick of watching people die! And I can't just sit back and take it anymore! I won't let anyone else get killed! Not when I can protect them!
Roy: Well spoken! I couldn’t agree more!

Roy: You told me I couldn't kill you... but I'd like to try and prove you wrong. So let's see... How many times is it gonna take?!
[Roy torches Lust repeatedly. Furious, Lust makes a final charge at him, but he blasts her with flame one last time. After a pause, she begins to disintegrate.]
Lust: [...] You killed me... I hate losing... but there are worse ways to die than at the hands of a man like you. I love how cold and focused your eyes are. I look forward... to the day when those eyes will be wide with agony... [She disappears completely.] It's coming... It's coming...

Barry: Holey moley... that was way too damn close. I hope someone can fix me... I'd rather not live my life as sheet metal. [Barry's human body appears, hobbling over to the piece of metal.] Ah! What the...?! How the hell are you still alive?! [Barry's body picks up the metal plate, eyeing the blood rune.] Hey... Oh, no! Put me down right now! I--! I've got a second chance to terrorize the city! You're gonna ruin everything! [Barry's body starts stroking the rune.] No! Don't do it, wait! No, stop, please--! [Barry's human body accidentally scratches away the Blood Rune, killing both at the same time. The body falls lifeless.]

Father Before the Grave [1.20]Edit

Hohenheim: Hello, Edward.. You appear to have grown some. I spoke with Pinako. You tried human transmutation.
Edward: What makes you think you can show up like this? There's nothing left for you here anymore!
Hohenheim: I noticed. Tell me, Edward. What possessed you to burn down my home?
Edward: After what happened, we vowed to never turn back... We did it as a symbol of our resolve.
Hohenheim: No you didn't. You were hiding the memory. You didn't want to be reminded of what you've done... And thought you could erase the memory by destroying the evidence.
Edward: You're wrong!
Hohenheim: It's just like a child who hides the sheets after he wets the bed. You ran away... And you know it.
Edward: I... You don't know a damn thing! You make me sick to my stomach.
Hohenheim: He's exactly like I was when I was his age.

Hohenheim: I need to tell you something important, Pinako. Something terrible is going to happen in this country soon... You should escape while you can.
Pinako: This country's lousy with terrible things... And I can't leave. I've got other people who need me here in case they want to come home.
Hohenheim: I've given you my warning.
Pinako: Hey, Hohenheim, wait! Try not to be such a stranger, alright?
Hohenheim: I wish I could, Pinako... It's too bad I won't get to enjoy your cooking anymore.

[After digging up the remains of the creature and looking it over...]
Pinako: I'm sorry... But I'm afraid this isn't your mother, Ed.
Edward: [Laughing in crazed relief] Then that's it... It really is impossible to bring the dead back to life... The undeniable truth... It was impossible all along...
Pinako: Edward... Now Listen to me... You've gotta get a hold of yourself.
Edward: I'm okay, Granny... It's okay. From the moment I made this thing, it's been the symbol of my despair... But not anymore... Now it's an emblem of hope. Al can be returned to normal.

Alphonse: I'm sorry, brother.
Ling: Eating a delicious dinner.

Edward: Well.. Uh, Winry... Do, um... Uh... Do you remember when Al and I got in a fight when we were kids about... who'd marry you?
Alphonse: Huh? The fight we were talking about on the roof?
Edward: Yeah, that one. Al told me you turned him down.
Winry: Mm-hmm. Turned you both down.
Edward: Whatever, so the question's for both of you then... What was your reasoning?
Alphonse: She said...
Alphonse and Winry: [together] "I just don't like men who are shorter than me."
Edward: [shrieks loudly] YOU CAN'T JUDGE A MAN FOR SOMETHING HE CAN'T HELP! [breaks down crying]

Alphonse: Brother... I've met other people who weren't exactly human... but they still managed to live their lives with a purpose. And even in this body... It hasn't stopped other people from treating me like I'm still human. This body could reject me anytime... But it's the same with being human. You never know when you might get sick or die in an accident. So I can still get by like this... I can live a somewhat normal life... And that's how I've managed to keep going... But now... I can't take it anymore. Because... I can't... I can't take all the nights by myself! It's too lonely... And that's why I have to get back to normal.

Advance of the Fool [1.21]Edit

Dr. Knox: I know you like to play with fire, but somebody's going to get burned.
Roy: You should have warned me earlier.
Dr. Knox: Somebody get injured?
Roy: One of my men. He was paralyzed, from the waist down.

Havoc: Jeez... Ya know, I thought I'd retire because of a woman, but not like this.

Mustang: You're an idiot! It's bad enough you believed her, but then you gave up?!
Hawkeye: Please, forgive me, Colonel.
Mustang: You've gotta stay strong. Don't you EVER give up on living. I need to know you can keep your cool no matter what happens.
Hawkeye: Yes, sir.
Mustang: I'm gonna continue to rely on you to watch my back. Don't let me down.
Havoc: You oughta think about taking your own advice, Colonel. Since you were the one who abandoned his post.
Roy: Hey! SHUT UP, HAVOC! [his injury plays up as a result of him yelling] AGH! Ugghh… And what the hell, why are we even in the same room? At my rank I should have my own room, with a hot nurse.
Riza: Try to understand sir; it was easier to protect you both in the same room.
Roy: Which reminds me: Why haven’t they tried to kill us yet?

[Cuts to the Humunculi]

Envy: What’s wrong with you? How could you let that bastard go after what he did? You should have yanked his spine out of his mouth!
Gluttony: Lust… He killed Lust…
Envy: It’s not too late to kill him! So get to it!
Bradley: We can use Mustang, he’s useless if we kill him however.
Envy: Use him? Hold on, you mean the portal?
Bradley: You don’t need to worry about it. And forget Mustang. Father wants me to handle it.

Alphonse: What if I’ve started to rot?
Edward and Winry: Huh?
Alphonse: I doubt my body’s getting any nutrients, or any sleep either. So even if we get it back from over there…! (Al with face covered, and flies) Brother…! Winry!
Edward and Winry: AHHHHHH!
Winry: Uh! Is he right Ed?
Edward: Now, this is just a hypothesis, but I was thinking about the transmutation we did, and trying to retrace our process. Remember how we mixed our blood, to create a blueprint for mom’s soul?
Alphonse: Yeah…
Edward: Well, right after that we passed through the portal, where we were both deconstructed. It’s a slim chance, but I think possible, our spirits got tangled up in the process.
Alphonse: What are you saying…?
Edward: I’m trying to explain that our bodies may be connected some how, even though I’m here, and your body is over there. See? That might actually explain why I’m so s-… Sho-… Short!
Winry: He admitted it!
Alphonse: He’s starting to face reality!
Winry: So, you think you’ve been supplying all the nutrients for Al’s body too? That seems a little far fetched.
Edward: Well, what’s your explanation?
Winry: You don’t grow because you refuse to drink your milk.
Edward: Don’t start with that again…
Winry: Well, it’s true.
Alphonse: It seems like brother is always sleeping. I wonder if his body could be resting for mine as well.
Winry: -Till you start drinking it. You have to!
Edward: It’s not going to happen! No!
Winry: Fine stay a runt!
Edward: I’m not a runt!
Alphonse: I hope so at least.
Winry: I could make you!
Edward: Just try!

Alphonse: So you're saying that Scar killed Winry's parents?
Edward: I don't know for certain but that's the way it looks.
Alphonse: Poor Winry... Brother...! You weren't planning on telling her, were you?
Edward: Of course not, Al. I couldn't stand to be the one to make her cry again.
Alphonse: Neither could I.

Edward: Is this... For room service? YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT YOU OWE ME!

Winry: WILL YOU GUYS SHUT UP?! D'ya know how early I have to wake up tomorrow?!
Edward: Oh! Right, I forgot! You're catching the early train to Rush Val- [has a mental image of Scar destroying his arm] Uhh. Y'know what? You should cancel that. Why don't you stick around and relax?
Winry: Huh?!
Edward: I mean it's just that... Y'know... Well... There's... always the chance my arm could get broken... [small voice] or even... destroyed...
Winry: ARE YOU PLANNING ON DESTROYING IT?! [Holds a bloody wrench after using it response to Ed's reason]
Alphonse: I've got your soul, brother! [Al grasps Ed's soul as he lies bleeding on the floor.]
Winry: I can't believe you. Just promise you won't do anything too dangerous.

Havoc: Just let me get on with my life. I beg you.
Roy: Alright. You're cut loose. I'll leave you behind so you can catch up. I've gotta keep moving... but I'll see you at the top.
Riza:He doesn't give up... He didn't even think about turning his back on me... And I had given up on living. It's not in him to abandon others... He refuses to.
Havoc: He's a fool. He's not gonna make it to the top... This country'll chew him up if keeps on acting this soft.
Riza: Well, I don't know about that... This country needs a fool like that man.

Roy: So, what’s with the showboat? Do you want him to find you?
Edward: Yeah, that’s exactly what I want. I'm going to fight him, and you can't stop me.
Roy: Have you lost your mind?! Did you forget the way he tore you apart in East City?
Edward: Ooooh! Sounds like the Colonel’s scared of big, bad Scar! I’m not surprised considering how useless you were against him!
Roy: That wasn't my fault! It was raining that day!
Edward: Was it raining when you got beat up and sent to the hospital?! Ha! You’re still useless!
Roy: Shut your mouth, Fullme-!

Backs in the Distance [1.22]Edit

Ling: So you're the ruler of this land. The king exists for his people. Without his people, there is no king! King Bradley, you're not a true king! Not now or ever!
Bradley: There's no such thing as a true king!

Edward: I admit it, Alchemists have made mistakes. But that doesn't mean we will acknowledge what you are doing. Does being an servant of God justify taking the lives of doctors who devote themselves to the people? Do you remember a pair of married Amestrian doctors named Rockbell?

Edward: Scar! You're so self righteous but do you remember two Amestrian doctors named Rockbell?
Alphonse: Wait, Ed! Don't!
Edward: THOSE DOCTORS SAVED YOUR LIFE! and you killed them!
Alphonse: BROTHER!

[Ed realizes too late that Winry is in earshot and has heard everything]

Winry: What? What do you mean Ed? This man... he's the one... who killed my parents? And what's worse... they helped save you... and you killed them..? You killed... my parents? What did they ever do to you? They were doctors... they didn't deserve to die. Give them back! GIVE ME BACK MY MOM AND DAD, YOU MONSTER!
Scar: This is the doctors' daughter? You have the right, shooting me would be justified. Just know, the moment you pull that trigger, there's no going back, you will be my enemy!
Alphonse: SCAR!
Scar: You'll kill me?? That would be fine with me, boy. Until one of us dies, this chain of hatred will continue. BUT REMEMBER THIS! IT WAS THE AMESTRIANS WHO FIRST PULLED THE TRIGGER IN THE WAR! IT WAS YOUR PEOPLE!

[After the fight]

Winry(crying): But that man. You said that he was the one who killed my mom and dad. He tried to kill you and Al too, Ed, but I couldn't, why not?
Edward: Remember in Rush Valley you delivery that baby you save two lives, and you gave me an arm, and a leg, to replace the one I lost, it's your hands, they weren't meant to kill, they're meant to give life. That's why.

Girl on the Battlefield [1.23]Edit

Lan Fan: What happened to me?...
Ling: What's wrong?
Lan Fan: I have no feeling to my arm...? My lord... I'm useless to you now.
Ling: What are you talking about?
Lan Fan: You cannot burden yourself with me... If you do, they'll only get you too... A king is no king without his people, but a people without their king would be lost as well. You can't do that to them... My lord, think of our clan... You must live for their sake.
Ling: I won't leave you!
Lan Fan: Sometimes someone must be left behind. For the greater good.
Ling: Lan Fan! What are you planning? No! Don't do it!

Scar: There's nothing inside that armor. You're hollow aren't you? Alchemy trapped you in that metal prison and yet you still have faith in it?
Alphonse: True, there are plenty of things about this body that are inconvenient... but it's nothing I can't live with... I don't need anyone's pity... least of all from you. My brother used alchemy to save my life... To regret the form I have now would mean not only rejecting alchemy but also turning my back on him... I believe in my brother, and I believe in alchemy. I will not lose faith... I want to believe!

May: Are these two giving you trouble, servant? This is the servant of the man who saved my life. You better leave him alone, puny little boy!

Winry: Am I... falling for him?

Ling: When I went in search of immortality... I knew I must be ready to make certain sacrifices. I wasn't ready for this... Lan Fan was though. She made the decision that I was too weak to make.

Inside the Belly [1.24]Edit

Envy: Humans are so easy to take advantage of, lucky us.

(Roy shoots fire at Gluttony who swallows it)

Edward: He swallowed it?
Alphonse: Uh-oh.

(Gluttony attacks the trio as they run away)


Envy (discarding his dog guise): How are you, Fullmetal Pipsqueak?
Edward: Damn it, I told you before. Don't call me SHOOOOOORT!
[Envy dodges Ed's attacks.]
Envy: Hey, calm down! I'm just here to get Gluttony back; nothing more than that! I don't want to fight you, Pipsqueak!
Edward: THAT'S FIVE NOW!!!
Envy: What are you talking about!?
Edward: That's five times! You called me pipsqueak twice here, and three times in the Laboratory! And don't tell me you've forgotten already!
Envy: ...Impressive, you've got a sharp memory there...

Envy: I know you. You're the kid who crossed swords with Wrath, aren't you?
Ling: What do you mean "kid?!" I happen to be the twelfth son of the emperor of Xing. My name is-
Envy: Eat him.
Ling: No! No! No! No!

Envy: You scum! A mere human like you can't condescend to me!
Ling: You seem to underestimate humans... AND THAT'S A MISTAKE!

Roy: Well, these are either the gates to glory, or the entrance way to Hell. Wait here, Lieutenant... If anything happens to me, then at least you'll have a chance of getting out alive.
Riza: No, sir.
Roy: That was an order.
Riza: One that I cannot obey.
Roy: You're a stubborn one.
Riza: That's something you've always known, sir.
Roy: All right... Will you stay here if I promise to come back?
Riza: Yes... Happy hunting, sir.

Edward: I know we said we’d stay and all. But that’s seriously freaky..!
Ling: He seems to be a bit angry.

Envy: You really know how to use that thing!
Ling: Thank you for the complement! Really!

Doorway of Darkness(1.25)Edit

Ling: So hungry, I wish we could find something to eat...!
Edward: Well, actually. You know... Leather goods are edible. We've got a meal.

[Cuts to later]

Edward: That should do it! Here ya' go.
Ling: You don't have athlete's foot, do you?


Edward: Aww man, that shoe filled me up!
Ling: I'm sorry, Ed.
Edward: And why is that?
Ling: It's all my fault that you're here..
Edward: It is not. Besides, this place is a joke compared to what my teachers put me through. It just sucks that we have no idea where this place is. But that's alright. As long as we've got our health, we can find an exit out of here.
Ling: You're sure optimistic...
Edward: Not really, I'm just stubborn. And if I even think about giving up, I have Al's iron fist to look forward to.
Ling: Hmmm.... Mmm!
Edward: What's wrong?
Ling: There's something out there... Is that?
Envy: I thought so. I should have known it was you guys.
Ling: It’s definitely Envy.
Edward: Please show me the way out of here!
Ling: Uh! You're just going to start begging the enemy for help like that?!
Edward: If it means surviving, I'll be his best friend...!
Envy: It doesn't matter because there is no exit. You've really gotten us into a fine mess... I can't believe you got me swallowed with you.
Ling: You just said swallowed... So we really are inside Gluttony's stomach?
Envy: Well, yes and no. See, It's a lot more complicated than that. Just ask the pip- [sees Ed's face] I mean ask the alchemist... He should've realized what this place is.
Edward: I did notice something when Gluttony swallowed us... It was like I had a familiar feeling.
Envy: This isn't the first time you've been through this.
Edward: The portal of Truth! But, it wasn't pitch black and filled with a sea of blood... It was more like... like an entirely white void.
Envy: So that's what the real one looks like.
Edward: The real one?
Envy: Gluttony is a failed experiment by our Father to create his own Portal of Truth.
Edward: He's... a what?
Envy: Despite how powerful our Father is, he still couldn't create one... We're trapped inside a defective Portal of Truth. It exists somewhere in between reality and truth.
Edward: In between?
Envy: And I can assure you that there is no way out of here... The only option we've got is to sit here while until our strength runs out... And that's it. All we can do is wait here to die.
Edward: Don’t think I’m falling for any of that crap! I know you’re lying to us Envy! You’re lying! Aren’t you?
Ling: So there really isn’t a way out? We’re going to die here?
Edward: Wait... No... Hold on... I can't die here! What's Al gonna do if I die?! We made a promise and he... He needs me to get back to normal! Damn it. I wanna know who your Father is... Who would try to create their own portal...?! It's Fuhrer Bradley, isn't it?!
Envy: What, are you serious...? Ha...! Nice try, but King Bradley is nothing more than a Homunculus.
Ling: Told ya so.
Edward: The Fifth Laboratory... Human lives sacrificed to make Philosopher's Stones... Homunculi... And If the Fuhrer is on your side, then I'm guessing you were the ones behind Ishval.
Envy: Oh, Ishval? [laughs] I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable job than that...! You remember the incident that started the war, right?
Edward: I had always heard it was because a military officer accidentally shot an Ishvalan child.
Envy: Yep! And the one that proudly pulled the trigger was none other than yours truly... I ravaged their entire country with a single bullet! I mean, talk about invigorating! Oh, and the best part? The officer that I pretended to be? He was actually a moderate who had always publicly opposed the military's occupation in Ishval. And listen to this! The poor fool couldn't come up with a plausible defense and they court-martialed him! You know I don't think I'll ever get over how easily manipulated humans are.
Edward: So you're responsible... You were the one who shot and killed that poor innocent child. You destroyed my hometown. You drove out the Ishvalans. You're the one who turned Scar into a murderer. And it was you... YOU'RE the reason Winry's parents were killed. YOU'RE THE ONE TO BLAME!

[Ed punches Envy, but to no effect.]

Edward: He didn’t budge!
Envy: Okay, then... If that's how you want it.
Ling: Ed! Get back!
Envy: I'm gonna show you two boys something neat before we die... Consider it a parting gift.
Ling: Did you notice his footprints? Back when we were all fighting in the forest?
Edward: What...? No. What's your point?
Ling: Just that he's freakishly heavy for the size of his body... He might be a bit bigger than he looks.

[Envy's transformation into his true form is finished.]

Ling: How can that be a Homunculus? They're supposed to be artificial humans, right?!

[They fight for a bit]

Ling: Ed! Can you make a weapon?
Edward: You got it. With this ocean of blood... there's plenty of iron to work with.
Ling: You have the tackiest sense of taste.
Edward: Ah, c'mon... I think it looks pretty damn sharp myself. Can we take him?
Ling: I doubt it... he is a giant monster. And then on top of that, I'm pretty sure he broke two of my ribs.
Edward: Yeah, I'm pretty beat up myself. But that's beside the point... All that matters now is filling him with some pain!

Roy: Tell me, why are you bothering to let me live?
Bradley: Because you aren't going to learn your lesson if you're dead, soldier.
Roy: And the military...? How long has all this been going on?
Bradley: The Homunculi have been controlling this entire nation since its inception.
Roy: So all this time you've been sitting back and laughing at our struggles? I saw you at General Hughes' funeral. Your hands were trembling. So did you fake that as well?
Bradley: Why must everyone make such a fuss over the death of a single soldier...? The moment a soldier dons his uniform, he accepts the reality that he might be buried in it. And about my hands... Hughes' child screeched throughout the entirety of his funeral. My hands were trembling with anger.
Roy: You have a child, too.
Bradley: He's more well-behaved than that.
Roy: And how do you think he'd react if he found out that his father is a Homunculus?
Bradley: Was that a threat? You'll have to do better. Selim will never work as a point of weakness in my life. But you, on the other hand... I know exactly who to use as your weak point.

Furey: Lieutenant Hawkeye!
Riza: What is it, sergeant?
Furey: It’s just that… I got a letter from the personnel bureau. And well, I’m being transferred to the Southern Command Center.
Riza: They transferred you?
Furey: And I’m not the only one, Warrant Officer Falman is being transferred to the Northern Command Center, and Second Lieutenant Breda is being sent to the Western Command Center. (Two men come into view)
Yakovlv: Lieutenant Hawkeye?
Riza: Yes, sir.
Yakovlv: I'm Yakovlev, from Personnel.
Riza: Am I being transferred?
Stroch: And my name is Storch. I'm the personal assistant to the Fuhrer Bradley... I need you to take this.
Riza: Am I being reassigned, sir?
Stroch: That's correct.
Riza: I'd like to look at them. Uh! What is this? This can't be right! Are you sure that these are my orders?
Fuery: Where are they sending you?
Riza: "First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is to report for duty... At Central Command Center... As personal assistant to Fuhrer Bradley."

May: I couldn't find Shao Mei anywhere...
Yoki: Maybe it got eaten by a stray dog?
May: Eaten... [begins to cry]

Reunion (1.26)Edit

Edward: Alright, Envy... Time to die!
Lost Soul: Help me... Kill me...Help me die... I beg you... Please kill me... Please!

[Another lost soul emerges from the previous one before Lings cuts it, causing more lost souls to emerge from the wound.]

Ling: Come on! Snap out of it, you idiot! Why didn't you attack him?
Edward: A person...Those are people...They need our help... They're trapped inside him!
Ling: He's a monster!
Edward: But they-
Ling: Listen to me! Those things are monsters!

[Ed tries to ignore the lost souls but he eventually lowers his guard.]

Envy: I'm done playing with you.

[Envy knocks Ed down, opening his mouth as he swallows Ed alive.]

Edward: Al.. I'm sorry.
Ling: Open your eyes, Ed! Please, wake up! Wake up! Ed, nooo!

[Inside Envy's body...]

Edward:..A red stone. It's his core... A Philosopher's Stone...I almost forgot. After all my searching...It's right here... in front of me...

Ling:.. it's all from Xerxes?
Edward: That's right... They're pieces of a large mural from what remains of their temple. When I saw the ruins of the mural up close... I thought it was identical to the transmutation circle from the 5th Laboratory. The one they used to create Philosopher's Stones. But it's actually different. The sun represents the soul. While the moon symbolizes the mind. And then there's the stone canvas of the mural...This represents the body.
Ling: Slow down... Try to keep it simple, okay?
Edward: Basically... The mural was a summoning circle...For human transmutation.
Ling: I do know that one... Well I think I do...Is it used to bring back dead people?
Edward: Not quite. Alchemy is based on the rule of equivalent exchange...You can't transmute a life form from a soul that no longer exists in this world. You can trust me on that one. So... this is where I got the idea to get us out of here. I can't transmute the dead...but what would happen if I transmute myself?
Ling: You mean a living person?
Edward: Exactly... I can use this transmutation circle to deconstruct myself...And then I'll just put myself back together...That's human transmutation... and it'll open the portal.You said that Gluttony is a defective Portal of Truth... I'll bet that if we pass through the real portal, then we'll wind up in our own reality. I'll open up the real portal...and then you two jump through it.
Ling: What happens if it goes wrong?
Edward: Then it'll rebound...A failed transmutation ricochets onto the one who performed it... In this case, that would be me.
Ling: I'm not gonna act like I know anything about alchemy... This is all yours.
Edward: Right... Hey, Envy... I've got something else that I wanted to ask you. It would've looked more-or-less like this. This is the first thing that caught my eye...de-dn...It translates as "god." And beneath it is the two-headed dragon...The alchemic symbol for a "complete lifeform". Which means... This basically translates to "I will strike God to Earth and become a perfect being".
Ling: Well that's certainly an arrogant concept. It's not a big deal to talk about it...
Edward: But then there's this. This piece takes it to the next level. An image of the lion swallowing the sun... Symbolizing the Philosopher's Stone. The Philosopher's Stone is made with living humans...Isn't that correct, Envy?
Envy: Yeah... That's right.
Edward: How could a nation as advanced as Xerxes fall...? Let alone in a single night? What happened to its citizens...? These stone fragments of the mural... You put them here to hide the evidence. You killed them... You sacrificed all of Xerxes...You turned them into a Philosopher's Stone! Who was it?! I wanna know who used this to transmute himself...! Who slaughtered the population of a whole country...Who created all of you...? Who's trying to make himself powerful enough to surpass God! It was your father...? Wasn't it? Tell me, Envy...Whoever this guy is, he's been using you Homunculi to try and recreate the destruction of Xerxes here in Amestris, hasn't he?!
Envy: You get us out of here and I'll gladly tell you everything. You've spent enough time beating around the bush...I'm tired of waiting for you to ask... You need to pay a toll, right...? To open the Portal? This should work.
Edward: Your body... Those are the citizens of Xerxes, aren't they?
Envy: At one time, but their minds and bodies crumbled long ago... All that's left is energy to be consumed. They don't even remember what they looked like when they were alive.

[Ed was heart broken to hear that.]

Envy: Is that pity...? How childish are you? You're desperate to see these things as human because you wanna believe that your brother still retains his humanity. Would you hesitate to throw a bundle of logs onto a fire...because you pitied the tree they came from? These souls can never go back to being human. You have to use logic if you are to determine what a human is. Don't let your emotions decide.
Edward: Alright. Ling... This might not work out for me... If so, you gotta warn people about these guys' plans.
Ling: I'm not that concerned about Amestris. It's not my country.
Edward: Are you serious?
Ling: You've got people you love waiting for you, don't you? So just make it back alive and tell them yourself.

Ling: I knew it reminded me of something. He almost looks like he's praying.
Edward: Long time no see. Too bad this isn't why I'd planned on opening you again. Ling...! Jump in it!
Ling: You better know what you're doing...! I'm trusting you!

Edward:.. I made it. What the... Were there always two portals?

[He then noticed Al's body as his Gate opens and drags him in.]

Edward: Hurry, Al! AAAAALL!
Alphonse's body: I can't. I can only leave with my own soul. I'm sorry, I can't go with you.
[the doors close. However, Ed forces them open as they start to close.]
Edward: Alphonse! Look at me! I promise... Someday soon... I'm coming back for you! Just you wait! Wait for meeeee!

Bradley [Voice over]: I have no memory of my parents' faces or their names...In fact, I don't even remember my own name. For all I know, I might have been abandoned or sold before I even had one. And they trained us to be leaders. They kept us confined together...and they taught us at all times of the day and night. We studied political science, and humanities...As well as martial arts... firearms...and of course, swordsmanship. I was certain that I would be the one chosen to lead this country. I firmly believed it and I endured any training to make it so.

[Flash back]

Scientist: Go ahead and lie down.
Bradley: What's going on here?
Scientist: Just try not to think about it. This won't take long.
Bradley: What are you gonna do to me...?.! Are they dead?!
Father: You are the twelfth candidate. Do you have what it takes to become my fury? My Wrath?
Bradley [Voice over]: A Philosopher's Stone is created from the life force of countless human beings and contains their souls. Once injected into the bloodstream, it begins to take over its new host and the human body tries to reject it. My body was repeatedly destroyed from the inside out and then rebuilt by the stone. The only options I had were to die or to overcome its power. I chose the latter.


Scientist: It's amazing! We've made a new type of human! Congratulations. You have been chosen to lead mankind down the path of destiny...Everything has been arranged to provide you with all that you'll need. From now on, your name will be...King Bradley.
Roy: You've lived your life before as a human being...Why choose to be a Homunculus, sir...? Isn't there some way you could go back to being a human...?
Bradley: You suggest I become human again...? Ridiculous...Why would I possibly want to pursue such frivolity? I've become something far superior. Just as you humans take great pride in your "humanity", misguided though that may be... I too am proud...Because we also take pride in what we are. The woman you killed. She died with her pride intact, didn't she?

May: That suit of armor's gonna pay, big time! He stole Shao Mei from me...! Kidnapped her...! That creep! That's her...! Shao Mei-
Scar: Hold it. You see that fat one? I overheard them call him a Homunculus.
May: A homunculus?
Scar: He has the power to recover from any type of injury...So he's practically immortal.
May: He is...? That's even more reason for us to go after them!
Scar:..I don't know if we can stop him. What's the armored boy doing with him? Is something wrong?
May: This place... it's strange...I could feel there was something wrong with this country since I got here. But this place... It's the source of it... Can you feel those things...? Crawling beneath us?

Alphonse: I didn't know there were tunnels like this under Central. What's with all that?
Gluttony: Huh...? Oh... The gatekeepers did all that.
Alphonse: The gatekeepers?
Gluttony: They won't rip you up as long as you're with me.
Alphonse: Just pretend they aren't there. Do we have much further?
Gluttony: Not too far... It's just ahead now.
Alphonse: Does he know what happens to the people you swallow?
Gluttony: I'm sure he does. Father knows everything!
Alphonse: Brother.. I know you're still alive...Just hang on.
May: What are these things?

[Cuts to May and Scar]

Scar: They're known as Chimeras. There's no end to them.
May: It's stronger here. The feeling... There's something evil beneath us.
Scar: Is it more chimera?
May: No, it's worse. It that.. people?

[Cuts to Father.]

Father: The gatekeepers seem to have grown restless. Someone's come to find me.

Father (1.28)Edit

Father: Envy?
Alphonse: Envy? That thing?

Edward: Al, you’re back in your armor… Then that means…
Ling: We’re back in the real world.

Father: Hohen… The name you said! By any chance do you mean Van Hohenheim? And how is it the two of you are acquainted with him?
Alphonse: Well… He’s our father.
Father: … He’s your father?! I had no idea he had children! Haha! … If you are indeed his progeny, then why is it your family name is Elric?
Edward: Elric is our mother’s last name!
Father: Oh is that so, so where is he been spending his time?
Edward: Who cares! Just forget him! Who the hell are you? And why do you look exactly like him?!
Father: I know that he can’t be dead…
Edward: Listen!
Alphonse: Brother! This guy’s the one who-
Edward: Ngh!
Father: It would appear that you’re injured. And you’re missing your left hand, aren’t you? There and how’s that for you? Your arm is broken...
Edward: Uh! It’s not broken anymore. Uh! Hey…! Owww!
Father: Few broken ribs as well. I consider the two of you to be vital resources you must both remain alive and healthy.
Edward: This isn’t right Al. He preformed a transmutation without any movement at all.
Alphonse: And he didn’t even thin out my armor.
Elrics: There isn’t any equivalent exchange!

Father(when the Elrics attempt to stop him from having Ling killed): When you notice an insect on the ground, do you stop to consider it a fool? The life of an insect is so beneath you, that it would be a waste of your time to even consider judging it. That would be a accurate summation on my feelings towards these humans.

Edward: It’s pretty obvious that you’re the root of all this evil! I’m taking you down! I don’t care how many cronies you’ve got!
Envy: Just who are you calling a crony, pipsqueak?
Edward: Pipsqueak!?

May: Shao May!
Greed: Haho! Now that’s a touching reunion right there!

May: Where is he? Where is Mr. Edward?
Scar: He's right there.
May: Huh? He's not really here, is he?
Scar: I told you, that's him right there! That little guy is the Fullmetal Alchemist.
May: Huh? AAAHHHH!!
[Seeing Ed, May's fantasy is shattered as she changed from distraught to furious.]

Struggle of the Fool (1.29)Edit

Edward: Where are you taking us?
Envy: Just get in.

[They enter the elevator, taking to up top with Envy assuming the form of a military soldier.]

Edward: This looks familiar....It's Central Command!
Alphonse: We were under it the whole time!

Edward: You really had me fooled.
Bradley: I don't remember lying to you. I instructed you to stay out of trouble and not to trust the military. You do that and no harm comes to you.

Bradley: You will have to continue carrying this. And you will do so by your own volition.
Edward: By my own free will? There's no way I'd...
Bradley: What was her name? That girl... Ah, yes. It was Winry Rockbell. Your Automail engineer. And raised in Resembool too. She's practically family. I heard she has a clientele in Rush Valley.
Edward: Stay away from her! Just leave her out of this!
Bradley: If you don't intend to stay, then I'll simply have to cut her down.

Roy: I would, like to ask one thing, Sir.
Bradley: What is it, Colonel?
Roy: Are you the one who murdered Hughes?
Bradley: No. That was not me.
Roy: Then who did?
Bradley: Colonel, I only agreed to one question.

Edward: Winry, is that you!?
Alphonse: Brother, is Winry there!?
Winry: Ed?! What, did you break your Automail again?
Edward: NO!!! I'm calling. Uh, er, well... to see whether you got there safely or not. Like you haven't seen any strange people or anything, right?
Winry: ...Ed, You're creeping me out.
Winry: Well, you hardly ever call me, so this is rather odd! As if someone as tactless as yourself could actually worry about others!! This weird, like a snow storm in the summer.
Edward: Well...
Winry: Thanks, though. I'm happy... that you called.
Edward: ...huh. Sure.
[He hangs up.]
Greed: You know, it's must really like her to let your desperate fears to be used like that!
Elrics: Ling!?
Greed: No, I already told you, Greed.
Edward: What do you want?
Greed: You pal wanted me to give you this.
Edward: Ling? What's it say?
Greed: Yeah. Can't read it. He said to give it to a girl.
Edward: How do I know you won't follow us and murder her?
Greed: It's not my thing to fight women. Plus, I never lie. But hey, it's your call.
[Greed walks off.]
Edward: Hey, Ling!
Greed: It's still Greed, kid.

Dr. Knox: I... She's not in any real danger. She'll have to stay in bed for a few days.
Alphonse: I'm relieved
Dr. Knox: Increasing my number of patients on a whim like that!! Where I am going to sleep!? Tell me that!
Alphonse: I'm sorry!

Lan Fan: The Young Lord! Isn't he here with you?

Bradley: I met him once. He said a king exists for his people. As if the people matter. The fool, just where did that get him? Typical human.
Ling: Shut the hell up! [suddenly regaining control and glaring at Bradley] Don't underestimate humans.
[Bradley is frozen and wide-eyed.]
Greed: ... I know, he is smart as he vigilantly waits for an opportunity to take control of this body!
Bradley: He must have been taking second thoughts. Now that he has taken a monster into his flesh.

[May Chang and Lan Fan are about to fight each other.]
Alphonse: Hey! Just hold on a minute! I don't know what this is about, but you can't fight like thi—!
Alphonse: WAH! (falls on his back in surprise)
Lan Fan: My wounds aren't going to slow me down.
May: Is that so? Well, neither will mine!
[Before the fight starts, Dr. Knox enters, looking furious.]
Dr. Knox: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU TWO THINK YOU'RE DOING?!! (slams a bowl of food and a washbasin on each of May and Lan Fan's heads) You're supposed to be resting in bed!
May (clutching her head pitifully): Quit trying to interfere with the affairs of our countr—!
Dr. Knox: I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE AFFAIRS OF YOUR COUNTRY, DUMBASS!!! Geez... it doesn't matter where you're from, you're both my patients.
[May and Lan Fan growl at each other, but Knox rounds on them again.]
Dr. Knox: You're not planning on making an even larger mess around here, are you? Huh? 'Cuz if you do, you might release an unknown pathogen from the floorboards... and kill everyone in the house.
[May and Lan Fan are now holding each other in fear.]

Scar: Tell me the truth right now before my right hand destroys you!

The Ishvalan War of Extermination(1.30)Edit

Riza: Why are soldiers, who ought to protect citizens, killing them instead? Why is alchemy, which ought to bring happiness to the people, being used for murder?

Riza: Right. A "hero" from that horrible war becomes nothing but a mass murderer. Not just the Colonel, but Dr. Knox and the others who took part in human experimentation. Even I would be tried as a criminal for what I did. The only thing that really protects a soldier is his uniform.

May: Umm... Mister Armor? Thank you so much... for saving us.
Alphonse: My name's Alphonse. Alphonse Elric.
May: Elric?
Alphonse: You know Edward Elric, right? The short Alchemist you were yelling at before. I'm his little brother. You already know since you were inside, but I don't have a body. Keep it a secret, ok?
May: If you're his brother, does that mean you have the same angry look.
Alphonse: NO WAY! For starters, I'm way taller than him, better looking, and fight better than him! Plus, I'm not short tempered at all! I'm a perfect gentleman!
(For a second, May tries to imagine what he could look like. Like with Edward before, she imagines a charming, prince-like figure. May squeals in delight, now head-over-heels once again.)
May: Alphonse, I hope you get your body back really soon!
Alphonse: Uh, why, thank you...

Bradley: So, you're asking me to take your life in place of the remaining tens of thousands of Ishvalans?
Logue Lowe: That's correct I stand...
Bradley: How arrogant of you. Do you sincerely believe that your single life is equivalent to the remaining multitude of your followers? Your stature has gone to your head. The life of any individual human is only worth one life. That's all. Nothing more, and nothing less. Your life is not enough to call off the extermination.
Ishvalan #1: How can you be so inhuman?!
Ishvalan #2: You will suffer the hammer of God!
Bradley: God, you say? Now this is intriguing. How much longer to you think your "God" plans to wait before unleashing His fury? Just how many thousands of lives must I take before He decides to strike me down?
Ishvalan #2: You're a monster!
Bradley: Open your eyes! God is nothing more than a construct created by man to inspire fear and promote order. If you wish to see me struck down, for all these atrocities, use your own hands to do so, not God's!

The 520 Cents Promise (1.31)Edit

Mustang: Speaking of. You owe me money. How 'bout you cough it up?

Edward: Eyes on the road! (The car goes wild) You remembered!? C'mon, how much did I borrow, 500 Cenz?

Mustang: It was 520 Cenz! Don't con me!

Edward: I'm not conning you! I'm just not like a penny-pincher like you.

Alphonse: I'm sorry, Colonel.

Edward: At this rate, you'll never make it big. (looks down at the cents) Actually I am going to hang on to this. I will return it when you become the Führer.

Mustang: Who told you?

Edward: Lieutenant Hawkeye. She told me about Ishval too. (arrives at destination)

Mustang: Fullmetal, you can keep the change for now, but I'll be getting it back for sure.

Edward: And when that day comes, I'll borrow more money from you again, With the promise of, "I will pay you back when you turn this country into a democracy." And when you get that back, I'll borrow some money and make sure you agree to something else.

Mustang: Which means I have a long life ahead of me, huh?

Edward: That'r right. Quit worrying the Lieutenant! (slams door) Thanks for the ride.

The Fuhrer's Son (1.32)Edit

Selim: You really DO wear armor! Awesome!!!
Alphonse: Who is he?

Selim: Mr. Armor called you brother! Does that mean your Edward Elric? The Fullmetal Alchemist??
Edward: Yeah.
Selim: Awhhh cool!!! You are a tiny alchemist! Just like everyone says!!!
Edward: [stutters, then beomes enraged] What was that, you brat?! Say it again! Once more! I'll send you flying! Do you hear me? Your little body will go straight up into space!
Selim: That's true too! You hate being called small! Just like everyone says!!
Edward: [screams]

Mrs. Bradley: He's always been devoted to his work, though. Though he's a complete dunce when it comes to understanding women... One time he was so rude, I slapped him in the face! I guess it was fate, though, because we've been together ever since! Why, on our first date... Oh, would you listen to me! Never mind, never mind. Tehehehehehe...

The Northern Wall of Briggs (1.33)Edit

Olivier Armstrong: I don't care about letters. The ideas and opinions of others don't affect me. I decide with my own eyes. Enter, Fullmetal Alchemist. I'll warn you, I don't play around. This is the mountain fortress of Briggs. Only the strong survive here.

Ice Queen (1.34)Edit

Doctor: Automail used up here needs to be light, flexible, and made with materials that resist the cold. It needs to be sturdy, but the user's health should always be considered first. After a lot of trial an error, we found a combination of duralumin, carbon fibers, nickel, and copper worked best.

Edward: Aaah. No wonder I couldn't break his automail. I assumed that it had to be mostly iron, so that's what I tried to decompose.

Doctor: Don't worry about it. A lot of people here have things they don't want to talk about. It's part of our reputation...or pride, even.
Edward: Yeah, but if word got out, I could be court-martialed...
Olivier: Same goes for me. So what?
Edward: Hoo boy...

Olivier: Major Miles. put them to work.
Edward: WORK?
Olivier: A man who does not work has no right to eat.
Elrics: She has a point.

Edward: Ah- Er, if I offended you, I apologize. I guess... I just ask these things because I hate being ignorant.
Miles: An ignorant State Alchemist, huh...

Olivier: What're you trying to pull, Miles? Race, lineage, gender, rank... Worrying about that shit in battle does nothing but increase casualties. We absolutely cannot lose Briggs. No matter what happens, we must stay united! Never let your resolve waver! We stand together as ONE ARMY! Miles! You're not just Ishvalan. You're a descendant of many races. That heritage lets you look at this country from many different points of view. I need you much more than a native Amestris who was born and raised in one environment. So shut up and follow orders.

Miles: I even went so far as to ask her what if the Ishvalan inside me can not forgive the Amestrian military and you know what she said "Bring it on then. On behalf of the military, I will accept your challenge at any time."
Edward: Man, what a freaky lady. Maybe she just said that cause she had her army with her
Miles: No, the look in her eyes...[flashes back to General Armstrong] "I'll fight you one-on-one!"

(Everyone saw something. It was the monster homunculus, Sloth.)

Edward: A Homunculus! Damn, they know that we've come here to find a way to fight back against the homunculus?

(Sloth is sleeping)

Both: Don't fall asleep!
Sloth: What?
Edward: Oh, you know, your "Father" in Central told you about us, right?
Alphonse: Yeah, we're just here looking for a way to get our old bodies back.
Sloth: Who are you? Dig the hole. What a bother. Ah, what a bother.
Edward: You don't think this guy...
Alphonse: Mm. He might not have heard about us from Father or the Fuhrer.

(As she dodge as buccaneer came here)

Buccaneer: So you really are a spy from Drachma!
Both: You misunderstand!
Buccaneer: Then why are you speaking with the intruder like you know him?
Edward: We don't know him!
Buccaneer: Your lies won't fool me!
Edward: I'm not lying, I tell you! We were just...

(Sloth throws a pipe at Edward and Alphonse, but they dodge it)

Sloth: This place is big. Where is this? Do I not have to dig anymore?
Buccaneer: Fire! The guns have no effect!
Sloth: Where am I?

(As the sloth as the elevator on top)

Buccaneer: This is bad! He's going up to the development level! After him!
Military: Contact the development level!
Edward: We're going after him, too!
Alphonse: Hm!

(As people pull a box and some stuff as monster muscle sloth)

Man: He's huge!
Sloth: It's warm...
Olivier: Don't move!

(As Olivier as she shoot the rocket on monster sloth)

Olivier: Extinguish it.
Military 3: Yes, sir!
Olivier: I know I hit it.
Buccaneer: Boss, it's no use! Firearms won't work against him!
Olivier: What?! All noncombatants, withdraw immediately. Shut off the alarm, too. Don't let the folks in Drachma know about this disturbance.
Military 9: Boss, I brought these!
Olivier: Have the trial runs been completed?
Military 9: We don't need them. These are the development team's prize babies.
Olivier: Remove the fuses from the shells.
Military 9: Yes, ma'am.
Military 7: First round loading complete.
Olivier: Fire!

(As tank blast on sloth face)

Military 7: Direct hit!
Sloth: Ouch. Pain is also...a bother...
Olivier: Don't just sit there, load the next round! Fire!

(They continues fire blast again then again sloth grab and throw on the stair as continues keep fire)

Sloth: Ouch. Right back to work...Dig the hole...

(Sloth punches the debris and everyone escapes when they are saved by Edward Elric)

The Shape of This Country (1.35)Edit

Olivier: Let me show you the Briggs way!
Edward: The Briggs way?
Buccaneer: That's right. Give me a hand, alchemist.
Alphonse: Brother!
Buccaneer: You, too!
Edward: Just a minute! We can't...
Buccaneer: You were forced to help us under threat. You've got no problem with that, right? Who's this?
Edward: Our good buddy.
Buccaneer: All right, help us out. Hurry! Don't spill any!
Soldier 9: Buccaneer, Gate 8!
Buccaneer: Yes sir!
Olivier: Charge! Drive it into the elevator!

(Tank drives through sloth)

Sloth: What a bother...
Oliver: Push! Push us! All right, it's working! Rotate turret right!
Military 6: Yes ma'am...

(Sloth gets hit by the tank gun inside the elevator)

Olivier: Miles! Send it!
Miles: Yes, sir!

(Elevator close)

Soldier 6: All right, it's gone!
Sloth: Where am I?

(Buccaneer grab Sloth and throw him on the ground)

Buccaneer: Now! Do it!

(They take down as the water)

Buccaneer: All right!
Alphonse: So? What next?
Edward: Outside the gate? Stinky.

(Then again the tank as Olivier)

Olivier: Move it, little red runt!

(As they blast out the sloth through outside the gate)

Olivier: Hey! One more shot!
Soldier 4: We're out of ammo!
Vato Falman: In that case...

(Vato shoots the ceiling and the icicles fall down on Sloth's head)

Sloth: Ouch.

(Edward and Alphonse kick sloth out of Briggs as she fall down on the snow)

Edward: All right!
Buccaneer: That's cold weather climate blended fuel. It vaporizes regardless of the extreme cold, and its heat of evaporation saps body temperature in an instant. Plus, we've got the blizzard. That will freeze it instantly, right down to its brain.

(Sloth begins to freeze and get frozen)

Sloth: So...Cold...Body....won't....move..What..a..bother---

(Sloth falls down)

Family Portrait (1.36)Edit

The First Homunculus (1.37)Edit

Winry: But I can't just sit around waiting anymore.

Conflict at Baschool (1.38)Edit

Edward: And that's that! I'm pretty sure we lost them. But you know what? This place is... TOO DAMN BIIIIIIIIG!!!!!!!

Edward: It would make things a hell of a lot easier if Scar and that Girl just came to us.
May: ALPHONSE! I cant believe it's you !
Edward: She did come to us...

May: Both Brothers are falling desperately in love with me but sorry Edward you are not my type.

Winry: Let me out Al!!!
May:: Excuse me! Who is this woman Al?!
Alphonse: No its not like that she's just a friend !! [Thought] Wait... why am I explaining this like I was cheating on her or something...

Winry: Did you uh... just call me a hussy?

Yoki: Were you even listening?!
Edward : Yeah how sad. Life is hard. Trust me, I know just how you feel...

Zampano : We already got this under crontrol, you just sit tight while we take care of Sca- [Gets punch by Alphonse and kicked by Edward]
Edward and Alphonse : AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! TALKING MONSTERS!!!!!!
Zampano : What's wrong with the two of you, were all on the same si- [Gets punch by Alphonse]
Edward : Help us, they're pretending to be our friends so they could eat us!!!
Alphonse : The chubby one has an enormous mouth, he could eat you in a single bite!!!

Edward: I think from now on, I'll call that one the wet-tongue-on-a-freezing-flagpole attack! [Five spikes shoot as Ed dodges

Edward: You shut your snout pig! I've never seen you before in my whole life, and you must be the enemy if I don't know you! I bet you can't even prove to me that you're on our side.
Zampano: Fine, I'll transform back to prove it to you!
Edward: Bastard, this is all your fault! You're supposed to be watching Winry!

Daydream (1.39)Edit

The Dwarf in the Flask (Homunculus) (1.40)Edit

Flask: Young man. Hey, you there!
Number 23: Oh no!
Flask: It’s alright. Look, over here.
Number 23: Um, yeah?
Flask: Hey, now, can’t you at least bring yourself to ask a little surprised or something?
Number 23: What do I get for acting surprised?
Flask: You show no fear. I like that. What’s your name?
Number 23: I’m number 23.
Flask: Not your number. I want you to tell me your real name.
Number 23: I’m a slave, I don’t have one.
Flask: A slave? You mean a person without any rights or freedoms? Someone trafficked and deeded as a possession?
Number 23: Deeded? What’s that?
Flask: It’s when a piece of property is transferred to another person.
Number 23: Huh?
Flask: Seems you’re not all that bright. Are you?
Number 23: Hey! Get out of here!
Flask: How could I have possibly been born from someone as stupid as you?
Number 23: Hmm?
Flask: You are the one who gave me blood, right?
Number 23: Uh! I guess so. He said he was going to use it for an experiment…
Flask: I exist today, because you gave me your blood. Thank you… Let’s see… Number 23 isn’t going to cut it. I think I’ll give you a name of your own.
Number 23: Give me a name? Who are you?
Flask: You’ll want a noble sounding one, right? Let’s see… Theo! Theophrastus Bombastus!
Number 23: That’s too long!
Flask: Huh? Oh, yeah. You’re not that smart. Maybe we shouldn’t put too many syllables in it.
Number 23: Hey you, I’m plenty smart!
Flask: Well, how about Van? Van Hohenheim! How does that sound?
Number 23: So Van Hohenheim, huh? I think I can remember that.
Flask: It’s spelled- Oh… You don’t know how to read and write, do you?
Number 23: I don’t need to read and write to do my work.
Flask: Your slave work.
Number 23: Uh…
Flask: Don’t you even want freedom? Are you going to live out the rest of your life as a slave, without the rights of a real man? In that case you’re no different from me, trapped inside this stuffy flask… Let me teach you, Van Hohenheim.
Number 23: Hey, what are you? Who are you? What do I call you?
Flask: I’ll tell you what Van Hohenheim; you can call me the Dwarf in the Flask, Homunculus.

Master: All things are made from one. And in the end, all things return to one.
Hohenheim: In other words, one is all.
Master: And all is one, as well.
Hohenheim: All is ultimately of the one, so if all is not included in the one, then all is nothing.
Master: You have passed. You are now an alchemist, Hohenheim. Well done, child.
Hohenheim: I’m still only fit to be an assistant. My skill is nothing near yours, Master.

Hohenheim: I’m grateful to you.
Homunculus: Oh, for what?
Hohenheim: I live as well as I do now, because of the knowledge you gave me. And, I’ve also earned the master’s respect. Thanks to you, maybe someday, I’ll even be able to get married, and have a family.
Homunculus: A family, huh? How inconvenient for you humans. Unless you form communities, and breed, your species can’t continue to exist.
Hohenheim: Don’t call it breeding, and whether or not it’s a concept that you’re able to understand. That’s where humans find happiness. We live for the bonds we form with friends and family members. That’s who we humans are.
Homunculus: Sure, whatever you say.
Hohenheim: Okay, then. What is it that makes you happy?
Homunculus: Well, I’d hate to be guilty of asking too much, but I think I’d be happy if I could just leave this flask.

Homunculus: Immortality? Why would someone who already has so much power, and prosperity, need such a thing?
Master: Watch your tone! You are in the royal presence! If you continue with this insolence, I will smash your flask!
Homunculus: You wouldn’t dare to destroy such an important source of knowledge.
Men: Gasp!
King: That’s enough chatter. Immortality, tell me, is it possible or isn’t it?
Homunculus: Growing impatient in your old age? How lamentable, King of Xerxes. OK. I’ll tell you how you can achieve immortality.

Man 1: The north village was attacked!
Woman: I heard they all died!
Man 2: They thought it was the west village doing this…
Hohenheim: What an awful tragedy.
Flask: Yeah, real tragic.

Izumi: Wow, imagine, you being Ed and Al's father.
Hohenheim: And you, being my sons' teacher. I'm sure they must have been a handful for you.
Izumi: Oh, no, don't let it concern you.

(Izumi coughing)

Hohenheim: Izumi?
Sig: Izumi, are you all right?! I'll get your medicine.
Hohenheim: May I have a look at her? I know a bit about medicine.
Sig: Okay.
Izumi: I'm all right. This always happens.
Hohenheim: You are not all right. Mr. Sig, please find us a car! Hurry!
Sig: All right.
Hohenheim: Mrs. Izumi. you've seen the truth, haven't you? What did you sacrifice? Please be truthful with me.
Izumi: My insides were taken away. I was trying to bring my dead child back to life.
Hohenheim: I see. Mm-hmm...I see. Please excuse me.

(Hohenheim stab izumi curtis stomach on his body as Sig punch hohenheim)

Sig: Izumi! Hang on! Izumi!
Izumi: Take it easy, dear, I'm all right.
Sig: Your belly has been run through!
Izumi: But my breathing is easier.
Sig: Show me!
Izumi: There's no wound.
Sig: That's impossible.
Hohenheim: The organs that were taken away are testament to your sin, and cannot be brought back, but I did rearrange the inside of your belly somewhat, and improved the flow of blood. Mrs. Izumi, you must not fall just yet.
Izumi: Hohenheim, who are you, exactly?
Hohenheim: I am a Philosopher's Stone, in the form of a man named Van Hohenheim.

The Abyss (1.41)Edit

Signs of a Counteroffensive (1.42)Edit

Bite of the Ant (1.43)Edit

Envy: Why you...Scum should do what scum is told to do! Don't act so cocky, you worthless piece of crap!

(Envy transformer as the tall attack)

Zampano: Doctor!
Jerso: That was a close one!
Marcoh: Thank you.
Envy: You're fast, fat boy.

(Zampano shoots Envy under the eye)

Zampano: Don't underestimate us scum.
Envy: Damn it!

(May Chang uses alchemy and Envy's tail cut through)

Envy: You think this two bit attack is going to work?!
Scar: No, huh? Well then, how do you like this?

(Scar attacking envy as fall down)

Marcoh: Is he dead?

(Envy's tongue grabs marcoh)

Envy: Ha ha! I gotcha!
Both: Doctor!
Envy: Whoa, stay put. Unless you want him dead. Now then...How should I punish you? Whatta you think, Doctor, How about I wipe out a village of innocent people?
Marcoh: I'm not gonna let you do that.
Envy: Quit trying to resist, Marco. It's stupid. All right, I'm going to lay waste to that slum.
Marcoh: Stop!
Envy: But simply crushing won't be much fun. Maybe I'll take them back to Central, and use them as ingredients for Philosopher's stones.
Marcoh: Why, you! Are you still having those things made there?! Let the researchers there---let my men go!
Envy: Huh? No can do. After all, we've turned them all into a Philosopher's Stone.
Marcoh: What? Not my men, too...
Envy: Huh? You mean I didn't tell you? But Doctor, there's no need to mourn them now, is there? I mean, you've made so many Philosopher's Stones, haven't you? And used people's lives to do it!
Marcoh: Yes. I've sacrificed many people's lives to make Philosopher's Stones. I know better than anyone else in the country how to make Philosopher's Stones. And knowing how to make them...means I know how to destroy them, as well!
(Marcoh, destroys Envy's Philsopher's Stone, causing the Homunculus's body to fail.)
Envy: It hurts! So much pain! No, this can't happen! It burns! No, this can't...this can't be happening to me, No how this is happened? There's no way you lower creature can beat me...And you the Chimeras, too...Don't look at me....how dare you don't look at me....Don't you look down at me, you worm!!!!!!
(Envy emerges from his destroyed body in his true form: a larval creature.]
Envy: Don't look down on me, worm...

May: Mr. Yoki?
Yoki: Help, get it off.
Envy (latched on the back of Yoki's neck): Haha! I've hijacked this idiot's body!
Yoki: Aaaahh! Stop it! Let go! Somebody help me! I can't control my body!
Envy: That's right, you can't! Now if you want him to live, you will do as I tell you!
Jerso: Nah, he's all yours. Do what you want.
Zampano: It's not like he's our friend or anything.
Yoki: Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!
May: Poor Yoki, I'm sorry I didn't know you better.
Alphonse: We'll never forget your sacrifice!
Yoki: Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!! Please Mr. Scar! You won't stand back and let this thing kill me, right? (Scar turns away) How can you turn your back on me?!
Envy: What is this? Dosen't anyone care about this guy?!
Marcoh: You're wasting your time Envy. We've accepted the measures we'll have to take to defeated you. We'll destory both you and this man if you don't surrender!
Envy (Reluctantly letting Yoki go): Dammit!
Alphonse (grabbing Envy): Got it!
Yoki: I'm free?
Jerso: Nice acting, Doctor!
Marcoh: I'm afraid I'm not used to bluffing like that.
Yoki: Damn all of you! None of you guys are my friends! How could you?! You're dead to me!
Envy (Later placed in a glass jaw): This sucks.
Zampano: Well, I think it's about time we asked you about your plans.
Envy: I don't talk.
Zampano: What was that?! Spit it out! You little worm!
Jerso: Go! Let him have it, Zampano!
Envy: After I tell you, you're just gonna kill me, aren't you? You expect me to talk, you fool?
Zampano: Say what?
Envy: Come to think of it, isn't the Fullmetal pipsqueak here?
Alphones: Brother? He should be back at Briggs right now.
Envy: I heard he'd gone missing.
Alphones: What? What are you talking about? Tell me!
Envy: Apparently, the mine shaft in Baschool caved in. I wonder if he's still alive.
Winry: That's not true...

Revving at Full Throttle (1.44)Edit

Edward: I'm revving at full throttle!

The Promised Day (1.45)Edit

Looming Shadows (1.46)Edit

Greed: (laughs) Oh man, she's a peach. Sounds like she wants everything. My kind of girl.
Edward: That kind of wanting is dangerous, it's not how reality works. Take a look.

(Edward lifts his automail arm.)

Edward: This is what I got for wanting something unrealistic.
Greed: I disagree. You want to bring back someone that you've lost, you might want money, maybe you want women, or... you might want to protect the world. These are all common things that people want, things that their hearts desire. Greed may not be good, but it's not so bad either.

(Edwards moves to walk away down the stairs, but Greed continues)

Greed: You humans think that greed is just for money and power, but everybody wants something they don't have.

(Edward stops on the stairs for a moment to think, but then continues to walk away)

Emissary of Darkness (1.47)Edit

Greed: I guess in the dark, we don't have the upper hand against Gluttony. But once the lights are back on, there's Pride. Hm. this is going to be tough.
Ling: Hey, Greed!
Greed: Is that you, Ling?
Ling: Switch with me. I'm able to sense a Homunculus' presence. I'm the one who realized Pride was out there, right? I can maneuver around better in the darkness!
Greed: What choice do I have?! Don't go running off with this body!
Ling: Don't be ridiculous! It was my body to begin with!
Gluttony: Time to eat---
Ling: There you are!
Greed: Oh, nice one! I'm glad I paired with you!
Ling: Thank you.
Edward: is that you, Ling?!
Ling: Yeah!
Gluttony: I'm mad! I'm hungry! But you won't let me eat you right away! So I'm gonna swallow everything!
Darius: I sense something bad!
Edward: Bad like what?!
Ling: Something's coming!
Edward: What's coming?!
Ling: It's the same presence as that time before.
Edward: Hey, what is it you guys are looking at?! Explain it to me, the normal guy!

(Something fast is attacking Gluttony)

Edward: What?!
Darius: Stay down!
Edward: Is there someone else out there?!
Ling: I don't know. I don't know, but that's.
Gluttony: That smell....I Know It....

(Lan Fan attacks Gluttony with her new automail arm)

Ling: Thank goodness you're all right! I've been waiting for you, Lan Fan!

The Oath in the Tunnel (1.48)Edit

(Lan Fan fights Gluttony)

Gluttony: Will you stop killing me? I don't want to die anymore.

(Lan Fan slice attack on Gluttony's face)

Gluttony: Look Out!

(Ling Yao punch gluttony)

Lan Fan: Young Lord!
Ling: We can catch up later!
Lan Fan: Right!
Gluttony: Let me eat you already---

(Lan Fan slice on Gluttony's mouth)

Greed: [laughs] You're really kicking ass! And nice girl, how long have you been a stud?
Ling: Well you know me. I'm filled with surprises!

(Ling Yao kicks Gluttony)

Gluttony: It's so dark here. How do you know where I am?

(Lan Fan chops off Gluttony's hand.)

Gluttony (as Pride's shadows consume him): No...Don't eat me....It hurts....Please help me....Lust....!!!

Filial Affection (1.49)Edit

Hohenheim: Wake up Alphonse!
Alphonse: Huh? Dad?
Hohenheim: Yo.
Alphonse: Um... If you're here, Dad, then is this Kanama?
Hohenheim: That's right.
Alphonse: How did...Where did I...? Oh right! Pride! Dad, the Homunculus Pride came inside my body....
Hohenheim: Mm-hmm. I heard all about it from Mr. Gorius here.
Darius: That's "Darius".
Alphonse: Rats. It was like he was interfering with my soul, and it felt icky.
Hohenheim: Those guys are almost like clones of a clone of me. As my son, it might be easy for them to interfere with your blood seal.
Alphonse: Old man Fu...
Fu: Would you see to caring for this man's wounds?
Hohenheim: What's the situation like over there?
Fu: Are you Edward's father?
Hohenheim: Yes, I am.
Fu: The shadow monster devoured the one named gluttony, and he's beyond our control. Greed and Edward are fighting him, but the situation is not good.
Alphonse: This is my fault. Everyone is in this mess because pride caught me.
Fu: The fires have created too many light sources, The same tricks won't work any longer.
Darius: This is bad. The way things are headed, the people in the slums are going to be caught in the middle of this.
Alphonse: Dad...you're a big-time alchemist, right?
Hohenheim: Yeah, I'm not half bad.
Alphonse: I have a favor to ask, and I'm counting on your skills.

Pride: Ah, you're finally making an appearance...Hohenheim.
Hohenheim: Heroes always arrive late, you know.
Pride: Hero? Are you saying you mean to defeat me?
Hohenheim: No, I couldn't do that. You really are a fright, after all.
Pride: What is he thinking? Is he after something? Here he comes! Oh, what a pathetic strategy. You don't know when to give up.
Edward: Al!
Pride: Hm, to think that you would come back here to be my hostage. What a curious boy your son is.
Hohenheim: Don't you put...my son down.
Pride: Hohenheim!
Ling: Amazing. He confined him.
Edward: What is this?! You trapped Al in there, too, you know! What are you thinking?!
Hohenheim: It wasn't my idea. Al suggested we do this.

Upheaval in Central (1.50)Edit

Buccaneer: Colonel Mustang is exchanging fire in the manufacturing quarter on the west side. There are many soldiers being dispatched there. We're moving out. You can kiss this cellar goodbye. Sink your teeth into the windpipes of those Central pantywaists!

Roy: Ah, you don't say.
Soldier 2: They've all but stopped fighting back with their guns. Could they be just about out of ammunition?
Soldier 4: All right, we're moving in on them! Round up everyone we have left!

(Truck run through as military soldier dodge)

Rebecca: Yoohoo, Riza!
Riza: Rebecca, you're late!
Rebecca: Sorry, sorry! I've got some nice presents for those of you who've been waiting!

Rebecca: Why aren't those guys charging in here?
Kain: We've got the Flame Alchemist with us, so they have to be careful about approaching. But we're in the middle of town, so the colonel can't get too wild with his flames.
Rebecca: Oh, dear, here I came to central to snag me a nice man, and you're all a bunch of wusses!

Guard: Have your soldiers pull out of there at once!
Olivier: You're ones who stole the command of Briggs away from me, right?
Guard: Do you think you won't pay for this?
Olivier: What about you? Do you think you won't pay for this? You must have heard from that "Father" guy. What he's going to sacrifice. and what he's going to obtain.
Guard: Yeah, I heard. Those of us who are chosen will rise even higher, while Amestris here changes the world! The pain that accompanies this change cannot be avoided! Why can't you understand that?!
Olivier: You guys are hopeless.
Guard: What?

(Olivier stabs the guard through his arm with her sword and then she points at Gardener with the gun)

Olivier: Folks like you, who watch the battlefield from the comfort of a safety zone, make pain out to be something lofty, and exploit it.
Gardener: You would turn traitor?!
Olivier: Who knows? Once this is all over, I might be a hero. However...you'll find I'm not as merciful as the Hero of Ishval!
Gardener: No wait!

(As she shoots Gardener in the head)

Soldier: What?

The Immortal Legion (1.51)Edit

Olivier: Order the central soldiers that are fighting with Mustang. Whoa, are you going to shoot?

(Olivier sword on guard feet)

Olivier: You subordinates aren't all that disciplined, are they? Pull them back now. The Briggs soldiers will not hesitate to continue fighting them. Do you want to lose every last soldier you have? Hmm?
Guard: Close the north, south, east, and west gates of the Central Command Center! Do not let a single one of Briggs' or Mustang's soldiers inside!
Olivier: Ho...it seems you are not without some mettle, rotten though it may be.
Guard: Don't get too full of yourself, you fool! We will crush all of you Briggs Mountain monkeys.

(Sloth smash and kill the guard)

Sloth: Huh? Oh, over here. No interference. Told to kill you. What a bother.
Olivier: Ha! Another seat opens up ahead of me! You have my thanks, Homunculus! Now don't have to sully this sword, passed down through the Armstrong family go generations, with his sordid blood!

Military9: Mustang is fleeing in an ice cream truck! Seal off the main roads! It's disguised as a civilian truck, but it's loaded with weapons and ammunition! Look sharp! (Buccaneer appear to take these military down) A bear! A bear with a Mohawk!
Kain: They cut out.
Maria: A bear with a Mohawk?
Riza: That's Captain Buccaneer, from the Northern forces. Colonel, it looks like it's going to be hard to get into town.
Roy: You're right. An ice cream truck, huh?

May (Surrounded by Mannequin Soldiers): What is this?! You tricked me, Envy!
Envy: I didn't lie to you! Immortality is further inside! (During the fight, May tosses the glass jar holding Envy into the air) You little brat!
(One of Mannequins grabs Envy's jar and swallow the Homunculus, causing Envy's to become a growth on its back)
Envy: I'm Back!
(Envy proceeds to have the Mannequin devour one of its own before turning into a mass of flesh that consumes the others and reform into Envy's body)
Envy (after assuming his usual form): I'm alive again! Thanks for bringing me this far, little girl.

(Sloth trying to attack Oliver Mira Armstrong)

Sloth: Don't run away.

(Oliver Mira Armstrong dodge as they got a gun and shoot him but even did not work at all)

Sloth: What that?
Oliver: Hm, I should have know that bullet won't work.
Soldier: That's far enough, General Armstrong. We have orders to shoot you as a traitor! Take aim fire-----uh?

(Sloth smash the soldier)

Oliver: You fool! Now is not the time to concentrate you men together!

(Oliver get the bomb and throw at sloth)

Oliver: Take at least a little damage, would you?

(Sloth grab Oliver Mira Armstrong)

Sloth: I caught you. This time, I won't mess up. Kill the woman general Armstrong.

(Armstrong punch sloth on his face)

Alex: Hello sister! Are you all right?!
Oliver: Who do you think you're talking to, Alex?
Alex: I'm so pleased you're all right! By the way, what might the be?
Oliver: Bullets have no effect against him. Cannon-class fire is just barely enough.
Alex: What?! That is my specialty field, don't you know? What do you say you leave this to your younger brother, Alex? Come on you monster!
Sloth: What a bother.

Combined Strength (1.52)Edit

Kimblee: Why won't you use the stone to get your original bodies back?
Alphonse: If I did that I couldn't save everyone.
Kimblee: It's in accordance with your ideals...in order to obtain something you give up something of equal value.
Alphonse: Tell me.... why do I have to choose?..... It isn't right... I have to choose between returning to our original bodies and saving everyone... but why can't we have our bodies back AND save everyone? It isn't fair.
Kimblee: Well... there is another option. And that is: youdon't get your bodies back and you don't save everyone.

(Alex and Oliver continues fight against sloth)

Alex: I'm not through yet!

(Alex throw the alchemist and attack sloth on the head smash then Oliver run through and jump attack on the sloth head)

Oliver: Good! Under is skin, he's vulnerable!
Sloth: Ow....I'm Dying....What a Bother.....Dying....is a bother....What a bother....Fighting all-out...is an ultra-bother...
Alex: Say what?

Soldier2: General Armstrong! Throw down you weapon and----What is that huge thing? (Sloth fastest through and kill then both of soldiers)

Alex: What was that?
Sloth: Look like I missed....

(Sloth run through)

Alex: What a speed!
Oliver: Sloth, the indolent...
Alex: Olivier!
Oliver: He grazed me slightly. Did you see him just now?
Alex: Only the blur. For him to move with that speed, as heavy as he is...
Oliver: No way, that's below the belt.
Sloth: Yes...I am...the fastest homunculus.

(Sloth fast through again)

Oliver: Alex! He's too fast to be able to control himself.

(Oliver drip down then again sloth smash him)

Sloth: Finally...hit you....

(At the central command Alex saved Oliver and defeated the sloth as she punch underground and sloth fall down and smash into the ground) Guard1: What?

Oliver: Alex.
Alex: Oh, it's just dislocated. You, sister?
Oliver: Just some fractures.

(She spit it out as the hand destroy)

Alex: Oliver!
Sloth: Kill you quick...then sleep.

Oliver: What...just happened? Alex!
Alex: I knew he was going to come charging in, all on his own, so all I had to do was wait for him. Sister, can you stand up?
Oliver: Come to think of it, there are orders out to shoot me.
Alex: What?! We can't have that. I will be the one to inherit the Armstrong household, so I can't have you die until the paperwork is the place.
Oliver: You need not worry about that. If I die, the mansion goes to Mustang.
Alex: You made that promise, without even consulting the family?
Oliver: He's still one smidgen more preferable than a good for nothing like you.
Alex: Is that any attitude to take toward someone who came to saved you?

Guard: What is this?

Flame of Vengeance (1.53)Edit

Narrator: "Burn it up, all of it."

Roy: Hmm. There really is nothing quite like watching fools dig their own graves. Especially, when that fool is an arrogant Homunculus who’s too stupid to see what he’s doing. I’ve humored you long enough. So how about you answer a question of mine? … I want you to tell me who killed Maes Hughes. [Edward gasps and turns to Mustang.] And I want the truth, Homunculus.
[Envy quietly stares back before replying.]
Envy: Maria Ross did. Isn’t that why you burned her to death?
Roy: Shut up. I know that she didn’t kill him.
Envy (suddenly delighted): Huh?! You mean to tell me that you scorched an innocent girl to a pile of ashes!? Nicely done, you monster! Wow, it must’ve been fun telling her family. Did you cry when you told them? Or did you sit back quietly, and endure their outrage?
Roy: Quit running your mouth, you idiot! [Envy's smile disappears.] I’m sick of you Homunculi giving me the runaround when I ask you this question. Tell me the truth or I’ll burn it out of you! You worthless scum! [Envy frowns agitatedly.] Tell me who’s responsible for his murder.
[A small pause ensues. Envy grins, then he begins to chuckle quietly, before bursting out in sadistic laughter.]
Envy: Congratulations, Colonel Mustang. You’ve finally hunted down your culprit.
[Roy tenses up in surprise. Riza draws her gun and points it at Envy. Envy, meanwhile, buries his face in his hand, giggling.]
Roy (suddenly unimpressed): You’re saying you killed Hughes? I doubt a moron like you could pull that off.
Envy: Ha! Moron?! [Envy begins to transform.] Tell me who the real moron is here! Because I don’t think it’s me! I prefer to use that term for someone who falls for a cheap trick like this!
[Envy finishes his transformation, having turned into Gracia Hughes. Roy's eyes widen in horrified shock.]
Envy: Ha ha! You should see your face! Oh, you’re not going to believe this, but that was the same look on Hughes's face when I shot him! The utter shock! The dumb confusion! You could see every emotion he felt as his own wife shot him...! AHHH...! IT... WAS... GREAT!
Roy: ... That’s enough! You were stupid enough to confess, and even more stupid to boast! Everything you've said is fuel on your funeral pyre. So then, I think I’ll begin... [Roy's face is revealed to be contorted with rage.] ...by burning out your tongue!

Roy: Stand down. All of you. I'm dealing with him on my own. This fight is mine, and mine alone!
Jerso: Well, you heard 'im! Let's keep moving and find this "Father" guy! ...huh?!
[Envy has extended his hand into his unleashed form's, blocking Jerso's path.]
Envy: I don't remember giving you permission to leave. I still owe you some pain and misery for what you-- AAAGH!
[Roy blasts Envy directly in the mouth with a fireball, causing Envy to fall on his behind.]
Roy: Keep your eyes on me, Envy. Our conversation is the only one that should concern you! [Envy transforms back into his normal form, his tongue having been reduced to a fleshy sludge.] It’s kind of interesting how quickly the tongue can be rendered to a bubbling grease. It’s surprising how easy it burns, isn't it?
Edward: Lieutenant... you really think the two of you--?
Riza: Edward. Just go. We can handle this one.
Edward: Are you sure?
Roy: The Lieutenant said "go," Elric! You've got more important matters to deal with.

Envy: So... you've been rather dogged in your pursuit of Hughes' killer. You're a true friend... TO THE VERY END!
[Envy begins to transform into his Unleashed form.]
Roy: Keep your distance, lieutenant.
[Envy finishes transforming, looking down on Roy and Riza with a sneer.]
Unleashed Envy: Out of respect for your tireless quest for vengeance, I'll give you the fight you're looking for. I'm not exactly capable of treading lightly in this body... so you'd better give me all you've--! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!
[Roy has just caused Envy's eyes to burst in flames.]
Roy: What’s it like having the fluids inside of your eyes boil? I’d imagine it might sting a little.
[Roy unleashes another torrent of flame. Envy writhes in pain.]
Roy: I can't believe you've given me a bigger target. Did you think size would increase your chance of winning?! You idiot! Stand up, monster! Go ahead and regenerate yourself! You'll suffer a thousand deaths before I'm done.
Unleashed Envy (thinking): That's right... how could I forget? He's the one who incinerated Lust to death!
[Unleashed Envy smashes the wall, sending several pieces of rubble at Roy, who flinches. The frightened Homunculus reverts to his normal form and runs for his life.]
Roy: YOU COWARD!!! [He bolts after Envy.]
Riza: Colonel!
Roy: YOU WAIT HERE, LIEUTENANT! I'm going to take care of him, myself!

Darius: These tubes are like veins. And the further we get, the more it feels like I’ve got a bad case of heart burn.
May: I’m not surprised, I've got it too. There’s a strong mass of rancid Chi ahead.
Darius: Rancid Chi?
May: You know how you can feel a crowd’s fear before a disaster? It’s like that, but it’s far worse.
Zampano: I don’t really understand, but it sure is scaring the hell out of me.

Edward: Scar, I need to talk to you.
Scar: It’s about the Flame Alchemist, isn't it? It wasn't that long ago, that I was a monster. I understand the burning desire for revenge, all too well. The way he’s headed, he will destroy himself in the flames of hatred. And it’s doubtful that he will ever recover.

Roy: Show yourself, Envy!
Envy: Damn!
Roy: Come out now! Otherwise I'm going to ignite your bone marrow!
[Envy comes out, disguised as Hughes.]
Envy [as Hughes]: Hey, Roy. What's up?
[Roy freezes for a second.]
Envy (thinking): Stupid human! He won't kill his friend!
[Roy, furious, blasts the transformed Envy with fire.]
Envy: AAAAAAAAAAGGHH!!! What's WRONG with you? You didn't hesitate to kill your best friend?!?
Roy: Maes Hughes is dead. That's a fact. And you invoke his image... you must be a glutton for punishment!
(Roy blasts Envy with a fireball, slamming him into a wall.)
Envy: DAMN!! I'll show you real punishment!
[Envy charges towards Roy, who calmly ignites Envy's eyes again.]
Roy: So I'm curious. Were you trying to get close so I wouldn't use heavy fire? No one told you I could do pinpoint aiming? Too bad for you... BECAUSE I CAN! [Roy blasts Envy with flame once again.]

Beyond the Inferno (1.54)Edit

Roy: You coming back? You'll be left behind... Who's that? A war buddy?
Riza: No it's... It's an Ishvallan child... One left dead with no where to call home...
Roy: Let's go... The war is over now.
Riza: The fighting maybe, but the nightmares of what we did in this place are far from over. They'll stay with me for as long as I live...I believed in you, trusted you with my father's research, and I applied to the military academy because I hoped to help other people. The way things turned out...it's not what I wanted, but there's no escaping the truth. I can never atone for the suffering I've caused...I have a favor to ask, Mustang. Please, burn this off... Deface my back.

[Riza Hawkeye has just pulled a pistol on Envy, who is disguised as Roy Mustang. Envy raises his hands as if in surrender.]
Envy [as Mustang]: What are you doing, Lieutenant? Do you know who your gun's pointed at?
Hawkeye: Ha! Who? Don't make me laugh. When it's just us, the Colonel calls me by my first name, "Riza."
[Envy's eyes widen. He jumps back and ditches the disguise.]
Envy: So you two are that close, are you?
Hawkeye: I lied. [She shoots Envy in the head, knocking him to the ground.] But it was still very nice of you to fall for it, Envy. [Envy gets up, growling, but is knocked back bu another bullet. Hawkeye begins firing the pistol in her hand until it runs out of ammo.] And now you can do me the favor of dying!
[Riza pulls out the two pistols in her holsters and shoots at Envy until they run out as well.]
Envy: Ow, that hurts!
[Envy extends his arm and attacks Hawkeye, cutting her shoulder. In retaliation, Hawkeye pulls out her rifle and opens fire on Envy, hitting him in the knee, the chest, and the head. She then begins to reload, but...]
Envy: Damn it...! You are really annoying with that thing!
[Envy extends his arm and grabs Hawkeye, lifting her up and slamming her on to the ground, knocking the bun out of her hair. Hawkeye gasps in surprise and pain as she hits the ground.]
Envy: HA HA! I'll dump you at his feet, like a ragd--!
[Envy is engulfed by Roy Mustang's flames, causing his monster arm to disintegrate.]
Hawkeye: Colonel!
[Envy, breathing heavily, begins to regenerate from Mustang's attack, but Mustang burns Envy's arms and legs, making him scream in pain and misery. Envy falls over and curls up in fetal position, whimpering in pain. He begins to get up, but freezes as he sees Mustang standing over him.]
Mustang: [stares Envy directly in the eye] ... What in the Hell are you doing to my Lieutenant? [Envy does not respond, looking absolutely terrified. Mustang then turns to Hawkeye.] Don't interfere, Lieutenant. I told you I'd take care of him myself.
[Mustang turns back to Envy, who flinches visibly, but then begins to snarl angrily.]
Envy: Grr...! YOU DAMN HUMAN! DON'T YOU--! [He is engulfed by Roy's flames mid-sentence.] HEY! HEY--! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!
[Mustang snaps his fingers again, intensifying the blaze Envy is in. Envy screams louder as his form is charred beyond recognition. Mustang begins to assault him with more and more bursts of flame, yelling as he does so. Hawkeye watches as Mustang unleashes his full fury on Envy, looking worried. Mustang prepares a final blast of flame, growling shakily, before letting out a furious yell of fury as he casts a final explosion upon Envy, consuming the Homunculus. When the blast recedes, Envy's burnt, ashy silhouette falls limp and disintegrates, leaving his weakened true form.]

Roy: [After seeing Envy's true form] So this is your true form then... You're ugly. Envy means jealousy. That's what your name means, right? I get it. And jealousy is an ugly thing... NOW BURN IN HELL!

Edward:[To Roy Mustang] Try it then! If it's a fight you want, fine! But first, maybe you should take a good look at your face! Is that the face you plan to wear when you're leading this country? Well, is it?! Is that what you want to be Colonel? Another monster?!

Scar: What right do I have to stop someone from taking vengeance? But still, I shudder to think what kind of world a man held captive by his own hate would create once he becomes its ruler.

Roy: Scolded by a child... Lectured by a man who has been my enemy... And you. I've done it again. I've hurt you. How foolish can one man be?

Edward: Now I see. You're jealous... You're jealous of humans, are you? We humans... According to you, we're supposed to be nothing when compared to Homunculi. And yet, when we're beaten down, when we stray and fall... we face the challenge again and again. Our loved ones are always there to pick us back up. And you're jealous... you envy us because of that.

(Envy is crying and screaming sobbing and willing)

Envy: DAMN...! DAMMIT! DAMMIT! I've been humiliated...! HUMILIATED! ME, Envy, jealous of YOU? Of YOU humans? I'm a Homunculus! How can this pipsqueak kid see through me? It's the ultimate humiliation...! [starts chuckling] I guess we'll see how long this adorable little alliance of yours can hold up! Oh well, best of luck with that, pipsqueak. [Envy forcibly removes his Philosopher's Stone and shatters it, turning into dust] Goodbye... Edward... Elr­ic...

[With that, Envy is gone.]

Roy: So he took his own life. What a coward.

Olivier: Bullets don't have any effect on them. Smash in their upper jaws. At least we won't have to worry about being chewed to death. Attack in pairs, and makes sure to take out at least one each! Show me the valor of the central soldiers!
Sloth: Let's see...what was I doing? Ah, I remember. Kill the woman general.

(Sloth on the leg as chain by Alex Armstrong)

Alex: Oh, no you don't!
Sloth: Let go!

(Sloth attacks Alex with the chain)

Alex: It sure is hard, only being able to use one arm.

(Sloth punches Alex)

Soldier 1: Alex!
Soldier 2: Major!
Soldier 1: He's gonna beat him to death! It someone doesn't get in there to help him out.
Olivier: Leave him! My Brother. Has trained himself better than to be killed like that!
Sloth: This is the end.
Soldier: Major!

(Alex punches sloth in his face as the muscle up)

Alex: My shoulder has popped back in!
Olivier: Good!

(Alex ready to rumble against sloth as he punches at full power)

Alex: This artistic muscular and artistic Alchemic Collaboration Is excellent and elegant!

Izumi: When people ask I say I'm a housewife... It does make sense... But today I've shed that particular disguise. I AM AN ALCHEMIST!

The Adults' Way of Life (1.55)Edit

Soldier 1: He's still moving?
Soldier 2: How many times do we have to kill him?
Alex: In that case, once more!

(Sloth does a fast attack again)

Alex: What tenacity. No!
Soldier: Major! General Armstrong!
Alex: Keep back! We are the ones he is after! Keep your distance!
Soldier: Pull!

(Sloth is held against a chain by some of the soldiers)

Soldier 3: Dig in!
Soldier 4: Both of you, please run, now, while you can!
Olivier: What?!
Soldier 2: This way, quickly!
Soldier 7: Major, go, now!
Alex: You would have me run away from this? The mere thought of fleeing the battlefield... I swear on my life such a thing would never happen again!

(Sloth tries to kill them both but is hit by Izumi Curits' Alchemy, then she transmutes a door in the fist she just hit Sloth with, sending a bunch of the dead Immortal Soldiers out)

Izumi: You refuse to run. Impressive. You're a fine man, But then, I've already got a man a hundred times finer than you!
Olivier: And who are you?
Izumi: Hmm? A woman officer. That must mean you're the abominable General Armstrong. Your subordinate, the one with the mohawk, asked me to come and help you.
Olivier: That man... who asked him?
Sloth: Such a pain...

(Sloth fast attacks again as Izumi grabs Sloth and throws him as Alex and Olivier look on in amazement)

Izumi: Honey! Coming atchya'!
Sig Curtis: Right!

(Sig punches Sloth back into a wall, once again leaving the Armstrongs dumbfounded.)

Alex: Extraordinary, who is he?
Izumi: He's my husband.

(Sig and Alex show off their Muscles, impressed with one another)

Alex: Incredible valor! Respectable muscles!

(The two handshake ask Sloth tries to attack them again. The two beat him up, sending him flying onto another spike as the two shake hands again)

Sloth: Ahh... Pain...

(Sloth tries to get out)

Alex: Will that monster never stay down?

(Sloth tries to break the spike, but he can no longer regenerate his wounds, so his hand disintegrates as he begins to die)

Sloth: Hey... Am I dying now...? For real...? What is dying like...? Such a pain... to think about it... but such a pain... living too...

(Sloth dies completely, disappearing into dust, as Alex falls down)

Soldier: Major!

(Sig leans over and smiles to Alex in a manly manor as Alex does the same)

The Return of the Fuhrer (1.56)Edit

Wrath: Long time no see. You should have just fled and kept quiet.
Greed: Unfortunately, my avarice knows no bounds. I want your life, too, Wrath.
Buccaneer: Is he our backup?
Greed: World all over town is that you died in a train accident. How did you survive it?
Wrath: My eyes are too sharp for that. I was able to evaluate in an instant where among the rubble to run to get out of here. However, the years take their toll. My body won't keep up like it used to.
Greed: [Thinking to himself] This man just survived a train wreck, and yet he's complaining about age?
Vato: Ling Yao, right?
Ling: Yeah! Haven't seen you since I hide out in that run down apartment, huh? Been a long time, Warrant Officer Falman.
Vato: I'm a lieutenant!
Ling: I owe you for the stay and the meal, so I'll give you a hand.
Greed: Although, the truth is, we both have a personal grudge against him!

(Ling and Wrath are fighting)

Wrath: Moving into my blind spot, huh?
Greed: My partner inside me taught me how to fight you.
Wrath: Did he? Then I will do this..

(They continue to fight as Wrath takes off his eye-patch revealing the Ultimate Eye)

Eternal Leave (1.57)Edit

(Ling and Fu continues fight against Wrath)

Greeling: Ow! Watch it, old man!
Fu: I didn't do it on purp---I mean, I didn't mean it!
Greeling: Why you!

(Wrath attacks them, then disarms Fu)

Wrath: I do feel more comfortable with a weapon like this. You move well, for someone even older than I am. However...this is the end for you!

(He slices Fu's headband off, and Fu jumps back, when the blood pumps out and covers his face)

Ling: [Ling Takes Over] Old man Fu!
Wrath: The Xingese prince, huh?
Greed: Ling! Don't take over without my permission!
Wrath: It's just like the time with that girl who lost her arm. Once again, you risk your life for something you are unable to leave behind.
Fu: Young Lord, forget me. My life isn't worth fighting for.
Ling: Don't give me that crap! Are you honestly telling me that I should be like him?! A king should fight for his people because he is nothing without them! This man is about to sacrifice his own nation! His people! I'll never become the monster that he is!
Fu: If you truly are a man worthy to be king, you must be able to accept some loss-- [He coughs up blood]
Ling: You need to rest, please!
Fu: Hehehe, You're right, Young Lord, I need rest. Time for this old man to find rest. [He knocks Ling down with the back of his weapon and charges Wrath in for a suicide bombing attempt] Harden your shield, Greed! Protect the Young Lord's body! Young Lord, become the king you're meant to be. But this old servant has no choice but to offer his retirement!
Greed: [He hardens his Shield] You stupid fool!
Fu: I'm taking you to hell with me! BRADLEY!

(Wrath slices through the explosives and fatally wounds Fu)

Fu: [In his thoughts] Even with my life on the line, I cannot even lay a scratch on him? Young Lord...forgive my shame....
Buccaneer: Even if you do have godlike eyes, there's no way you can dodge an attack you can't see coming! Old man, I'll accompany you down to hell.
Fu: Oh...you have my gratitude....

(Wrath kicks Buccaneer and Fu out as Ling uses Greed's shield hardening to attack Wrath's Ultimate Eye and destroys it for good, leaving him a mortal man)

Lan Fan: [Looking down on the battle] GRANDFATHER!!!

Sacrifices (1.58)Edit

(Wrath and Greed continues fight as she break the wall fall down into the water)

Ling: Damn! Why, You!

(Lan fan grab ling yao)

Ling: Not you! You dumbass! Never mind us!
Lan Fan: It is our job...to protect...the Young Lord...
Ling: This much weight is too much for your automail to support. You look after the old man!
Lan Fan: It's...too late for him...Briggs soldiers, give me a hand!
Soldier 3: Right! Bradley! Take this!

(Wrath throw the knives as soldier shoot king Bradley wrath fall down into the water)

Military 6: Who is that guy?!
Ling: Listen up, you guys! Anyone who doesn't want to get hurt, anyone with a family, or a lover, keep back!
Greed: Also, women! I'm not the sort who fights women!

(Military try to attack ling yao greed and shoot then as greed armor power)

Military 4: Impossible!

(Greed fight military against enemies and punch then as rocket destroy this and tank as military fall down as greed fight against the military as truck attack through him then again greed destroy truck as she attack the military)

Vato: Amazing. Is that Ling Yao? Or is it the Homunculus?

Lost Light (1.59)Edit

Eye of Heaven, Gateway of Earth (1.60)Edit

Edward: What's the matter, what's the matter? Your attacks are pretty lackluster, aren't they?
Pride: Please do not misunderstand. Until you have fulfilled your purpose...
Edward: You have to keep me alive, huh? Then all I have to do is defeat you all before that happens!
Pride: Defeat us? Please, do try. You are short, so you've always fought those who were bigger than you. Put another way, you have little experience fighting those who are smaller than you!

Edward: Why, you! You're right, I've fought nothing but opponents bigger than me. Which is why...I know the attack patterns a runt will have!

(Selim Bradley Pride break the half life face eye apart)

(As the Nationwide Transmutation Circle activates, citizens of Amestris begin to die one by one, their souls absorbed by Father)
(In Resembool)
Pinako: Next time I see you, Hohenheim.... I'm gonna.... slap you.... (She drops down, dead)
Winry: (struggles for breath) Save us, Ed.... Please.... (She too dies)

(With the Nationwide Transmutation Circle completed, a gigantic Gate appears in the earth. It opens to reveal Father, now grown into an enormous form, as shadow tendrils begin to gather. He reaches out his hand into the eclipse.)
Father: Oh, hear me, God! I demand you answer the cry of my soul! Come to me! (An equally enormous Gate appears from the eclipse. The Gate opens to reveal the Eye of God, as the tendrils begin to pull it closer to the earth) Join me! YES! I will no longer be bound to you and your consequences! I'LL FORCE YOU DOWN TO THIS EARTH AND INTO MY BOWELS—YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO BE ABSORBED! (A great dome of light then envelops Father and the Gate before exploding, shrouding the world in blinding light)

He Who Would Swallow God (1.61)Edit

Father: You have done well, my faithful sacrifices.
Hohenheim: (eyes widening in shock) You mean you actually did it?
Father: (now in a new body fashioned after a much younger Hohenheim) Yes. I have done what I set out to do: acquire God.
Edward: Acquire God?! That is impossible!
Hohenheim: Unfortunately, it is, given a great enough amount of energy.
Edward: Wait, what energy? (he gasps in a horrified realization) THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE?!
Alphonse: It can't be! Does this mean everyone was turned into a Philosopher's Stone?
May: How many lives were sacrificed for this?
Roy: Amestris is a large country; at least fifty million people.
(May gasps, absolutely mortified)

Edward: Bastard! (Ed attempts to transmute the ground below him, but Father turns everyone's alchemy off)
Father: Your alchemy will do you no good. Farewell, gentlemen. (The Homunculus creates a sun in the palm of his right hand)
Hohenheim: What are you— What's that?
Father: The power of God is now in my control. With that, I can do anything; for instance, I can create a sun right in the palm of my hand.
(Ed watches in horrified awe at the sun, as the others glare at Father)
Father: Shall I let its flames loose in here? What do you think? (Suddenly, a beat of energy appears from within Father. The Homunculus stops, while the surprised Pride turns to look at Hohenheim as the latter begins to speak)
Hohenheim: Your plan for biding God to this world was a flawed one. We plotted against you since the moment you set it in motion. (Another beat appears, as Father glowers at Hohenheim) Over the many long years, I have performed calculation after calculation. I have arranged my own Philosopher's Stones: the friends who long resided within me, in preparations to this very day!
(A third beat)
Xerxesian Man #1: The time has come.
Xerxesian Man #2: He is guilty of committing the ultimate transgression.
Xerxesian Man #3: We no longer have bodies to return to. But the people of Amestris still have the chance to resume their physical forms.
Xerxesian Female: Yes. We know what we must do. Let us return their souls back to their bodies.
Xerxesian Child: It is what Hohenheim asked of us.
(A much stronger beat appears, leaving Father in shock. He resumes his glare at Hohenheim)
Father: So you've planted your Philosopher's Stones, what of it? They are merely points. They will not activate without a circle! That's a basic rule of alchemy!
Hohenheim: We do have a circle. It's one of enormous power, and it can be self-activated, even if something should happen to incapacitate me! The moon's shadow, cast on the world by the eclipse!
(The Xerxesian souls begin to activate their Transmutation Circle)
Xerxesian Child: We're starting now, Hohenheim!
(Red lightning strikes down on the circle's five points. Meanwhile, Father's body begins to gain veins)
Father: Even now, you still think you can stop me. You're a fool, Hohenheim!!
Hohenheim: That's the very reason I came back. It's time you remember your place, Dwarf in the Flask!!
(The Umbral Circle activates, quickly draining Father's body and forcing him to dismiss the sun in his hand. The others look on as more veins appear in Father's body before the Homunculus shouts in agony as the souls of the Amestrians are forcibly extracted from him, returning to their respective bodies)

Edward: Did it work?
Hohenheim: Yes. The people of Amestris have had their souls returned to their own bodies. And with nothing more than the souls of the Xerxesians he already had, I doubt he can continue to control that which he calls God.
Father: (extremely angry) I can always create another Stone. I'm not you; there are more! A billion human souls I could draw energy from!

(Meanwhile, in the room above Father and the sacrifices, Wrath and Scar continue their battle)
Wrath: Ishvalan! I guess I was mistaken! I thought the science of alchemy was abhorrent to the eyes of Ishvala, the one you believe to be the creator of all things! Have you abandoned your god? You would leave him.... so easily?! Is your god so readily lost to your people?! Is he?! In the Ishvalan Civil War.... when you were surrounded by nothing but despair....!
(Scar attempts to attack, but is pinned down. Wrath raises his sword, poising for the kill)
Wrath: Surely, somewhere in the darkest depths of your heart, you began to believe that THERE WAS NO GOD IN THIS WORLD AT ALL!
(Up above, the eclipse ends, and the sun shines through Wrath's sword, blinding him. Taking advantage, Scar uses his destructive alchemy to destroy Bradley's sword and sever his arms; but Wrath, in one last act of defiance, grabs the blade of his sword by his teeth and stabs the Ishvalan in the stomach with it. Scar coughs up blood, and soon after, the two collapse, both bleeding profusely.)
Wrath: I myself have never believed in fate or God. If they exist, perhaps this is their way of divine justice or providence.

Lan Fan: Any last words you'd like to say?
Wrath: None.
Lan Fan: Such a sad life. Tell me, Bradley. Was there anyone who you loved? Any friends? Your wife?
Wrath: My wife...
Lan Fan: Are you saying you have nothing? No message for her? When she finds out what you are...
Wrath: Your trivial words of sorrow, of love and guilt mean nothing to me, young lady. My wife understands. She is the woman that I chose to live by my side. There are no more words that need to pass between us now. That's what it means to be the wife of the Fuhrer. (Bradley chuckles as his hair turns grey with age, while Lan Fan looks on in shock) And now you've spent all your time asking useless questions and lost your opportunity for vengeance. What a shame. (He sighs) I've lived my life by forever following the path that had been set for me. Thanks to the idiosyncrasies of humanity it was, at least, a life worth living for, and maybe even a life worth dying for. (Bradley closes his eyes for good, a content smile on his face)

Alphonse: Brother!
Edward: Al! Go on ahead! He appears to want something with me.
Izumi: Al, let's go! Don't you let yourself get beaten, Ed!
Edward: Right!
(The others depart to the surface to battle Father, leaving Ed with Pride by themselves)

Pride: Damn you Greed, have you forgotten that you're one of the Homunculi? Where's your honor?
Edward: You assume that he should just be a good boy like you and do everything as father tells him. Is that it?
Pride: Do you need to ask such a ridiculous question? It's only natural we should obey our father, no matter the order.
Edward: Heh! You are the one who's ridiculous! Only natural huh? So it's natural to be a brainwashed punk who doesn't even try to think for himself?!
(Pride grabs Ed, throwing him up and down with his shadows.)
Edward: Explain it to me! Why are you so eager to do your Father's willing? He's wearing you fragment, and breaking you down, he doesn't even care!
Pride: Why should I care if Father doesn't? I am not a puny human like you are, I am one of the Homunculi! WHAT DO YOU KNOW, HUMAN?!?!
(The Homunculus proceeds to torture Ed by using his shadows)
Pride: This container won't last much longer. But still, like my Father is, you are of Hohenheim's bloodline. So we're virtually brothers. Which means, Edward Elric, I can use your container! Your body belongs to me!
Kimblee: No, it doesn't...
Pride: What?!
Kimblee: You can't have it Pride! I won't let you take this body! It's not a good fit for a homunculus!
Pride: Kimblee?! There's no way! How could you maintain your individuality among this tempest of souls?! It's just not possible!
Kimblee: You call this a tempest?! Oh stop, you're going to make me laugh! The bitterness that all these voices contain soothes me like a lullaby!
Pride: Why are you interfering?! Kimblee, why?!
Kimblee: Not my choice. I was perfectly content, but when you decided to throw away you honor as a homunculus, you forced me step in. You speak of your precious pride, a quality for which you were named. But then you suddenly find yourself in grave danger, and you seek to escape into the body of a human, a lower life form that you so despise. It's pathetic. You're a disgrace!
(Ed breaks free, claps his hands and grabs Pride on his face, transmuting them both)
Pride: He'll kill me!
Kimblee: If you think that, then you still don't know Edward Elric!
Edward (as his soul enters Pride's body): Selim!
Pride: Impossible! He's turned himself into a Philosopher's Stone, and now he's heading inside me?!
Edward: I caught you! You're mine!
(He grabs Pride, causing images of Bradley and his wife to appear in the Homunculus' eye)
Pride: Stop this. Stop this...! PLEASE STOP!!!!!!!!
(Back in physical reality, as Ed's soul returns to his body, Pride's body dissolves to ashes with a fetus lying in the Fullmetal Alchemist's hand)
Edward: So this is your true form... (takes off his coat and places Pride on it) I guess I owe Mrs. Bradley an apology. Now you wait right there, you foolish boy.

A Fierce Counterattack (1.62)Edit

[Ed is fighting Father, and winning.]
Armstrong: Nice, Ed. Just keep going.
Zampano: GO, KID!
Darius: ELRIC!
Briggs: Yeah! Let him have it! Fullmetal!
Hawkeye: Kick his ass, Ed!
Izumi: Go, Ed!
Armstrong: Fight, Edward Elric!
Briggs: GO!
Ling: Greed, this is what you desperately wanted, isn't it?
May: Please don't die!
Hohenheim: GO, EDWARD!
Lan Fan: Fight on.
Greed: Yeah, you're right. This is what I wanted. I wanted the chance to have friends like these.
[Ed knocks Father to the ground with a punch to the face]

The Other Side of the Gateway (1.63)Edit

Father: I don't understand...!
Darius: Alright, clobber that bastard!
Father: How can this happen when I've absorbed God? How can a mere human... a meager alchemist... with his bare hands?!

Greed: Pull yourself together! Stay on your feet moron!
Briggs Soldier: Uh, sorry.
Father: A stone. Philosopher's Stone! (Father grabs Greed, latching onto his gut.) Give me your stone, Greed! Be a good son!
(Inside his mind, Ling attempts to keep Greed from being sucked out of his body.)
Ling: Fight it, Greed!
Greed: Let go, dumb-ass! You're going to get dragged in with me!
Ling: No way! I'm not letting you go that easily! I need you with me if I'm going to be emperor!
Greed: Just let go! My entire being was extracted from his greed. And the power that's trying to reclaim me, is a hell of a lot stronger than your body!
Ling: You can't just give up! Tough it out! Oh no! My body! I won't let goooooooo!
Greed: ... You know, it's not quite as ideal as being king of the world. But I can make due with emperor of Xing. Let's fight him together, eh partner?
Ling: That's more like it.
(Greed punches Ling away.)
Greed: Heh heh heh...
Ling: What are you--?
Greed: It's time to say goodbye kid. There's no point in you getting sucked into my old man with me.
Ling: Hold on a second, Greed! You just told me we'd fight together, didn't you? You can't just sucker punch me like that! How could you lie? You always said you don't believe in telling lies! It can't end this way!
Greed: (laughs) Aw, you fell for it, hook line and sinker, you little piss-ant! That was the one and only lie of my life. Lan Fan has a Philosopher's Stone. So you don't even need me anymore, kid.
Ling: But I do...
Greed: Wahahaha!
Ling: Wait, Greed! No wait! Don't do this!
Greed: Hey, Lan Fan!
(Lan Fan complies, cutting Father's arm off.)
Greed: Later... (He disappears from Ling's soul.)
Ling: Greed, no...
Edward: No, Greed!
(Suddenly, Father finds his skin becoming brittle and fragile as it is turned to charcoal.)
Father: How could you, Greed?
Greed: I finally got away from that annoying brat!
Father: Why, Greed? Why would you betray your own Father?
Greed: I've always had a rebellious streak, pops. Don't act so surprised. I've reversed the Ultimate Shield you gave me, turning your body into the most fragile carbon there is!
Father: You crafty devil! Be gone, fool! Return to nothing!
(He rips Greed's essence out of his body and bites him in half, causing the bodiless Greed to dissolve.)
Ling (grief-stricken): GREED!
(Greed's misty form lingers, before beginning to dissipate.)
Greed: Aw, dammit. It looks like this is the end. (He notices Edward, Ling, and Lan Fan looking at his dying form with despair.) You know, I could do without that pitiful look right now, you piss-ant.
Ling: You're wrong, Greed! They will always be a part of you. Friends are a part of your soul!
Edward: Why don't you team up with us? You've got nothing. Why not come with us?
(Flashback ends.)
Greed: Hmm. I can't believe I let Ling and the little runt talk to me that way. Aw, I've had enough. Yeah. That's all I really need. They gave me everything I could want. Hehehe. Thank you, and goodbye, my friends. (Greed disappears.)
(Edward, his rage mounting, charges at Father, screaming furiously, before thrusting his fist at Father's chest. He punches right through Father's brittle body, leaving a large hole in the Homunculus' chest. Edward retracts his fist, and Father backs up before a torrent of souls explode from the hole in his chest.)
Hohenheim: That's it.
(Father is shaking uncontrollably, his powers having been completely stripped.)
Father (voice distorted): My Stone...? You destroyed my Stone...? (God's arms now extend from the hole, beginning to consume Father.) No...! This can't... WHAT IS THIS?!
(Everyone looks on as Father begins to be dragged to the ground.)
Edward: Go back to where you were born. Go back to nothing, Homunculus!
(Father falls to the ground, straining against God's grasp as he begins to practically implode.)
Father: But why?! I just wanted to understand... this world's knowledge! I wanted to experience it, free! I just wanted to be FREE! FREE TO KNOOOOOOOOOW!!!
(God's many arms grab ahold of Father and cover his mouth, before being figurately dragging him inside of himself. In a poof of smoke, Father disappears.)

(At the Gate...)
Homunculus: Tell me, why did you refuse to join me? Why God? How did I disappoint you?
Truth: You were incapable of believing in yourself. You stole your power from others, you rejected your human origin, and chose to covet the power of what you call God. You never grew beyond your days in the flask. Did you truly think you'd become superior to humans by removing your seven desires? Don't make me laugh!
Homunculus: What's wrong with that? I only wanted to obtain perfection! I wanted this worlds knowledge for my own! Why should I be punished for that? What's wrong with craving knowledge? What's wrong with seeking perfection? Well, speak! What are you, anyway? Do you even have a name? Who the hell do you think you are!?
Truth: Who am I? One name you might have for me is the world, or you might call me the universe, or perhaps God, or perhaps the Truth. I am All, and I am One. So, of course, this also means that I am you. I am the truth of your despair, the inescapable price of your boastfulness. And now, I will bestow upon you the despair you deserve.
(The Gate opens with tendrils reaching for Homunculus and grabbing him.)
Homunculus: Don't do this to me. I can't... I can't go back. Please stop! I can't bare to be bound any longer! WAHHH! AHHHHHHH! No! No no no no!
Truth: This despair is reserved for the boastful.
Homunculus (Being dragged in): Just tell me what I was supposed to do!
Truth: You brought this outcome upon yourself.
Homunculus: What did I do wrong? What should I have done!?
(The Gate then closes, with Homunculus trapped forever.)
Truth: You simply must have seen the answer with your own eyes.

Roy: What happened? Is it over? Did we win?
Riza: Yes, sir. Although, Alphonse hasn't returned from the other side.
May: I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
Edward: It's no your fault, May. It was his decision.
Ling: Ed, I've got the toll for him. Take it, it's a Philosopher's Stone. Use it to bring him back.
Edward: I can't. As much as I want to, I can't. I promised Al. We'd never use a Philosopher's Stone. (Thinking) There has to be a way to get him back. There's got to be, think dammit. Think it through, just keep thinking.
Hohenheim: Edward... Use my life for the toll. Use me to save Alphonse. I've got just enough life left.
Edward: No way! I could never do that you dumb-ass! This doesn't have anything to do with you. It's our own damn fault. I won't use another human life to get Al back. And I don't care who's it it! Why should you sacrifice your life for our mistakes!
Hohenheim: Because I'm his father. And that's the only thing that matters. You don't know how much you boys mean to me. I just want you to be happy. And I do bare some responsibility for this, this might not have happened if I'd just been there for you. I'm sorry, Ed. I've lived long enough. Just give me this chance, to act like a father for once in my life.
Edward: Shut up you rotten father! You say something that dumb again, and I'll knock you out!

Truth: I take it you're here to retrieve your brother. Just how to you plan on pulling an entire human out of here? What's your payment? Do you intend to offer your own body?
Edward: Yeah, I've got your payment right here, so go ahead and take it! This thing is my Portal of Truth. So I get to make the decision on how it's used. That right?
Truth: Hehehehe! It's come to that? Hehehehahaha! And you're sure about this? You do realize that you'll never be able to perform alchemy again without your portal.
Edward: I'm aware of that. This portal, I know it contains every secret alchemy has to offer. However, it's also led me astray. I saw the truth that lies within it. And I became convinced I could solve everything with alchemy, but I couldn't possibly have been more wrong. That was just arrogance.
Truth: You're willing to cast it aside? To lower yourself to a simple human?
Edward: What do you mean lower myself? That's the only thing I've ever been, just a simple human that couldn't save a little girl, not even with alchemy.
Truth: You sure you'll be okay without it? Think carefully now!
Izumi: Ed!
Roy: Fullmetal!
Hawkeye: Edward!
Hohenheim: Ed!
Armstrong: Edward Elric!
Ling: Ed!
May: Edward!
Lan Fan: Ed!
Winry: Ed!
Edward: Who even needs alchemy, when I've got them!
Truth (Gasping in excitement as it and Ed's door fade): You've done it! That's the right answer! Good job! You beat me! Go ahead! Take him home! The back door's right over there! Goodbye, Edward Elric!
(With his Gate and Truth are gone, Ed sees Al.)
Edward: That was crazy, Al.
Alphonse: Haha, speak for yourself.
Edward: Now let's go home, together...

Hohenheim (To Trisha's grave while dying): Hello Trisha, I'm home. So get this, Ed actually called me his father, although he did preface it with rotten. Living through all this endless years, I always felt like I've been structed with a curse, but then I found you, and we had our sons, and I suddenly felt blessed, grateful for the life I had. I've had a fulfilling life. And thanks to you, it has been enough. Thank you... Trisha. But now, believe it or not, I actually want to keep on living. Guess I'm pretty hopeless, aren't I Trisha?

Journey's End (1.64)Edit

Narrator: "Step forward and protect your life, and the world that nurtured it."
Alphonse: We’ve been treated so well. So many people have cared for both of us. And now, for all this compassion, from people like you and Mr. Hughes, we feel like it’s our turn to repay the happiness that’s been given to us.
Gracia Hughes: Isn’t that what the alchemists believe? Equivalent Exchange?
Alphonse: No. It’s equivalent if you take ten and then you give ten back. But if you take ten, and then add something of yourself, you return eleven. It’s not much; but it’s an all new principle that we’re trying to establish. (Laughs) And now we just have to go out and prove that it actually works.

Edward: (Uneasy) Listen Winry...
Winry: Well? What? Just come out and say it.
Edward: Equivalent exchange!
Winry: Huh?
Edward: I’ll give half of my life to you, if you give half of yours to me!
Winry: (Realizes that Edward is proposing to her) Aw, c’mon. Do you have to treat everything like alchemy? The whole equivalent exchange thing is just nonsense!
Edward: What’d you say?!
Winry: Ugh, it’s nonsense! How about I just give you my whole life? [Awkward beat] Uh... maybe not all of it! 90.. maybe 80%? 75.. that’s not enough. But 85.. yeah, 85 is a good number!
Edward: [Laughs]
Winry: What?! Shut up!
Edward: I’m sorry, really!
Winry: Edward!
Edward: You are so incredible! You knocked equivalent exchange flat on it’s butt in just a few words!
Winry: And what’s that mean? Are you making fun of me?
Edward: Not at all. [Edward hugs Winry] Thanks for cheering me up.

Edward (Voice-over): There’s no such thing as a painless lesson. They just don’t exist. Sacrifices are necessary. You can’t gain anything without losing something first although if you can endure that pain and walk away from it, you’ll find that you now have a heart strong enough to overcome any obstacle. Yeah, a heart made fullmetal.

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